On Scott Harrison’s transformation from neo-Nazi to Young Liberal

Update : According to fellow Creatard Colin Campbell, Scott did not leave the Creativity religion until 2013, ie, the same year he joined the Young Liberals.



In a story reminiscent of the hullabaloo that followed the exposure of Labor candidate Peter Watson’s history as a neo-Nazi activist in 2012, a story appeared in Fairfax today concerning Young Liberal Scott Harrison, a man with a similarly colourful history. (See : Liberal Party campaigner Scott Harrison a former neo-Nazi, Nick McKenzie, Richard Baker and Richard Willingham, The Age, November 12, 2014.) What follows is a brief examination of Scott’s political evolution.

To begin with, the photograph which accompanies the story is of a very young Scott, but his commitment to neo-Nazism extended into more recent years via his involvement, inter alia, with neo-Nazi skinhead gangs Blood & Honour and the Hammerskins. This photograph is of an older Scott in attendance at the annual Ian Stuart Donaldson memorial gig in Melbourne in 2010:


To start at the beginning:

In late 2005/early 2006, inspired by Cronulla (and the gift of a copy of the film Romper Stomper), Scott initially joined both Stormfront and a short-lived group called WAFF, or ‘Worldwide Aryan Freedom Fighters’, one of countless far-right projects that emerge and then, just as frequently, disappear. Several years later, as well as having become a Creatard (a follower of the White supremacist Creativity religion), Scott also fancied himself something of an ‘anarchist’ — a ‘national anarchist’ — under the stewardship of Sydney-based fascist Welf Herfurth, designated by the SPLC as one of the leaders of the neo-Nazi Volksfront gang. During this period, Scott used the handle ‘anarchonation’.


While at high school, Scott described himself as a racial soldier, claimed to have been in “race wars” at school, and to have bashed a “Red”. Much of the material Scott produced during this period — ie, before he became a ‘Reverend’ in the Creativity Alliance/Movement — has since disappeared online (and/or I couldn’t be bothered tracking it down), but the following are some of the virtual locations he used to propagate his views:

    Scott on White Revolution: http://www.whiterevolution.com/forum/search.php?searchid=61958
    Scott’s blog: http://www.wnblog.org/Eratic/
    Another blog: http://patriotsforwhitepride.blogspot.com/

Scott also had accounts on rahowa.net (‘rahowa’ = ‘RAcial HOly WAr”) and on Stormfront, where he employed several handles, initially ‘Eratic Industries’ (join date: January 2005; 80+ posts). On ‘Eratic Industries’, Scott wrote that: “Eratic Industries was the name of an underground freedom of speech outfit I ran at school, we provided information on making all sorts of things. When I first joined Stormfront I was not a true white nationalist yet, just experimenting so I used Eratic Industries as it was what I was using everywhere else on the net.” Here he describes his plans for the future:


Later, Scott adopted the handle ‘Skalped For Pride’ (join date: January 2006; 300+ posts), and offered these handy tips on fighting:


After abandoning this handle, Scott adopted ‘NoCrusties’ in November 2006, under which title he posted over 500 comments on SF. It was as ‘NoCrusties’ that Scott made some highly objectionable comments, including one in which he joked about photos published in 2007 of Nazi concentration camp guards thusly: “They are celebrating the girls graduation from Jewish strangulation school? Haha, jokes, haha!”. Finally, Scott employed the handle ‘HatemongerCA’ (join date: February 2009; 300+ posts, last entry late 2011). The following blog post on SF outlines Scott’s racial philosophy in some detail:

For a Whiter and Brighter World!
Posted 10-15-2010 at 01:33 AM by HatemongerCA
Updated 10-25-2010 at 10:04 AM by HatemongerCA

After six thousand years of recorded history, our people finally have a religion of, for, and by, them. CREATIVITY is that religion. It is established for the Survival, Expansion, and Advancement of our White Race exclusively. Indeed, we believe that what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue, and what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.

We have come to hold these views by observing the Eternal Laws of Nature, by studying History, and by using the Logic and Common Sense everyone is born with: the highest Law of Nature is the survival of one’s own kind; history has shown us that the White Race is responsible for all that which we call progress on this earth; and that it is therefore logical and sensible to place supreme importance upon Race and to reject all ideas which fail to do so. No species on earth besides the currently misguided White people willingly aid other species at its own expense.

Our people have faced threats throughout history, but never before have our people faced as grave a threat as it is facing today. Today, our people’s very continued biological existence on this planet is in doubt. In 1920 for example, one out of every three people on this planet were White. Today, only one out of every twelve are White. If present trends continue, one can only imagine what the complexion of the world will be like in another one hundred years.

How did this calamity come about? It came about because of our people’s skewed thinking. Our people have thus far been concerned with every issue besides the issue of their own survival. We have subsidized those not of our own kind at our expense, causing their numbers to soar, while at the same time, White people have scaled back the size of their families, either out of selfishness or because of low-paying salaries and exorbitant taxes. We have divided ourselves into all kinds of organizations and causes, none of whom address the most basic issue: Will White children have a future? With CREATIVITY, this is the issue, and all other issues revolve around it.

Our people everywhere are beginning to embrace the dynamic and inspiring creed and program of CREATIVITY. White people everywhere are beginning to put aside their past differences and divisions and are coming together as one people for their best interests. More and more of our people are beginning to realize that if White people do not look out for their own future, no other people will. As a result, our churches are sprouting up all over the world, our ministers preaching the word of White unity and our members zealously spreading the word to you, our fellow White people. We hope that after reading this, you will decide to obtain more information, will consequently decide to become a Creator, and will decide to join us in this historic struggle.

I call upon you to join with us today, to do what is right for your family and for your extended family – your Race. If you act, you will be ensuring a future of beauty and happiness; if you do not, there will be a future of darkness and sadness. We have the capability to make sure that every child has a smile on his or her face.

Let’s not miss the moment. Generations yet unborn are counting on you.

Precisely when Scott decided to abandon fascism and white supremacy (if indeed he did) is unclear. Thus, all the items on the creativityvic site are now credited to ‘Rev C Magyar’. An examination of the site’s archive reveals that the same articles were previously credited to ‘Rev Scott Harrison’; the *latest* entry on the creativityvic site is dated August 26, 2012, ie, *less than one year* before Scott says he joined the Young Liberals (July 2013). His last posts on SF date from October November 2011.

If Scott has indeed junked his previous political commitments that’s a good thing. But until today — perhaps — this remained an open question. In any event, Scott’s case does raise some other interesting questions regarding what, if any, vetting processes apply to those seeking to become leading Young Liberals, and why Scott’s not-inconsiderable activism on behalf of fascism and white supremacy was apparently not discovered by those responsible for overseeing such processes. Of course, it could also be the case that Scott has not fundamentally shifted in his political perspective and simply decided that the Young Liberals is/was a more appropriate vehicle for promoting reactionary politics. Who knows?

