Jews did WTC!



Some bloke called John Bursill done a tour of Australia recently presenting the Hard Evidence that 9/11 was a conspiracy — last night he sprach at the New Council Chambers @ Trades Hall. According to a comrade who attended, the crowd was large, numbering several hundred, with most being middle-aged or older (which segment was described as being of a similar ilk to that which supported One Nation) while a smaller segment was younger (mostly blokes in their twenties).

NB. Bursill also spoke at the Sydney Forum in September — an annual gathering of far-right activists conducted under the auspices of the Australia First Party, for which Dr James Saleam is Der Fuehrer. On the Sydney Forum, see : Petersham RSL proudly presents : Gangrene Dreams @ the 2009 Sydney Forum, October 1, 2009; on Saleam, see : Dr James Saleam & ‘The Audacity of Hate’, September 26th, 2009; on Australia First, see : Move over One Nation, here comes Australia First!, October 13, 2009.

Ken Jenkins elaborates on some FAQs inre 9/11 here. In summary, the position of the Hard Evidence mob is that “All we know for certain is that the official story cannot be true. We don’t know all the details of what happened. That’s why we want a real investigation – with subpoena powers – to find out what really did occur.”

So: Governments lie; the US Government lied about ‘what really happened’ on September 11, 2001; the troof must be exposed. Further: “Our entire world took a radical and dark turn as a direct result of 9/11. As things stand, the phony “war on terror” will continue to last “for a lifetime” as we were promised, wasting resources – human, natural and economic – while justifying empire, repressive police state policies, and keeping people afraid. The Obama administration is shifting the “war on terror” from Iraq back to Afghanistan, and is also now bombing Pakistan. Only 9/11 Truth can reverse this trend of endless war.”

Which doesn’t follow, but still, stumbling about the blogosphere, I somehow made my way from Contested Terrain to The Deliverators to Screw Loose Change. I’ve read the first two blogs before (both are neat), but not the last. It’s dedicated to de-bunking the ‘conspiracists’, and recent posts discuss the Hard Evidence (“Blunder Down Under”) tour:

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  1. relish says:

    Do I have to beg people to look into this, to take care of themselves and their children, and to see what is RIGHT BEFORE THEIR EYES?

    Are you still feeding your children toxic food? Are you too damn lazy to spend the 5 minutes it would take to see that my “conspiracy theory” is actually a conspiracy FACT?

    If people are so blind and complacent that they fail to spend the very short amount of time and effort to research this for themselves, then they are in many ways getting exactly what they deserve.

    Well, I am TRYING my best to warn you. I have been TRYING for a very long time now. I do NOT get a single JEW penny for my time or trouble. These are “pro bono” attempts to help you out and open your eyes. If you choose to ignore it or if you think you are too busy to look into it, then so be it. Best of luck to you. I tried. and tried… and tried again.

  2. @ndy says:

    Not a single JEW penny eh?

    Life’s tough.

  3. relish says:

    f crs, y’r th typ tht hs nvr bn n cntct wth JW. wll tll y smthng… hv!

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