antifa notes (july 21, 2014) : protest and counter-protest, ADE, SYD …

Update (July 29, 2014) : Sadly, Patriots in Adelaide failed to turn up (their clown car broke down); antifascists had a nice picnic and a kick of the footy instead. In Sydney, half-a-dozen or so bozos belonging to Nicholas Hunter Folkes’ support group — a/k/a the Party for Freedom — rocked up outside Woolworths only to be confronted by 10 times as many counter-protesters, promptly lost a number of their placards and leaflets and went home with their tail between their collective legs. Later, an Australia First Party meeting (“Boo international students!”) was picketed and police detained an antifascist after rescuing a suspected neo-Nazi from the crowd. See : A Day of Anti-Racist Anarchy with Antifa, Nelson Groom, Vice, July 29, 2014.

Looks like it’ll be a busy weekend …


In Adelaide on Sunday, July 27 the Adelaide franchise of the Patriots Defence League (a splinter of the Australian Defence League) is planning on holding a BBQ at Bonython Park/Tulya Wodli. Joining the Patriots will be some anti-fascists:

Racists are organising a recruitment BBQ to create a network of fascists in SA. We’re organising a counter-meeting on the same day where people who are motivated by inclusiveness and compassion can meet, share food, listen to music and participate in a group discussion on how to tackle issues relating to racial division in SA. Bring friends and confront hatred with humanity.


On the same day in Melbourne the Melbourne Anarchist Club is holding a benefit gig for imprisoned anti-fascist Jock Palfreeman. Kick-off is 3pm, entry is $10 and all proceeds are going to the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Rehabilitation Association. See also : Continued Assaults on Asylum Seekers in Sofia Central Prison (July 21, 2014) | Free Jock Palfreeman : July 2014 Update (July 4, 2014).


In Sydney, RASH Sydney has organised a counter-protest in Marrickville.

Racist scum are trying to intimidate & drive out religious minorities from Marrickville, while promoting white nationalism.

They have decided to target the Marrickville Woolworths (for the grievous crime of wishing its customers ‘Happy Ramadan’) on the 26th July at 11am.

We are standing up against these hateful people to let them know their views are not welcome.

The Patriots Defence League are a newly formed group of people targeting religious freedom & culture. They see themselves as a patriotic, nationalist street movement that are ‘defending our beautiful way of life’. They do this by openly expressing their hatred of all other races and cultures.

This is not about expressing freedom of speech, it’s about causing fear & division. That’s why it must be opposed. They are targeting a religious minority, in exactly the same way Jewish people were targeted in the last century. We oppose this because unless you’re white, straight & Protestant-Christian, you’ll be next …

The ‘Boo Woolworths!’ Patriots will also be joined by the dregs in the Party for Freedom. Note that Martin Fletcher, the Vice Chairman of the Party for Freedom (a splinter from the Australian Protectionist Party, which was in turn a splinter from the Australia First Party), first came to the attention of anti-fascists when he began publishing Nazi and neo-Nazi propaganda on his website, ‘Downunder Newslinks’.

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Continued Assaults on Asylum Seekers in Sofia Central Prison

[Below is an account by Jock Palfreeman of recent assaults by Sofia prison guards on imprisoned asylum seekers and others. On July 25 NYC ABC is holding a meeting to discuss Jock's case; on July 27 MAC is holding a benefit gig to raise funds for the Bulgarian Prisoners' Rehabilitation Association (of which Jock is Chairman).]


On the 6/7/14 at 8.30am the guard Peter Petrov performed the morning roll call, he entered Cell 11 and started shouting in Bulgarian, a language no one present understood. As the roll call finished for that cell he then started to assault a mentally ill man from behind as he was not moving fast enough. The mentally ill man is about 45kgs, about 55 years old and a citizen of Comoros. He then retaliated and slapped the guard back after the guard Peter Petrov hit him and kicked him again, the guard came at the Comoros Islander again and the African took a chair to keep the guard away from him. Three other guards came and only saw the Comoros islander with the chair and so they beat him too. Peter Petrov then ran out of the cell, locked all the cell doors and called for “assistance”. Forty guards came from two work shifts, from the Saturday evening shift and the incoming Sunday day shift (as now shifts are 12 hours). The forty guards summarily beat everyone in the cell – the man from Comoros, four Afghanis, one Pakistani, one Dutch man and an Algerian. They were not resisting in any way and most of the wounds inflicted by the guards are on their backs as they tried to cover their faces on the ground. All of these victims are incarcerated for illegal border crossing: they are all asylum seekers.