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#Antifa in Russia

Two things:

First, this article at Global Voices Online is problematic but worth reading. I’m yet to encounter a serious account in English of antifascist politics in Russia.

Russia’s Punk Underground on Trial
Lewis May
November 7, 2014

See also : avtonom.org.

Secondly, a blast from the past. The eXile was a zine published in Moscow for the benefit of local yuppies.

Scared Skins
Jake Rudnitsky
The eXile
February 24, 2006

If AntiFA punks and skinheads are brave enough to want to take the fight against Russia’s 50,000 skinheads [sic] to the street, why won’t they talk to the eXile? By Jake Rudnitsky.

I first learned about AntiFA about a week ago while sitting at Starlite with NTV journalist Andrei Loshak. He’d devoted a Profession: Reporter show to the movement last December and a young ethnic-looking guy approached him with a little constructive criticism. AntiFA is the name of Russia’s anti-fascist hardcore skinheads and punks.

The highlight of Loshak’s show was a video shot on an AntiFA’s camera-phone in which they attack a group of neo-Nazi skins near Chisty Prudi. (Yes, even skinheads have 3G phones these days.) The resolution was terrible — even worse than the operativniye syomki, or secret cameras, that his show frequently relies on to catch officials taking bribes red-handed — and the fan wanted to put Loshak in touch with other AntiFA members that could hook him up with better footage and interviews.

The story sounded like a gimme. I wanted to write about for myself. But I should have realized that if Lohsak, with a month and NTV’s resources, couldn’t find anything better than this one camera-vid shot, I’d be facing an uphill battle.

Over a week later, after scouring the internet for contacts, prostrating myself on obscure ru.net chat rooms, and tapping every single acquaintance I have with any possible connection to AntiFA or punk music (including the ethnic guy mentioned above and most of his friends), I finally scored an interview. Well, sort of.

My “interview” with someone from AntiFA was actually contracted out to a journalist Ruslan Korolev whom I met at a ru.net site called the “United Forum of Anarchists.” From there we carried out a long courtship via email before he finally agreed to telegraph my questions to an unnamed representative of AntiFA and send me a transcript of the interview. Who answered my questions, what role he has in the organization, and how much I could trust the info is anybody’s guess. For all I know, my questions could have been asked to a 42-year-old TV psychic for 50 rubles a minute. All I knew was that, according to Korolev, nobody wanted to talk to me without the permission of their leader, and that I was lucky to get even this interview.

On the day that this issue went to press, I finally got to interview a real, live AntiFA activist, nicknamed “Ukrop” (Dill). He told me that he was just about the only one in Moscow willing to talk to the press and, judging by the difficulty I’d had, I believe him. There were a few restrictions — no photos, for example — but at least I’d have something to write about.

Had I had the good sense to call Edward Limonov before embarking on this fool’s errant, I could have saved myself a lot of trouble. Limonov told me, “I have no interest in these guys. They’re irrational.” After all my efforts to secure an interview, I can safely say, he’s right. Ukrop’s name says it all, really. AntiFA is the dill of Russia’s extremist politics: bland, irrelevant, and easily ignored.

In theory, anti-fascism sounds hard as nails: anarchists, punks and skinheads running around and looking for brawls with Moscow’s Nazi-skinhead underground. When I first envisioned this story, I thought it’d be filled with Chopper-like braggarts, righteous, scar-covered thugs living in squats and in a constant state of war. After all, whatever you say about Russian fascists, they’re definitely scary. Last year according to the SOVA Center, which gathers info on racial attacks, they were credited with 28 murders throughout Russia. It’d seem like anyone looking to take them on would have to be equal parts crazy and tough. In other words, anything but dill.

Furthermore, it’s understandable why they’re a bit camera shy. The basic tenet of AntiFA is to challenge the growing neo-Nazi movement in Russia with force; they want to make it hurt to be a Nazi. But they’re vastly outnumbered by Moscow’s real [sic] skinheads, who according to the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights numbered 5000 two years ago, the last time anyone bothered to count. Last November, ultra-rightists mobilized up to 5000 to goose-step down Tverskaya holding racist signs in broad daylight. According to Dima, a skinhead I talked to who is neither AntiFA nor racist (boneheads, as enlightened Russian skins call their racist/fascist brethren), AntiFA activists on a good day can only muster a group of about 50 and their total number in Moscow is no more than 200. I figured they must have brass balls.

So, it was a bit of a surprise when Ukrop asked me to meet him at Bilingua. Nothing against the cafe, which is a favorite among bearded intellectuals and other assorted pencilnecks, but it’s not exactly the hard-assiest place in Moscow. Nor did his lunch of beer and grenadine add to the baby-faced punk’s intimidation-creds. By the time he started telling me that the fascists were on the decline and AntiFA was rising, I realized I’d been had.

AntiFA is just another western fad, no different than riggers, cigar-smoking, and sushi. Russia’s always had a minority of Westernizers in its capitals, looking to the West for trends that they blindly copy. The trend AntiFA’s membership is mimicking is the same soft stuff as the Food Not Bombs and Critical Mass crowd in the States. I got to know those two movements well when going to school in Minneapolis, one of the last places in the States where punk was practiced by people beyond high school. They’d do their thing, occasionally causing a traffic jam or starting an organic garden on an abandoned lot, and nobody would pay them any mind. They bought books at the local anarchist book store, ate vegan, espoused totally impractical politics, and spent their weekends crowding into mattress-lined basements to watch punk shows. They’re as unthreatening as someone with a shaved head can be. That, to the AntiFA crew, must seem like paradise.

With an unintended irony, Ukrop told me about his recent meeting with a bunch of German anarchists and red skins (anti-racist skinheads). “They thought we were lucky since we actually get to fight,” he told me. “But in another five years, the situation here will be just like Germany.”

That’s the big joke. The Germans are actually wishing there were more racists, while all the Russians want is a boring social-democratic regime where it’s safe to play punk! It’s understandable; in Germany and the States, these movements are fringe because they’re totally irrelevant. They’re made up of a bunch of college kids who dig hardcore music and the menacing skinhead style, but don’t want to offend anyone by embracing it. So they thought up SHARP (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice) and ARA (Anti-Racist Action), where they could have their cake and eat it. It was a risk-free venture, because the whole of society is anti-fascist and anti-racist, at least nominally. What ultra-rightists we do have tend to confine themselves to bunkers in Idaho and the Upper Peninsula. Taking a stand against racism is a risk-free endeavor.

[Comment: SHARP’s origins are in New York and the UK in the late 1980s. Roddy Moreno, singer for The Oppressed, played a vital role in helping to spread the SHARP message. ARA, on the other hand, has its origins in an anti-fascist skinhead crew in Minneapolis called The Baldies, operating in roughly the same period. (ARA has recently reformed as the Torch Antifa Network.) Otherwise, anti-fascist activity is rarely as risk-free as the yuppie suggests. For example, in 1998, two ARA SHARPs, Lin and Spit, were shot dead by boneheads outside Las Vegas. In May 2014, bonehead Melissa Hack pleaded guilty to her role in their murder.]

