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Macquarie Radio Network, owners of Sydney radio station 2GB, have expressed a lotta butthurt at the fact that the boycott of its advertisers has achieved some measure of success: commercial realities can be a bitch sometimes. Given that Mr Jones … Continue reading

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Alan Jones’ advertisers on 2GB

Update ( October 16 ) : Advertisers return to Alan Jones – then leave again, Karl Quinn, The Sydney Morning Herald, October 16, 2012. After having suspended advertising on The Parrot’s program, this morning 2GB ushered in its return… only … Continue reading

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Alan (“F*ck*ng”) Jones ~versus~ Multicultural Plots To Destroy Straya

Today I was informed by the ‘Australian Protectionist Party’ that The Parrot (aka allegedly corrupt right-wing Sydney shock-jock Alan Jones) had a very special guest on his program, a Yanqui by the name of Richard Lamm. Lamm came to prominence … Continue reading

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Rue McClanahan vs Alan Jones vs John HoWARd vs Keyser Trad

I have been inspired by ‘The Rue McClanahan Hour – Week 1′ (now available with 4.5 times the recommended dosage of podcast)’ and its deliberate and provocative opposition to the use of the letter ‘l’ except in the case of … Continue reading

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