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antifa notes (december 2, 2016) : jewsagainstfascism ~versus~ One Nation Party

From The Department Of “And I Would Have Gotten Away With It Too, If It Weren’t For You Meddling Kids” … Local gym owner Avi Yemini’s invitation to One Nation Party senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts to address a … Continue reading

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#19BOS update w BONUS! #fuckyeahandrewbolt

From the Department of #FUCKYEAHANDREWBOLT: I’ve been hoping and praying that someone sensible would step in and sort out the mess surrounding the Sydney Biennale and no sooner had I written — When is Andrew Bolt gonna write about the … Continue reading

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Bolt, Devine & Baiada ~versus~ chicken workers (w/- BONUS! Trotskyism)

HOW brave police were to smash the Occupy Melbourne camp, tackling students and aged hippies. Meanwhile a Laverton business begged for similar help to clear a violent picket, which the Supreme Court had ordered lifted… OK, so Bolt (Missing … … Continue reading

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andrew bolt, balwyn, and some brief notes on race and class

Convicted defamer and professional blabbermouth Andrew Bolt has been named by nine, just nine individuals in a court action. They reckon he’s also guilty of racial vilification. Bolt’s wrong, but he’s not sorry Karl Quinn The Age March 30, 2011 … Continue reading

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“I Am The Walrus” claims Andrew Bolt

Hi, we’re Obvious™. Our goal is to create interesting things that matter to the world—and a great place for creative, smart people to work. LOL. HERALD Sun columnist and blogger Andrew Bolt has hit out at the person behind a … Continue reading

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History Is What’s Happening

Oh hai. The Sydney Institute Annual Dinner 2010 Date: 16th March 2010 Time: 7:00pm (arrive at 6:30pm) Venue: The Grand Harbour Ballroom, Star City, Sydney Dress: Black Tie It ain’t no Mystery, Herald Sun trollumnist Andrew Bolt‘s making History. On … Continue reading

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The Return of the Son of Windschuttle & Bolt ~versus~ Manne

Bolt: Manne still can’t find those 10 Herald Sun February 5, 2010 Extraordinary. Five years after my challenge, Robert Manne still cannot come up with even 10 names of the 25,000 children he claims were stolen just for being Aboriginal… … Continue reading

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Windschuttle & Bolt ~versus~ Manne

Ding ding! The unapologetic Andrew Bolt has tipped his hat at the apologetic former Trotskyist Keith Windschuttle in ‘Windschuttle: Manne must step down’ (February 1, 2010). I know this because, while I am of course a huge fan of Bolt’s … Continue reading

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