Yet, while the westerners are gazing longingly [at] their comrades in Russia, where there’s a clear and present enemy, the Russian AntiFA guys gaze just as lustfully at the West, where the movement’s about aesthetics only. The thing that makes the delusion so ridiculous is that Russia is not going to be like Germany, not in 5 years, not ever. Skinheads [sic] here are not declining, like Ukrop claims. They’re everywhere, and they operate with virtual impunity. The 28 murder figure sited above, or even SOVA Center’s 2004 estimate of 46, is almost certainly a lowball. The militsia often labels hate crimes as the work of hooligans or entirely unrelated to race.

For example, Argumenty i Fakti wrote about a triple murder on November 28 in Perm that the paper attributed to skinheads [sic], but that wasn’t included in SOVA’s stats. Or there was a Death Porn story we took from MK in late 2004 in which the murder of a Georgian was pinned on two Tajik workers, even though several skinhead [sic] youths were seen running from the scene. The fact is, Russian “justice” is so arbitrary that it’s impossible to say how many racially motivated murders take place every year.

One thing that is clear, though, is that last year only 25 Russians were sentenced for ethnically motivated murder and beatings, according to the SOVA Center, and most of those were associated with two murders in Petersburg of African students. In other words, there are still plenty of skins [sic] running amok out there, and they’re getting away with murder.

* * *

Perhaps I am being a little too harsh on the AntiFA guys; after all, they do go out and fight with skinheads [sic], and several of them have taken some pretty hard knocks. The most sensational was last November, when a Petersburg anti-fascist pacifist activist Timur Kacharav was stabbed to death by skinheads [sic]. “I got an SMS that he’d been killed,” Ukrop said, who’d been hanging out with him just two hours previous. “It was hard to believe.” [See also : Timur Kacharava: Five Years Later, chtodelat news, November 16, 2010.]

While Timur is the movement’s only fatality, several others have been seriously injured over the last year. One friend of Ukrop’s was set upon by boneheads as he left his apartment about a year ago. Eight skins [sic] attacked him with screwdrivers and lead pipes, breaking his arm and several ribs. According to Ukrop, they bought his address from the militsia, who had arrested him not long before for brawling. Vanya, a big name in Moscow’s AntiFA, was hobbled by an attack six months ago and still walks with a crutch.

“The pressure started about a year ago,” Dima told me. “Actually, it wasn’t long after AntiFA attempted to branch out. Before that, they had been mostly involved with propaganda — stickers on the metro, anti-racist song lyrics and whatnot. Once they tried to take the fights to the streets, they got stamped on. Hard.”

According to Ukrop, they face off against boneheads at least once a week. The fights generally take place on the weekends, when AntiFA crashes some bonehead concert. Otherwise, they descend on Chisti Prudy, which is a favorite skinhead [sic] hangout. The fights usually have 15-20 per side and, according to Dima, aren’t terribly vicious. Ukrop said that the most dangerous weapons AntiFA wields are flares and beer bottles, “so that the cops don’t have any excuse to detain us.”

The most serious attacks are when a group of boneheads mobs a person or two. The victims are sometimes punks, AntiFA activists or rappers, but most often non-Russians. While the big brawls might end with a little blood and some bruises, the only hope of escaping this type of attack is running. If a victim falls, the very least he can expect is a few broken ribs.

A friend of Dima’s who sympathizes with AntiFA but isn’t a part of it got attacked by a group of bonehead teens and smashed over the head. He later checked into the neighborhood tram-punkt, or ER, where there were three other guys who’d been attacked by the same group. “The funny thing is, three of the four were Russian and the fourth was Caucasian,” Dima said. “Skinheads [sic] are racist and fascist, but more than anything, they’re just drunk thugs willing to attack anyone.”

Dima contends that many of the ultra-right that come out for displays like the November march aren’t so much skinheads [sic] as racist alcoholics. “They don’t like blacks [meaning non-Russians],” he said. “But who does in Russia?” Part of the reason the picture of racist skinheads [sic] is so blurred in Russia is because there’s a relatively fluid boundary between them, soccer hooligans, and average working class stiffs. Russia’s a country with a huge poor, disenfranchised population where racism isn’t taboo. Most skins [sic] don’t belong to a party or anything more organized than a soccer firm. There are parties like Slavyansky Soyuz (Slavic Union, abbreviated SS), but most skins [sic] come from the ranks of Spartak fans.

Maybe for this reason, Moscow police chief Vladimir Pronin denies their existence entirely. Last year RIA-Novosti quoted him saying, “We don’t have any skinheads [sic] in the city. I have never acknowledged them and do not acknowledge them. There is rabble from Moscow and its suburbs who attack people of various nationalities.”

Ukrop’s own estimates are only slightly less absurd. He claims that the boneheads only really have some 400-500 active fighters, and those are scattered across several groups that are constantly infighting. Apparently, they’re always accusing each other of being Jews and beating the shit out of each other. He qualifies this statement by saying that probably 80 percent of Moscow’s skinheads [sic] are drunk 16 to 20-year-olds looking for adventures. “They’ll eventually grow up, and you’re left with the devoted fascist core,” he said. What he fails to acknowledge is that when they grow up, they’ll be replaced with new teens. As Andrei Urov of the Youth Human Rights Movement told me, “The problem isn’t so much the thousands of skinheads [sic], but a society of millions of sympathizers.”

AntiFA is looking to repeat what happened in New York in the ’80s, where SHARP was born. “What they don’t understand,” Dima said, “is that it’s the exact opposite: in New York the Nazis were the underground.”

* * *

For a group as secretive as AntiFA, it’s a wonder how they ever get any members at all. As recently as a year ago, they advertised with stickers on the metro, until boneheads started attacking their shows. Still, according to both the anonymous interview and Ukrop, membership is growing. Ukrop said that around 300 people identified themselves as AntiFA in Moscow, of which maybe 150 were active fighters. Those are pretty impressive figures considering he said there were only maybe 100 members a year ago.

The only way to get recruited, or even learn about it given the deficit of information even on the web, is to already have contacts with that world. Like analogous Western groups, the best way in is through music. Even that can be hard enough: AntiFA concerts are by invite only. The only way to hear about shows by AntiFA groups like Clowns, Working Boys, and Change the World Without Taking Power, is to get an SMS the day of the show from someone in the know.

However, AntiFA members also serve as security to many of Moscow’s underground punk and even rap shows, which are favorite targets of the boneheads. According to Ukrop, punk shows make a particularly easy target because, “Punks are soft and always drunk.” Dima said that plenty of hardcore bands, like Union, are not AntiFA but have sympathetic lyrics and there’s plenty of crossover.

These measures, and the fear of press, are apparently to prevent infiltration. But that’s not the only reason they do it; the low profile, off-the-grid approach fits in to their anarchist principles. I’ve got the sneaking suspicion that they like it that way because it makes them feel even more underground. After all, punk shows still advertise despite the fact that they’re an easy target.

