antifa notes (august 22, 2017) : Charlottesville +++


It’s been almost a month since my last post (July 25), so the following is just a few brief notes re some of the events that have transpired in the intervening period …


Not surprisingly, the ‘Unite The Reich Right’ rally of August 12 has generated a great deal of discussion, which it would be impossible to summarise here. Certainly, a number of folks in the US and elsewhere have expressed varying degrees of shock and outrage, both at the sight of over 1,000 neo-Nazis, fascists and White supremacists (supplemented by small groupings of armed militants) staging a militant rally, and the murder of a counter-protester, Heather Heyer, by a nazi belonging to one of its constituent groups (‘Vanguard America’). FWIW, the CrimethInc podcast of August 14 provides what I think is the most useful accounts of events that I’ve encountered, while It’s Going Down continues to provide rolling coverage and analysis of the fallout from Charlottesville (and much more besides). Also useful reading is Jason Wilson in The Guardian — his recent interview with Corey Pein for Pein’s News From Nowhere podcast is also worth listening to — and Spencer Sunshine on Colorlines.

Closer to home, last week there was a minor brouhaha involving yoof radio JJJ and its news and current affairs program, Hack. Hosted by Tom Tilley, Hack decided to report on the events in Charlottesville by inviting one of its neo-Nazi organisers, ‘Eli Mosley’, on to the show to talk shit and to ensure that the ABC met its obligations to provide a platform for nazi propaganda (or something). Mosley — whose real name is Elliott Kline — has a brief history as a neo-Nazi organiser, and is one of thousands who’ve assumed this role in the wake of Trump’s becoming El Presidente. Writing for Andrew Anglin’s neo-Nazi Daily Stormer site regarding a Trump supporters rally in Philadelphia in March, Kline (Philly March Ground Report: Cops and Trumpenkriegers Work Together to Defeat Kikes and Antifa Faggots) writes that:

The boys are back in town.

On Saturday afternoon hundreds of marches took place across the Trumpenkrieg in support of Trump. In Philadelphia, the city of faggotry love, played out an alliance between the Nazi led marchers and local police departments against their oven-dodging enemies.

Up to their typical tricks again, not a single Shlomo-ran media outlet covered the event accurately. Of course. Luckily I was able to cover the event from on the ground to prevent the spread of fake news.

Spoiler, the Nazis won bigly.

A thinker as well as a doer, Kline concludes his examination of the bigly nazi victory as follows:

So what does this event mean in our struggle for total Aryan Victory? This is a sign that we have moved into a new era in the Nazification of America. Normie Trump supporters are becoming racially aware and Jew wise. They are willing to stick up for themselves side by side with Nazis without being adverse to violence. The police departments are begging for the return of law and order and love jokes about hooked-nose merchants, but need our help in getting strongmen elected so they can do their jobs. Antifa and the kike media are so dumb they can be tricked by a monkey in a police uniform. All of this while the media continues to cover antifa in a positive light while demonizing all Trump supporters and law enforcement, further pushing them into our arms.

So: is the neo-Nazi organiser of a neo-Nazi event, at which an anti-fascist protester was murdered by one of the neo-Nazis attending the event, really the best person for Australian yoof to gain a better understanding of the meaning and significance of Charlottesville? Apparently so. The stoopid was further compounded, however, when Hack put to air a call by a nazi troll, ‘Herschel from Brisbane’. So: not only did the episode feature an interview with a neo-Nazi organiser, it also put to air neo-Nazis posing as Jews (you can read some channers discuss the raid here).

Not everybody was opposed to Tilley’s decision to give a neo-Nazi platform to talk, however: Andrew Bolt thought he did a great job.

See also : How Triple J’s Hack presenter Tom Tilley became a far-right meme, Amanda Meade, The Guardian, August 18, 2017 | How the alt-right trolled Triple J’s Hack program over Charlottesville, Broede Carmody, The Sydney Morning Herald, August 17, 2017.

In terms of the reaction by denizens of the local far right to the murderous adventures of their American kameraden, their glee-filled commentary is available on Facebook, in the comment threads on Andrew Bolt’s ‘blog’ and in all the usual places. Two notable examples (both since DELed by their authors) are the reactions of former ‘United Patriots Front’ leaders Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson:

Ho hum. The pair, along with Chris Shortis, are due back in court in September to face charges of serious religious vilification. Oh, and speaking of patriotik volk making appearances in court, Phill Galea had another a few weeks ago, and will be back again in November:

Delays in case for accused Vic terrorist
Amber Wilson (AAP)
August 10, 2017

A pre-trial court hearing for an anti-Islam extremist accused of plotting bomb attacks in Melbourne has been delayed while senior legal counsel is sourced.