The man from Comoros was most badly beaten, with a cut face, bleeding eye, bleeding nose, cut lips and swollen and cuts and swelling to his head. All over his body was covered in welts from the batons. The Pakistani too had welts and pink bruises as did the others in perfect shapes of batons; the Pakistani received a cut head and several of the Afghanis, apart from the welts on their backs and forearms, had black and bleeding eyes. The seven men were beaten with batons, boots; they were stomped, hit and hit into walls and the ground.

The beating continued for about 20-30 minutes. The guards then indiscriminately started to break furniture used by prisoners for playing cards in the corridor.

After the bulk of the guards left, the guards called the prisoners Hisham Karmo and Budimir Kjovic, a Syrian national and a Serbian national. Together with the guards they wrote witness statements or “explanations” for the victims and intimidated the victims to sign the statements. The victims were told if they complained they would get extra prison sentences and that the guards would beat them again.

In these “witness statements” written by Hisham and Budimir, it states that the Comoros man attacked the guard unprovoked and the guard had to defend himself. A deal was struck between Hisham and Budimir and the guard Peter Petrov and the rest of the guards that this would be the official version that Hisham and Budimir would testify to but also help maintain through intimidation of victims.

Only the man from Comoros was allowed to see a doctor. As the official version of events did not include the other seven victims as having been assaulted they were not permitted to see a doctor for the entirety of Sunday. At 8.30pm the guards changed shifts and again the new guards would not allow the other 6 victims to see the duty doctor. On the same day as the assault the victims came to me (Jock Palfreeman) as the chairman of the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association and as a known human rights activist and asked me for help. I immediately called the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee to inform their chairman Krassimir Kanev of the assault and he supplied valuable legal advice as to how to proceed.

With prisoners acting as translators the victims wrote real statements testifying the details of the assault free of intimidation by the prison’s auxiliary bullies. We brought many prisoners together and discussed how to proceed. Many prisoners supported the victims and we promised to support the victims if any prisoner working for the prison administration tried to intimidate them or use physical violence to silence them.

On 7/7/14 (the next day) members of the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee came to meet with the victims. They took their statements and conveyed an official complaint to the prosecutor’s office. The members of the Helsinki Committee then personally escorted the victims to the prison infirmary and supervised as medical injury reports were written, although copies of said medical reports were not made or given to the victims or their representatives.

The evening of the 7/7/14 the guard Peter Petrov was returned to work in 10th and continued his attempt to intimidate me, Jock Palfreeman, as he had been informed of my complaint against him the previous Wednesday (on 2/7/14), after he assaulted me by kicking me with his boots, hitting me with a large metal key, pushing and pulling me in an attempt to provoke physical confrontation. However I did not react as the man from Comoros did; had I, I would have suffered the same fate as the other victims. I realised that this guard is highly violent and dangerous.

Whether it was his character or he was a racist or he was drunk or on drugs no one could say but I realised after he assaulted me on two separate occasions that the assaults would continue and only get worse. So on the 3/7/14 I sent a complaint to the Director of the prison Peter Krester and a request to have this violent and dangerous guard moved from our block.

No measures were taken and the guard Peter Petrov four days later subsequently attacked the man from Comoros and instigated the mass assault on the other seven victims.

I, Jock Palfreeman, have now again become a target of Peter Petrov, the guard and as of the date of writing this, 9/7/14, the prison authorities have failed to take any measures to prevent the guards from assaulting prisoners or to protect me or the other 8 victims.

The assault on the 8 men was extremely vicious and so I started the explanations from that point as opposed to the first assaults upon myself.


On the 10/7/14 (Thursday), the guard Peter Petrov was moved to a different part of the prison.

On the 14/7/14 representatives from the Ombudsman’s office entered the prison to conduct an investigation into the mass assault, they met with the victims and witnesses and briefly with myself.

On the 16/7/14 the vice-minister of justice, responsible specifically for the running of prisons, met with the victims of the mass assault (although there are concerns about the vice-minister’s personal connections with Budimir Kjovic, who was also called to the meeting as a friend of the vice-minister of justice).

On the 17/7/14 the state prosecutor met with the victims to collect their statements from them personally.

The continued pressure and intimidation from the prisoners Budimir Kjovic and Hisham Karmo upon the victims to give false testimonies is a continuing concern, not to mention their attempt to also intimidate me into not showing solidarity to the victims. It’s just another example of mafia criminals working with the state apparatus of oppression. The prison allows these bullies to continue their drug businesses within the prison, the prison staff take a cut and in exchange it is in their interest to protect the prison administration and guards as they provide the protection for their business.