AntiFA claim that there’s a black list of their members which puts them in particular danger. But, as Urov told me, he too is on the SS’s black list, but he’s not afraid to tell people his name. “It’s that, or get a nose job,” he said.

AntiFA is also careful to distance themselves from another purportedly antifascist group: Nashi, the pro-Putin youth group. Most recently, they campaigned for the resignation of Perm’s governor because he allowed a far-right politician to speak at some youth conference. Ukrop took this as a sign that the Kremlin thinks antifascism has good prospects and is looking to co-opt its ideology.

However, it seems more likely that the Kremlin’s polit-tekhnologs are acting more out of fear of the fascists than the appeal of antifascism. After all, it’s an open secret that Nashi security, at least at its Moscow events, is provided by Spartak football hooligans with ties to racist skinheads [sic]. If anything, they’re interested in co-opting the fascists and turning them into a politically useful tool in case of a threat from an Orange — or a National-Bolsheviks — revolution.

* * *

Postscript: This year in Moscow, skinhead [sic] gangs have already killed a 13-year-old Uzbek kid on January 7, stabbing him 34 times. Their most recent victim, a 29-year-old Armenian on February 15, got stabbed to death 14 times from multiple knives.

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Disrupt and Dismantle #GoldenDawn November 2014 Tour Down Under [#antifa]

Update : Golden Dawn: far right Greek party members pay ‘stealth visit’ to Australia, Michael Safi, The Guardian, November 10, 2014.

Above : ‘Remember Pavlos Fyssas’, poster in Marrickville, Sydney, October 2014.

Dear friends and comrades,

It’s now less than two weeks (November 16-20) before Golden Dawn MEP Yiorgos Epitideios arrives in Australia to address supporters in Melbourne and Sydney.

As he did in the US (from which he’s traveling), Epitideois will be attempting to secure financial and political support for the “terrorist”, neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, as well as normalise the neo-Nazi party’s presence in the international political arena.

It’s important for the struggle against fascism in Greece and elsewhere that his tour is unsuccessful.

A call-out to take action against the neo-Nazi tour will be available for distribution in the next few days.

Further details of the tour and the opposition to it will be found on the ‘Disrupt and Dismantle Golden Dawn Welcome Collective’ Facebook page.

*** Please share among your networks. ***

The neo-Nazi former NATO general is scheduled to arrive in less than two weeks and it’s time to really get the word out there that if anti-fascists — Greek, Australian, or otherwise — have their way, this tour will be a failure for Golden Dawn and the far right in Australia generally.

From Athens to Brisbane to Sydney and Melbourne:


See also : JailGoldenDawn.

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antifa notes (november 4, 2014)



Australia First Party leader Dr James Saleam is contesting the Marrickville council election on November 15. He’ll be losing to Labor, Liberal and The Greens candidates.
Prior to this, posters were distributed in Redfern seeking to steer the Indigenous struggle in an anti-Chinese direction. Cheeky stuff given that the twin pillars of the White Australia policy were anti-Aboriginal and anti-Chinese sentiment, practices and policies, but in keeping with the party’s apparent dedication to guerilla marketing. In any event, the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy denounced the provocation, and I suspect it may be some time before Australia First succeeds in inserting itself into the campaign for low-cost public housing for Redfern’s Indigenous population.


One of my favourite neo-Nazi groupuscules is Women for Aryan Unity. Back in 2009, WAU had quite a battle on its hands when distributing the ashes of dead guy David Lane, a US-based nazi most famous for coining The 14 Words White supremacists live by: “Save the Aryan race. Procreate with your sister, mother, aunt, and if necessary, grandmother.”


The grrls at WAU are currently organising a fundraising appeal for the Azov regiment in Ulkraine, a group which has attracted the support and involvement of radical, right-wing elements from across Europe. The London-based ‘Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine’ has some analysis of Azov here, while Anton Shekhovtsov’s blog carries a number of articles analysing the crisis in Ukraine from an anti-fascist perspective.

See also : Ukraine conflict: ‘White power’ warrior from Sweden, Dina Newman, BBC, July 16, 2014.


Rezza Antifa is a new group which describes itself as a “Committed group of active Anti fascists based in Heidelberg West, Preston and Reservoir. Nazi scum fuck off! Contact us at [email protected]”. They got stickers if you want some.

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The SUWA Show, Friday, October 24, 2014 : Australian Unemployment Union + #Kobanê


On this month’s edition of Floating Anarchy (The SUWA Show), Dr Cam and I talk to Owen Bennett about the recently-established Australian Unemployment Union and to Rafael Taylor about the situation in Kobanê and the Rojava revolution.

Tune in this Friday at 5.30pm on 855AM or livestreaming at 3CR.



In Defence Of #Anarchism: Tearing Down The Links To The Butchers Of #ISIL [New Matilda], October 21, 2014 | Democracy Now!’s coverage related to the self-described militant group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). | Kobane: the struggle of Kurdish women against Islamic State, Necla Acik, Open Democracy, October 22, 2014 | The Rojava Report: News from the Revolution in Rojava and Wider Kurdistan | The new PKK: unleashing a social revolution in Kurdistan, Rafael Taylor, ROARMAG, August 17, 2014 | Kurdish Experiment in Radical Decentralism and Why Kobani Must Be Saved, Jim Schumacher and Debbie Bookchin, Huffington Post, October 21, 2014 | Urgent call for global action for Kobanê, Firatnews, October 21, 2014.

Australian Unemployment Union | Australian unemployment union wants to represent the out of work, Ben Schneiders, The Age, October 18, 2014 | Unemployed resist welfare cuts, Pas Forgione, Green Left Weekly, August 23, 2014 | Dole bludgers, tax payers and the new right: constructing discourses of welfare in 1970s Australia (Verity Archer), February 12, 2010 | The Dole Army : “If it wasn’t real, it would almost be comical.”, January 3, 2010.

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In Defence Of #Anarchism: Tearing Down The Links To The Butchers Of #ISIL [New Matilda]


I wrote an article for New Matilda on anarchism and the Islamic State. You can read it here. I may add a few further notes here at some point, but in the meantime, please note that this coming Saturday there’s a rally at Federation Square in Melbourne called to express solidarity with the people of Kobanê as they fight to prevent the Islamic State from destroying the town.

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#HeyASIO dox on protest and/or terrorism : July 1969 — July 1972

#HeyASIO, below is a transcription of ASIO dox from the National Library. It provides an account of a number of actions classified by the agency as ‘terrorist’. This one’s for disaccords — eat yr heart out.

See also : How To Make Trouble & Influence People (March 19, 2008) | ASIO : Persons of Interest : Interview with director Haydn Keenan (January 10, 2014).


