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Occupy Reflects (Melbourne)

Some locals have published a collection of brief essays called “Occupy Reflects’. Download | Zine Library. From the introduction: On 15 October 2012 we celebrate the anniversary of Occupy Melbourne and this collection of short essays has been published to … Continue reading

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Occupy GlobalNOISE March for mELBOURNE Babies

Anti-abortionists/pro-lifers/forced-birthers held a ‘March For the Babies’ yesterday in Melbourne. At the same time, the Campaign for Women’s Reproductive Rights and Occupy Melbourne crew organised a smaller counter-demo in support of women’s reproductive rights. Abortion was legalised in Victoria in … Continue reading

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Victory for Chávez. (And Diosdado Cabello.)

Yeah so Uncle Hugo has won in Venezuela. As he put it: Gracias a mi amado Pueblo!!! Viva Venezuela!!!! Viva Bolívar!!!!! Some anarchists in Venezuela reckon it ain’t so great. El Libertario #67, September-October 2012 – Editorial [stolen from UK … Continue reading

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#AlanJones #Parrot #2GB #LOL

Macquarie Radio Network, owners of Sydney radio station 2GB, have expressed a lotta butthurt at the fact that the boycott of its advertisers has achieved some measure of success: commercial realities can be a bitch sometimes. Given that Mr Jones … Continue reading

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2012 Victorian local council election : far left and far right

A is for Anarchy The indefatigable Uncle Joe Toscano is again running for the position of (the other) Mayor of Melbourne.* Joe hopes that — with the assistance of new-fangled social media — he and his running mate Jean Ely … Continue reading

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Fast Times at Trotsky High : RSP, SA & SAlt

Presumably stung into action by Socialist Alternative’s publication (September 25) of a love letter (September 15) from Socialist Alliance, the Revolutionary Socialist Party has hit back (October 2) with a tawdry letter of its own, one which suggests that things … Continue reading

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Geert Wilders A Man Of Character… And That’s Official!

Dutch bizarro Geert Wilders has been given the official stamp of approval by the Australian Government and will be touring Australia in February 2013 courtesy of local wEirD0Es The Q Society. There was apparently some ? over whether or not … Continue reading

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Alan Jones’ advertisers on 2GB

Update ( October 16 ) : Advertisers return to Alan Jones – then leave again, Karl Quinn, The Sydney Morning Herald, October 16, 2012. After having suspended advertising on The Parrot’s program, this morning 2GB ushered in its return… only … Continue reading

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Volksfront RIP?

Oh hai. Rose City Antifa tell me that neo-Nazi skinhead gang Volksfront may have gone to Splitsville. That is: Volksfront, the white supremacist group which was for many years the dominant neo-Nazi organization in Oregon, and which grew to be … Continue reading

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