Phillip Galea, 32, is accused of making preparations for terrorist attacks against properties occupied by Melbourne anarchist groups between November 2015 and August 2016.

Police allege Galea was preparing to target various locations inhabited by the Melbourne Anarchist Club and Melbourne Resistance Centre.

He ordered potassium nitrate for smoke bombs, aligned himself with right-wing and neo-Nazi groups and researched how to make improvised explosive devices, ballistic armour and firearms, prosecutors said.

Police arson and explosive experts raided Galea’s home in November 2015, allegedly seizing five cattle prods, 362.1 grams of mercury and computer equipment, the court has been told.

The case had been set down for a two-day committal hearing at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, but on Thursday the court was told the matter would not go ahead while Victoria Legal Aid secured a senior counsel to act for Galea.

There was no application for bail and Galea was remanded in custody until his matter is listed again on November 13.


• Michael Brull examines what happened when local boofhead (and tireless self-promoter) Avi Yemini tried to team up with fascists to organise a protest in Sydney in A Synagogue Beat-Up, Nazis In Bondi And The Strange Ambivalence From The Jewish Leadership (New Matilda, August 14, 2017);
• Among the mountains of dross in the state/corporate media re ‘antifa’, this article by Mark Bray stands out as one of the most useful: Who are the antifa?, The Washington Post, August 16, 2017;
• Some local nazis have jumped on board the hatewagon in opposition to same-sex marriage (Neo-Nazis Are On The Frontline Of The Campaign Against Marriage Equality, Osman Faruqi, Junkee, August 22, 2017). Note that, according to the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, the nazi-produced and distributed ‘Stop the Fags’ posters are a legitimate part of the public debate on the question of marriage reform (#TrueStory);
• I’ve read but not finished reviewing Angela Nagle’s Kill All Normies (Zer0 Books, 2017) but following Charlottesville, Nagle has penned ‘Goodbye, Pepe’ for The Baffler (August 15, 2017), stating that:

But I believe now that Charlottesville marks the end of a significant phase of the alt-right. Their seemingly rapid growth was fueled—or at least bulked up—by an online culture of shared hatred for the cultural left. This collective reflex acquired an ironic, countercultural edge among a growing corps of transgressive shitposters and anti-PC trolls—and was duly amplified by a media infatuation with everything subcultural and extremely-online.

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A few notes on #J25Antifa …

To mark ‘International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners’ (J25Antifa) I wrote a thing for overland which you can read here.

For more infos on J25Antifa, please see the NYC ANTIFA blog.

This coming Saturday @ The Coronation Hotel in Ipswich, QLD there’s a Riffs Against Racism gig. Get along to it if you can [Facebook event page].

See also : International Anti-Fascist Defense Fund /// Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association.

* This post is dedicated to the memory of murdered anti-fascists Alexander Ryukhin (April 2006, Russia); Alexei Krylov (March 2008, Russia); Anastasia Baburova (January 2009, Russia); Carlos Palomino (November 2007, Spain); Clément Méric (June 2013, France); Davide ‘Dax’ Cesare (March 2003, Italy); Fyodor Filatov (October 2008, Russia); Ian Kucira (January 2007, Czech Republic); Ilya Bondarenko (July 2007, Russia); Ilya Dzhaparidze (June 2009, Russia); Ivan Khutorskoi (November 2009, Russia); Jimi Karttunen (September 2016, Finland); Pavlos Fyssas (September 2013, Greece); Stanislav Markelov (January 2009, Russia); Timur Kacharava (November 2005, Russia) and to all the other fighters, known and unknown, who’ve left us.

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Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair 2017 : Saturday, August 12

Just a quick note to let folks know that the seventh annual Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair is on again in three weeks.

WHEN : 10am–6pm, Saturday, August 12
WHERE : Brunswick Town Hall (233 Sydney Road, Brunswick)
COST : Free

The Bookfair sees thousands of people every year enjoying 40+ vendors sharing, selling and giving away zines, pamphlets, books, clothing, badges and all kinds of knowledge and information, and to partake in more than a dozen workshops and plenaries on anarchism, indigenous sovereignty, land rights and colonialism, sexism and gender, feminism, justice, sexual assault, workplace struggles, community spaces, environmental action and much more. Every year build on the ideas and networking, and welcome a broader audience and participation.

For more details, please see the MABF website, Facebook event page and Twitter account (#MABF2017). See also : Melbourne Anarchist Bookfair 2016 : Sunday, August 14 @ Brunswick Town Hall.