National Archives of Australia: A12389, A30 PART 14

“Title: ASIO Special Projects Branch documents 52-67: Terrorism its nature, objectives and revolutionary role, A note on the past, present and future significance of Communism in Australia, Significant demonstrations, including violent incidents claimed by or attributed to terrorist-type groups like the People’s Liberation Army, Worker-Student Alliance, the Utashi etc, A note on Terrorist activity, Trotskyism in Australia, The National Socialist Party of Australia (NSPA), Communist Party of Australia (CPA), Socialist Party of Australia (SPA), Comment on a Communist Party of Australia Discussion Document for its 23rd Congress (1971), A note on recent “New Left” trends in the USA and their significance for the “Left” in Australia, A note on the “new Left” in Australia, Urban Guerilla Warfare including Anarchist and radical Violence, The Politically Motivated Act of Violence”

Significant demonstrations, including violent incidents claimed by or attributed to terrorist-type groups like the People’s Liberation Army, Worker-Student Alliance, the Utashi etc,


4th July : About 13 youths, in three cars, broke 18 windows in the U.S. Consulate-General, Melbourne. Anonymous callers to radio station claimed responsibility on behalf of the P.L.A. Damage assessed at $500.

17th July : A ballot box being used in the University of Melbourne Student Representative Council elections was stolen. Anonymous callers to mass media claimed responsibility on behalf of Melbourne P.L.A. “Second Division”.

14th August : Two plate glass windows were broken at Australia House, Brisbane (housing the Department of External Territories). An anonymous caller to mass media claimed responsibility on behalf of the Brisbane Branch of the P.L.A. Earlier that day there had been a demonstration outside Australia House in protest at the Department’s policy in regard to the Bougainville copper dispute. Damage was assessed at $2,000.

9th September : Four – six persons raided the premises of Department of Labour and National Service, Adelaide, throwing animal blood into filing cabinets and cutting telephone cables. The raid was planned by PROVO. One of the participants was arrested.

23rd/24th September : A group, claimed to number 15, extinguished the eternal flame at the Shrine of Remembrance, Brisbane, and later broke windows at Australia House (housing the Department of Labour and National Service). An anonymous caller to mass media claimed responsibility on behalf of P.L.A.

24th September : G.L. JONES placed “tear-gas type” bottle on a parapet at the University of Queensland outside a window where a Lions Club was to have a meeting.

29th September : Paint was daubed on S.A. State War Memorial; No.4 Magistrates Court; Liberal and Country Leagues Headquarters; Department of Labour and National Service offices; Glen Osmond Tollgate; Keswick Army Barracks Administration Block; Burnside Corporation Buildings; Victoria Park Racecourse; Goodwood Subway; S.A. Railway Property; a drive-in theatre and private fences. Windows were also broken at the Combined Services Recruiting Offices and the Department of Labour and National Service. An anonymous caller claimed responsibility on behalf of the People’s Liberation Armed Forces (PLAF).

8th October : A small bomb was thrown onto the verandah of the residence of Mr. Andrew JONES, MHR, S.A. PLA involvement is suspected.

11th October : Two windows were broken at Australia House, Brisbane. Damage assessed $3,000.

18th October : Telephone threats to the residence of Mr. Andrew JONES, MHR, S.A., by anonymous caller on behalf of the PLAF Committee.

1/2 November : Bricks were thrown through the window of the Reserve Bank of Australia and Ansett Transport Industries in Melbourne and responsibility was claimed on behalf of the Australian Liberation Army (ALA). Damage assessed at $3,400.

29th November : Explosion at rear of Yugoslav Embassy, A.C.T. Minor damage only.

12th December : Bricks were thrown the residence of Mr. BEERWORTH, SM., Adelaide, and the offices of the Australian Institute of Management. D.W. REES was later arrested and convicted of criminal damage. Earlier that day Mr. BEERWORTH had heard the trial of two persons arrested on 11th December, during a demonstration. Damage assessed at $352.90.

19th December : Six large windows were broken at the Commonwealth Centre, Melbourne. An anonymous caller to mass media claimed responsibility on behalf of the ALA. Damage was assessed at $3,000.

30th December : Seven plate glass windows were broken at the offices of the Imperial Chemical Industries of Australia and New Zealand Limited, Melbourne. An anonymous caller to mass media claimed responsibility on behalf of ALA.


2nd January : Two Croats carrying explosives arrested in Canberra. Planned to destroy statue in Serbian Orthodox Church.

8th January : An Australian flag was pulled down, torn and burnt, and paint was daubed on the Town Hall at Prospect, S.A.

16th January : Anti-National Service Act slogans were painted on 70 S.A. Municipal Tramway Trust buses in Adelaide.

21st January : Two windows were broken at Unley office of Department of Labour and National Service in Adelaide.

31st January – 1st February : Anti-National Service Act slogans were painted on the Adelaide Combined Services Recruiting Office and the Commonwealth Offices. Anonymous caller to mass media claimed responsibility on behalf of the PLA.

2nd March : A molotov cocktail was thrown at U.S. Consulate-General, Melbourne. Fire broke out in the Australian-American Association premises. Damage assessed at $7,000.

5th April : J.A. TULLY fired 20-30 rounds into the premises of the Department of Labour and National Service, Hobart, breaking 14 windows. He was arrested and later convicted of charges relating to this incident. Damage assessed at $258.32.

3rd May : Windows at Honeywell Pty.Ltd., and ASIO Headquarters were broken by a break-away group of “May Day” protesters. Three persons were arrested.

7th May : A small home-made bomb was used in an attempt to damage the U.S. Consulate-General, Melbourne.

3rd June : Three windows were broken in the premises housing the South African Trade Commission and also that of Honeywell (Australia) Pty.Ltd., Data Processing Division in Australia.

7th June : Stones were thrown through windows of the Commonwealth Offices and Department of Labour and National Service, Wollongong.

23rd 24th June : Pamphlets were glued and varnish was daubed on the office of Mr. J. McLEAY, MHR, Adelaide.

29th June : Shotgun blasts were fired into the Melbourne premises of Honeywell Pty.Ltd., breaking a window and damaging a computer. The four participants were arrested.

30th June : Two stones, followed by a “stink-bomb”, were thrown through the window of the S.A. Stock Exchange. Two persons were arrested and convicted concerning this incident.

2nd July : Two molotov cocktails were thrown into the Melbourne premises of General Electric Pty.Ltd. An anonymous caller claimed responsibility on behalf of the P.L.A. Damage was assessed at $10,000.

2nd July : Butyric acid was poured into the air conditioning of the U.S. Consulate-General, Sydney.

4th July : Paint was daubed on premises of Honeywell Pty.Ltd. by three persons in Perth.

5th July : Bricks, followed by a molotov cocktail were thrown into the electoral office of the Prime Minister in Melbourne. An anonymous caller to the mass media claimed responsibility on behalf of the PLA.

6th July : A molotov cocktail was thrown into the Melbourne premises of Keep Bros. and Wood, destroying the factory’s storage area. An anonymous caller claimed responsibility on behalf of PLA. Damage was assessed at $300,000.

