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Metal. Very metal.

I should probably go write an article or something. In the meantime, have some Red Fang.

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Ups and downs, leaps and bounds

I wrote an article for Overland on anonymity, antifascism, blogging and so on. You can read it here.

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What was I thinking?

A dear friend of mine recently asked me to provide them with a list of my contributions to other sites and to articles in which I receive a mention.* I compiled a list and thought I may as well publish … Continue reading

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This Guy … [vice]

I did an interview with vice. You can read it here. A few comments: • “Trolling” isn’t the most accurate term to describe my blogging and other activity aimed at the far right but hashtag whatever. • FightDemBack! deserves some … Continue reading

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Comments on ‘Hunting Australia’s neo-Nazis’ [The Saturday Paper, April 5, 2014]

As I grow older I see clearly and distinctly what is right and wrong in our way of life and how ridiculous is everything not achieved with one’s own blood and one’s own soul and everything not infused with love. … Continue reading

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slackbastard: eXposed (again)

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hysterical slackbastard

A Twitter War broke out recently concerning the use of the term ‘hysterical’. In brief, Justin Shaw of The King’s Tribune wrote an article on pornography in which he referred to the “hysterical screeches” made by the “Anti-Pornography Activist, Lecturer, … Continue reading

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From a disco on Facebook… To recapitulate: R, you made some comments about state repression of anarchists under the Bolsheviks, the status of the death penalty, and recommended Serge (‘The Bolsheviks’ pet anarchist’) on Kronstadt. I pointed out that the … Continue reading

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Twenty More Questions.

Go ahead. Make my day. Again.

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slackbastard ~versus~ RSP/SA/SAlt/SP (September 2011 Update)

Back in September 2008, Dave The Communist aimed a Dialectical Raygun at my head and challenged me to explain why I was intent on driving down the road marked Apolitical Critique. 17 months later, I decided to start a Facebook … Continue reading

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