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Rowan Dean, The Spectator, & anti-Semitism

Oh noes!

For reasons which remain unclear, Rowan Dean — world-renowned satirist, former ad-man, and current editor of The Spectator (Down Under) — has pulled two articles by Some Guy called ‘Moses Apostaticus’.

The decision to pull the articles — ‘The Democratic Socialist People’s Republic of Australia’ (July 6, 2017) and ‘How cultural Marxism created the Alt-Right’ (July 12, 2017) — happened just a day or so after Jeff Sparrow published ‘Dr Goebbels’ mastheads’: on antisemitism and News Corp (Overland, July 13, 2017), and after Richard Cooke drew attention to some of the nazi geek’s other online writings.

While Rowan may be one of the most respected and most creative figures in Australian advertising circles, responsible for helping to sell best-known brands including Nurofen, Mortein, Harpic, Finish and Dettol, he’s also allegedly a keen observer and critic of the ever-merging worlds of PR gimmickry, political dishonesty and manipulative ‘spin’.

Which begs the question: why decide to publish, then unpublish, such a brilliant man as Moses? One with lots of well thought-out, practical ideas, who is ensuring the financial security of The Spectator for years to come?

In any event, maintaining the paper-thin barrier between the usual batshit published by The Spectator & Co, on the one hand, and the unabashedly anti-Semitic and frequently neo-Nazi tripe published by aspiring AltRight bloggers and podcasters, on the other, is no easy feat: mostly, it’s accomplished by way of substituting the national flag for the Nazi one and, say, ‘cultural Marxism’ for ‘Jewish conspiracy’. Providing these basic rules are followed, it’s perfectly acceptable for anti-Semitic cranks to find a corner of the reactionary press in which to appear, and with a *nudge nudge, wink wink* to their audience, communicate precisely what they think. Indeed, play your cards right, and the national broadcaster will grant you an hour of prime time in which to promote yourself (albeit on delay).

As for Moses, you can continue to enjoy his writings on millionaire blabbermouth Tucker Carlson’s The Daily Caller website, and look forward in anticipation to the completion of his PhD thesis. You can also listen to him yap on ‘The Dingoes’ podcast, along with his XYZ kameraden Ryan Fletcher and Adam Piggott, MP George Christensen, former MP Mark Latham, racist Canuckistanian (and former academic) Drew Fraser and Greg Johnson of publisher Counter-Currents. Gregory Lauder-Frost of the Traditional Britain Group has also been a guest of The Dingoes, and his ‘exposure’ as a ‘Tory fringe group leader with Nazi sympathies’ rather closely resembles the comic habit of local Tories accidentally-stumbling-into-fascist-meetings, most recently when MP Craig Kelly wished a ‘Happy Birthday!’ (on behalf of former PM Tony Abbott) to the pro-Nazi Ustaše government of the 1940s.

Presumably, Rowan Dean is unlikely to publish a piece celebrating the destruction of ‘cultural Marxism’ at Jasenovac, but if he did, I wouldn’t be surprised if the facts of its removal — like so much else — simply disappeared down The Memory Hole.

See also : Ctrl-Alt-Delete: The origins and ideology of the Alternative Right, Matthew N. Lyons, PRA, January 20, 2017.

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Dr Tim Anderson has some funny friends

[I stumbledupon this vid again the other day, courtesy of the scallywags of Anti Fascist Action Sydney (see : With Friends Like These… Tim Anderson & NSW’s Fascists, May 2, 2017), so I thought I may well as chuck it up here along with a few additional comments of my own.]

While it’s true that politics makes for odd bedfellows, it’s an unedifying spectacle to witness an ostensible leftist address a gathering of the extreme-right, in this instance University of Sydney academic Tim Anderson addressing the Leura Forum in November last year. In front of a banner reading ‘One People. One Destiny. One Flag.’, the brief vid below (the full vid is avail online elsewhere) begins with a very subtle dis of The Gay Mafia and a prayer for God Emperor Trump by the MC (dentist Dr Jim Sternhell), followed by a few words from Tim, interspersed with complaints about Jews from an audience member, Ross May.

Apart from anything else, the presence of geriatric neo-Nazi Ross ‘The Skull’ May in the front row of Tim’s audience brings to mind another academic from Sydney, Peter McGregor (1947–2008). An anarchist and a political activist in addition to being an academic, McGregor participated in numerous campaigns, groups and projects during his too-short life. This included participating in the campaign to free one Tim Anderson from jail after he was framed for the Hilton bombing (1978).

