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Jeering crowd blocks meeting of extreme right
Leesha McKenny
The Sydney Morning Herald
November 15, 2009

AN EXTREME right-wing group sparked anti-fascist protests after it was revealed it had been holding meetings in a Humanist Society hall in inner Sydney.

The Public Information Forum – also known as Klub Nation or Klub Naziya – was prevented from meeting on November 6 after about 50 protesters gathered at the Shepherd Street address in Chippendale.

Police were called to an earlier demonstration in October when protesters yelling “Nazis out” attempted to disrupt the meeting by banging on doors and windows.

“If they get the message that they are not welcome in Chippendale and move somewhere else we will follow them,” an online post from one protester read.

The group was banned from using the hall by the Humanist Society once before because of alleged racist associations.

David Duffy, the Humanist Society member responsible for bookings at the hall, said the group of about 30 young men had been meeting peacefully there for about eight years. He conceded the group was “right of centre” but said he did not believe it was a neo-Nazi group.

“The sort of people who attend [Mr Rafty’s] meetings would be considered conspiracy theorists to a certain extent,” he said.

“They run a series of discussion groups on political and geopolitical themes. It’s invitation-only. It’s not a thing where they advertise publicly. They don’t do any interface with the community in any way.”

An anonymous letterbox drop of the area calling on residents to “do something about” Australia’s high level of immigration coincided with last week’s protest.

Darrin Hodges from the Australian Protectionist Party said his group stopped using the hall after hearing meetings there were “getting out of hand and rowdy”.

Mr Hodges denied any knowledge of the leaflet drop in the area, but said: “[It] sounds like there’s some funny things going on around town.”

Humanist Society president John August said it had planned a review of its hall hiring policy, but would allow the group to continue meeting at the hall until a decision was made.

“I do not wish to defend any right-wing groups, but equally there is an issue of free speech and free expression,” he said. “How you reconcile those two goals is a complicated issue.”

Mr August said he was disappointed some of the protesters were prepared to resort to violence.

“I have been involved with discussions with Redfern police over this. They are very concerned. We are as much the victims in this situation as anyone,” Mr August said.

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In April 1972, sixteen sticks of gelignite exploded in the Communist Party’s Brisbane office, lifting the floor of the building almost six centimetres off the ground. Later the same evening, three rifle shots ricocheted through the Maoist East Wind bookshop…

The next month, the terror campaign returned to Melbourne with an attempt to set the Third World bookshop alight. A week later, the East Wind bookshop in Little Londsdale Street received a fire-bomb through the front door, while Molotov cocktails hit the Radical Action Movement’s headquarters in Palmerston Street, Carlton, the China Friendship Society, and the Source bookshop in Collins Street…

Many naturally suspected the NSPA of involvement in the bookshop attacks, since the Nazis had previously clashed with the Left. In January 1971, the NSPA announced a fascist rally to be held on Melbourne’s Yarra Bank. The Left and the Jewish community organised a counter-rally. When the Nazis did not appear, thousands streamed up to their headquarters in North Carlton. The party’s leader Cass Young later complained:

“All this time we could hear a noise such as that at a football ground, getting louder. Looking outside, I saw that a huge crowd was coming down the street towards our headquarters.

Within minutes there were several thousand people, mostly reds and those of the chosen race, milling around outside. We closed all the doors and windows and I posted sentries at the back and on the roof. We hoisted the mighty flag of our race — the swastika — and the Eureka flag at the top front window. The crowd outside began throwing anything it could get its hands on: eggs, tomatoes, rocks and tins. Soon all the windows had been smashed by flying missiles.”

In June 1972, the NSPA tried to hold its annual conference. The fascists kept the location secret. Protesters instead marched to a triple-fronted brick veneer in St. Albans, which served both as Young’s house and the new [neo-]Nazi HQ. To resounding chants of ‘Death to the Nazis’, they tore the building apart. Surveying the wreckage of his property, Young lost some of his enthusiasm for overt displays of Nazism, and the NSPA collapsed in a bout of internecine warfare, a process nicely captured in the title of David Harcourt’s study of Australian Nazism: Everyone Wants to Be Fuehrer. ~ Jeff Sparrow and Jill Sparrow, Radical Melbourne 2 : The Enemy Within, The Vulgar Press, 2004, pp.148–150.


This post might be difficult territory for some. It is a minor labyrinth of detail. Even those amongst us with no particular interest in political ‘detective work’ and an esoteric discussion about a lot of funny persons from the political twilight, might spare a moment for reflection. Why?

