Love means never having to say you’re sorry // “It’s only a joke”

    Offensive ‘Sorry’ email hits in-boxes
    Mark Schliebs
    February 12, 2008

    AN OFFENSIVE “apology” to the Aboriginal population which caused outrage nearly eight years ago is being distributed online through a flood of emails.

    Email in-boxes – including those of media outlets – have been hit by the message entitled the “Australian Apology to the Aborigines/Aboriginal Population”, causing a backlash on message boards across the internet…

And this just in from the Department of Jackie Kelly Eat Your Heart Out:

Lib endorses racist ‘apology’ email
The Sunday Mail
Glenn Milne
February 17, 2008

BRENDAN Nelson has been embarrassed by a racist version of an “apology” to the Stolen Generations being circulated by prominent Liberals who don’t believe the Opposition Leader should have supported last week’s historic gesture.

The mock apology accuses Aborigines of being cannibals and ungrateful for the assistance they have received from white governments…

The document is being circulated via email in Sydney by prominent Liberal and businessman Ian Goode. Mr Goode, a former builder, is well known in Cronulla, the southern Sydney suburb that was the scene of ugly race riots in December 2005.

Mr Goode was quoted at the time for blaming the riots on Lebanese Muslims.

While Mr Goode yesterday denied being the author of the racist “apology” – which is headed “the APOLOGY Kevin Rudd should be giving to the Aboriginals!!” – he endorsed its sentiments at the top of his email with the words: “Not politically correct, but close to the point.”

Senior Liberal sources confirmed yesterday that Mr Goode was active in the party and had been chosen as a pre-selector in the recent controversial pre-selection for the Cronulla-based federal seat of Cook, though he was unable to take his place in that process.

Mr Goode also heads up the Cronulla Nippers Club – the biggest youth surf organisation in Australia.

“It was only a joke,” he said…

Jesus fuck a shit soufflé: KRudd’s apology to the Stolen Generation has really allowed the vicious underbelly of rank racism that permeates Australian culture and politics to overflow like an enormous bath full of mixed metaphors. Continuing to lead the charge is millionaire blabbermouth Alan Jones.

Radio callers outraged: I’m disgusted, says one
Paul Bibby
Sydney Morning Herald
February 14, 2008

WHETHER you call them the ignored majority or the ignorant few, it took only a mouse click and a quick flick of the radio dial to discover that many Australians did not welcome Kevin Rudd’s apology yesterday.

The words “We are sorry” from the Prime Minister sent talkback switchboards and internet servers into meltdown, as thousands rang or clicked in to register their disagreement and in some cases disgust at the new direction their leaders had taken. Calls and commentary on the Sydney radio stations 2GB and 2UE led the charge, with callers describing the morning’s events as “political correctness gone mad” and asking why it was an apology for “them and not us”.

“I’m disgusted … he [Rudd] makes out that we’ve done nothing but destroy this country,” one caller to Alan Jones said…

Top bloke, Alan.

Also unconvinced of the merits of a Government apology is Andrew Nut. I mean, Bolt. Bolt says pretty much what you’d expect him to say, and thus provides Ben Pobjie with some excellent material to work with: Andrew Bolt, Please Forgive Us, New Matilda, February 15, 2008:

The Herald Sun‘s esteemed opinion columnist, Andrew Bolt, is upset. Very, very upset. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s apology to Indigenous Australians seems to have set something off in the poor fellow. He’s so apoplectic with rage he’s started making sheep noises. And I have to say, I feel a little bad for him. He just seems so furious, so desolate at the way the country’s going. And the fact is, we’re to blame. You and me, and our fellow left-wing, do-gooder, bleeding-heart PC Australians. We’ve given poor old Andrew heartburn. And at a time like this, I think it’s only appropriate that I offer, on behalf of the nation, an apology to Mr Bolt.

Meanwhile, in Sydney, Dr James Saleam is enjoying another of his brief moments in the spotlight, on this occasion as a result of his losing an upcoming election for local council in September.

Australia First to stand for council
Mark O’Brien
St George & Sutherland Shire Leader
February 14, 2008

THE Australia First Party will run an “energetic” campaign in a bid to win a seat on Sutherland Shire Council at the local government elections in September.

