The Q Society @ Victoria University : February 10, 2017

Update (February 14 2017) :

1) Kirralie Smith got a bit angwy:

2) Otherwise:

• On Monday the media pimps eventually reported the fact that Victoria University did indeed host The Q Society. See : Victoria University under fire for hosting Q Society fundraiser, Benjamin Millar, Star Weekly, February 13, 2017 | Q Society meeting: Victoria University apologises for ‘inadvertently’ hosting controversial group, Ben Knight, ABC, February 13, 2017 | Cory Bernardi and George Christensen’s Q Society event stirs anger at Victoria University, Tom McIlroy, The Sydney Morning Herald, February 13, 2017. Note that the SMH report incorrectly states that the ‘Q Society event attracted more than 100 anti-racism protesters outside Victoria University’s city convention centre’; the protest was actually in St Kilda (see below).

• Overland has published an open letter in which ‘We demand an apology from Victoria University’.

• The event attracted a glittering array of stars, from too-cray-cray-even-for-the-IPA Alan Moran to trollumnist for The Australian Jennifer Oriel to Kane ‘Smash cunts!’ Miller (below), putative leader of the now largely-defunct gang the ‘True Blue Crew’. See : How Reclaim Australia hid a ‘terrorist’, Martin McKenzie-Murray, The Saturday Paper, August 16, 2016.

Update (February 12, 2017) :

1) After being the subject of numerous complaints, VIC Uni has finally copped to having hosted The Q Society on Friday. It will be interesting to see what the response is from this point …

2) The Campaign Against Racism & Fascism (CARF) has published an open letter to Victoria University, republished below, detailing its concerns over VU’s decision to grant The Q Society use of its facilities to host the fund-raising dinner, and is urging concerned staff and students to add their names to it.



CARF urges both VU staff and other university students to sign onto the letter below. If you would like to – please Private Message the campaign group and we can organise to have your name added to the letter.

Melbourne, February 11, 2017

“Victory” not for VU students but far-right hate group Q Society

To Vice Chancellor Peter Dawkins and the Victoria University Council

It is with alarm and disappointment that we protest Victoria University’s decision to provide a platform to the far right anti Islam organisation Q Society.

On Friday February 10, the Q Society, hosted a fundraising dinner at Victoria University‘s city convention centre in Melbourne. The event, deceptively titled “defend freedom of speech”, was to raise funds for legal fees related to a defamation law suit by Mohamed El-Mouelhy, a Halal certifier. The Q Society is well known for associating Islam with terrorism and lobbying parliament to ban Halal certification.

In 2014 the Q Society toured far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who advocates a total ban on Muslim migration. At the Q Society fundraising dinner held in Sydney on Thursday night, Larry Pickering, cartoonist and VIP guest said “Let’s be honest, I can’t stand Muslims.” Cory Bernardi, former Liberal Party senator, was a key note speaker at Friday night’s event in Melbourne. Bernardi has been a vocal opponent of Islam, opposes reproductive freedom for women and has linked same sex marriage to bestiality.

Victoria University has a very diverse student and staff population whose human rights and freedom to go about their daily lives are threatened by the repressive and reprehensible ideas of the Q Society.

Providing a venue for the Q Society contradicts the university’s vision of being “…open and excellent, creating exceptional value for any student from any background and uplifting the communities in which we operate.”

It also threatens Victoria University Safer Community strategy which is designed to foster an inclusive and safe environment for staff, students and the broader community.

Hosting the Q Society contravenes the University’s policy that clearly states that facilities will NOT be made available for:

a. Unlawful activities or activities that may be a breach of University policies.

b. Activities that are in conflict with or deemed incompatible with the University’s values or strategic direction.

We demand the university issue an apology and donate any money received from the Q Society or any affiliated institution to the Islamic Society of Victoria University or other related student and/or staff bodies.


On Friday, February 10, 2017, Victoria University’s City Convention Centre played host to a fund-raising dinner, dubbed ‘Defending Freedom of Speech’, organised by The Q Society. According to reports, around 150 people attended the event, paying $150 each for the privilege. The event was intended to raise money to help Kirralie Smith of ‘Halal Choices’ and the Australian Liberty Alliance fight a defamation action brought against her by Mohamed El-Mouelhy of the Halal Certification Authority. The Society is reportedly hoping to raise $1 million to fund the defence — a gofundme campaign has to date raised over $75,000.

Speakers lending their support to the cause on this occasion were LNP MP George Christensen, former Tory now doublelplusConservative MP Cory Bernardi and Christian theologian Mark Durie. Christensen is a supporter of Reclaim Australia while in 2015 Bernardi spearheaded a rather farcical inquiry into food certification (see : Cory Bernardi’s anti-halal crusade unleashes torrent of hate, Adam Gartrell, The Sydney Morning Herald, June 20, 2015; Cory Bernardi And The Little Halal Truther Campaign That Couldn’t, Michael Brull, New Matilda, December 3, 2015).

The decision by VU to host The Q Society is a questionable one, not least because some of its staff have identified the risks associated with granting legitimacy to the far-right, and in particular to fringe discourses propounded by the likes of Q. Indeed, the article below explicitly identifies Reclaim Australia, the Australian Liberty Alliance and United Patriots Front as fringe actors whose ‘radical’ messages have received direct and indirect support from more ‘mainstream’ sources; a category which now includes their employer:

Anti-Muslim agenda drags discourse to political right
Mario Peucker and Debra Smith
June 16, 2016

Fringe parties that spread racist or anti-Muslim propaganda are subtly shifting public discourse to the political right in the lead up to the federal election, say two Victoria University researchers.

Dr Mario Peucker and Dr Debra Smith say the process of ‘mainstreaming’ the far-right agenda is reaching new dimensions as a growing number of local and national politicians, directly or indirectly endorse the messages of groups such as Reclaim Australia, the Australian Liberty Alliance or even the United Patriot[s] Front.

“Most people disregard these groups as extremists who represent only a small and electorally marginal minority of Australians, but their radical messages are not as disconnected from some mainstream politicians and opinion leaders as we’d like to think,” says Dr Peucker.

He says the process of shifting discourse and moving social norms to the political right is most palpable in the public discourse around the place of Islam and Muslims in Australia.

Dr Peucker points to a recent Senate inquiry set up to investigate links between halal food certification as a conduit for funding terrorism.

Although the link was completely unfounded by the inquiry, Dr Peucker says it remains part of the “Islamaphobia tool kit” used not only by unelected extremist groups but also by elected politicians such as Cory Bernardi and Jacqui Lambi[e].

Recent conflicts about mosque-building in Bendigo and Narre Warren that involved local councillors taking up the cause of anti-Islam movements reflect a logic, according to the researchers, that Islam has an inherent problem that needs fixing to fit into Australia’s liberal society.

A very similar message was sent by former Prime Minister Tony Abbott when he called for “a Reformation, an Enlightenment” within Islam.

Fringe groups can gain a certain degree of legitimacy through these public statements of leading politicians, and by protesting in support of government policies such as off-shore detention centres, as evidenced by recent protests in Coburg, Dr Peucker points out.

“A dangerously self-reinforcing circle allows electorally marginal movements into a space from where their agenda around equality, multiculturalism and religious freedom doesn’t look so extreme anymore.”

As it happens, the dinner didn’t go very smoothly for the Society …

While the venue for the event was kept secret — or at least, the Society did its best to ensure this was the case — a number of attendees, around 40, were instructed to meet at St Kilda Marina at 5.30pm in order to catch a bus to the Convention Centre. As a result of obtaining this information, which was relayed to the public by the Campaign Against Racism & Fascism, a group of around 100 or so anti-racists assembled at the rendezvous point to protest Q. As the bus was elsewhere, the group marched the brief distance to where it was parked, on Marine Parade, a hundred or so metres away from the Marina entrance. The bus, chartered by Bayside Coaches, was then surrounded, and effectively prevented from leaving at its scheduled departure time (6pm).

In the end, the bus was delayed from leaving St Kilda for an hour, before being allowed to go on its way at 7pm: kick-off time for the fund-raiser. There was some minor argy-bargy when a handful of younger patrons tried and failed to make their way onto the bus, but the picket was otherwise uneventful, with many passing motorists expressing support for the action.

St Kilda is indeed a long way from Mackay.

See : Anti-Islam group Q Society dinner disrupted by protesters in Melbourne, ABC, February 10, 2017; Protesters obstruct people going to anti-Islam event attended by Bernardi, Christensen, SBS (AAP), February 10, 2017; Anti-racism protesters clash with far-right Q Society supporters at St Kilda Marina, Marika Dobbin Thomas, Bianca Hall, The Age, February 10, 2017.

The Q Society dinner in Melbourne on Friday was preceded by another in Sydney on Thursday night, at which the very special guest speakers included cartoonist Larry Pickering and former Tory MP Ross Cameron, now the host of a batshit show on Uncle Rupert’s Sky. Hosted by North Ryde RSL, The Sydney Morning Herald published an account of the speechifying which made a lot of people angry, as well as mildly embarrassed some of Cameron’s colleagues at Sky. Larry Pickering’s hilarious quip that, while he hatesss the nasssty Muslims, ‘They are not all bad, they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings’, both badly-tarnished the respectable face that Q hopes to present to the world but also brought to mind Australia’s history of murderous homophobia.