Essentially, it has become obvious that the ‘Humanist Society of New South Wales Inc.’ (and any other somewhat decrepit organisation with considerable assets for that matter) is now on the receiving end of electronic and paper cheers, jeers and smears, excitements and incitements, and at long last – confrontation.

Protestors rally against ultra-right group in Chippendale
Shant Fabricatorian
alternative media group
November 12, 2009

“Klub Naziya is understood to have met in the area on a monthly basis for the past few months.”

Klub Naziya has been meeting since 2003. Its principal organisers have included a range of figures on Sydney’s far right: David Palmer, Simon Laine and — currently — Jason Rafty. In addition to his role in KN, Rafty addressed the ‘Humanist Society of New South Wales Inc.’ on the subject of ‘Russia Resurgent’ on October 1, 2008.

Rafty, like Palmer was (and as Dr James Saleam is currently) a member of Stormfront, an online forum for aggrieved Whites of various sorts, established by convicted terrorist Don Black. Rafty’s account has recently been expunged. However, traces of his postings may still be found. Thus, on the matter of ‘KN’, ‘JBR’ (Rafty) writes:


06-06-2007, 09:24 PM
Klub Nation is the only continuous meeting place for white Nationalists in Sydney since 2003. [W]e invite those interested in attending our meetings to reply with your expression of interest by private message. We currently have a central branch and a Hills District branch with a Greater Western branch to be initiated soon.

Klub Nation is sponsored by the PIF Inc ([P]ublic [I]nformation [F]orum) and in essence is a networking and social point for Nationalists. [W]e present a range of guest and in house speakers covering the full gamut of political-economy, and other subjects of relevance to the Nationalist milieu.

The conveners of Klub Nation seek to cast an image as a survivor’s Klub.

Urban survival against the predations of the NWO–Globalist over class is less about arms caches, compounds and tin food stock, but rather having the knowledge, network and social capital to assail and prevail over everything this insidious over class throws at us. NWO tyranny and enslavement is predicated on the atomization of Anglo-Celtic people. Any brotherhood or Klan based unity is like a silver bullet[.]

Klub Nation promotes the “viable Nationalist”: – one who isn’t crest fallen, physiologically addled, impecunious or effeminate. Remaining viable is the linchpin to survival. Like hell, we’re going to become the white trash of South East Asia.

So come along to the next meeting for a bit of good cheer and company of fellow Nationalists.

Klub Nation provides generous food and beverages. It is general etiquette and protocol that entry requires a donation



06-10-2007, 06:58 PM
Sydney has become a foreboding and alienating place where the best of our mettle and wherewithal are put to the test.

[W]e live by the mantra “Deal with reality or reality will deal with you”. [N]arcotics and consumerism will only numb you so far.

Klub Nation is a sanctuary from the hellacious environ we call Sydney today.

This coming Friday June 15th we have a presentation entitled:- “A guide to white survival in Oriental Sydney”[.]


And here Dr James Saleam (“Saleam [Saa-leem],” I say, “isn’t a very European-sounding name.” “It’s pronounced Saleam [Sail-’em],” he says, correcting me. “Saleam.”) sticks his oar in:


British-Israel Case To End In Final Defeat Of The Palmer Clique: What Will The Usual Suspects Do Now? Klub Naziya? Klub Nation?
May 18, 2005

The Supreme Court of New South Wales is about to finally end the imposture of David Palmer and his neo-[N]azi clique and granted relief to the legitimate supporters of the British-Israel movement. After almost six years after the neo-[N]azis infiltrated the British-Israel World [Federation] Pty. Ltd. in New South Wales, after three years since the Court ordered the wind-up of the company (a measure to remove the neo-[N]azis) and after massive expenses, the Court will shortly pass the proceeds of an Estate to the company in liquidation. The money will be transferred to the legitimate Federat[i]on in London and ultimately return to Australia to a structure freed of the neo-[N]azis.

In 1999, Palmer and his gang joined the Federation to get hold of over $500,000 in money and assets left to the Federation from the Estate of Mr. K.D. Nicholls. If they had succeeded, neo-[N]azism in Australia would have become self-sustaining. The mighty struggle of Leon Gregor and his stalwarts proved that ultimately these loons can be beaten back at any point. The sadness for these sincere Christians is the effective loss of a quarter of a million dollars in various costs.