Peter’s activities, especially in the name of anti-racism, naturally antagonised fascists and the far right. Hence: ‘The Australian Nazi Party, ideologically aligned with apartheid, organised a brutal and cowardly assault on McGregor in 1971 which I witnessed. Its propagator, one Ross Lesley May (aka “The Skull”), subsequently served time; but the police more often than not acquiesced in Nazi violence and that of fellow racists and the more fanatical rugby fans, who were often inseparable.’

Note that the speaker who followed Tim, Dr Jim Saleam, was also a member of the Australian Nazi Party at this time, while the speaker who preceded him, Keith Windschuttle, has also had some interesting things to say about genocide, and history.

The situation is ironic, perhaps, but hardly a fitting tribute.

The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.

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Last weekend, a small group of neo-Nazi geeks, White supremacist nerds, and extreme-right yoof met-up in Sydney to talk shop. Called ‘DingoCon’ and organised under the auspices of #DingoTwitter, the only person to have publicly confessed to having paid their $88 (fnarr fnarr) entrance fee is Melbourne-based neo-Nazi Blair Cottrell, the putative leader of the now defunct Facebook page ‘United Patriots Front’ (UPF). One person who definitely did not attend — and whose presence would apparently have been unwelcome — was Dr Jim Saleam of the Australia First Party: Everyone Wants To Be Fuehrer, but it would seem that the nü gen of Fashy Goys are keen to keep some distance from the fascists in cardigans.

Above : George Christensen poses with Kane Miller, lvl boss of the ‘True Blue Crew’.

The Dingoes

While Buzzfeed buzzed about The Dingoes back in October, to date the most publicity The Dingoes mob has received has likely come courtesy of Federal MP George Christensen, who was a guest on their podcast in February. A few months later — after having made the Columbus-like discovery that he’d been chatting to neo-Nazi yoof — Christensen declared that he’d stumbled onto the podcast entirely by mistake, was really sorry about the whole thing, and vowed to stop US neo-Nazi Mike Peinovich from coming to Australia in order to address the conference his erstwhile kameraden had organised for July. (Christensen’s sudden rise and very slow fall from Dingo grace is most-usefully examined by Richard Cooke in the July, 2017 edition of The Monthly.)*

Christensen’s decision to consort with anti-Semites angered some at the time, and Jenna Price may be correct to claim that ‘[o]nly Buzzfeed’s Mark di Stefano thought it wasn’t the best use of a politician’s time’, but as Jason Wilson wrote in February, Christensen is not the only political figure to have embraced The Dingoes:

Last week, for the second time, former Labor leader Mark Latham appeared on The Convict Report, aka The Dingoes, an Australian “alt-right” podcast. It’s part of the network of podcasts hosted by The Right Stuff, a major international far right hub. That’s the same website whose major players have been recently doxxed by the left, and whose unmasking as promoters of fascist ideology has, in some cases, brought suitably ruinous consequences.

After taking note of the fact that both Christensen and former Liberal turned Conservative Federal MP Bernardi were to be guests of The Q Society function in Melbourne in February (LOL), Wilson further writes that:

Bernardi also has other, perhaps even stranger connections. In particular, he has a long relationship with a group called the Sydney Traditionalist Forum. They describe themselves as “the first explicitly paleoconservative-leaning association in Australia”, and “the only local group that embraces the political currents of contemporary dissident reaction”. Their purpose is to provide “a forum where ideas once understood to be common sense can be exchanged, debated and discussed, unfettered and ungagged by modern liberal thought-control”.

The Sydney Traditionalists, as it happens, are also comrades of The Dingoes; which fact — together with their rejection of Dr Saleam — has apparently irked the authors of the United Nationalists of Australia (UNA) blog.

The Dingoes, Klub Naziya, Sydney Traditionalists, Liberals, United Nationalists and Australia First Party

Functioning largely as a forum for (Jewish?!) neo-Nazi and AFP member Nathan Sykes, but also occasionally featuring the musings of former UPF leader turned AFP member Chris Shortis, the UNA blog replaced the similarly batshit ‘Whitelaw Towers’, and frequently takes potshots at the various enemies and rivals of Saleam and the AFP. In keeping with this role, the blog has recently published an account of DingoCon and the nefarious forces allegedly pulling its strings.