See : Inside the far-right Q Society’s explosive dinner, where Muslims are fair game, Jacqueline Maley, February 10, 2017; Ross Cameron defends claim New South Wales Liberal party is ‘basically a gay club’, Chistopher Knaus, The Guardian, February 10, 2017; Transcript: Ross Cameron’s full remarks at controversial Q Society dinner, Georgina Mitchell, The Sydney Morning Herald, February 10, 2017.

Bonus Latham!

In The Guardian, Jason Wilson writes (Australians are worried about Trump. But there’s a lot to be worried about at home, February 10, 2017):

Last week, for the second time, former Labor leader Mark Latham appeared on The Convict Report, aka The Dingoes, an Australian “alt-right” podcast. It’s part of the network of podcasts hosted by The Right Stuff, a major international far right hub. That’s the same website whose major players have been recently doxxed by the left, and whose unmasking as promoters of fascist ideology has, in some cases brought suitably ruinous consequences.

In previous episodes, the pseudonymous hosts of the show have aligned themselves with Richard Spencer and other alt-right figures.

The Dingoes attempt to produce the same edgy fare as The Right Stuff flagships like The Daily Shoah, but they sound a little too much like chinless Young Liberal nerds to bring any real menace.

It’s significant, though, that Latham is prepared to go on their show more than once. Apparently, a show with previous episode titles like “I never want to see your race again”, which regularly spouts casual antisemitism and undergraduate race theory, and which has open fascist links, is not beyond the pale for a Sky News commentator. Despite the fact that disclaimers were offered about opinions not necessarily aligning, Latham was happy to be there.

As a former Labor leader turned trollumnist, Latham is obviously a bit of a wanker, but appearing on a neo-Nazi podcast suggests that he may have well and truly jumped the shark by this stage. As noted above, a number of podcast hosts on The Right Stuff (TRS) were recently doxed — seemingly in collaboration with some of the site’s critics on the far-right. (See : Meet Mike Enoch &/Or Mike Peinovich : They’ve got ‘The Right Stuff’, January 14, 2017.) Note that TRS obtained its semi-popularity on the AltRight, in part, by its willingness to address The Jewish Question, ie, to Name The Jew as being responsible for All The (Bad) Things. In any case, the revelation that the founder of TRS and host of The Daily Shoah, Mike Peinovich, was married to a Jewish woman caused some turmoil among its audience, with some podcasts — for example, Fash The Nation — being abandoned. (See : Pool Party’s Closed: A Timeline of The Right Stuff’s Meltdown, Eyes on the Right, January 18, 2017.) One neo-Nazi who did come out in defence of Peinovich was Andrew Anglin, founder of the Daily Stormer website. The latest issue of the SPLC’s Intelligence Report contains an essay on Anglin, and names his site as now being ‘the top hate site in America’, having recently eclipsed the veteran Stormfront:

On July 4, 2013, Anglin started what would become his main project, The Daily Stormer. The site took its name from Der Stürmer, an astoundingly vile and pornographic Nazi newspaper started by Julius Streicher and specializing in attacking Jews. Streicher was later hanged for war crimes at Nuremberg.

The new site, created from the ashes of Total Fascism, specialized in punchy, image-heavy stories that often rely heavily on quoted material. It used hyperbolic headlines — “All Intelligent People in History Disliked the Jews,” for instance, or “SS Auschwitz Guard Dies Days Before Scheduled Lynching by Kikes” — to grab readers’ attention, build up participation and shift people’s thinking.

Anglin relied heavily on the daily news, although it was news poisoned by his particular views, to drive his message home. “You make a very simple message, where you hit the same points over and over and over again and you repeat them,” he explained in a podcast on his site last year. “That’s been my style. That’s why I do the news. Because it can be new information all the time while still repeating the same points over and over again. … It’s about creating a gigantic spectacle — a media spectacle, which desensitizes people to these ideas.”

One of those who seems to have been “desensitized” to ideas like genocide and race war was Dylann Storm Roof, the young man who murdered nine black churchgoers in South Carolina in 2015 in a bid to start a race war. Posting under the moniker of AryanBlood1488 (the numbers are references to white supremacist slogans), Roof wrote about black-on-white crime — a central topic on The Daily Stormer and Roof’s self-described motive for mass murder.

See : Eye of the Stormer, February 9, 2017.

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antifa notes (february 8, 2017) : Milo Yiannopoulos, Daddy, STRAYA (AFP, PFF, UPF) … & anTEEfa!


There’s been a significant amount of media coverage in Trumpland about anTEEfa recently, especially regarding the disruption of a speech @ UC Berkeley by AltLite figurehead and professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos. Below are a few relevant articles:

• Eyewitness accounts by participants — Rubber Bullets and MAGA Hats: My Account of #MiloatCal, It’s Going Down, February 3, 2017 & Beating Milo: How Berkeley Defeated the Alt-Right’s Biggest Troll, It’s Going Down, February 7, 2017;
• An interesting account of the uses to which a young AltRight troll put his bloodied face — Amid the Chaos in Berkeley, a Grinning Face, Covered in Blood, Robert Mackey, The Intercept, February 5, 2017;
• Three articles reflecting on the sudden prominence of antifa in the United States — Anti-fascist activists take on Trump and the far right: ‘Resistance is our only shot’, Julia Carrie Wong and Sam Levin, The Guardian, February 3, 2017 (‘For a small but growing band of activists, any public appearance by a member of white-supremacist movement is met with resistance by any means’) & Neo-Nazis Face a New Foe Online and IRL: the Far-Left Antifa, Emma Grey Ellis, Wired, February 4, 2017; Meet Antifa, the Most Reasonable People in America, Malcolm Harris, Pacific Standard, February 7, 2017 (‘As fascists have snuck their jackboot into the curved door of the Oval Office, the radical struggle against them is reaching the mainstream’).

The disruption of Yiannopoulos’ appearance @ Berkeley and the Columbus-like discovery of anTEEfa has caused a whole lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth, not least of all by (Milo’s) Daddy:

In a nod and a wink to his base, Trump has recently made noises about removing white supremacists from the US government shit-list:

The Trump administration’s reported new plan to change a federal program which combats violent “extremism” into a project focused exclusively on “radical Islam” looks like another step toward demonizing Muslims — while adding to concerns that the administration will actively empower open white supremacist groups. Reuters reports that multiple inside sources say the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) grant program will be being renamed either “Countering Islamic Extremism” or “Countering Radical Islamic Extremism.”

See : Trump’s Proposed Change Would Give Green Light to White Supremacist Violence, Spencer Sunshine, Truthout, February 3, 2017. See also : From Quebec to Melbourne, we need to stop ignoring the radicalisation of white men, Celeste Liddle, The Age, February 7, 2017.

Finally, various alleged ‘anti-fascist’ accounts and sites have been springing up recently. In general, be wary of new ‘antifa’ and ‘anarchist’ social media accounts, especially if they simply re-post information 24/7 (as opposed to, say, reporting what is happening in their area or generating original content). On Twitter, look to see if they’re followed back by other respected accounts as well as who actually follows them.


In #STRAYA, the media coverage of the events in Berkeley and protests at Daddy’s inauguration has prompted local fascists to put on their thinking caps, including the bRanes trust @ the United Patriots Front (UPF):

In which context, a few minor points:

• Milo’s performance @ Berkeley was scheduled to take place on February 1; his speech at the University of Washington took place almost two weeks earlier, on January 20. The ‘hero Trump supporter’ who shot the ‘antifa scum’, reportedly a 29yo student and Milo fanboy, was later arrested and released by police. The ‘antifa scum’ who got shot is a 34yo Wobbly.
• Several online petitions have been launched calling upon Daddy to declare ‘ANTIFA’ a ‘terrorist organisation’. One slight problem with this is that ‘ANTIFA’ is not an organisation but a political tendency.
• No ‘antifa’ websites have been hacked. Rather, on February 3, a lapsed domain — antifascism dot org — was squatted by an AltRight guy called Alexander Beck. For teh lulz.
• On February 2, an anonymous shitposting Twitter account — ‘AZ Antifa Front’[email protected] — tweeted @ AltRight writer Cassandra Fairbanks (@CassandraRules): ‘Some of us know u very personally cass, and know just how afraid u can really get. Be careful doll, for ur duaghters sake’. Soon after, the account — which was only a few weeks old — was suspended by Twitter.
• As noted above, a large number of very dubious anTEEfa accounts have sprung up in the last few months. A few actually worth following are @NYCAntifa, @RoseCityAntifa and @TORCHAntifa.
• The image which accompanies the above post by UPF is of uncertain origin but has been circulating for many years. I first viewed it on the now defunct neo-Nazi ‘Whitelaw Towers’ blog in 2010.

Speaking of which …

The ding-dong battle between Dr Jim Saleam’s Australia First Party (AFP) and Nick Folkes’ Party for Freedom (PFF) for dominance of the (white) nationalist and patriotik milieu in Sydney goes and goes — it just goes. On the one hand, AFP can boast of being federally registered, while in almost five years of campaigning, PFF has yet to achieve the same status. On the other hand, the racist buffoon Folkes has a well-developed knack of courting the media through publicity stunts (some recent examples include ‘The Battle of Eltham’, Gosford Church invasion and Cronulla Riots re-enactment), and has successfully established himself as the go-to guy for media organisations wanting to portray the ‘typical’ Aussie racist. Folkes’ most recent publicity coup is his appearance in the upcoming SBS doco Is Australia Racist?. In this context, Dr Jim’s serious commitment to resurrecting White Australia is simply no match for Folkes’ cartoonish, provocative, and mediagenic presence.

