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Reclaim Australia AKA “Muslims Out!”

The ‘Reclaim Australia’ rallies organised for April 4 will bring together a wide range of Islamophobic individuals and organisations. Below is a brief account of some of these. The ‘Patriots Defence League’ (PDL) is an incorporated association registered in Queensland, … Continue reading

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Far right, post-siege …

I wrote an article for New Matilda. You can read it here. Note that another Islamophobic organisation, the Patriots Defence League Australia, is meeting in Geelong on Sunday at the Rippleside Park Motor Inn. Finally, the ‘Party for Freedom’ managed … Continue reading

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antifa notes (august 7, 2014)

Vice has published an article exploring Dr Jim Saleam’s Wonder World aka ‘The Bunker’ in Tempe: headquarters of the Australia First Party. It fails as an act of spotting (SAlt was absent from the counter-protest the other week), but it … Continue reading

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antifa notes (july 21, 2014) : protest and counter-protest, ADE, SYD …

Update (July 29, 2014) : Sadly, Patriots in Adelaide failed to turn up (their clown car broke down); antifascists had a nice picnic and a kick of the footy instead. In Sydney, half-a-dozen or so bozos belonging to Nicholas Hunter … Continue reading

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antifa notes (september 26, 2013) : Lakota grandmothers, Craig Cobb, Martin Fletcher, Paul Innes, Golden Dawn yadda yadda yadda

Well I was simply going to post some blah on Facebook but then I remembered I had a blog and then I thought hey why not post the blah here? So … Mark Zuckerberg asks ‘What have you been up … Continue reading

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Martin Fletcher, Downunder Newslinks, Premium WordPress Hosting

Every now and again, for one reason or another, I’ll receive a flurry of visits to my blog from people searching for particular terms. In the last month, for example, terms like “peter watson”, “nazi leaks”, “niko puhakka”, “hammerskins”, “combat … Continue reading

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