According to UNA (‘DINGOES CONNED?’, July 6, 2017), Liberal and Leo Strauss aficionado David McBryde is ‘the man behind the curtain of DingoCon’. The logic governing the proposal is fairly convoluted but whatever its sketchy merits, it does reveal something of the fractious nature of the extreme-right in Sydney. Thus, in another post on the UNA blog authored by Saleam, McBryde is nominated as being one of a number of individuals — along with Steven Moore, Mark Pavic, Jason Rafty and Andrew Wilson — comprising the shadowy Klub Nation (AKA Klub Naziya), a bizarre group which, inter alia, organised meetings at Humanist House in Chippendale in the period 2005–2009 before staging an unsuccessful attempt to seize control of the group which owns it, the Humanist Society of NSW. KN is also alleged to have been involved in some dingbat investment scheme — the purchase of gold and silver — in which several investors allegedly lost some small sums of money. (For more on KN and Humanist House, see : Fascist infiltration of the ‘Humanist Society of New South Wales’ (Inc.), November 25, 2009.)

Above : Andrew Wilson with fellow members of (defunct) neo-Nazi skinhead gang Volksfront.

According to another source, Andrew Wilson is in fact one of the regular hosts of The Convict Report, where he podcasts under the name of ‘Aussie Tory’; certainly, Wilson once put the yoof in the Patriotik Yoof League (PYL) — the ill-fated attempt by Saleam’s Australia First Party to develop a yoof wing in the early noughties — and was one of the volk in the similarly short-lived neo-Nazi grouplet Volksfront. Since then, after various twists and turns, the PYL has been replaced by the imaginatively titled ‘Eureka Youth League’, AKA Canberra boy Matthew Grant. (You may remember Grant from such rallies as the UPF anti-Muslim rally in Bendigo in October, 2015.)

Other individuals nominated as being in some way complicit in McBryde’s plotting to undo the (White) nationalist content of The Dingoes and to bring its handful of followers (back) into the Liberal fold are: Sydney Traditionalist, DingoCon organiser, aspiring academic and self-described ‘paleo-conservative’ Luke Torrisi; fellow Traditionalist, sometime Humanist and USYD activist Morgan Qasabian and finally; Clifford Jennings, described by Saleam as an ‘Alt-Right leader and the organizer of Dingo activity’ and a former Liberal: also an aspiring USYD student politician, and organiser of a ‘Pro-Trump Counter Protest’ in Sydney in January (‘Communists, Marxists, Globalists and Cucks are going to be protesting against the inauguration of the God Emperor Trump to the Presidency of the United States of America, please join me in a very merry counter protest. Please invite those who are truly pro-Trump.’).

In summary, it’s not without reason that Jason Wilson wrote that ‘The Dingoes attempt to produce the same edgy fare as The Right Stuff flagships like The Daily Shoah, but they sound a little too much like chinless Young Liberal nerds to bring any real menace’. Beyond that, while much media reportage on the ‘AltRight’ has been obsessed with the bells and whistles (haircuts and memes) attached to it, as a general rule it’s just the old anti-Semitic and fascist whine in new bottles.

See also : Are These Two Jewish Dudes The Aussie Voice Of The Alt-Right?, Leon Gettler, Forward, April 5, 2017 | The Dingoes claim to be ‘growing’ part of Australian alternative-right political scene, Victoria Craw,, December 5, 2016 | Big Nazi on Campus: How Well Dressed Racists Are Coming to a College Near You, It’s Going Down, May 15, 2016 | Dialectic of Counter-Enlightenment: The Frankfurt School as Scapegoat of the Lunatic Fringe, March 9, 2012.


* Conservative MPs accidentally-stumbling-into-fascist-and-anti-Semitic-groups has a long, colourful, and generally comedic history Down Under. STRAYA has also often been a safe space for Nazi war criminals, some few recruited by the intelligence agencies to better battle Communism while others, most notoriously Slovenian Nazi propagandist Ljenko Urbančič (1922–2006), pursuing careers within the Conservative parties themselves. Urbančič, who joined the NSW Liberal Party and exercised considerable influence upon it during the 1960s and 1970s via the ‘Uglies’ faction, also enjoyed Australian hospitality by organising campaigns in support of apartheid, White rule in Rhodesia, and against the influence of liberals within the Liberals. The political legacy of the ‘Little Goebbels’ of Ljubljana continues to be exercised and/or exorcised via his #BFF and NSW state MP David Clarke and Clarke’s former acolyte, federal MP Alex Hawke. For more infos on STRAYA as a safe space for Nazis and war criminals, see : Mark Aarons, War Criminals Welcome (Black Inc., 2001).