The most recent stoush between the two sides appears to have been triggered, in part, by the appearance of a young woman named Penny Louise in a shitastic article for The Daily Mail, variously titled ‘Mother explains why she joined United Patriots Front’ and ‘I’ll make Australia great again’: Bikini-wearing mother, 20, explains why she supports anti-immigrant Party for Freedom’ (February 2, 2017). Like other patriotik volk, Louise hearts White Australia, and while Folkes’ sidekick Toby Cook sports a Celtic cross tattoo, Louise prefers to fly the flag:

So how did Louise get her face in the Mail? On January 31, Louise posted a brief video to the UPF page, describing herself as a patriot and member of the PFF. Her embrace of the UPF was of course warmly received and she received a (virtual) pat on the head for her efforts. Somewhat incongruously, her action also prompted Shermon Burgess and Neil Erikson of ARSE (‘Australian Settlers Rebellion’ Facebook page) to express support for this alleged alignment of PFF and UPF:

Of course, Last Thursday, ARSE was denouncing the UPF as a ‘Nazi’ organisation. In fact, the boys spent several months castigating ‘patriots’ for continuing to support the UPF after their departure in early 2016, and ARSE was ostensibly established in order to represent the interests of a de-Nazified patriotik movement. But that was Last Thursday, and now one half of ARSE, Neil Erikson, is due in court on March 6, charged with religious vilification. Also facing charges are UPF lvl boss Blair Cottrell, along with former UPF turned AFP member Chris Shortis. The charge arose from a publicity stunt performed by the UPF — comprising Erikson, Cottrell, Shortis, Linden Watson and ‘Farma john’ Wilkinson — in Bendigo in October 2015.

The Days of Our Patriotik Lives — perhaps best-documented (and humourously-subverted) by Peter Grace in hundreds of videos on his Facebook page and YouTube channel — are full of such shenanigans, with Yesterday’s Hero becoming Today’s Villain and vice versa. This is nowhere more apparent than in the case of valour thief and serial pest Ralph Cerminara. One minute, Burgess was writing Walph love songs; nek minnit — after Cerminara ditched ARSE for the UPF — he was accusing Cerminara of not only being a liar and a coward, but of some very serious crimes.

Given to harassing strangers in the street, on the weekend Cerminara picked a fight with Some Old Guy at a PFF event in Sydney — and ended up on his ARSE.


Inspired by Daddy, and following a three-month taxpayer-funded gig to the USA, reactionary Senator Cory Bernardi has quit the Tories to establish a new party, the Australian Conservatives. Cory Cory Cory enters a crowded field on the parliamentary far right, and it’s an open question if he can successfully prise support away from both the Tories and One Nation Party while he sucks on the government teat for the next five years. Bernardi is #BFFs with billionaire Gina Reinhart, and her investment in the Conservatives would surely make this feasible. So too if the Senator can attract the support of micro-parties such as the Australian Liberty Alliance.

See also : Cory Bernardi Crashes His Own Party, Exits, Stage Far Right, Ben Eltham, New Matilda, February 7, 2017.

On Friday in Melbourne, Bernardi will be joining rural idiot and Nationals MP George ‘Reclaim Australia’ Christensen at a $150 a head fund-raising dinner for The Q Society. The money raised by the event will apparently be used to help fund the legal defence of Kirralie Smith, who is being sued for defamation by Mohamed El-Mouelhy, president of the Halal Certification Authority.

For its part, the Campaign Against Racism & Fascism has organised an event to Protest the Q society’s Islamophobia.

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The “UPF” Goes To Dimboola

tl;dr : A handful of radical right-wingers, including the United Patriot Front’s John Wilkinson (‘Farma john’), organised an event in Dimboola on Australia/Invasion/Survival Day in order, inter alia, to promote a new right-wing party, the ‘Australian Country Party’. This article — Utes, BBQ, local pub and right wing politics, The Dimboola Banner, February 1, 2017 — provides details. Otherwise:

On Australia/Invasion/Survival Day, a fund-raising event was held at the Victoria Hotel in Dimboola. The event included a ute muster and a performance by a comedian, Dave Ivkovic, and was promoted by an organisation called the Australian Horizons Foundation (AHF).

The marketing and fundraising chairperson for AHF is a woman called Anita Donlon.

Donlon has been involved in a range of fund-raising activities over the last few years, on behalf and in the name of numerous other projects, including ‘Friends of Small Towns’ and ‘Shout A Mate’, but is perhaps best known for her roles in a community campaign to halt the construction of a mosque in Bendigo and as one of the organisers of the ‘convoy of no confidence’ in the Gillard Labor government. [1]

According to the Banner, among those who attended the Dimboola event was ‘Farma john’ Wilkinson.

‘Farma john’ is best known for his participation in the Melbourne-based fascist groupuscule ‘United Patriots Front’ (UPF). [2] In May 2016, for example, he joined the UPF contingent and spoke at a dairy farmers’ rally on the steps of the Victorian State Parliament. [3]

The leader of the UPF is neo-Nazi from Frankston called Blair Cottrell. Cottrell has expressed a desire to see a portrait of Adolf Hitler hung in Australian classrooms and for copies of Mein Kampf to be issued annually to students. [4] He also has criminal convictions for arson, drug trafficking, stalking and other offences. [5] Cottrell, along with others, is currently facing charges of religious vilification as a result of a promotional stunt by the UPF in Bendigo in October 2015. [6] While Farma john also took part in the stunt, he is not one of those being charged.

Apart from fundraising, the AHF event was also used to help promote the Australian Country Party, with its propaganda being distributed among those who attended. Attendees, including ‘Farma john’, also flew UPF flags.

[Above : ‘Farma john’ Wilkinson in Bendigo with UPF supporter Nicholas Edward Abbott; in December 2016, Abbott got a slap on the wrist for being naughty at the ‘True Blue Crew’ anti-leftist and anti-Muslim rally in Coburg in May 2016.]


[1] Donlon’s participation in the ‘convoy of no confidence’ is noted in The number of drivers joining the ‘convoy of no-confidence’ has failed to meet organisers’ expectations, James Massola, The Australian, August 22, 2011. A former Liberal Party candidate for Bendigo West, Donlon was also ‘the spokeswoman for the Australian Consumers and Taxpayers Association, a group that is leading a vocal campaign against the carbon tax’ (Three Liberals seek Bendigo pre-selection, Brett Worthington, The Bendigo Advertiser, June 26, 2012). In March 2013, an article in The Advertiser states that ‘Deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop inadvertently posed for photos with CATA organiser Anita Donlon outside Parliament House after the group were ejected’; the same article notes that CATA ‘is the group responsible for the “Ditch the Witch” and “Bob Brown’s bitch” protests at Parliament House in 2011’ (Day one and the insults resume for Julia Gillard, Lanai Scarr and Tory Shepherd, The Advertiser, March 12, 2013).

At the 2013 federal election, Donlon ran as a candidate for the Palmer United Party, gaining 2,336 votes (2.5%). In 2016 she had another tilt at the seat as an independent, receiving 1,922 votes (2.0%). In 2016, Donlon was also busy ‘shouting a mate’ (Crowd-funding project aims to supply grain to Tasmanian farmers, Roger Hanson, The Mercury, January 20, 2016); according to The Weekly Times (Farm charities are helping landholders in need, Sarah Hudson, March 30, 2016): ‘Bendigo’s Anita Donlon started Shout A Mate in 2011, educating about rural issues through its online radio show (, as well as campaigns such as the current Grains for Tassie Farmers, which aims to buy 10 container loads of grain, at $10,000 per container, to send to drought-affected Tasmanian farmers. The campaign is crowd-funding through OzCrowd but will also see a series of music events which included their first at the Bush Pig Inn in Bendigo on Easter Saturday.’ The Bush Pig Inn was also the venue for a UPF event in June 2016.

[2] When formed in early 2015, membership of the UPF was a loose network of radical right-wing activists with a largely informal membership. After Blair Cottrell declared himself to be its leader, in late 2015 and early 2016 — and especially after the group published a website — nominated members (have) included Cottrell, Shermon Burgess, Kevin Coombes (‘Elijah Jacobson’), Neil Erikson, Dennis Huts, Kris0 Richardson, Thomas Sewell and Chris Shortis. ‘Farma john’ has been an active participant in most if not all of the events organised by the UPF.

In November 2015, Wilkinson was a speaker at the Reclaim Australia/UPF rally in Melton. According to Shakira Hussein (Anti-Muslim rally reveals a racism both shocking and commonplace, Crikey, November 23, 2015):

… the next speaker, “Farmer John”, deviated from the approved script by telling the crowd at his anger with “dirty Arabs” who think they’re entitled to get priority over our disabled children. “Do we want an Islamic school? NO! Stick it up your arse!”

[Rosalie] Crestani moved hastily to cover up that faux pas once she took back the microphone. “I do know a few Arabs and there’s a few good ones out there, so I just thought I’d clear that one up. This isn’t about ethnicity.”

Yeah, right. Some of your best friends are Arabs. Stick it up your arse, as Farmer John would say.

According to another report (Anti-Islam, anti-racism protesters clash at violent Melton rallies, Cassie Zervos, Andrew Jefferson, Kara Irving, Herald Sun, November 23, 2015): ‘Farmer John, from United Patriots [Front], spoke to the crowd while it chanted “No Muslims in Melton”, and threatened more violent action. “We’re going to burn every mosque down if they build them … Let’s stick it up them,” he said.’