Earlier this year a director Yosofifov, director of work and pay of Sofia Central Prison, was arrested along with the friend of Budimir Kjovic for trafficking contraband into the prison. Earlier this month the director Yosofifov was formally fired for violating the ethics code.

There can never be any compromise with violators of human rights and mafia!

When injustice becomes law resistance becomes duty!

~ Jock Palfreeman
Chairman, Bulgarian Prisoners’ Rehabilitation Association

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Chomsky on Gaza conflict

Gaza’s Torment, Israel’s Crimes, Our Responsibilities
Noam Chomsky
July 12, 2014

At 3am Gaza time, July 9, in the midst of Israel’s latest exercise in savagery, I received a phone call from a young Palestinian journalist in Gaza. In the background, I could hear his infant child wailing, amidst the sounds of explosions and jet planes, targeting any civilian who moves, and homes as well. He just saw a friend of his in a car clearly marked “press” blown away. And he heard shrieks next door after an explosion but can’t go outside or he’ll be a likely target. This is a quiet neighborhood, no military targets – except Palestinians who are fair game for Israel’s high tech US-supplied military machine. He said that 70% of the ambulances have been destroyed, and that by then over 70 had been killed, and of the 300 or so wounded, about 2/3 women and children. Few Hamas activists have been hit – or rocket launching sites. Just the usual victims.

It is important to understand what life is like in Gaza when Israel’s behavior is “restrained,” in between the regular manufactured crises like this one. A good sense is given in a report to UNRWA [Brief report to UNRWA: The Gaza Health Sector as of June 2014: PDF] by Mads Gilbert, the courageous and expert Norwegian physician who has worked extensively in Gaza, also throughout the vicious and murderous Cast Lead operation. In every respect, the situation is disastrous. Just keeping to children, Gilbert reports: “Palestinian children in Gaza are suffering immensely. A large proportion are affected by the man-made malnourishment regime caused by the Israeli imposed blockage. Prevalence of anaemia in children <2yrs in Gaza is at 72.8%, while prevalence of wasting, stunting, underweight have been documented at 34.3%, 31.4%, 31.45% respectively.” And it gets worse as the report proceeds.

When Israel is on “good behavior,” more than two Palestinian children are killed every week, a pattern that goes back over 14 years. The underlying cause is the criminal occupation and the programs to reduce Palestinian life to bare survival in Gaza, while Palestinians are restricted to unviable cantons in the West Bank and Israel takes over what it wants, all in gross violation of international law and explicit Security Council resolutions, not to speak of minimal decency. And it will continue as long as it is supported by Washington and tolerated by Europe – to our everlasting shame.

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Metal. Very metal.


I should probably go write an article or something. In the meantime, have some Red Fang.

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Žižek The Plagiarist

Blah blah blah: Newsweek can has an article on Did Marxist Philosophy Superstar Slavoj Žižek Plagiarize a White Nationalist Journal?, the answer to which appears to be ‘Yes’. The White Nationalist Journal in question is American Renaissance, a group and publication often getting into trouble with the fine folks at One Peoples Project.

This isn’t the first time Žižek has got into trouble for talking or writing shit. In September 2012, Jay Pinho wrote of The Year of Writing Dangerously: Slavoj Žižek’s serial self-plagiarism; Chomsky writes of Žižek’s ‘Fantasies’ of him on Z here; while the philosopher Simon Critchley and anthropologist David Graeber have also crossed swords with the Slovenian. In any case, you can read moar about Žižek The Plagiarist at Slavoj Žižek: Philosophaster and Plagiarist. and also view the two competing texts on here.

See also : Resistance is Utile: Critchley responds to Zizek (Harper’s Review, May 2008) [May 16, 2008].

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Arthur Kemp, I presume


LOL. Good old Arthur Kemp.

See also : Arthur Kemp ~versus~ Anti-Fascists Online (May 3, 2012) | Who is Arthur Kemp? …continued (February 22, 2012) | Who is Arthur Kemp? (February 15, 2012) | nutzis are W E I R D : Arthur Kemp / BNP (August 30, 2009).

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Free Jock Palfreeman : July 2014 Update

Update (July 10, 2014) :

Source : Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.

In a few weeks time there will be a series of actions in support of imprisoned Australian Jock Palfreeman. Jock is currently serving a 20-year sentence in Bulgaria for murder and attempted murder. For more details on Jock’s case, please see the Free Jock website and Every Parent’s Nightmare, the site dedicated to ABC journalist Belinda Hawkins’ book about Jock. See also : Australian Activist Jock Palfreeman Is Taking On Bulgaria’s Prison System From the Inside, Danica Radisic, Global Voices, July 3, 2014.


