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Ah well. I’m too hot (and tired) to blog — or to do much of anything else, really — but there are a few things I oughta take note of before I forget ’em. Party Li(n)es First, I would’ve liked … Continue reading

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Poland says no to Puhakka

After being taken off the card for BAMMA 8 (December 10, 2011) in England, Finnish neo-Nazi MMA Niko Puhakka has now apparently been removed from KSW 18 (February 25, 2012) in Poland. The decision to remove the Finn appears to … Continue reading

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Niko Puhakka ~versus~ BAMMA

*Puhakka has been replaced by Sweden’s Diego Gonzalez for the BAMMA WORLD LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE ELIMINATOR vs. Andre Winner. Poor old Puhakka. Once upon a time the Finnish MMA proudly protected the nazis of Blood & Honour in Finland from ZOG. … Continue reading

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antifa notes (march 21, 2011)

RaHoWa! and Shazam! Here’s a few more notes on some recent fascist shenanigans–brought to you by the letters W and P. Good News First, the good news. Well, for fans of MMA boneheads at least, as @ ‘KSW XV – … Continue reading

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Niko Puhakka : Finnish neo-Nazi

Finnish MMA Niko Puhakka‘s recent victories in Poland over Danny van Bergen and Borys Mańkowski have helped to generated some (presumably) unwelcome headlines for the neo-Nazi skinhead. Finnish neo-fascist at martial arts show in Poland September 21, 2010 Niko Puhakka, … Continue reading

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antifa notes (september 20, 2010)

‘Diversity’ by Belgian reich ‘n’ rollers Kill Baby Kill. The band toured Australia in 2008; Dieter Samoy, the lead shouter, committed suicide in January after being sentenced to several years jail for assault. Blood & Honour and the Hammerskins, the … Continue reading

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Hoelzer Reich : White Christmas Catalogue!

Update : Oh Noes! Hoelzer Reich Banned By Zuffa!. See : C.U.N.T., Hoelzer Reich, & Tomorrow Belongs to The Yes Men! (December 7, 2009) for background. A good summary of Zuffa’s (Zuffa LLC is the private, multi-million dollar Las Vegas-based … Continue reading

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