Wilkinson also had a close relationship with alleged ‘terrorist’ Phillip Galea. In January 2016, the Herald Sun (Police on the hunt for missing stun guns amid fears of use by extremists, Angus Thompson, January 13, 2016) reported that:

POLICE are on the hunt for several missing stun guns they fear will be used by anti-Islamic extremists in increasingly ­violent rallies.

United Patriots Front member Phillip Galea has been bailed for the second time in weeks, despite the Arson Squad’s concerns that he is providing weapons to other Right-wing activists.

Explosives and Arson Squad Detective Sergeant Paul Tierney this week told a magistrate that detectives began monitoring Mr Galea after his involvement in a public clash over the proposed Bendigo Mosque last August.

“He’s been at most rallies that have resulted in violence.

“Our concern is that Mr Galea is bringing violence to these meetings and weapons to these meetings,” Det Sgt Tierney told Bendigo Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Mr Galea was found with five stun guns, a jar full of mercury and bomb-making guides on his computer when investigators searched his Braybrook home in November.

He was jailed for a month and fined $5000 but was bailed on November 24 after appealing against his sentence.

He was rearrested this month when police accused him of breaching the terms of his bail by associating with UPF associates at a Sandringham pub.

Det Sgt Tierney said Mr Galea met anti-immigration ­activist “[Farma john]” Wilkinson, as well as other UPF members, across the road from a UPF barbecue at Sandringham Beach on January 3.

The court heard that Mr Wilkinson told police on January 7 that he had bought up to 22 stun guns, and that police were still searching for seven of these.

The court also heard that police had arrested Mr Galea on October 10, after receiving intelligence that he intended to use flares in clashes with anti-racism activists.

But defence lawyer Bill Grimshaw said Mr Galea had arrived at the Sandringham pub under the impression that the UPF event had concluded, and that he had “stuck to the letter” of his bail conditions.

Despite this, Mr Grimshaw said his client “should have been more prudent.”

Magistrate John Murphy granted Mr Galea bail after raising concerns that he would serve the term of the original sentence he was appealing against while on remand.

The matter has been ­adjourned to January 27.

In February 2016, another Herald Sun report stated that ‘Galea said “[Farma john]” Wilkinson, a man alleged to have supplied him with cattle prods, had since turned himself in to police’ (Accused anti-Islam stun gun extremist granted social media access, Angus Thompson, February 19, 2016).

[3] In May 2016, a handful of UPF members, including Wilkinson and UPF leader Blair Cottrell, attended a rally by dairy farmers in Melbourne (Cottrell was booed off stage).

[4] On Cottrell, Hitler and Mein Kampf, see : Blair Cottrell, rising anti-Islam movement leader, wanted Hitler in the classroom, Michael Bachelard, Luke McMahon, The Sydney Morning Herald, October 17 2015.

[5] Cottrell’s criminal record is detailed in a report by Geir O’Rourke and Angus Thompson in the Herald Sun (June 11, 2016). Of his offending, they write: ‘Cottrell, 26, was sentenced to four months in prison in May 2012 after being convicted of 13 charges, including seven counts of intentionally damaging property. County Court Judge Michael Tinney convicted the then-22-year-old of throwing a missile, stalking, failing to comply with a community-based order, and two counts of recklessly causing serious injury. In December 2013 he was fined $1000 and sentenced to seven days in jail by a County Court judge for aggravated burglary, property damage, arson, trafficking testosterone, possessing a controlled weapon and breaching court orders.’ Cottrell, as ‘Bruce’, appeared in a documentary about youth in the maximum-security Youth Unit at Port Phillip Prison in Truganina, in which he describes how he abused steroids, stalked his former partner and her boyfriend, tried to kill him, set fire to their house, and eventually got arrested, convicted, and sent to prison.

[6] Charges, including religious vilification, have been laid against Cottrell and former UPF members Neil Erikson and Chris Shortis. Their first court hearing is scheduled for March 6, 2017.

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Québéc mosque shooting : ‘Bashir al-Taweed’ and ‘Hassan Matti’ ~versus~ Alexandre Bissonnette

Re the mosque shooting in Québéc, while authorities have charged a 27yo White nationalist, Alexandre Bissonnette, with six counts of murder, it was only an hour or two after the incident that the shitposting started, with two supposed Syrian refugees, ‘Bashir al-Taweed’ and ‘Hassan Matti’, nominated as being responsible for the murders.

This fabrication was based on:

1) An account originally published on CBC (Posted: Jan 29, 2017 9:25 PM ET /// Updated: Jan 30, 2017 8:27 PM ET):

Last night, shortly after the shooting, a witness who asked to remain anonymous told Radio-Canada that two masked individuals entered the mosque.

“It seemed to me that they had a Québécois accent. They started to fire, and as they shot, they yelled, ‘Allahu akbar!’ The bullets hit people that were praying. People who were praying lost their lives. A bullet passed right over my head.

“There were even kids. There was even a three-year-old who was with his father,” the witness said.

The latest information from provincial police, however, is that there was only one shooter.

Note: the final line was a later edit.

2) Shitposts on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit et al.

As far as I can ascertain, the neo-Nazi Twitter account ‘SisterSigvald’ was the first (on Twitter) to claim that ‘The two suspects are Bashir al-Taweed and Hassan Matti, Syrians who entered Canada as refugees last week’. The ᛋᛋ (hurr hurr) account was opened very recently (January 21), and is dedicated to pumping out an endless stream of nazi/#AltRight propaganda.

Naturally, the nazi Sister’s claim was immediately picked up by others, and sparked an avalanche of shitposting. Another Twitter account, ‘Pantupino’, added a further spicy detail, claiming that the ‘names of the suspects [were] heard over Québéc’s police radio!’ Again, completely unsubstantiated, and immediately gobbled up and republished by thousands of other shitposters.

Both the CBC report and the allied claims likely have their origins on 4chan and /pol/, for teh lulz, and to demonstrate — if any further evidence were needed — how piss-easy it is to troll the mainstream media, especially in the wake of Something Awful happening, and when journalists are scrambling to assemble anything resembling a story.

See also : Suspect in Quebec Mosque Attack Quickly Depicted as a Moroccan Muslim. He’s a White Nationalist., Glenn Greenwald and Murtaza Hussain, The Intercept, January 31, 2017; Quebec City mosque attack suspect Alexandre Bissonnette charged with 6 counts of 1st-degree murder, Melissa Fundira, CBC News, (Posted: Jan 30, 2017 4:03 PM ET /// Last Updated: Jan 31, 2017 1:12 AM ET; ‘Facebook group described Bissonnette as having ‘pro-Le Pen and anti-feminist positions’).

Otherwise: the claims re the supposed Syrian refugees responsible for the massacre were immediately republished by local patriotik heroes ‘Australian Settlers Rebellion’ and the ‘United Patriots Front’, and no doubt hundreds if not thousands of other patriotik shit-for-bRanes. In this regard, the claim is not dissimilar to the other fairy story regarding the recent massacre in Melbourne, of which one l00n claimed that not only was the accused man, Dimitrious “Jimmy” Gargasoulas, screaming ‘Allahu Akbar!’ as he drove his car, but also pumping out Arabic musik from his car stereo: a fraudulent claim, disproved by the available evidence, but valuable grist for the anti-Muslim propaganda mill, and serving a very large, wonderfully gullible, and idiotic fanbase.

See also : Police deny Melbourne mall rampage was act of terrorism after witness claims driver yelled ‘Allahu Akbar!’, Patrick Lion, Mirror/, January 20, 2017.

The moment we no longer have a free press, anything can happen. What makes it possible for a totalitarian or any other dictatorship to rule is that people are not informed; how can you have an opinion if you are not informed? If everybody always lies to you, the consequence is not that you believe the lies, but rather that nobody believes anything any longer. This is because lies, by their very nature, have to be changed, and a lying government has constantly to rewrite its own history. On the receiving end you get not only one lie—a lie which you could go on for the rest of your days—but you get a great number of lies, depending on how the political wind blows. And a people that no longer can believe anything cannot make up its mind. It is deprived not only of its capacity to act but also of its capacity to think and to judge. And with such a people you can then do what you please.

~ Hannah Arendt: From an Interview, The New York Review of Books, October 26, 1978.

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antifa notes (january 30, 2017) : Reclaim Australia, Michael Holt, Richard Spencer

Reclaim Australia is still a thing, but only just.

On Australia/Invasion/Survival Day, Dennis Huts (above) of the United Patriots Front (UPF) organised a small gathering of meatheads to protest the fact that Fremantle council had re-scheduled its nationalist celebrations for January 28. It attracted around 40-50 whingers.


On Sunday, January 29, a group of perhaps as many as 80 or 90 bigots gathered at Martin Place in Sydney in order to rail ‘against everything from Muslims to “leftard Marxists”, “fake news” and “feminazis”.’ MC at the event — organised by Liz Shepherd (AKA ‘Catherine Brennan’) — was Casey councillor, Rise Up Australia Party (RUAP) candidate, and fundamentalist Christian Rosalie Crestani (below, with neo-Nazi Sammy Binz of Right Wing Resistance Australia); speakers included failed Australian Liberty Alliance candidate and Adelaide resident John Bolton, Canberran Daniel Evans, Sydney local Nick Folkes (PFF), Brisbane boy and ex-RUAP candidate Scott Moerland (UPF) and Peter Vassiliou (RUAP). Valour thief and serial pest Ralph Cerminara (above, with Shepherd) was present, as was UPF fuehrer Blair Cottrell, a few dozen PFF members and supporters, some Christian fundamentalists, a handful of neo-Nazis, a lone Soldier of Odin, and various other whiny racists: basically, the dregs of the patriotik movement, with not much else to their name than a shitty flag to wave and a overwhelming sense of ressentiment.