8th July : A piece of masonry was thrown through the window of the residence of Mr. R.T. DOBSON SM, in Canberra. He had earlier that day dismissed a charge against M.J. KAHAN (Vietnam Moratorium Committee – ACT) following the 12th December, 1969 Demonstration. The raid was possibly committed by members of the National Socialist Party of Australia, whose members had previously ridiculed KAHAN during demonstrations.

14th July : The eternal flame at Brisbane Shrine of Remembrance was extinguished with blood and liver.

15th July : An ‘envelope bomb’, containing phosphorous, exploded when opened at the Department of Labour and National Service, Adelaide. An employee narrowly escaped injury from burning phosphorous. A second ‘envelope bomb’ was found in a subsequent search of the inward mail.

16th July : Mr. NELLIGAN SM, was threatened by anonymous telephone callers regarding his decisions over defendants who appeared in court that day on charges as a result of 4th July demonstration in Adelaide.

21st July : An anonymous telephone caller alleged that a bomb was in the Department of Labour and National Service, Brisbane. It transpired that the call was a hoax.

24th July : An ‘envelope bomb’ was received by the Department of Labour and National Service, Sydney. It did not explode.

27th July : Bricks were thrown through the windows of Imperial House, 255 George Street, Sydney (premises which have been the target of a demonstration in protest against the Vesteys Group of companies for alleged mistreatment of the Gurindji aborigines in the Northern Territory).

29th July : Two persons entered the Commonwealth Film Censor’s office, Sydney, and tampered with telephones and mail, in a protest at censorship.

29th July : A bomb hoax at the Department of Labour and National Service, Sydney.

1st August : A molotov cocktail was thrown into the Mobil bulk fuel storage office near Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne.

1st August : Seven bricks were thrown through the windows of the private residence of Mr. F.H. BROOKS, Director-General of Education in Victoria. An anonymous caller later claimed responsibility on behalf of the PLA as a protest against the dismissal of Mrs. Julie INGLEBY from that Department.

4th August : Large paint signs were daubed on the Riverdale Returned Servicemen’s League building in Perth. A telephone caller claimed that the [?] was carried out by three members of the “Democratic Activist Organisation”.

9th August : A group of anti-Vietnam war protesters entered the Sydney Headquarters of the Returned Servicemen’s League where they were alleged to have smashed open safes, filing cabinets and drawers.

12th August : Four windows were broken in the Administration Building, at Monash University. An anonymous telephone caller claimed that they had been broken by the People’s Liberation Army. On 11th August, it was announced that seven persons (including six Monash Labor Club members) had been disciplined by the University.

14th August : Mrs. PEACOCK (wife of Minister for the Army) received two threatening phone calls.

15th August : A nightwatchman at the Mobil Oil bulk fuel installation at Tullamarine Airport, Victoria received a threatening phone call.

17th August : A further threatening phone call to the night watchman at the Mobil Oil fuel installation at Tullamarine Airport, Victoria.

20th August : Four molotov cocktails were thrown into the Balmain container vessel terminal, White Bay, Sydney, causing superficial damage.

24th August : It was announced that the Victorian Minister for Education, Hon. L. THOMPSON, MLC, had received a threatening telephone call and letters regarding the case of Mrs. Julie INGLESBY.

25th August : Two bricks were thrown through the windows of the Combined Services Recruiting Centre in Melbourne. It was subsequently claimed by the People’s Liberation Army. Large anti-National Service Act slogans painted on the National War Memorial, Canberra.

26th August : Paint was thrown and slogans were written on the War Memorial, Wahroonga, Sydney.

16th September : A $600 painting was damaged and a wall daubed by the painting of black clenched fists (using a stencil) in the University of Queensland Main Building.

18th September : A bottle of chloropicrin was used during the demonstration in support of the Vietnam Moratorium campaign in Adelaide. At least 20 policemen had to seek medical attention after inhaling this gas.

17/18th October : A swastika and the words “Fascist Pigs” were painted on the steps of the Commonwealth Employment Service, Gilles Arcade, Adelaide.

21st October : Explosion seriously damaged Yugoslav Consulate, Melbourne.

24/25th October : The CMF Armoury at New England University was burned down. A steel door had been breached to gain entry and molotov cocktails had been used to start the fire. Damage was assessed at $50,000.

26th October : A swastika and slogans painted on the windows of Commonwealth Employment Centre, Unley, S.A.

20th November : Two plate-glass windows were broken at the premises of Honeywell Pty.,Ltd., at Subiaco, W.A. A man telephoned a local newspapaer to say he was a member of the PLA, who was responsible for the attack. He also stated that the PLA had a list of firms supplying war materials and that more attacks would be made in future.


17th January : A gelignite bomb was thrown at the USSR Embassy in Canberra, causing extensive damage. Two Bulgarians were arrested and charged.

20/21st January : Damage with paint, oil and turpentine and by digging was done to Kooyong Tennis Courts (Victoria) in protest against two white South African tennis players.

22/23rd January : The Cadet Training Depot in Ballarat was set on fire. Though the fire did not gain hold $1,000 damage was done. Anti-war slogans were painted on the outside walls.

26th January : The slogan “Smash the Draft” was burned into the turf on Adelaide Oval in letters ten feet high.

26th January : A brick was thrown through the window of the National Socialist Party’s Headquarters in Melbourne. Eighteen members were present at the time.

1st February : An explosive device, probably a practice hand grenade or mortar, was detonated on the steps of Police Headquarters, Adelaide, doing minor damage to the building.

25th February : A molotov cocktail was thrown through the window of the 3 WRAAC Company Headquarters, Kew, Victoria, doing damage worth $50.

26th February : A molotov cocktail was found at Headquarters, 3 Division, Melbourne. Slight damage had been caused to the building.

4th March : Anti-apartheid slogans were painted on the outer walls and the Chancery of the South African Embassy, Canberra.

6th March : A gelignite device was exploded at the home of Senator-elect Arthur Gietzelt at Caringbah, Sydney, causing extensive damage.

6th March : “Smash Apartheid” painted on South African Embassy walls.

13/14 March : A petrol bomb was thrown against the walls of Victoria Barracks, Melbourne, causing only slight damage.

13th March : About sixty students demonstrated at the South African Ambassador’s home. “Smash Apartheid” was painted on the entrance.

14th March : During a demonstration by about 50 University and High School students at the South African Embassy, “Smash Apartheid” was painted on the wall.

14th March : A molotov cocktail was thrown against a window of the Police Watchhouse, Kew, Victoria. The window did not break and the molotov cocktail burnt harmlessly on the pavement.

17th March : During a demonstration at the South African Embassy, anti-apartheid slogans were being painted on the walls of the British High Commission and the home of South African Embassy staff members.

22nd March : A Commonwealth Police officer was assaulted during a demonstration at the Special Federal Court, Sydney in protest at the jailing of Geoffrey Mullens on charges under the National Service Act. John Norman Page was arrested and charged with the offence.