What now for Palmer? The game goes on. In January this year, the neo-[N]azis organised a piss-up club under alternate names: Klub Naziya or Klub Nation. It had been meeting on a fortnightly basis and now about monthly. The first meeting on January 7 saw a major split. The people best known as ‘White Pride Coalition of Australia’ walked out. They have since denounced the heavy alcohol consumption at the meetings and foreshadowed the idea that this might lead to criminal offences. They were undoubtedly right. Given that Palmer has been talking of killing and terror for years, it seems certain someone is to be revved up to do a crime. We are still witnessing the usual pattern of neo-[N]azi provocation in action.

It is the opinion of the nationalists that neo-[N]azism must be harried out of existence. It provides the potential for provocative-violence, the entrapment of some sincere youth, a conduit to collect intelligence on the wider patriotic movement, a pool for the harassment of nationalists and other patriots and a yardstick for media anti-patriotic propaganda.

Palmer’s clique is wounded and bleeding badly but it is still in play and has reformed around a new front-man, Mr. J. Rafty. Meetings are taking place between private dwellings in Ultimo and Glebe, but membership (sic) is now a handful. Yet, there is also the strange case of the fake ‘British Israel World Federation Australia Limited’ (BIWFAL), a body set up thanks to the neo-[N]azis’ lawyer, Mr. John Boyle, such that a claim for monies from the Nicholls Estate could be made[.] Mr. Boyle has in recent times actually claimed to have ‘converted’ to the British Israel faith; however, his loyalty is focused on the fake entity and not the legitimate body. The connection between Mr. Boyle and the so-called ‘conservative’ faction of the New South Wales Liberal Party is well known. Will the Liberals stll have use for the neo-[N]azi shadow operation?

Nothing about the neo-[N]azis is ever certain. Vigilance must be sustained as the ultimate round is soon to begin.


Two days later, and Saleam is still paddling:


New ‘Fuhrer’ Suggests Palmer Was An Agent. Taped Record Available
May 20, 2005

The new ‘fuhrer’ of Sydney nutzism, Mr. Jason Rafty (or ‘JBR’ as Palmer now calls him on the Stormfront chatroom site), has but recently publicly referred to me – and to a telephone conversation he had with me – in December last year. As he is aware, I have often made it my business over the years to tape-record conversations with his associates. On this occasion, I taped him too. Whatever else was said during this conversation, ‘JBR’ made a very frank and clear allegation or concession regarding ‘Der Fuhrer’ – David Palmer. He said that Palmer had the trappings of an agent of the political police.

I offer here exact quotes from Mr. Rafty:

“Palmer is a prickly pear … he does have the persona of a latent intelligence agent of some type … even a bit of the provocateur in him”.

He is … “such a non-entity” … “no one is in contact with Palmer” … “I told you (this) … a couple of years ago.”

Many truths have been spoken by individual neo-[N]azis in recent times. This statement by ‘JBR’ is an agreement with a central charge of the nationalists. We can also raise other substantive matters. We note that if the lunatic Palmer is no longer a formal agent, then for some reason – his status was terminated. This does not of course change the disruptive nature of this man, nor yet has any confession been forthcoming, let alone a full statement from him outlining his previous role. It is unlikely Palmer will oblige us. Interestingly, for ‘JBR’, life just goes on and the matter of Palmer’s informer (and provocateur and wrecker) role does not concern him. This shows a high degree of ‘moral relativism’ on the part of ‘JBR’. Of course, it surely concerns those who have been victims of Palmer’s sixteen year operation. The nationalists and other patriots therefore want to know what Palmer was doing all this time, who his controller was and so forth and why the relationship was terminated. Will ‘JBR’, honest man as he often proclaims himself to be, do us the courtesy?

The Palmer case was unique in Australia – and rather rare internationally. Agent or no agent, Palmer also enjoyed what he did. Play-acting as a neo-[N]azi fuhrer had real moments of psycho-pleasure. Palmer is still standing, prattling the old nonsense ideology on Stormfront and at private gatherings. The group still functioning around him says it is a ‘white nationalist’ group. Sure! We say to them that they have been long on accusing the nationalists of being ‘goddam[n] agents of the Jew’; but never yet (even if we were the ‘kike demon’ wreckers of their smears) have we confessed (sic) to this function. Hardly. Yet ‘JBR’ has put his former boss right in the political police excreta. So it seems rather incumbent on these fine folks to come clean whether Palmer wants them to or not. Will they not only tell the central facts – but answer questions? Sadly however, as readers of Kangaroo Reich will rightly suspect – we’ll be waiting til the Fifth Reich of Saint Adolf for anything.

As for ‘JBR’, he should leave the hydroponic marijuana alone: he might start to think he really is Palmer’s successor.