Apart from garnering a small amount of media attention, the Reclaimers also gave police and Sydney council an excuse to evict Sydney’s 24-hour ‘safe space’ for rough sleepers (Homeless ‘safe space’ evicted as anti-Islam protestors take to Martin Place, John Janson-Moore, January 29, 2017). Otherwise, Shepherd has declared that the next stop on the Reclaim failboat will be Melbourne.

See also : The anti-Muslim rally by far-right group Reclaim Australia was a fizzer, with more police and media turning up than protesters,, January 29, 2017.

Michael Holt

Huh. According to Rachel Olding (White supremacist threatened to shoot up Central Coast shopping centre, The Sydney Morning Herald, January 29, 2017):

A radicalised white supremacist who was stockpiling homemade guns and weapons across Sydney had expressed an intention to commit a mass shooting at a popular Westfield shopping centre.

The disturbing case, uncovered by the Sun Herald, has highlighted the evolving threat posed by violent, right-wing extremism in Australia with experts warning against public complacency.

Holt is one of hundreds of right-wing extremists who talk shit online, crave RaHoWa, draw up lists of enemies, use their meagre resources to accumulate whatever weaponry they can, and phantasise about White revolution. He was also mates with local neo-Nazi Neil Erikson, with whom he shared both a political perspective and an hilarious sense of humour:

Hurr hurr.

Richard Spencer

The #althug given #altright figure Richard Spencer Last Thursday has prompted a MEME FRENZY: Richard Spencer Getting Punched dot com has collected many, while The Washington Post provides A step-by-step guide to a meme about punching a Nazi in the face (Abby Ohlheiser, January 23, 2017), Mother Jones documents The Long History of “Nazi Punching” (Wes Enzinna, January 26, 2017), Thoughts On The Dead blog writes inre On The Propriety Of Punching Nazis, An FAQ (January 20, 2017), The Nation reckons Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer Got Punched—You Can Thank the Black Bloc (Natasha Lennard, January 22, 2017) and Andrew Norcross has published a quick helper to determine if you can punch a nazi.

One person who reckons punching Spencer was wrogn is philosopher Slavoj Žižek (Taylor Wofford, Quartz, January 27, 2017):

Quartz: So, is it OK to punch a Nazi?

Žižek: No! If there is violence needed, I’m more for Gandhian, passive violence.

I once made a statement, maybe you know it, which cost me dearly. I said the problem with Hitler was that he wasn’t violent enough. Then I said, in the same statement, that Gandhi was more violent than Hitler. All Hitler’s violence was reactive violence. He killed millions, but the ultimate goal was basically to keep the system the way it was—German capitalism and so on—while Gandhi really wanted to bring down the British state. But his violence was symbolic: peaceful demonstrations, general strikes and so on.

If a guy talks like that jerk [Richard Spencer], you should just ignore him. If he hits you, turn around. Don’t even acknowledge him as a person. That’s the type of violence I would call for. Not physical violence. Because, you know, people say symbolic violence can be even worse, but don’t underestimate physical violence. Something happens when you move to physical violence. I’m not saying we should greet everyone, embrace them. Be brutal at a different level. When you encounter a guy like the one who was punched, act in such a way that even hitting him, even slapping him is too much of a recognition. You should treat him or her or whoever as a nonperson, literally.

‘Ignore them’ is an interesting line for a communist philosopher to take, but so too is describing Hitler’s ‘ultimate goal’ as preserving German capitalism rather than, say, annihilating European Jewry.


For a more serious account of the origins and development of ‘the far right movement that embraced Donald Trump’, see : Ctrl-Alt-Delete: The origins and ideology of the Alternative Right, Matthew N. Lyons, Political Research Associates, January 20, 2017.

Finally, the Campaign Against Racism & Fascism has organised a protest at The Q Society’s fundraiser on February 10. Joining the unelected right-wing cranks of Q will be elected right-wing cranks Cory Bernardi and George Christensen.

Fun times.

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Richard Spencer Face Punch Remixes

“It’s Pepe, he’s kind of become a symbol of

See : Richard Spencer, president of the white nationalist National Policy Institute, punched during ABC interview in Washington, ABC, January 20, 2017.






On Richard Spencer, see also : The Elite Roots of Richard Spencer’s Racism, Michael Phillips, Jacobin, December 29, 2016, ‘Alt-right racist Richard Spencer personifies a common, if overlooked, phenomenon: the well-educated and well-off bigot.’

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Meet Mike Enoch &/Or Mike Peinovich : They’ve got ‘The Right Stuff’

[Update : (January 19, 2017) : Activists claim to unveil leader of ‘alt-right’ website the Right Stuff, Jason Wilson, The Guardian, January 18, 2017; Mike Enoch, the neo-Nazi blogger behind (((echoes))), has a Jewish wife, Tom McKay, mic, January 17, 2017; Neo-Nazi blog struggles after founder’s wife is revealed to be Jewish, Brian Lisi, New York Daily News, January 17, 2017.

Update (January 16, 2017) : While recriminations on the #AltRight keep flying thick and fast and Mike’s wife has been revealed to be Jewish(!), the (((media))) has begun to pick up on the story. See : Does Neo-Nazi Media Kingpin Live on Upper East Side?, Dan Friedman, Forward, January 15, 2017; The alt-right eats its own: Neo-Nazi podcaster “Mike Enoch” quits after doxxers reveal his wife is Jewish, Matthew Sheffield, Slate, January 16, 2017 (‘Bad day for the Fourth Reich: Founder of popular alt-right blog The Right Stuff resigns after foes expose him’).]


In the last coupla weeks, various nazi dingbats active on the #altright in the US have been doXXed — seemingly as a result of some internecine online warfare.

The latest casualty in this war is Some Guy called Mike Peinovich, AKA ‘Mike Enoch’. Peinovich is the lvl boss of a popular altright site called ‘The Right Stuff’ (TRS), established in December 2012, which hosts podcasts ‘Fash The Nation’ (August 2015–) and ‘The Daily Shoah’ (August 2014–).

According to IGD (No Honor Among Trolls: ‘The Right Stuff’ Gets Doxed By Their Own ‘Movement’, January 10, 2017):

It all started when Red Ice Radio hosted a discussion with the pseudonymous “Reactionary Jew” asking if reactionaries Jews had any place in the alt-right. Many meme hardened Nazi keyboard warriors were angered that the question was even being considered, and took to the alt-right Internet to denounce Red Ice’s capitulation to the Jewish agenda. Some regular posters from the 504ums (the private forum of The Right Stuff, home to The Daily Shoah, Fash the Nation, and our old pal Ghoul) took the side of Red Ice in the face of these attacks.

This was enough to set off a trollstorm on other boards, leading to TRS heavies, including Mike Enoch (founder of TRS), Seventh Son, and Bulbasaur, to be roundly accused of being soft on Jews and gays, of using message boards to “shill” for their own site (based simply on a few folks having shared some links), and of course, of being secret Jews or gays themselves. This touched off a puerile feud between boards, consisting mostly of idiotic trolling, immature accusations, and denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

TRS was given an ultimatum: apologize on the air, or face a doxing. As defiant screencaps from the 504um were leaked by TRS insiders onto other sites, Bulbasaur from TRS allegedly responded to a dox threat by daring people to try it. They called his bluff. When the dust settled, two prominent hosts of The Daily Shoah, including Bulbasaur, had been doxed by their own white nationalist “comrades.” This release of info also comes as another prominent Alt-Right celebrity, Millennial Woes has reportedly fled Scotland after having their information released as well.

Apparently, ‘Millennial Woes’ is Some (Angry, Depressed) Guy called Colin Robertson, ‘Bulbasaur’ is Van Bryant II, and ‘Seventh Son’ — catchphrase Put ‘em in the oven! — is Jesse Craig Dunstan (AKA Jesse Bjorn, Jesse C. Densten). I’d never heard of the ‘Millennial Woes’ bloke, but this vid gives a pretty good breakdown of his batshittery:

As for Mike, originally published on Medium, the article ‘outing’ Enoch/Peinovich — Meet Mike Peinovich, the Upper East Side’s Neo-Nazi Media Kingpin — has since been unpublished by the site. The text reads as follows. Note that, for various reasons, I’ve removed some identifying content […] which the curious can probably find online elsewhere …

Mike Peinovich (alias “Mike Enoch”) is the founder and leader of The Right Stuff (TRS), an online hub of podcasting and networking for “Alt Right” neo-Nazis. TRS prides itself in its “edgy” podcasts, delighting in taking Alt Right politics to their logical conclusion, including favorable references to the Holocaust, ethnic cleansing, gaybashing, Islamophobic hate crimes, police shootings of black youth, and much more, often couched in a sizeable canon of hateful neologisms that require their own TRS-written lexicon to decipher. But don’t let the goofy jokes and veneer of irony fool you — TRS is dead serious, and central to a hard-core, explicitly neo-Nazi tendency in the Alt Right movement.

