Greet Your New Lesbian Overlords!

Totally awesome post on i09…

With Y: The Last Man wrapping up and turning into a movie, the science fiction cliche of the female-dominated planet is red-hot once again. The cosmos is safe for our red-blooded spacemen to venture to worlds where there are no men, or where men are subjugated and the women wear funny headgear. But what about the subset of gynarchic cultures where everyone’s a lesbian? It turns out science fiction is full of those, too, and it’s time they got the appreciation they deserve.

Many, many thanks to Liz Henry with the Feminist SF blog for helping me put together this exhaustive list of lesbian-dominated cultures in science fiction. Smug Sappho! There are way more than I’d expected…

Read more misogynist pigdog!

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4 Responses to Greet Your New Lesbian Overlords!

  1. vents says:

    Fuck yeah, I just popped a giant boner

    I read one of these comics, never been into comics but it was alright

  2. Ultimate Hater says:

    I want militant black feminist pussy so badly…

  3. Changeling says:

    LoL! Like the Knights of Malta symbol attached to one of the bikes – is the Vatican promoting Lesbianism? 🙂

    I’m currently writing a Sci-Fi piece featuring Dina Al Sabah and Alti Bautista in lead roles…“dina al sabah”&btnG=Search Images&gbv=2“alti bautista”&btnG=Search Images

    …well…not exactly “currently”…more “eventually”.

    Our time is up brothers. Evolution has caught up with us…


  4. Mar Bucknell says:

    Does anyone remember the word “fiction”?

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