22nd March : Anti-conscription slogans were painted, in black paint on the walls of the Liberal Party Headquarters in Barton, A.C.T. An anonymous caller to the “Canberra Times” claimed that three PLA members were responsible.

24th March : During a demonstration from Melbourne University in protest at Geoffrey Mullens’ imprisonment, two plate glass windows at the Department of Supply building in Swanston Street were broken and walls were defaced in the Princes Gate building which houses the Department of Labour and National Service.

24th March : Anti-conscription posters, authorised by the Communist Party of Australia, were pasted to the walls of Victoria Barracks, Melbourne.

4th April : A General Electric Co. showroom in Carlton, Victoria was bombed by two molotov cocktails, thrown through the windows from a car. Damage was estimated at $2000.

19th April : About seventy (70) students at Monash University, barricaded the entrance to the Administration Building as a protest against the expulsion of Michael Hyde, Kerry Langer and Ralph Hadon.

21st April : A Department of Supply bus arrived at University of Adelaide to collect students from Weapons’ Research Establishment, Salisbury. The bus was attacked by seven students wearing crash helmets, causing slight damage. The driver avoided further trouble by driving quickly away. There has been a campaign by SDA against the use by WRE of the University’s computer.

23rd April : Early in the morning, four young men attacked the guard at the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne, causing injuries requiring hospital treatment. They then painted the word “Peace” and various peace signs on the walls of the Shrine. A man, claiming to be one of those concerned, telephoned “The Age” newspaper, to say that only two people had been responsible for the attack.

6th May : 800-1000 students blockaded the Administrative Building at Melbourne University for 5 1/2 hours in a demonstration aimed at giving students more voice in the administration of the University. The walls were daubed with such slogans as “Fight Repression” and “Students Demand a Say”, and 200 staff including the Vice-Chancellor were trapped in the building.

7th May : Peace signs and slogans critical of the Victorian Premier, Sir Henry Bolte, were painted on the Melbourne Cultural Centre and the Police Hospital and Barracks nearby.

17-18th June : During the night, a molotov cocktail-type bomb was thrown at a house in Gilbarton, S.A. owned by B. MacLACHLAN, a director of Elders – G.M.

4th July : Bomb damaged Free Serbian Orthodox Church, Melbourne. $3000 damage.

18/19th August : Windows broken at the Squire Inn Motel, Bondi where Springboks were accommodated, and also at South African Airways office, Sydney. Anti-apartheid slogans painted on walls of Sydney Sports Ground. A female telephoned a Sydney newspaper and claimed that the PLA was responsible for the above incidents.

23rd August : A person claiming to be a PLA member in Sydney was interviewed on ABC program ‘A.M.’. He also claimed to be a member of the CPA. He gave details of targets for future PLA activity.

1/2 September : Property of South African Consul in Sydney damaged by fire (including 2 small boats). Responsibility claimed by PLA.

6th September : Torrens River Pump House, Adelaide damaged by a gelignite blast. Anonymous telephone call to radio station 5KA claimed that the PLA was responsible.

18th September : The Bulletin (Sydney) of 18 September carried a report of a series of telephone conversations between a reporter and “Alan”, a self-styled member of the PLA. Details of aims, organisation methods and targets given.

12th September : Explosive device detonated in St. George’s Anglican Cathedral, Perth, W.A.

17th September : 2 plate glass doors and 2 windows at CMF depot, University of New England, broken by stone throwing.

24th September : Butyric Acid thrown into Department of Labour and National Service offices, Adelaide.

3rd October : Petrol bomb placed in grounds of Prime Minister’s Lodge, A.C.T.

14/15th October : Arson attack on CMF depot at Orange, N.S.W.

19/20 November : Unexploded petrol bomb containing S.A. ammo. in grounds of Prime Minister’s Lodge, A.C.T.

23rd November : Bomb damaged premises of Adriatic Trade & Travel Center, Sydney (owned and operated by Yugoslav government).

26th November : Brick through glass doors of Foundation for Abo. affairs premises, Sydney. Black Power slogans, etc. painted on outside of building. Bomb hoax telephone call to offices of the Foundation.

1st December : 2 house bricks with anti-conscription leaflet attached thrown through plateglass doors of Camberwell (Vic.) R.S.L. Club. 1 house brick with leaflets attached thrown through a window of premises used as offices by Liberal Party at Brunswick, Vic.

19th December : Bomb damaged the ‘Hub Theatre’, Newtown, Sydney where a Yugoslav film was being screened.

23rd December : Small petrol bomb planted against an inner wall of Prime Minister’s Lodge, A.C.T.

29th December : Statue of Sir Henry Parkes in Centennial Park, Sydney blown up, allegedly by Black Power militants.


11 January : Bomb damaged base of statue in grounds of Free Serbia Orthodox Church, A.C.T. Church windows broken also.

21 January : Anti-conscription slogans painted outside Melbourne home of the Federal Attorney-General.

4 March : Explosives damaged door of Melbourne University Council Chamber while university authorities act to consider disciplinary action on four students.

28-30th March : Sit-in at Administrative offices, La Trobe University. Damage estimated at $750. Theft of personal possessions also.

6 April : (a) Flat occupied by M. Jurjevic in Melbourne bombed and wrecked. (b) Migrant Advisory Center of ANZ Bank in Melbourne bombed and wrecked. (exhibn. of Yugolsav folk costumes on display).

12 April : La Trobe University students inside Administrative Building.

19th April : CPA HQ’s in Brisbane bombed and badly damaged.

20th April : (a) Phone threat to Brisbane newspaper that Moratorium marchers would be bombed with grenades; also to a CPA member that he would be bombed. (b) Death threat to R.A.M. chairman in Perth, W.A.

21st April : Anti-war demonstration in Melbourne. – police pelted with crackers and rocks outside U.S. Consulate. – rocks thrown at police and Pan-Am building.

24th April : Sydney University students mobbed Commonwealth Police and freed an arrested draft resister.

9th May : (a) Molotov cocktail thrown into Honeywell Pty. Ltd., Melbourne. $100 damage. (b) Pan Am office windows broken during demonstration in Melbourne. (c) Army vehicle (Queensland University Regiment property) damaged by fire.

10th May : (a) March to Du Pont Chemical offices. Police car stoned; window in adjacent building broken (Brisbane). (b) 2 Army vehicles destroyed by fire. 1 damaged. Responsibility claimed by ‘May 10 Action Committee’. (Adelaide). (c) Department of Labour and National Service daubed with paint. (Adelaide). (d) ALCOA offices daubed with paint. (Adelaide).

10-11th May : (a) Window broken at residence of U.S. Defence Air Attache (Canberra). (b) Window broken at residence of South Vietnamese Armed Forces Attache (Canberra). (c) Molotov cocktail thrown through window of General-Electric (Melbourne). $50 damage. Responsibility claimed by A.L.A.