Any person with a legitimate need for the tape may therefore request a private ‘play’.


NB. Saleam has since edited the above to remove any direct reference to Rafty, as well as a number of his slurs.

Finally, Aunty Betty Luks (of the ‘Australian League of Rights’) explains why Graeme Campbell — former Labor MP and founder of the ‘Australia First Party’ (now led by Saleam) — was disinvited to address ‘Conservatives’ in Sydney and replaced by — Jason Rafty.

Betty Luks

Due to my decision to withdraw Graeme Campbell’s invitation to the Sydney [Conservative Speakers’ Club], the Sydney CSC Committee accepted the offer of Mr. Jason Rafty to speak of what were his observations of present-day Russia. Since accepting the offer and publicising the meeting in this newsletter we have received a number of complaints because we are allowing Mr. Rafty to speak on a League platform. There seems to be two main reasons for the complaints: Mr. Rafty’s political views [and] [h]is association with another person who was embroiled in internal problems within another conservative group in Sydney…

~ On Target, Vol.37, No.24, June 2001

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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10 Responses to Klub Naziya / Klub Nation / Public Information Forum / Jason Rafty…

  1. modernity says:

    Why are the Humanist Society so clueless in this matter? Surely they couldn’t think that neo-nazi beliefs were acceptable?

  2. @ndy says:


    I’m not a member so yeah but no but…

    I understand that there is a spectrum of opinion within the Society (which has something like 200 or so members). That is, there are some who are appalled by neo-Nazism, and would much prefer it if their property was not made available to ‘Klub Naziya’ for their meetings. Others may be unsympathetic, but believe that the neo-Nazis have a right to assemble, including on Humanist property. Still others are themselves neo-Nazis.

    Whatever the opinion of individual members of the Society, the person responsible for arranging bookings is David Duffy, and according to the above, he denies ‘Klub Naziya’ is a (neo-)Nazi group, merely “right of centre”. This may be somewhat unusual, but on the other hand, Dr James Saleam has described ‘Blood & Honour’ as a group which organises “…a younger persons’ music gig…”, while in response to the same group, members of the local (Melbourne) punk community have expressed similar sentiments. (See : ‘Scabs’.)

    It does surprise me that Duffy claims that the group has been meeting at Humanist House for eight years — my understanding was that it had been meeting there only for the last five or so, and intermittently.

    Finally, I think that the Society’s avowed secularism, along with its relative obscurity, has attracted a range of cranks, including unreconstructed anti-Semites.

  3. James Martens says:

    The name DUFFY is derived from the Irish/Gaeilge word ‘Dubh’, which horror of horror means – BLACK…not very Aryan there David, don’t you know the Irish are Untermensch?

    Anyhow in place of multikultism I’ve discovered some fine upstanding white/heathen/aryan lifestyle stuff – right here – http://www.hexmagazine.com/hex_folk.htm#AVR

    “If you are completely unable to alter your threshold in any visible way, due to landlords, roommates, neighborhood associations, etc., trace the rune Dagaz or Othila with saliva on your door, using your right hand. This will work as an effective protective measure. Saliva has always been used by our folk for magical purposes, especially protective ones. When combined with runic magic, this method of doorway warding is quite strong…and utterly undetectable.”


    Makes complete sense to me.

    This profundity emerges from the Sydney (NSW – Australia) rock’n’roll band Ironwood who profess an interest in –

    “heathenism and the Germanic mythos”

    According to a band member –

    “…my own website on spirituality, heathenism and magic – Elhaz Ablaze (www.elhazablaze.com) and the other is the site for Hex Magazine (www.hexmagazine.com), for which I am one of the editors.

    According to the same band member one of their songs –

    “‘The Raven Song’, for example, is inspired by the image of Odin’s mythic ravens, Huginn and Muninn (Thought and Memory). ‘The Serpent Seeks Its Tail’ is a meditation on the nature of self, time and change taken through the metaphor of Old Norse cosmology. ‘River of Fire’ is a possession song dedicated to the ecstatic shaman god Woden”.

    Isn’t it lovely that the white’s of/ov Sydney have finally gotten in touch with their roots and have their own Dreamtime?

  4. @ndy says:


    Couldn’t help it…

  5. @ndy says:

    Plus plus…

    Union Jack? Thall’s Cac!

