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outside-and-against “the kangaroo reich”

The appeal of neo-fascism in times of crisis. The experience of CasaPound Italia

Note: ‘CasaPound’ was the online handle adopted by Luke Connors, the former leader of the short-lived Patriotik Yoof Laegue — an attempt by the Australia First Party to develop a yoof cadre. I had an exchange with Luke on my … Continue reading

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Protest Australia First Party, Sydney, Saturday, May 24

Update : Sadly, it appears that Blacktown City Council is happy to provide a platform to racists, fascists and neo-Nazis. You can let Council know what you think of their decision to facilitate racial vilification via their Twitter account here … Continue reading

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Anti Antifa Australia, Chris Smith & Volksfront Australia

A number of people have contacted me today expressing concern regarding the publication on the image and video hosting website Photobucket of an album containing photos of various presumed anti-fascists. The collection has been published by ‘anti-antifa’ and promoted on … Continue reading

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The Australia First Party. LOLWUT.

The Australia First Party (AF), a White nationalist/neo-fascist party, has been mentioned a few times in the media recently, chiefly on account of its organisation of a rally in Brisbane on May 2 in solidarity with the Greek neo-Nazi party … Continue reading

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antifa notes (may 8, 2014)

Oh hai. • Lots of butthurt is being expressed by local nazis w regards the dismal rally Australia First and Golden Dawn stoopidly organised last week. This will carry on for some time I expect, along w mutterings about the … Continue reading

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Cracking scene from #antifa rally in Brisbane ~versus~ #GoldenDawn

In this scene from Friday’s rally, two members of The Master Race are given a little lesson in manners by some unionists. The nazi in the cap and glasses is Jim Perren. In addition to being one of the authors … Continue reading

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So who were these nazis anyway? Australia First & Golden Dawn in Brisbane

Approximately 14 nazis attended the failed Australia First/Golden Dawn rally in Brisbane on Friday. Below are photos of those who attended. Three other nazis — sporting nazi t-shirts — also attended, and apparently tried to attach themselves to a union … Continue reading

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Australia First / Golden Dawn defeated 1-0 by Antifa

The Brisbane branch of the Australia First Party (AF) tried to hold a rally, march and picket today in support of their comrades in the Greek Golden Dawn (GD) party. Sadly, despite calling upon every other nazi and White supremacist … Continue reading

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What was I thinking?

A dear friend of mine recently asked me to provide them with a list of my contributions to other sites and to articles in which I receive a mention.* I compiled a list and thought I may as well publish … Continue reading

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Nazi Brisbane? Tell him he’s dreaming.

[Update (April 30) : In just two days fascists will be gathering to march in Brisbane in support of Golden Dawn. Already over 350 people on Facebook have indicated they will oppose their presence. An antifascist from Melbourne writes: Antifascist … Continue reading

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