A few notes on #J25Antifa …

To mark ‘International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners’ (J25Antifa) I wrote a thing for overland which you can read here.

For more infos on J25Antifa, please see the NYC ANTIFA blog.

This coming Saturday @ The Coronation Hotel in Ipswich, QLD there’s a Riffs Against Racism gig. Get along to it if you can [Facebook event page].

See also : International Anti-Fascist Defense Fund /// Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association.

* This post is dedicated to the memory of murdered anti-fascists Alexander Ryukhin (April 2006, Russia); Alexei Krylov (March 2008, Russia); Anastasia Baburova (January 2009, Russia); Carlos Palomino (November 2007, Spain); Clément Méric (June 2013, France); Davide ‘Dax’ Cesare (March 2003, Italy); Fyodor Filatov (October 2008, Russia); Ian Kucira (January 2007, Czech Republic); Ilya Bondarenko (July 2007, Russia); Ilya Dzhaparidze (June 2009, Russia); Ivan Khutorskoi (November 2009, Russia); Jimi Karttunen (September 2016, Finland); Pavlos Fyssas (September 2013, Greece); Stanislav Markelov (January 2009, Russia); Timur Kacharava (November 2005, Russia) and to all the other fighters, known and unknown, who’ve left us.

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