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outside-and-against “the kangaroo reich”

Morans strike. Again.

Update (March 27): James Hutchings is one of our guests on ‘The SUWA Show’, 5.30pm Friday, March 28 on 3CR (855AM). The morans belonging to the Australia First Party (AF) have done it. Again. (See : Antifa ‘Slackbastard’ Outed And … Continue reading

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The Q Society & The First International Symposium on Liberty and Islam in Australia [overland]

I wrote an article for overland on The Q Society, a fan club dedicated to celebrating the fictional character Q who appears in the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager … Continue reading

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antifa notes (march 5, 2014)

RRTAA! Australian Defence League The ADL in Bendigo, Victoria — to be precise, a young neo-Nazi named Aaron Robertson — is upset that local Muslims are planning to build a mosque in town, so they’ve organised a rally to stop … Continue reading

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Internationalists issue declaration against war in Ukraine [libcom/aitrus]

… via libcom and ait, a statement on the situ in Ukraine … note that workers world published Statement of communist, left and anarchist forces of Russia on events in Ukraine on february 27 but i haven’t been able to … Continue reading

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“Give me the money Jew or else I will get you” (antifa notes, feb 16, 2014)

Some brief notes. A bloke by the name of Neil Luke Erikson “has avoided jail for abusing a Melbourne rabbi in a series of racially-motivated phone calls he tried to explain as a prank”. Hurr hurr. Erikson has form, counter-protesting … Continue reading

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antifa notes (february 4, 2014)

A few notes. First, I published an article in New Matilda last week about the Australian Defence League. Secondly, one of the groupuscules I referred to in the article, the Party for Freedom, was to have held a public meeting … Continue reading

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#FreeJoel [international appeal for solidarity with swedish antifa]

::: International call for solidarity! ::: We, anti-fascists of Stockholm, call upon the international left-wing movement to show solidarity and support to one of our imprisoned comrades. He is in jail for defending a local community-organized anti-racist demonstration in the … Continue reading

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Who’s Keeping An Eye on Aussie Neo-Nazis? [newmatilda]

So I wrote another thing for New Matilda, this time on nazisinstraya. You can read it here. That’s all for now.

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antifa notes (december 19, 2013) : Australia First Party

Briefly: According to media reports, the Australia First Party (AF) helped organise a small rally at the Greek consulate in Sydney on the weekend in support of comrades in the Greek Golden Dawn (GD) party. AF has previously issued declarations … Continue reading

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movement beyond borders forum redux

Update (December 12, 2013) : Don’t take my word for it: you can watch a video of the forum here. Last Saturday I attended a public forum on movement beyond borders, organised by the ‘beyond borders’ collective, a group of … Continue reading

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