Sadly, Mike Peinovich (‘Mike Enoch’) did not attend DingoCon, instead electing to goto the Scandza Forum in Oslo, Norway on July 1. Erik Olson (Searchlight) writes: ‘Recently a small “volkisch” far-right group called Scandza Forum started making its presence felt publicly with calls for more international activity. Some minor events took place and then we learned from our inside sources that a major event was to take place in Oslo on 1 July 2017 under the Scandza banner heavily supported by Greg Johnson’s Counter-Currents.’ Note that Johnson was a guest of The Dingoes in September last year.

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antifa notes (july 4, 2017) : international solidarity, anti-antifa +++

3rd Annual International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners on July 25, 2017

July 25, 2017 is the third ‘International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners’. NYC Antifa:

As the third annual July 25th International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners approaches, we find ourselves fighting the hydra of fascism and far-right ideology. While its many heads have distinct looks in different parts of the world, this beast spews the same venomous poison of nationalism and bigotry everywhere. It demonizes refugees and immigrants, stokes hatred for Muslims, and attacks LGBTQ and other oppressed groups who are fighting for liberation and their very lives.

The July 25 International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners originated in 2014 as the Day of Solidarity with Jock Palfreeman, an Australian man serving a 20-year sentence in Bulgaria for defending two Romani men being attacked by fascist football hooligans. Whether acting as individuals or as part of larger organized demonstrations, this is the kind of bravery and solidarity which defines antifascist actions against the forces of hate. Since the day of solidarity last year, we have seen this spirit all over the world—in Indonesia, Czech Republic, Brazil, Poland, England, Greece, the United States, France, Syria, Australia, Japan and all points in between.

Read more in English here; you can read translations of the call out im Deutschen, ελληνικά, français, Bahasa Indonesia and other languages here.

The Antifascists (documentary film)

The Antifascists is a new Swedish/Greek documentary ‘that takes us behind the masks of the militant groups called antifascists’.

It will hopefully be screening in Australia later in the year.

The Anti-Antifascists (lol)

Or: Bring all the crew mate it’s gonna be YUGE. Possibly the biggest Sydney has seen for this type of protest march.

On Saturday, July 1, Nick Folkes and the ‘Party for Freedom’ held a small rally in Newtown in order to whinge about ‘anti-fascists’. About 20-30 or so individuals attended the event, which consisted of marching the brief distance from Newtown railway station (chanting the usual inanities), then gathering outside Sergio Redegalli’s former studio (for more chanting), then standing around for an hour as puzzled locals went about their business. Peter Grace:

Apart from All The Usual Suspects, among those who bothered to rock up was Mark McDonald, the former leader of the short-lived neo-Nazi groupuscule ‘Squadron 88’. His presence was more welcome on Saturday than it was in July 2015, when he and geriatric bonehead Ross ‘The Skull’ May were kicked off the ‘patriot’ bus from Sydney to Melbourne for being ‘Nazis’. Among those who turned on the pair was Shermon ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’ Burgess who, since being kicked off Facebook, has now embraced, inter alia, Adolf Hitler and Flat Earthism. Still, the neo-Nazi pinhead was also presumably heartened by the PFF’s recent adoption of the ‘White GeNOcide’ meme, ably embodied by Folkes’ own marriage to an Asian woman (with whom he apparently has children) and the mixed-up confusion that is his young sidekick Toby Cook (below), whose commitment to White nationalism is unimpeded by his own non-European ancestry.

They’re a wEiRd mob!

*Oh yeah: neo-Nazis, White supremacists and AltRight geeks (‘Dingo Con’) also held a gathering in Sydney on the weekend to talk shite. Local neo-Nazi Blair Cottrell attended but Yanqui neo-Nazi Mike Peinovich did not. Note that former Labor leader Mark Latham is a YUGE fan of the neo-Nazi dogs. See also : Mark Latham is working with Rebel Media. Can he also work at the Daily Telegraph?, Jason Wilson, The Guardian, June 14, 2017.

Antifa … Not-Antifa

As noted previously, over the course of 2017 a number of fake ‘antifa’ social media accounts have emerged. Useful for conning the uninitiated, ignorant and naive, they’re also xclnt for spoonfeeding journalists drivel (cf. Andrew Bolt @ News and Michael Koziol @ Fairfax). In the United States, sadly, the fakery has resulted in one racist meathead shooting himself in the leg! Fake Event Mobilizes far-Right at Gettysburg; Militia Member Shoots Himself in Leg, It’s Going Down, July 1, 2017:

In the last two weeks, Alt-Right trolls have attempted to replay the events in Houston, Texas in June, where using over the top threats from fake antifa groups on social media, they galvanized a ‘counter-protest’ from the militia movement.

