Aryan Guard: Obituary

Briefly: following the attempted bombing on the weekend, Canadian neo-Nazi groupuscule the ‘Aryan Guard’ is dead.

It lived just 997 years short of 1,000.

Before it died, the Guard helped launch ‘White Pride World Wide Day’ (aka ‘People Of European Origin With Pale Complexions In Calgary And Christchurch Who Choose To Celebrate Their Wise Choice Of Parents By Waving Flags In Public Day’), a celebration of racist stoopid scheduled to take place on March 21, the same date that the UN declared to be the ‘International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination’. ‘WPWW’ Day is a proudly Aussie invention, which prompted Paul Innes (the Perth-based moderator of Stormfront Down Under) to pass out racist samizdat on the streets, members of the ‘New Zealand National Front’ to march in Christchurch, and the Aryan Guard to jackboot aboot Calgary.

Another victory in the Eternal Struggle of the Master Race.

Anyway, ARA Calgary has written an obituary for the Angry Aryans, and here it is.


It is with great joy that today we announce the passing of the Aryan Guard.

Although the Guard only lasted three years, in that short time they managed to rack up an impressive list of failures and acts of epic cowardice and gross incompetence.

In just three years we have seen the Guard exemplify the ‘virtues’ of the ‘White Nationalist’ movement by attacking a diminutive Japanese woman from behind; organizing poorly-attended rallies easily shut down by anti-racist Calgarians; beating an unarmed homeless man nearly to death; getting arrested, time and again, for drug offenses; fraudulently advertising a non-existent relocation subsidy programme; and even failing to keep up with the payments on their post-office boxes. It has been a legacy of incompetence mixed with violence as yet unparalleled in this city.

Most notable, however, was the Aryan Guards’ unwavering commitment to hypocrisy.

While they preached ‘family values’, the Guard itself was rife with teen pregnancies and abandoned mothers — most notably exemplified by Guard co-founder Kyle McKee who made an amateur pornographic video of himself and a married woman while his teen girlfriend was at home, pregnant with his child. Despite their alleged commitment to ‘unity’ amongst ‘white nationalists’, the Guard revelled in in-fighting and bickering. They fostered a near gang-war rift between themselves and the Volksfront and came to blows with each other over the most trite subjects: the theft of a coin collection, the borrowing of a car, and, of course, girls. The passing of the Guard, in fact, can be directly attributed to Kyle McKee’s attempted murder of a former Aryan Guard member over an amorous misadventure.

Certainly, there are many in Calgary who love to be able to take the credit for the demise of the Aryan Guard. The sad fact, however, is that there is only one organization that can rightfully stake the claim as the group that ran the Guard out of town: the Guard itself. Yes, many of us in the anti-racist movement put a lot of effort into monitoring, confronting and containing the Guard — you know who you are — and that work has been valuable. The pressure applied to the Guard on multiple levels, overt and covert, stymied many of their recruiting efforts, refocused their actions on more hardened targets and served, often, to fan the flames of internal dissent in the Guard that led, ultimately, to it’s implosion. The lesson we take from the death of the Guard is that Fascism is an unstable ideology and that, as anti-fascists, it is our job to contain, restrict and apply pressure to groups like the Guard until they do, eventually, crack.

And so, to the Guard: good riddance. With the anchor of that organization gone, we can only hope that the angry and hateful and spiteful people it attracted will drift away and maybe, even, grow up. But if for some reason they don’t, the racists of this city would do well to remember one thing.

We’re still watching.

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