In the Netherlands (Amsterdam): Anti Fascist Action have organised a benefit gig for July 16.


In Australia (Melbourne): a benefit gig is being organised for Sunday, July 27.

You can write to Jock at:

Jock Palfreeman
Sofia Central Prison
21 General Stoletov Boulevard
Sofia 1309

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Nationalist Alternative does the splits!

From the Department of Everyone Wants To Be Führer:

I dunno, maybe it’s just that time of the financial year, but the fascist bozos belonging to the Melbourne-based neo-Nazi groupuscule Nationalist Alternative — once derided by Dr Jim Saleam as a bunch of students — have undergone a split in recent days, with the founder Mark — a/k/a Stormfront Downunder moderator ‘White Australian’ — being booted from the group’s Facebook page, only to establish another page titled ‘Nationalist Alternative Australia’. There’s no love lost between the two sides, with at least one of the naughty upstarts being only too happy to spill their guts about their former Kameraden to anyone who’ll listen …

I guess the moral of this story is Never Trust a neo-Nazi.

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July 25 : A Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoner Jock Palfreeman

Antifascists in the United States are organising A DAY OF SOLIDARITY WITH ANTIFASCIST PRISONER JOCK PALFREEMAN to take place on July 25. For more details, please see the Torch network website.


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Just over 24 hours before the start of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the forces of state repression have already struck against potential protesters. On the morning of this Wednesday, June 11th, six activists were detained in their own homes, had belongings seized, and were taken for questioning at the Center for Repression of Cybercrime (DRCI), in the so-called “Cidade da Polícia” [Police City], near the favela of Jacarezinho.

Among the militants arrested are Elisa Quadros, known as Sininho [the Portuguese name for Tinkerbell], lawyer Eloísa Amy, and cameraman Thiago Ramos. All had their computers, cell phones, and other media confiscated by the police. Today, one might note, Sininho was slated to testify against Major Pinto of the military police of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Nearly three weeks ago in Goiânia, in the state of Goiás, search and seizure warrants were used as a method of intimidation and a means for curtailing the rights of protesters. The use of such coercive tactics against those citizens who plan to protest against FIFA’s mega-event now seems to be repeating itself in the southeast.

Two weeks ago, moreover, São Paulo’s Secretary of Public Security, Fernando Grella, had mentioned the possibility of arresting protesters.

Given such overwhelming evidence that the Brazilian people live today under a FIFA-standard state of exception, the words from President Dilma Rousseff’s speech on national television last night ring ironic: “We are a country that, albeit having emerged just a few decades ago from a dictatorship, today boasts a young, dynamic, vigorous democracy. We enjoy complete and total freedom and accept protests from the people, which increasingly help us to improve.”


Faltando pouco mais de 24 horas para o início da Copa do Mundo da FIFA, no Brasil, as forças de repressão do Estado já começaram a agir contra manifestantes em potencial. Na manhã desta quarta-feira, 11, seis ativistas foram detidos dentro de suas próprias casas, onde tiveram bens apreendidos e foram levados para investigação na Delegacia de Repressão aos Crimes de Informática (DRCI), na Cidade da Polícia, ao lado da favela do Jacarezinho (confere?).

Entre os militantes presos estão Elisa Quadros, conhecida como Sininho, a advogada Eloísa Samy e o cinegrafista Thiago Ramos. Todos tiveram seus computadores, celulares e outras mídias confiscados pela polícia. Hoje, vale ressaltar, Sininho testemunharia em processo contra o Major Pinto, da Polícia Militar do Estado do Rio de Janeiro.

Na última semana em Goiânia, mandatos de busca e apreensão já haviam sido utilizados como forma de intimidação e cerceamento ao direito de manifestação. A tática de coerção contra a parcela da população que pretende se manifestar contra o megaevento da FIFA parece estar se repetindo na capital carioca.

Há duas semanas, também, o secretário de Segurança Pública de São Paulo, Fernando Grella, anunciou que seriam feitas possíveis detenções de manifestantes.

Diante de tantas evidências de que o povo brasileiro vive hoje um verdadeiro Estado de exceção padrão FIFA, o discurso da presidente Dilma Rousseff proferido na noite de ontem, em cadeia nacional, soa como uma ironia: "Somos um país que, embora tenha passado há poucas décadas por uma ditadura, tem hoje uma democracia jovem, dinâmica e pujante. Desfrutamos da mais absoluta liberdade e convivemos com manifestações populares e reivindicações que nos ajudam a aperfeiçoar, cada vez mais".

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