Moreover, it turned out that the people behind the trolling where also raking in thousands of dollars off of crowdfunding for the ‘counter-demonstration’ which drew several hundred and led to infighting between militia members and neo-Nazis. Seems like the Right has a business plan! Make a fake antifa group, make over the top threats, and then crowd fund money off of people that want to protest it.

This time around, trolls using the page ‘Harrisburg Antifa’ alleged that antifascists would burn flags and urinate on the graves of Confederate soldiers. These outright lies were then picked up by the ‘journalists’ at Fox News and distributed as actual truth. This connection between Alt-Right trolls and Fox News is not new; just last week Fox reprinted an article written by a member of the Alt-Right who wrote a hit piece about IGD at

Interestingly enough however, in the lead up to the protest, Navy Jack, a mover and shaker within the far-Right Oath Keeper militia, called out the event as total make-believe in a tweet (see image on the top-right), which has since been deleted. Navy Jack also included the photos of the two people he believed were behind the fake event and called it #FakeNews.

Other members of the far-Right, such as Joe Biggs, who recently left InfoWars because of the #Pizzagate conspiracy, have stated publicly that the rise of such fake antifa accounts have hurt the far-Right who continues to take them seriously.


See also : He came to rally against a non-existent protest. Then he shot himself in the leg., Greg Hadley, The Sacramento Bee, July 2, 2017 | Antifa calls Gettysburg protest rumors ‘a complete fabrication’, Dustin B Levy, USA Today, June 30, 2017.

Vigilantes R Us

In Melbourne on the weekend a dozen or so members of private security company Asolate Security, in conjunction with various self-described ‘patriots’ from the Soldiers of Odin and a handful of other groupuscules, conducted brief forays into Southbank, apparently in order to stop African yoof from stealing Moomba showbags. Or something. The meatheads are active online as ‘A26A’.

See also : We must draw attention to the far right. Not to do so is a dangerous concession, Jason Wilson, The Guardian, June 29, 2017.

BONUS! Moscow Death Brigade!

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Australian Pride /// Flagwit Rally, June 25, 2017 : Recap

Above : A choice poster from the Carlton Gardens.

The Melton-based grouplet True Blue Crew (TBC) organised an ‘Australian Pride’ rally in Melbourne today; the Campaign Against Racism & Fascism in conjunction with No Room For Racism organised a counter-rally to oppose it.

In brief:

About 100 or so fascists (possibly fewer, and mostly familiar faces), assembled in Carlton Gardens at approximately 11am, near the corner of Victoria & Rathdowne streets, as did a larger counter-protest nearby (and closer to the intersection). Several hundred police were also present, separating the two groups and otherwise maintaining a presence in the Gardens. After half-an hour or so of milling about and shouting, the fascists made their way to the Gardens near the corner of Victoria & Nicholson streets. With several hundred police reinforcements, they then marched up Nicholson onto Spring street before assembling in front of the Parliament — the counter-rally tried to follow but was blocked by police and forced to approach Parliament up Bourke street, before again being blocked by a police line at the corner of Bourke & Spring streets.

For maybe 30 minutes or so the fascists chanted, sang an awful rendition of the STRAYAN anthem (stopping after the first verse — lol), while also being treated to some speechifying by United Patriots Front (UPF) fuehrer Blair ‘A picture of Adolf Hitler in every Australian classroom!’ Cottrell and his sidekick, Li’l Tommy Sewell. (On a brighter note, the patriotik dregs were also treated to ‘77%’ by The Herd, which was blasting from the counter-rally.) The fascists were then marched by police back the way they came, up Nicholson street and to the Gardens, at which point they dispersed. The counter-rally was blocked by police from returning to the Gardens and at some point police used pepper spray (near the corner of Russell & Lonsdale streets), which affected maybe 10 or more individuals.

Spotted at the fascist rally were members of TBC and UPF, obviously, Soldiers of Odin, and a handful of members of neo-Nazi grouplet Right Wing Resistance Australia. (Most who sported merch were wearing TBC gear, although a handful had UPF.) Notable for their absence was the Kekistani Army, with just one yoof sporting the flag. Finally, rather than retire to The Pumphouse as on previous occasions, a small group of fascists was escorted by police to Fed Square, where they were welcomed by Transport Bar.


