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FWIW, here’s a translation of an article that appeared in Chilean media. Published on July 14, it mistakenly claims that Felicity was arrested by Mexican police, and attempts to link her to various shenanigans in Pinochet’s former *cough* stompem ground. AFAIK, there’s been little reportage in Australian media since July 2/3, tho’ the Border Mail carried a report on July 18 regarding Felicity’s open letter.

Australian anarchist’s ties with Chile are investigated

On two occasions Felicity Ann Ryder (26), Australian anarchist currently arrested in Mexico City on suspicion of bomb attacks, has visited Chile.

According to a report from the Policia de Investigaciones de Chile (PDI) [Investigations Police of Chile in English], the activist first entered Chile on the 6th March last year from Colombia and left later that month. The second time was in November, whereby she spent a month in the country.

According to Mexican press, Ryder is being investigated for her possible relationship with Mexican activist Mario Antonio Lopez Hernandez (27), who was injured when an explosive device detonated in his hand on the 27th June. The incident occurred in Colonia del Carmen, in the delegación [district] of Coyoacan. The suspect was arrested.

According to the newspaper Excelsior, Lopez told the police he met Felicity Ann Ryder on the internet. When Lopez was arrested, Ryder’s passport was found in his backpack.

Currently the police are investigating the activities that Ryder would have carried out in Chile, specifically the contact that she could have had with local anarchist groups. Investigations focus on whether she had any connection with a bombing of a bank branch located at the bus stop 40 on Grand Avenida (in San Miguel, Santiago de Chile).

Following the arrest of the Australian citizen, anarchist websites issued numerous messages demanding her release, as well as that of Mario Lopez Hernandez. Ryder was born in Albury, Australia and according to the Mexican press, has been dedicated to travelling overseas, contacting insurrectionary anarchist collectives in several countries.

More infos on y solidaridad con Mario Antonio López Hernández aquí.

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