    Chì mi na dathan – dearg, geal’s gorm
    Chan eil mi moiteil asta ach tha nàire orm
    Impeirileas, gràin-cinnidh – seo na tha i a’ciallachadh
    Aparan an fheòladair – tha mi dol a dhiobhairt
    Chì mi am bratach seo ‘s bidh mi làn feirg
    Chan eil ach aon bhratach a dhìth – am bratach dhubh’s dhearg!
    An aon bhratach a tha dhìth tha i dubh’s dearg!
    Am bratach dhubh’s dhearg!

    Union Jack? Abair cac!
    Union Jack? Thall’s cac!

    Riaghaltas ann an Lunnainn gar cumail fo smachd
    Le laghan agus riaghailtean gar tachdadh mar an sac
    Bleigeardan Westminster gar làimhseachadh mar chac
    Saorsa do dh’ Alba! Saorsa son Iorac!
    Dortamaid Santorum air feadh an Union Jack
    Aparan a’ bhuidseir còmhdaichte le cac
    Dortamaid Santorum air feadh an Union Jack
    Dortamaid Santorum…

    Union Jack? Abair cac!
    Union Jack? Thall’s cac!

    Union Jack? Away and Shite!

    I see the colours – red, white and blue
    I’m not proud of them – I’m fuckin’ ashamed
    Imperialism and racism – that’s what they symbolise
    The Butcher’s Apron – I’m gonna puke
    I see this flag and I’m filled with anger
    There’s only one flag we need – the black and red flag!
    The only flag we need is black and red
    The black and red flag! The black and red flag!

    Union Jack? What a load of fucking shite!
    Union Jack? Get to fuck!

    The London government keeping us under control
    With laws and regulations choking us like asthma
    The bastards in Westminster treating us like shit
    Freedom for Scotland! Freedom for Iraq!
    Let’s pour Santorum over the Union Jack
    The Butcher’s Apron covered in shite
    Let’s pour Santorum all over the Union Jack
    Let’s pour Santorum – let’s pour Santorum all over the…

    Union Jack? What a load of fucking shite!
    Union Jack? Get to fuck!
    Union Jack? What a load of fucking shite!
    Union Jack? Get to fuck!

  6. James Martens says:

    Typical Andy, making a mockery of WHITE EUROPEAN FOLK customs.

    Just ‘coz you don’t trace the rune Dagaz or Othila with saliva on your door using your right hand doesn’t mean you should make a mockery of OUR ARYAN culture.

    Where is Multiculturalism when it comes to white traditions?

  7. Lumpen says:

    You can keep the tradition alive by spitting on a neo-nazi. You know, for good luck.

  8. Henry Lauer says:

    I write as a member of the band Ironwood and as an editor of Hex Magazine.

    Seeing as of the four of us, one member of Ironwood is Jewish and another is African I think you can kiss your snide attitude goodbye – we all vote Greens in fact. The band concept has a strong influence from European pre-Christian mythology, but to put that in perspective, even Elton John once wrote a song about the Vikings.

    Hex Magazine is staunchly anti-political and has absolutely nothing to do with right wing extremism, hatred, and the like. We ran an article on swastikas in Issue 2, but in case you haven’t noticed, the swastika is an international symbol of peace – the Nazi usage of it is a complete and utterly disgusting perversion, a point made very strongly in that article.

    People of European heritage can have an interest in that heritage without having to reject anyone else’s. I cherish being born and raised in a country as intensely multicultural as Australia.

    In future you might find it prudent to check your facts before shooting off [at] the mouth.



  9. Drinks says:

    I heard from attendees at those Klub Naziya meetings that they were primarily binge-drinking sessions that mostly resulted in extreme intoxication and rowdy, out-of-control behaviour.

    Some attendees, who were looking for serious discussion, therefore left in protest.

    That, however, did not stop the others: some attendees were not at all interested in the topic/s at hand and were only there for the booze.

    Yes, an entry fee had to be paid by each and every attendee, but the funds were – almost without exception – only ever used to purchase bulk quantities of alcohol.

    I’m sure anyone who regularly attended the meetings could confirm this. Their real focus was intoxication.

    In fact, as an organization or movement, Klub Naziya appeared to have no official literature, no manifesto, no written aims, no minutes or videos from its meetings, not even a website.

    Attendees were expected to pay a $20 entry fee at each meeting, but it came with an “all you can drink” sweetener and promise. Therefore, many saw the meetings as an opportunity to drink bulk quantities of booze for a mere twenty bucks.

    On top of that, a monthly subscription fee had to be paid by regulars, yet no-one was ever told what they would receive in return for paying the subscription. It is strongly suspected that those fees were also spent on alcohol supplies at the Klub Naziya gatherings.

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