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Blogging 2017 : A Summary

January The year began with some reflections on the May 2016 Coburg protests in light of Andy Blunden’s criticisms in Arena; New Yawk-based neo-Nazi and host of ‘The Daily Shoah’ (for which ‘The Convict Report’ is the local version) Mike … Continue reading

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Blogs are dead. Long live blogs!

Having previously surveyed Journals & Zines and so on and so on, I’m now updating my blog links … dead and/or resting: a-films (–2014) After The Greek Riots / Occupied London [see : libcom] anarchia angry news from around the … Continue reading

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housekeeping for anarchy

Well well, bloody Hell. Because I’m an idi0t, I thought I’d spend some time doing some housekeeping: namely, going through the sites I link to in order to establish which are still active. Unsurprisingly, because I haven’t done so for … Continue reading

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