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Left Unity (You Are My Destiny) [Trot Guide December 2012 Update]

Clenched fist salute to Axeris; here are some links to blah blah blah about unity (RSP+SAlt=SAlt) on the Australian (Marxist) left. Note that at their weekend conference, SAlt agreed that the RSP was tops and could totally join them. • … Continue reading

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Students are STILL revolting//The Mad Monk & SPARTA (Defend North Korean Deformed Workers State!)

The Spartacists rejected the claim. Awesome! Courtesy of AA, I’ve discovered that one of my favourite Tory ex-student politicians/Victorian Liberal Party powerbroker, Michael Kroger, is a leftist trainspotter! The Man About Town has been gracing the pages of Uncle Rupert‘s … Continue reading

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Crazy White Boys Go To Jail

Briefly, some Fourth Reich Fighting Men have gone to jail: Young men jailed for ‘deplorable’ race-hate bashing Andrea Petrie The Age December 12, 2012 Neo-Nazis jailed for attack on Vietnamese student ABC December 12, 2012 More later.

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When White nationalists attack! New Right @ Gaza solidarity rally, Sydney, November 24

RRTAA! Two weeks ago in Sydney, a small group of White-nationalists-in-anarchist-drag rocked up to a rally against the latest Israeli attack on Gaza (aka ‘Operation Pillar of Defense’, November 17). Armed with banners, Anonymous masks and bizarro political merch (branded … Continue reading

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West Papua ~versus~ Israel

West Papua Yesterday Australian media reported a bloke is being charged with being a mercenary or some shit: Mr Little, 45, was charged with preparatory acts for incursion into foreign states and trained or drilled for incursions into foreign states, … Continue reading

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Jill Meagher, Reclaim the Night, the political right and Socialist Alternative

Recently (November 22), ‘Socialist Alternative’ published an article by Louise O’Shea titled ‘Jill Meagher, Reclaim the Night and the political right’. The article attempts to mount an argument, seemingly directed at other segments of the Australian left, regarding the public … Continue reading

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