Peinovich’s pseudonym, taken from the white nationalist statesman Enoch Powell (and from removing a few letters from his own last name) is not as well known as the names Richard Spencer, Andrew Anglin, Milo Yiannopolous, and others who have forsaken private life and seem to revel in notoriety. But this does not make Peinovich any less important to the Alt Right than these figures. The only difference is Peinovich covets his anonymity, fearing the loss of his lucrative tech job (last listed as a company called Vook, which was renamed to Pronoun), backlash in his Upper East Side neighborhood, and alienation from his liberal family, rooted in the affluent suburb of Montclair, New Jersey. Far from the spotlight, Peinovich has created a dangerous neo-Nazi media and social network, out of […] a quiet street in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

[Grammar Nazi says : ‘He misspelled professional!’]

The TRS podcast “network” invokes a fictitious call number WKKK1488 FM, a reference to the KKK, the “14 words” of white nationalism, and the greeting “heil Hitler”. The network is home to the popular Alt Right podcast “Fash the Nation”, among many others with explicitly fascist, white nationalist, and neo-Nazi themes. Peinovich hosts TRS’s flagship podcast “The Daily Shoah” (a pun on the Shoah, or Holocaust), where he regularly rants, using every slur under the sun, in faux-intellectual stentorian monologues about the inferiority of anyone who is not a heterosexual white man. Peinovich and his fairly large cohort of radio hosts, bloggers, and activists advocate creating an “ethno-state” in the US by any means necessary, including the forced removal of all non-whites, Jews, and “deviants”, and a return to the patriarchal rule of white, heterosexual men.

Unsurprisingly TRS has been wildly supportive of Donald Trump, though they understand him not so much as the leader of their movement, but a great historical figure who has created an opening for their organization and related groups to function more effectively, while preparing the masses of white Americans for their message. As a part of their deliberate movement-building, TRS has provided an online platform for notorious white nationalists and Nazis such as Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer, Greg Johnson of Counter Currents, Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Youth Network, video blogger Colin Robertson (aka Millennial Woes), and many other heavy hitting haters, including the Nazi dork himself, who is a big supporter of the project. In short, TRS is no fash in the pan operation. Since its beginnings in 2013, the network now boasts over 100k listeners each week for The Daily Shoah alone.

Peinovich’s The Daily Shoah is also the source of the (((Jewish Name))) meme, which originated from making Jewish names echo on the air, and was subsequently translated into anti-Semitic online harassment on Twitter and elsewhere, a self-conscious digital incarnation of the notorious star Nazis forced Jews to wear to identify themselves. Until dropped by the online seller, TRS devotees could order t-shirts subtly celebrating the crematoriums of Auschwitz, the “helicopter rides” in which dictator Augusto Pinochet murdered activists, and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, allowing TRS devotees to safely advertise their affinities in daily life. Enoch is also responsible for the “white student union” hoax and maintains a noxious Twitter presence as @ThaRightStuff, instigating hateful trolling amongst his nearly 25k followers. In November Peinovich appeared in the closed session of Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute (NPI) conference, prior to Spencer’s now-notorious toast of “hail Trump”, in a rare public appearance. Peinovich opted out of the regular conference programming out of fear of losing his cherished anonymity, and was given a platform to fund-raise last-minute by his friend Spencer, as he had been the year prior when he appeared alongside TRS associates Henrik Palgren and Lana Lokteff of the neo-Nazi Red Ice Radio. Most recently, Peinovich (as Mike Enoch) joined the board of directors of the 501(c)3 Center for the Marketplace of Ideas, an explicitly “Alt Right” non-profit organization run by white nationalist lawyer Kyle Bristow.

Through building a private Facebook group and the TRS messageboard, Peinovich has been central to a growing national network of activists who network at regular “pool parties” (real life meetups for TRS-affiliates) aimed at building an activist presence off the Internet, where TRS has mostly lived since its inception. Members of this network recently joined the Traditionalist Youth Network and the National Socialist Movement, for a “White Lives Matter” rally in Chicago, marking a turn in TRS from the shadows of pseudonymous podcasting and Tweeting, toward street mobilization.

This comes as other prominent co-hosts of The Daily Shoah have been outed: Cooper “Ghoul” Ward (also a member of the American Vanguard, another group trying its hand at a public presence), Van “Bulbasaur” Bryant II, and Jesse “Seventh Son” Dunstan. While Ward and Bryant quickly disappeared from social media and TRS, with Ward even offering to give up information on TRS in exchange for his identity being protected, Dunstan continues to Tweet and podcast as “Seventh Son”, joking about his doxing, and advertising his recent purchase of a shotgun. In any case, TRS clearly has aspirations far beyond pseudonymous podcasting and Tweeting, and it is very likely that Peinovich, its founder and leader, will remain central to this project even after his identity has been revealed. To this effect, the group is said to have prepared for this possibility for a long time, and Peinovich has stated that with the rise of Trump, he expects the Alt Right to be able to shed its pseudonymous existence in the near future. This means the pressure must be put on, and kept on, to deprive these scumbags of any platform or comfortable existence aboveground.


Mike’s most recently listed employer is a publishing start-up called Vook (renamed Pronoun). [Note : In May 2016, major publishing company Macmillan, itself a subsidiary of the Stuutgart-based Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, announced that it had purchased Pronoun.]

Mike’s personal email address is [email protected], and his most recently listed phone number is (917) 747–9239.

In 2010 Peinovich had a whiny anarcho-capitalist blog called “The Emptiness.”

Mike P.’s avatar is Mike Enoch’s CURRENT YEAR Facebook image.

Peinovich wrote this article for the Mises institute:

It was referenced at 13:25 of a July 24th, 2015 episode Red Ice Radio, featuring Enoch and Seventh Son (who we previously revealed as Jesse Dunstan of Fishkill, NY).

And in terms of a smoking gun, this Wayback Machine digital archive of TRS’s edgy lexicon from 2013 shows a Paypal link that goes to [email protected]:

Lastly, we’d like to thank Ghoul for the tips!


You can read a whole bunch more about Enoch/Peinovich and the Alt-Right on the site ‘Angry White Men’: (((Tracking the Alt-Right))).

PS. Pronoun has stated ( that Mike does not work for and is not affiliated with the company:

PPS. Mike has apparently published a statement regarding his doXXing:

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More reflections on ‘solidarity’ after the Coburg protest

[I started writing this post some time ago, put it aside, and have only now got around to finishing it. It’s part of a backlog of numerous such posts LOL.]

Last year, the Arena magazine blog published a post titled ‘Reflecting on Solidarity after the Coburg Protest’, by Andy Blunden and Lynn Beaton. By examining the origins and meaning of the term ‘solidarity’, and then applying it to the events in Coburg on May 28, the authors are able to conclude that a minority which violates solidarity with the majority is called a scab; further, at least by implication, that the minority guilty of violating this principle were those groups of anti-racists who were determined to directly confront the racist groups on the day. Implying that the anti-fascists who confronted members of the True Blue Crew (TBC) and United Patriots Front (UPF) in Coburg on May 28 are ‘scabs’ is an interesting position to take, so I thought I’d examine the authors’ argument a little more closely, and offer a few more reflections on ‘solidarity’.


Leaving aside the authors’ account of the origins of the term ‘solidarity’ — while noting that ‘self-emancipation’ and ‘solidarity’ are the irreducible and inseparable foundations of the workers’ movement — it’s worthwhile looking at the basic facts. They write:

On Saturday 28th May a peaceful rally, ‘Moreland Says No to Racism’, was successfully held outside the Coburg library. The rally was organised many weeks beforehand; sixty local organisations (including the Moreland Council) endorsed the rally, and publicity was widely distributed. Racist groups from outside Moreland made their intention to disrupt the rally known. In response groups of anti-racists determined to directly confront the racist groups. The resulting brawl captured media coverage of the day almost completely. There was minimal communication between the two groups, and no agreement as to plans for managing the events of the day.

To which I’d add the following:

• The ‘Moreland Says No to Racism’ rally was announced some months prior to its occurrence and was endorsed by a variety of groups, including (somewhat controversially) Moreland Council. It was organised by Sue Bolton, a Moreland councillor and member of the Socialist Alliance, and organising began in February. Another councillor, Samantha Ratnam, who was scheduled to speak at the event, withdrew a few days prior, citing concerns over the possibility of violent clashes.
• The ‘True Blue Crew’ (TBC) announced their intention to disrupt the rally in late April. They were soon joined by the ‘United Patriots Front’, ‘Patriots Defence League of Australia’ (PDLA) and others. Their counter-rally was titled ‘Stop The Far Left’.
• I published an event page on Facebook, titled ‘Fascists Out Of Coburg’, less than a week prior to May 28. The blurb read as follows:

On Saturday May 28 a rally has been organised by local councillor Sue Bolton of the ‘Socialist Alliance’. The rally is to take place outside the Coburg Library in the Victoria Street Mall at 11am and to be followed by a short march to Bridges Reserve. Titled ‘Moreland says NO to racism’, the rally will call upon the federal government to:

• Stop the forced closure of Aboriginal communities – Treaty now
• Let the refugees in – Close Manus and Nauru
and to say
• No to Islamophobia.

Unfortunately, local fascists have decided to organise a counter-rally: in order to express support for mandatory detention and offshore processing, to denounce local Muslims as terrorists, and to attack the ‘far left’. This counter-rally is scheduled to take place at 10.30am at Bridges Reserve, the endpoint of the proposed march. It’s been organised by the ‘True Blue Crew’ (TBC), a small group of right-wing racists from Melton and Bendigo. They’ve been joined by their neo-Nazi friends in the ‘United Patriots Front’ (UPF) and a range of other far right elements can also be expected to attend.