11th May : Posters pasted on Honeywell Pty. Ltd. (Perth).

11-12th May : Molotov cocktail thrown into solicitor’s office in Du Pont Building, Brisbane. $20,000 damage.

12th May : (a) Anti-war demonstration in Sydney. Student group attacked Pan-Am Building. – smoke bomb thrown – bottles, empty can and 1 piece steel (1″ cube) thrown at police – 57 arrests all told. (b) in Brisbane also – S.W. Watson (militant abo.) urged occupation of City Hall and its use as a “People’s Embassy”. – foiled by police 23 arrests all told. (c) U.S. Consulate and Pan-Am buildings in Melbourne attacked – windows broken. Police attacked with bolts, nuts. rocks, poles, flares, crackers. (d) Torrens Parade Ground Army depot stoned (Adelaide). – approx. 40 windows broken. Smoke bombs used also. (e) I.B.M. office window broken in demonstration (Adelaide).

13th May : Damage to R.A.A.F. buildings at University of W.A. Claimed by “People’s Army”.

25th May (evening) : East Wind Bookshop Source Bookshop C.D.A. and Third World Bookshop in Melbourne attacked with incendiaries.

19th June (10 p.m.) : Windows in building housing French Consulate, Melbourne broken with a stone, and petrol bomb thrown through. Did not ignite. Anonymous phone caller claimed P.L.A. responsible for incident.

20th June : (a) Fire damaged a guard-box at la Trobe University ($50). Claimed by W.S.A. (b) 250 students invaded La Trobe University Administration Building.

21st June : (a) Car belonging to Mr. Justice Anderson damaged by fire. – claimed by W.S.A. (b) Death threat to French Consul in Melbourne over French A-tests.

22nd June : 150 students occupied La Trobe University Administration building. 100 forced entry to Council Chamber. 2 staff members assaulted.

29th June : Youth carrying smoke flare, pressure can of paint and 2 marking pencils arrested at U.S. Consulate in Perth, W.A.

30th June : Home-made bomb thrown into offices of Australian Pipeline Coy. near Dandenong, Victoria. No damage.

3rd July : Kero. bomb thrown at University Army Regiment’s H.Q., Melbourne. Little damage.

4th July : Smoke flare thrown into an office of the Department of Labour and National Service, Perth. It did not ignite.

11th July : Anti-draft slogans daubed on 10 railway carriages in Melbourne.

12th July : 64 masked students and Black Panther leaders invaded Queensland University boardroom protesting against mining coy, C.R.A. employment drive at university.

13th July : Token attempt by 100 La Trobe university students to break into Pentridge gaol to release gaoled students.

19th July : (a) Students set up draft resistance centres at Monash, Sydney and A.N.U. universities, in Union buildings. – centres barricaded against entry. Draft resisters given sanctuary. (b) Students at Sydney University attempt to operate a ‘pirate’ radio transmitter.

20th July : Aboriginal ‘Embassy’ in Canberra dismantled by police; clash with Aborigines and students. 8 arrests. 7 police and 2 demonstrators injured.

21st July : (a) Conflict between 500 anti-conscription demonstrators and 100 police in Melbourne. 14 arrests. (b) 800 demonstrators in Sydney. No incidents.

22nd July : Conflict between 500 pro-China and anti-China demonstrators at Sydney airport as Chinese table tennis team arrived.

23rd July : Clash in Canberra between Police and 100 aboriginal and white demonstrators over second dismantling of aboriginal ‘embassy’ tents. 18 arrests. 9 injured. 5 police injured.

25th July : Police dismantled “draft counselling centre” on G.P.O. steps in Melbourne. 2 women leaders arrested.

28th July : Clash between police and 400 anti-conscription protesters on G.P.O. steps in Melbourne. 53 arrests including Secretary of S.O.S.

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antifa notes (september 30, 2014)


Australian Defence League/Patriots Defence League Australia

I wrote a piece about the Australian Defence League (ADL) for New Matilda. You can read it here. The Patriots Defence League Australia, an ADL splinter group, was planning on holding a rally at Hyde Park in Sydney on Saturday (September 27), but folks on the ground report they were a no-show. In related news, Joumanah El Matrah writes (Muslim women don’t deserve this, Herald Sun, September 29, 2014):

AND so it begins. Around Australia, Muslim women have come under attack: one is beaten, another is sworn at, another has her hijab pulled off her head, injuring her neck.

Social media is rife with accounts of abuse as well as warnings to Muslim women to keep themselves and their children indoors until “it” is over — “it” presumably being the repetitiously declared and obsessively reported war against IS …

Australia First Party

The leader of the Australia First Party, Dr Jim Saleam, is spitting chips because he’s once again been denied a visa to visit New Zealand to hang with the neo-Nazis in Right Wing Resistance (New Zealand) and their chums in the National Front. This is the second time the doctor’s been refused, the last being in October 2013. See : Immigration bars ex Nazi, Michael Forbes (Fairfax), October 26, 2013.

Golden Dawn

Today’s Grauniad carries an article by Michael Safi on Golden Dawn’s (GD) fund-raising activities in Australia. See : Golden Dawn: Australian branch of far-right Greek party raises cash. While two GD Euro MPs, Eleftherios Synadinos and Georgios Epitideios, are set to tour Australia in October, it appears as though no visa has yet been issued to them, suggesting that the tour if it happens may be delayed until November.

Squadron 88

The Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI) has published a report on the Sydney shenanigans of the boneheads belonging to Squadron 88. The boneheads have adopted Dr Jim’s mate Ross ‘The Skull’ May as their mascot, and promised to bring the world more exciting agitprop featuring The Skull in the near future.

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The SUWA Show, Friday, September 26, 2014 + Strategies of Resistance: Beyond the Border

On Friday’s SUWA Show Dr Cam & I have a chat with Liz Thompson about borders and things. On Monday, Liz is part of a panel at The Wheeler Centre to discuss:

Strategies of Resistance: Beyond the Border
The Wheeler Centre, 6:15PM – 7:15PM
Monday 29 September 2014

Australia’s border policies have become increasingly punitive over the past decade, under a succession of governments, as we push the ‘problem’ of asylum seekers who come by boat beyond our borders.

Our speakers will talk about government deterrence rhetoric and policies, the industry and experience of offshore detention, and strategies for protest. They’ll look at campaigns like Boycott Biennale and artistic responses, and draw on their personal experiences. With Aran Mylvaganam, spokesperson for the Tamil Refugee Council and activist for refugee rights, writer and activist Angela Mitropoulos and migration agent Liz Thompson.

Chaired by Mark Davis, journalist and reporter for SBS’s Dateline.

(We also talk about the Australian Defence League and some other stuff.)

Tune in at 5.30pm on 855AM or livestream at 3CR.

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“Anti-Terror Raids Embolden Australian Defence League And Far Right Groups”


I wrote an article for New Matilda on the Australian Defence League et al.

You can read it here.

I’ll probably add a few more thoughts here laters probably …

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