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What was I thinking?

A dear friend of mine recently asked me to provide them with a list of my contributions to other sites and to articles in which I receive a mention.* I compiled a list and thought I may as well publish … Continue reading

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Stormfront morans v Honi Soit

Investigating Stormfront: Whiteness, Demography and Politics Honi Soit “Matilda Surtees and Geordie Crawford investigate Australian white supremacy organisations.” March 27, 2014 According to the University of Sydney’s student paper Honi Soit, “White supremacist posters, which depicted the Celtic cross, and … Continue reading

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University of Sydney : Vaginas? NO! Violence? Er… (Open Day Action, August 31)

VAGINAS. There. Now that I’ve got your attention… The University of Sydney is having an Open Day on Saturday, August 31, and as part of the celebrations concerned students will be taking part in a variety of exciting actions to … Continue reading

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