The suburb of Coburg and Moreland generally is home to a diverse range of communities: ethnic, cultural, linguistic, national and religious. Many of these communities are ones that the UPF and Co. would like to see eliminated. The presence of an organised group of neo-Nazis, fascists and racists poses an immediate danger not only to locals but, if left unopposed, will further embolden these groups and individuals to continue to prosecute their divisive, racialised and reactionary politics.

Coburg has a proud history of resisting fascist intrusions into public spaces. It’s important to carry on that tradition and to let local fascists know that they are not welcome. Please attend the rally on Saturday, let others know about the rally, and be advised that a small group of fascists will be in the area, looking for opportunities to attack it and other targets.

Our solidarity is our weapon.

In which context, a few additional points.

First, I’d considered promoting attendance by anti-fascists earlier than this but was eventually convinced by anti-fascist comrades that it would be better to simply encourage others to attend the ‘Moreland Says No to Racism’ rally (ie, there was no need to create another Event page). A week out from the rally, however, I learned that rally organisers had cancelled their plans to march to Bridges Reserve and would do their best to avoid any possibility of confronting the TBC & Co. by marching in the opposite direction. I understood this to mean that a group of fascists would be free to assemble and to march in Coburg. For the reasons outlined in the blurb, I thought this was a Bad thing.

Secondly, my intention in promoting the possibility of driving ‘Fascists Out of Coburg!’ was, first, to try and ensure that a large number of people would attend the rally. The more people who attended, I believed, the less likely the rally would be disrupted or its participants attacked and, further, the more likely it would be possible to confine the fascists to Bridges Reserve and to prevent them from marching anywhere (or doing much of anything). On the day, when it became obvious that the rally was secure (ie, it was not going to be disrupted or attacked by fascists), I along with others elected to leave Coburg Mall — the site of the ‘Moreland Says No to Racism’ rally — to go to Bridges Reserve to attempt to stop the fascists from marching. Initially, a small group managed to do so before police blocked the Mall.


Thirdly, since the emergence of Reclaim Australia in early 2015, two major campaigning platforms have emerged in Melbourne: No Room For Racism (NRFR) and Campaign Against Racism & Fascism (CARF). Both promoted the rally and framed it in terms of ‘community self-defence’ from an unwanted fascist intrusion. The exact nature of their planning for the day is obviously best communicated by the group’s themselves, but I’m not sure it’s correct to claim that there was minimal communication between the two groups, and no agreement as to plans for managing the events of the day. Apart from anything else, the Socialist Alliance is a formal participant in CARF, and would therefore seem able to contribute to discussions and planning. On the other hand, it’s important to remember that, whatever plans were made in preparation for May 28, it was far from certain what would actually happen. For example, in light of a police and media campaign imploring others not to attend the rally, it was uncertain how many people would attend either event, whether or not the fascists would actually assemble at Bridges Reserve and, if so, if they would attempt to march — and would police facilitate this? That a decision not to march to Bridges Reserve was made by rally organisers only became apparent on the day, just as the fact that fascists did indeed assemble at the Reserve, were not present at the Mall, and did indeed intend to march.


Fourthly, it’s important to situate both the attempt to ‘Say No to Racism’ and to ‘Stop the Far Left’ in their context. Thus, the TBC emerged in late 2015/early 2016 in the wake of Reclaim Australia and UPF rallies in Bendigo and Melton. The targeting of Sue Bolton in May 2016 echoed the UPF’s first public demonstration in May 2015, which targeted another socialist councillor, Stephen Jolly. This underscores the fact that — as they’ve reiterated over and over and over again — it is ‘The Left’ which self-described ‘patriots’ and ‘nationalists’ understand to be the chief impediment to their desire to rid Australia of Muslims.

Finally, media coverage did focus upon the clashes which took place between TBC rally-goers and anti-fascists, and this obscured the fact that an ‘anti-racist’ rally was able to be held in Coburg. (See : The anti-racist rally in Coburg the media ignored, Sue Bolton, Green Left Weekly, June 3, 2016.) If the capacity to generate ‘positive’ news stories was compromised by these clashes, and if production of same was the chief aim of the (anti-racist) rally, then on this count it could be considered to be a failure. If, on the other hand, the aim of those participating in the (anti-racist) rally was to both manifest peacefully and to effectively prevent fascists from marching through Coburg, then the day may be considered as being successful. In either case, while an examination of the political economy of the mass media would suggest that, as Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky have written, it does not function in order to produce favourable accounts of political dissent, producing a systematic analysis of media reportage of protest and social struggle in particular is not my aim here. Rather, I’ll attempt to address the question of solidarity, how it’s applied by the authors in the case of May 28 in Coburg, and why I think this approach is problematic.


We have written the post below to highlight the importance of solidarity between activist groups who identify as being on the left, and as fighting right-wing agendas and, in particular, racism.

After elaborating upon the principles of communism (‘self-emancipation of the working class and solidarity’), the authors distinguish between class-conscious working-class activity and what amounts to charity; the philanthropic ‘rescue’ of the working class by elements outside of it. In the context of the Coburg events, the Socialist Alliance (SAll) is cast in the role of the (class-conscious) working class and the ‘groups of anti-racists who were determined to directly confront the racist groups’ are rendered as outside agents, coming to the aid of SAll but, crucially, unwilling to subordinate themselves to its direction. This failure means that the groups which confronted the fascists in Coburg and prevented them from marching may rightly be considered ‘scabs’. Or at least — minus the verbiage about communism, first principles, The First International, cavalry and strikes — that’s the basic lesson meant to be drawn from reading the article.

As I see it, there’s a few problems with this argument.

To begin with, there was more than one ‘stakeholder’ in Coburg on May 28. To put it another way, the presence of a small group of fascists in the suburb posed problems not only for those who gathered together under the umbrella of ‘Moreland Says No To Racism’, but to all locals — especially those who fail to qualify, for whatever reason, to be able to join the ranks of the Übermensch of the TBC, UPF & Co..

Secondly, the authors make reference to different sections of the (working) class exercising autonomy; an autonomy which ceases once they ‘voluntarily submit themselves to a shared discipline’. While it’s not entirely clear how the various ‘sections’ are meant to negotiate this process, it seems fairly certain that, however the term is applied, it was not the case that all those involved in the day’s events undertook this voluntary submission to the authority of the SAll or the (other) organisers of the rally (let alone those who participated in the TBC/UPF rally). Of course, it could be argued that, if the intention of those attending was to express solidarity with SAll, then they were obliged ipso facto to do so in ways that met with the group’s approval and according to whatever criteria they set. In this case, that meant joining the SAll rally, marching to which ever point they were instructed to, and otherwise acting in accordance with the wishes of the rally organisers and its marshals. In other words, as the authors write, they should have obeyed a simple rule: ‘when coming to the aid of another party, do so under their direction’.

But what if, as suggested above, the constituency ‘under attack’ is not singular but plural? That is, what if the threat posed by the fascist contingent was not just to the SAll but to Coburg locals, and to particular groups drawn from this community? In other words, what if, in reference to ‘the concrete conditions in which a group is struggling’, the ‘rescuer’ is not ignorant of the terrain, but inhabits it?

To conclude their analysis, the authors write:

To demonstrate how fundamental solidarity is to the workers’ movement, it should be observed that, alongside equality, solidarity is the guiding principle of majority voting which is the fundamental decision-making process of the workers’ movement. In any working class organisation actions are decided upon by majority vote (the principle of equality) and thereafter every member of the organisation is obliged to offer solidarity to the majority by adhering to the majority decision whether they like it or not. A minority which violates solidarity with the majority is called a scab.

Leaving aside the various forms of decision-making which have been employed by working class organisations, the relationships between such organisations, and their relationship to the workers’ movement (or movements), it’s obviously not the case that those who participated in the events of May 28 belong(ed) to one working class organisation, or took part in a meeting at which a decision was made, via a majority vote, regarding what tactics were to be employed on the day by its membership. Further, the use of the term ‘scab’ in this context seems needlessly inflammatory: given the complaints regarding the actions of those who more directly confronted the fascist rally in Coburg, the pejorative would appear to be directed at these elements, but in reality it was only via their action that a fascist march was prevented from taking place.

See also : Anti-racism: combine the tactics, Riki Lane, Workers’ Liberty, June 8, 2016.

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antifa notes (december 20, 2016) : Phillip Galea & Co.


Alleged terrorist Phillip Galea (above with his kameraden in the TBC) appeared in the County Court in Melbourne yesterday (Monday, December 19). A few media outlets carried reports. See : Far-right terrorism accused Phillip Galea boasted of plans, court told, The Guardian (AAP), December 19, 2016; Anti-Islamist accused of plotting to blow up HQ for left-wing radicals, Angus Thompson, Herald Sun, December 19, 2016. Few others bothered reporting.

That said, having been arrested and charged with terrorism offences in August 2015, there wasn’t much news, apart perhaps from the fact that police allege that Galea was planning on blowing up the Resistance Centre (Socialist Alliance) in the CBD and the Melbourne Anarchist Club in Northcote (!).

Magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg heard Mr Galea tried to get a contact — now a prosecution witness — to buy fertiliser, and that he had adopted the Anarchists Cookbook to become a “patriots cookbook”, which he planned to distribute.

“There’s a bit of irony, isn’t it, in that he’s against anarchists,” Mr Rozencwajg said.