Party spokesman Jim Saleam said the party was planning to contest at least one ward and was now choosing candidates.

The party entered candidates in the 2004 local government contests at Coffs Harbour [Darrell Wallbridge, 124 votes], Marrickville [South, James Saleam, 42 votes], Newcastle [2, Stuart McBeth, Robert McBeth and Jarrod Riches; 534 votes total] and Sutherland [D, Syd Cratchley, 289 votes].

“We didn’t actually campaign in Marrickville. I simply put my name down there as a provocation,” Dr Saleam said.

“We ran a candidate in Sutherland’s B ward and didn’t pull a massive amount of the vote.”

Dr Saleam said this year’s campaign would be as “extensive” as the party could reasonably make it.

“We will be confronting the multicultural policies of the council,” he said.

Dr Saleam said the country’s most pressing concern was population control and every effort should be made to cap Australia’s population, including cutting immigration.

He said people who came to Australia from other countries often left again and they should not be “replaced”, which would allow some room for Australia’s birth rate without increasing the total population.

Dr Saleam said that by joining local government, the Australia First Party could “use every power and technique available” at that level to mount an obstructionist campaign against the higher levels of government.

“We perceive this as almost a political guerilla war,” he said. “The desalination plant is linked to Morris Iemma’s target of 6 million people in Sydney by 2040. That would make the shire virtually unliveable.”

Mayor David Redmond dismissed the party’s ambitions.

“It appears to me they are very much a single-issue party,” he said. “The matters that come before council on a daily basis are pretty broad. A councillor should be able to speak and deal with any member of the community.”

As noted at the beginning of this post, one of the other responses to the apology to Australia’s indigenous peoples — aside from the gathering in Canberra — has been the circulation of a really funny text, one providing an alternative perspective on Australian history and relations between the indigenous and non-indigenous populations. Below are a few extracts and a few brief responses to them.


1) “We apologise for giving you doctors and free medical care, which allows you to survive and multiply so that you can demand apologies.”

By almost any standard measure, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population experiences grievous disadvantage in the area of health. Or as the Office of Aboriginal Health puts it: “Aboriginal people experience much poorer health and die at a much younger age than non-Aboriginal Australians. For almost every health status indicator where information is available, the Aboriginal level is worse than that among non-Aboriginal Australians (ABS & AIHW, 2003).” According to the Victorian Government, “Indigenous people have a shorter life expectancy – around 18 to 19 years less than non-indigenous people. The average life span is 57 years for an Aboriginal male and 62 years for an Aboriginal female”; and again, “Aboriginal people have higher rates of ill health than any other group in Australia.”

2) “We apologise for helping you to read and teaching you the English language and thus we opened up to you the entire European civilisation, thought and enterprise.”

There are more than 200 Australian Indigenous languages. Less than 20 languages are strong, and even these are endangered: the others have been destroyed, live in the memories of the elderly, or are being revived by their communities.

3) “We feel that we must apologise for building hundreds of homes for you, which you have vandalised and destroyed.”

Uh-huh. Well, that’s what the anonymous author of some racist spam maintains. On the other hand, today, the ABC reports on the release of a new study by a public health professional with 25 years experience in the field of Aboriginal health (Indigenous housing grossly inadequate: report, Lindy Kerin).

As the Prime Minister prepares for a road trip to Indigenous communities, possibly with Opposition Leader Brendan Nelson, a report on Aboriginal housing reveals the extent of the challenge facing his new bipartisan commission. The report, which was published today in Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, exposes serious inadequacies in Indigenous housing in the Northern Territory and four states. Dr Paul Torzillo from the Nganampa Health Council in central Australia says more than 4,000 houses in 132 Indigenous communities were surveyed. He says most were grossly inadequate in infrastructure, nutrition, safety and hygiene. “In only a third of these houses could you actually wash a child reliably each day,” Dr Torzillo said. “In only around 10 to 11 per cent of these houses did you have basic electrical safety. In less than 10 per cent of these houses could you actually store, prepare and cook a meal. So what these findings, what this study shows is that when you go and test the ability of these houses to provide the basic hardware that people need to live a healthy lifestyle, look after themselves and their families, then the houses perform extraordinarily badly.”

