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outside-and-against “the kangaroo reich”

Reclaim Australia Sydney Counter-Rally

For folks in Sydney … 10.30am, Saturday, April 4, Queens Square >>> Martin Place “Counter-rally speakers at Queen Square (on Macquarie Street near St James station), followed by march to the top of Martin Place. KYOL BLAKENEY, Sydney University SRC … Continue reading

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Reclaim Australia Brisbane Counter-Rally

For folks in Brisbane … 11am, Saturday, April 4, King George Square Facebook : Rally Against Racism And Bigotry – Brisbane

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The Great Aussie Patriot is A Big Fat Silly

LOL. For the last few weeks The Great Aussie Patriot (aka Shermon Burgess) has been co-producing propaganda videos with a small group of neo-Nazis calling themselves ‘Nationalist Republican Guard’. Never one to miss an opportunity to wrap himself and his … Continue reading

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slackbastard ~versus~ Australia First Party, Daily Stormer, Reclaim Australia (etc.)

So anyway, Sydney-based Australia First Party (AFP) member ‘Nathan Sykes’ has written an article for US-based neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer complaining about my blog. You may remember Daily Stormer from such online hate campaigns as that directed at Australian Muslim … Continue reading

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Shermon Burgess/The Great Aussie Patriot + neo-Nazis = The Hunt for Andy Fleming

Ho hum. Semi-pro Islamophobe Shermon Burgess — aka ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’ (and chief propagandist for the anti-Muslim ‘Reclaim Australia’) — has this weekend teamed up with the tiny neo-Nazi grouplet ‘Nationalist Republican Guard’ in order to launch ‘The Hunt … Continue reading

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New Facebook fan page : Nazis 1 /// slackbastard 0

[Update : My reports of neo-Nazi victory may have been premature, as Facebook has now decided in its wisdom to uphold my appeal against the banning of my Facebook page … Interesting times.] Another brief note: nazis et al have … Continue reading

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Countering #ReclaimAustralia

A brief note: folks in various cities are organising to oppose the racist/xenophobic/anti-Muslim ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies on April 4. Below are links to Facebook event pages promoting this opposition. ADELAIDE : Reclaim Adelaide From the Racists BRISBANE : Destroy racism … Continue reading

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antifa notes (march 2, 2015) : Reclaim Australia (etc.)

To celebrate my return to Facebook I thought I may as well post some further notes on the Reclaim Australia rally along with a handful of other bits + pieces. Reclaim Australia 1) Thus far, there are counter-rallies and actions … Continue reading

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Good Propaganda, Bad Propaganda

I got kicked off Facebook for sharing the image above, originally published on the Islamophobia Register Facebook page, of vandalism at a mosque in Perth. See : White supremacist graffiti sprayed on Perth mosque in third attack in eight months, … Continue reading

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Melbourne Croatia/Knights ultras still being d*ckheads

A segment of Melbourne Knights (Croatia) fans are still giving props to Nazism (photos located next to Melbourne Knights stadium in Somers Street, Sunshine North). Note that in 2007 the Melbourne Croatia Social Club hosted the annual Ian Stuart Donaldson … Continue reading

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