Congratulations to police (I guess) on facilitating a fascist rally and march through Melbourne (and for pepper-spraying opponents — for medical advice, please see Black Cross Resilience); the size of the fascist crowd was approximately the same as it was 12 months ago, if not slightly smaller, with those present forming the core of extreme-right opinion in Melbourne. They were vocal, and cobbled together from every tinpot group in town and from further afield (principally Bendigo). Despite some frothing-at-the-mouth commentary by some TBC loons, there were no clashes between the two sides as far as I’m aware, with police being delegated the task of protecting the rally and march — which, with overwhelming force, they achieved. Finally, any possibility of halting a fascist march in future will likely depend on there being (many) more counter-protesters — a possibility, but one requiring a good deal of work.

In any case, mAd props to every one who came out today to oppose the flagwits!

See also : Knife, knuckleduster confiscated as right-wing, anti-racism protesters clash in city, Alexandra Laskie, The Age, June 25, 2017 | ‘Australian Pride’ protesters face anti-racism protesters in Melbourne, SBS (AAP), June 25, 2017. Note that police had declared the CBD a designated area between the hours of 8am and 8pm today, giving them carte blanche to conduct searches.

Above : As noted, a handful of members of neo-Nazi groupuscule ‘Right Wing Resistance Australia’ were present. From L to R : Cleve Pepprell (?); ‘Sammy Chelsea’; James Lawrence; unknown. Note that one member of RWRAU, Ricky White, was arrested in September last year and charged with the arson of a church in Taree: I’ve no idea what’s become of his case. Finally, note that most neo-Nazis have too many smarts to wear their swastikas in public and for today’s performance the Nazi flag was replaced by the Australian.


At around 3.30–4pm today, a small group of TBC gronks, including their lvl boss Kane Miller, attended The Curtin Hotel opposite Victorian Trades Hall Council.

Upon entering the premises they proceeded to the bar, but were denied service, and left. As they did so the boys shouted something about ‘slanty-eyed c*nts’, and otherwise entertained pub-goers and passersby with abuse (‘f*cking dirty lefties’ etc., etc., etc.).

Props to the staff at The Curtin for showing the boys the door.

Otherwise, while they remain a very small group of racist meatheads, the fact that the TBC receives the nurturance and support of VicPol means incidents like this will become more likely … and the situation end in tears.

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The SUWA Show : June 2017 edition w jews against fascism

This month’s episode of ‘Floating Anarchy’ on The SUWA Show features an interview with Max Kaiser of local trouble-makers ‘Jews against fascism’. 5.30–6.30pm, Friday, June 23, 2017 on 3CR: 855AM or livestreaming on the 3CR website.

You can read more about Jews against fascism on their Facebook page; Max K’s podcast is called Mazel Tov Cocktail and you can listen to it here. For Max’s academic writings, see

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Australian Pride March / Flagwit Rally, Melbourne : June 25, 2017

Update (June 25, 2017) : See : Australian Pride /// Flagwit Rally, June 25, 2017 : Recap.

Next Sunday, June 25, Phillip Galea’s favourite patriotik gang the True Blue Crew (TBC) have organised a flagwit rally in Melbourne. (Note: that’s Phill at last year’s flagwit rally above.)

In response, the Campaign Against Racism & Fascism and No Room For Racism have organised a counter-rally.

So why are the TBC rallying?

According to the somewhat incoherent blurb which accompanies the Facebook event page, the flagwit rally in June last year was much victory, very success, so they wanna make it an annual affair. In terms of political content, the TBC claim that Australian nationalism and culture is under attack by leftists and other ‘traitors’, who must be crushed. As evidence of treasonous behaviour, they cite the the traitorous left’s desire to: ‘destroy’ Australia Day and ANZAC Day; increase immigration and allow refugees into the country; close the offshore concentration camps for asylum seekers and; enact the Safe Schools program. The chief problems facing Australia, according to the TBC, are the existence of African crime gangs and the threat of Muslim terrorism. Worse, both these subjects are — despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary — unable to be discussed in public because of ‘political correctness’.

To put it another way: the TBC flagwit rally is basically a particularly angwy Andrew Bolt blogpost come to life.

At this stage, it’s unclear if the fundamentalist Christian political party ‘Rise Up Australia’ will be attending (as they did last year), but presumably whatever remains of the United Patriots Front will attend, as will the Soldiers Of Odin, and numerous other little far right groupuscules, as well of course as a busload of TBC boys from Bendigo and Melton, and maybe even members of the Asolate Security Group, who knows?

PS. The Pumphouse Hotel (128 Nicholson St, Fitzroy) is likely to be the watering hole of choice for the dingbats after they’ve finished all their whinging and whining, thus maintaining the pub’s status as a fascist-friendly venue: boo!.

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