Of course, not having read the report, I’m unsure if it recommends Governments intervene to stop ungrateful blacks from destroying their own housing, but if it did, I think it would be newsworthy, don’t you?

4) “We apologise for giving you law and order which has helped prevent you from slaughtering one another and using the unfortunate for food purposes.”

We’re through the looking glass here. Yes: invasion, expropriation and attempted genocide is in reality the ushering in of a new, more civilised era for the violent blacks. Never mind that the history of the West is in large part a history of war, empire and genocide (as well as a not-coincidental history of technological progress and domination of non-human nature); forget that, as a result of the massive expansion in the forces of capitalist industrialism, the long-term survival of the species has been thrown into question; no, just remember — Australia’s indigenous peoples were in the habit of killing and eating one another, and Whitey stopped it.

No further questions…?

Honestly, you can’t make this shit up.

Oh wait

And so on and so on. The text continues to make a series of unsupported and increasingly bizarre assertions regarding the enormous boon loss of sovereignty has been for indigenous peoples, from the provision of food, clothing and transport (“We apologise for giving you free travel anywhere, whenever”) to “allowing taxpayers’ money [to be] paid towards [your] daughters’ wedding[s]” of “$8,000.00 each”.

“It is clear that the Aboriginal industry is keen to belittle white settlement in Australia as a psychological weapon in making demands for such concessions as native title, and “land rights”. Pauline Hanson is condemned because she refuses to be intimidated by such propaganda” claimed Alexander Downer’s mates in the the Australian League of Rights (On Target, Vol.33, No.17, May 9, 1997).

Fuck ’em. Here’s an Aussie rock classic:

On a somewhat-related note, searching for a poem of his about re-learning Gaelic, I just stumbled upon online recordings of Jas H. Duke’s poetry. Jas was a Melbourne anarchist and poet, whom I discovered almost exactly around the time he died, in 1992. Jas wrote a few poems about Australia and colonialism for the ‘Bicentenary’ in 1988, one favourite of mine being ‘Happy Birthday Australia’.

You can keep your Opera House and your MCG
You can keep your company home it don’t mean nothing to me
We’re not trying to take away your suburban backyard
We won’t be spearing any sheep down on your farm
My life is different to yours
What are you worried for
You got the money, you got the lot
You got it all but you still don’t stop…

    :::::: APPENDIX ::::::

Carl D. Thompson (‘Wodensvolk’) — Queensland-based raging neo-Nazi, soliloquist and one of Stormfront Down Under’s favourite netizens — has some awesome raps about the womenfolk. On the subject of white chicks engaging in forbidden lurve (aka miscegenation), check this shit:

This happens because between the ages of about 15 and 25 women are terminally stupid, regardless of what their IQ score may be.
They generally make the worst reproductive choices possible because they are attracted to the ‘bad boys’, as a result of Jewish programming.
About the age of 25 some of them grow a brain, but by then they generally have a miscegenated mongrel or otherwise undesirable rug rat and no decent white man will touch them.
I can remember that girls who made fun of me when they were teenagers, or scorned me when they were about 20, just about kicked my door in to get to me by the time that they turned 30 and had grown a brain.
I can remember one girl/woman in particular who turned up on my doorstep (literally) with a rug rat she had to a Pacific islander.
She was a stunner, playmate of the month material. She apologised for the way that she had treated me and pleaded for me to give her another chance.
I told her in very clear terms that ‘once you go black we don’t want you back’ and left her there with her miscegenated bastard.
Now I am watching my own daughter go through this phase.
At least she has been thoroughly educated on the matter of race, so there is no danger of that problem . . . but every boyfriend she has had has been a loser who has been a waste of oxygen.
She has an IQ of 152, but functions at the level of an idiot when it comes to choosing male company.

Another meathead called SouthWesterner adds:

Have you got a daughter? Coz that[‘]s what they[‘]re here for.

The zionist-occupied-governments of all the White countries love to bring blacks into our countries for the purpose of race-mixing and therefore the destruction of the White race. Don[‘]t pay attention to the reasons (excuses) they are here, just understand that the alternative agenda is to misceginate [sic] the White Race.

The real haters are the jews. They’ve hated Whites for over a thousand years.

You’ve gotta laugh eh?

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