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Labor Lefty Lindsay Tanner Socialist Alliance Alternative Anarchy Situations

0. A slightly random assortment of links and lamentations partly prompted by Landeryou labelling this blog as lefty inre Gerry Hand (and Lindsay Tanner). 1. “[Lindsay Tanner’s] predecessor in the federal seat of Melbourne, Gerry Hand, spent decades denouncing Indonesia … Continue reading

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Crew 38, Where Are You?

Nazis eh? One People’s Project (US) has added another member of the master race to their shit-list: Pete Gaughenbaugh. According to OPP, Pete’s: • a Hammerskin from Florida; • the webmaster of the Hammerskin site Crew38; • a registered sex … Continue reading

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Nazis enjoy the sun at the State Library of Victoria

Update (September 24, 2012) : stuff has a good headline — Nazi, Muslim, atheist spat in Melbourne — but best goes to Vice with Worst Riot Ever (Toby Fehily). And I didn’t realise this but according to The Australian the … Continue reading

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anarchist notes (september 20, 2012) w/- bonus! hitchens

Africa Sam Mbah — you might remember him from such anarcho-syndicalist organisations as the Awareness League — has a blog. It contains a series of interviews with him on subjects including his book African Anarchism, the global economic crisis and … Continue reading

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Guilt &/Or Innocence of Muslims in Sydney and Melbourne

Uh-oh spaghetti-oh. Mountains of virtual blah, political fallout and some further arrests has been generated by the ding-dong in Sydney on the weekend. The Minister for Immigration’s declaration that foreign-born trouble-makers could be deported if found guilty of unnamed crimes … Continue reading

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Bad News for Spotters : RSP and SAlt to merge?

This is what happens when I’m not paying attention. Barely have I recovered from the fact that a card-carrying Communist has been elected to local council in Sydney when I discover that the Revolutionary Socialist Party (RSP), born in 2008 … Continue reading

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Domino’s Pizza and Global Solidarity

Back in April, Domino’s Pizza delivery drivers in Australia had their wages slashed by 19% — overnight. The driver’s union — the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employee’s Union (SDA), a yellow union which with 230,000 members is also Australia’s largest … Continue reading

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Victory for White Nationalism in Penrith!

The Milky Bars are on Dr Jim in Penrith tonight! Tomorrow Belongs to Me from John Smith on Vimeo. For the second time in its brief history, the Australia First Party has had one of its members elected to local … Continue reading

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Victory for Communism in Auburn!

Tony Oldfield will paint the town Red tonight! See also : Peter Boyle, Fourth socialist elected to a local council in Australia, Green Left Weekly, September 14, 2012.

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“OK well that’s a strongly-held opinion on your part Greg but…” WE ALL HATE CATHOLICS AMIRITE?

LOL. It’s a conspiracy! Foreigner Uncle Rupert’s Australian foreign editor Greg ‘Massacre? What Massacre?’ Sheridan reckons the ABC (Gay BC amirite?) has been conspiring with David Marr to launch an attack upon Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. ‘Cause Tony’s a Catholic … Continue reading

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