According to Kieran Bennett, who also attended the hearing, the bulk of the police case appears to rely on telephone intercepts, however the case also involves the testimony of witnesses; Galea’s next court dates are in April and May.

Galea has been linked to a range of ‘patriot’ groups. He was an admin on the Reclaim Australia Melbourne page, supported and attended Reclaim rallies as well as established the RA Media website and Facebook page. (The site’s “International Allies” are Breitbart, Britain First, Knights Templar International, PEGIDA and UKIP.) He was also closely associated with the United Patriots Front, True Blue Crew and Patriots Defence League of Australia and has even been linked to neo-Nazi groupuscule ‘Combat 18’.

Of course, Galea reserved his biggest props for the TBC, and was terribly excited by their activities, especially when they organised an anti-leftist rally in Coburg in May. A handful of TBC gronks were arrested and charged with various minor offences as a result of their brave, racist expedition and this week one, Nicholas Edward Abbott, got a slap on the wrist for being naughty; another TBC-aligned meathead, Mathew Wingrave, has also been reprimanded by The Law.

Since their last anti-Muslim rally in Melton in August (where the TBC methgoblins got into a shouting match with the ‘Soldiers Of Odin’) and a previous flagwit rally in Melbourne in June (one of Galea’s last public appearances), the wheels seem to have fallen off the TBC hate bus, with at least three of its members, including its leader, Kane Miller, being either convicted or accused of domestic violence and, in Miller’s case, ‘financial impropriety’ (ie, running off with his supporter’s money). But whether or not the boys resurrect themselves as the ‘True Blue Crew’, capitulate to Blair Cottrell’s Führerprinzip, or create some other motley assortment of thugs, it’s highly likely that they’ll continue fighting the menace of the Islamic State from the safety of their keyboards.

Speaking of violence against women …

On Friday, December 16, a Muslim woman was allegedly assaulted by a man in Perth. I reported the story on my Facebook page — it engendered a typical response of disgust but also derision — and it was subsequently noted by Islamophobia Register in a media release on December 18. Subsequently, various media picked up the story and the woman who was allegedly assaulted appeared on television providing her account of events. See : Woman attacked outside Perth supermarket, 9 News (AAP), December 18, 2016; Woman called ‘f***ing Muslim’ during Beeliar shopping centre attack: anti-discrimination group, Courtney Bembridge, ABC, December 19, 2016; ‘Why should I be ashamed?’: Muslim woman stands up to Christmas bully, Jessica Page, Yahoo7, December 19, 2016; Muslim woman attacked with broken bottle after saying ‘happy holidays’ instead of ‘merry Christmas’, Peter Walker, The Independent, December 19, 2016.

In which context, two things: 1) NEVER READ THE COMMENTS; 2) I understand that police will be releasing images of the man captured on CCTV.

Finally, and briefly, Blair Cottrell (United Patriots Front), Neil Erikson (‘Australian Settlers Rebellion’) and Chris Shortis (Australia First Party) are due in court in March next year to face charges of racial and religious vilification (inter alia) as a result of their media stunt in Bendigo in October last year. In connection with the case, for some reason — the charges were laid several months ago — Cottrell appeared on Ten News last week (December 15):

The lying neo-Nazi’s appearance resulted in more likes for the UPF Facebook page and presumably further donations towards the fuehrer’s legal defence. In the meantime, Shortis — who recently had his gun licence revoked — is appealing for funds via the Australia First Party while Erikson has declared that, presumably in an attempt to provide some comic relief, he’ll be representing himself in court. Sadly, Shermon Burgess, the other half of ASR, has received a letter from Sutherland Shire Council claiming $170,287.58 in costs incurred following the legal battle over the Cronulla Riot Re-enactment of last year.

That’s a lot of Bundy ‘n’ Cokes!

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Christopher Shortis : “No guns for you!”

Above : Chris Shortis (L) marching alongside other fascists (including man in swastika t-shirt, neo-Nazi Glenn Anderson) on May 31, 2015 in Richmond. This was the public debut of the UPF.

Former United Patriots Front (UPF) turned Australia First Party (AFP) member Chris ‘The United Nations is attempting [to] install the Pope as leader of a new world government!’ Shortis has had his gun licence taken away.


As I see it, this is not a surprising decision, given both Shortis’s public pronouncements and the need for the courts to sustain the police’s ability to intervene in such circumstances … but in any case, Shortis is due (back) in court on March 6 next year to face (criminal) charges, inter alia, of religious vilification. Joining him will be UPF fuehrer Blair ‘A picture of Adolf Hitler in every Australian classroom!’ Cottrell and ex-UPF member Neil ‘Give me the money Jew or else I will get you!’ Erikson. The case is one of very few (that I’m aware of) in which individuals have been charged with a criminal offence under the Act and it seems likely there’ll be a protest outside the court in support of the three men charged, as well as some kinda political campaign in support of the trio. It’ll be especially interesting to see whether or not trollumnists like BoltA jump on board the bandwagon …

Would-be politician Christopher Shortis stripped of gun licence
Peter Mickeburough
Herald Sun
December 13, 2016

A SPORTING shooter and would-be politician who was part of an anti-Muslim group which beheaded a mannequin in Bendigo has been stripped of his guns.

Christopher Shortis argues he is a law-abiding citizen who has held firearms licences for years without incident.

Mr Shortis told the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal that he was a responsible firearms owner and gun club member who had done no more than express his religious and political views concerning Islam and Muslims in Australia.

Mr Shortis says when concerns were raised about videos he had published online, he removed them from the internet.

But VCAT Senior Member Ian Proctor agreed with police that Mr Shortis was no longer a fit and proper person to hold a firearms licence.

In April police cancelled Mr Shortis’ longarm gun licence for hunting, sport and target shooting and his handgun licence for target shooting and he surrendered his guns to a licenced dealer and asked the Firearms Appeals Committee to review the decision.

The committee ruled in Mr Shortis’ favour and Victoria Police then appealed to VCAT.

VCAT heard Mr Shortis claimed to be a Seventh-Day Adventist, a member of the Australia First political party and hoped to run for the Senate.

[Shortis left the UPF to join the AFP earlier this year. He had originally hoped to run for a Senate seat with ‘Fortitude’, the stillborn party of the UPF. His religious views are detailed on his website, SOSMINISTRIESREV1412, and YT channel. According to Shortis, ‘This world is to be judged and we are living in the last days, and God is calling us to repent and be saved and follow his commandments.’]

Ms Shortis has held gun licences for many years without incident and holds a Range Safety Officer accreditation with the Northern Districts Pistol Club.

In April last year he posted an image of a forbidding figure in medieval Crusader armour overlaid with the words: “In the Classic Battle between Good and Evil! God’s Will be Done! This time, … …Will be the last! And by GOD!, … We will finish! What you started! NO! Submission To Islam!”

Concerned police contacted a fellow pistol club member and suggested he tell Mr Shortis to “calm things down”.

Six months later Mr Shortis was part of a small group which beheaded the manikin near the Bendigo City council offices.

Mr Shortis, who was been charged in relation to this incident with a court date set for next year, said the act was a political statement concerning the growth of Islam in Australia.

VCAT heard that media described Mr Shortis as a central figure in the anti-Islam United Patriotic [sic] Front with a history of posting videos of himself posing with weapons and threatening to take up arms against the government and Muslims. His posts were likened to material published by Anders Brevic [sic], the extremist who killed 77 people in Sweden in 2011.

In one video, Mr Shortis stands in a small study at his home and uses one of his long arm firearms as a prop with some cartridges behind him.

His videos describe weapons as tools that have provided liberty against tyrants and anticipates using his weapon for self-defence when the enforcement of tyranny begins. They also talk of the Bible prophesying the creation of a one world government before Christ returns and the need to defeat Islam by war, saying “We’ll end up fighting them one way or another, but we should be doing it with absolute brutality,” and drawing comparisons with nuclear weapons in Japan and wiping out the German army in World War II.

In one video he describes the weapons he and his partner would take into the bush in a “s*** hits the fan scenario”, which he says is a “when not if prospect”. Mr Shortis confirmed his belief the world is in “end times” but claimed he was speaking of a time that he hoped he would never see — an Armageddon when law and order had broken down.

He told VCAT he wants to address issues through political change, not violence and said found it disturbing to be characterised as some sort of “Christian nutter” and have his conduct compared with that of Anders Brevik.

Mr Proctor said on the evidence presented there was no basis to draw parallels between Mr Shortis and Brevik but he still concluded Mr Shortis was no longer a fit and proper person to hold firearms licences.

He rejected Mr Shortis’ claim that denying him a gun licence breached his right to express opinions on political and governmental matters.

Mr Proctor found reasonable members of the community may fear what will happen if Mr Shortis flees to the wilderness with guns believing he needs to act in self-defence or decided it had reached the point where the Muslim community must be responded to with “absolute brutality”.

Mr Proctor found reasonable members of the community may also lose confidence in the licensing system if a person with Mr Shortis’ extreme views retained firearms licences.

He said Mr Shortis’ conduct in posting his views that he and others are at war with Islam and viewers should prepare for that conflict risked inciting violence and was not the conduct of a person who is fit and proper to hold firearms licences.

And while Mr Shortis had appeared a polite, intelligent, articulate man, who expressed his views with force but not inappropriately, Mr Proctor said he was “not confident I met the ‘real’ Mr Shortis”.

See also : Victoria Police v Firearms Appeals Committee (Review and Regulation) [2016] VCAT 2069 (9 December 2016).

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