Crazy Canadians issue title challenge to Crazy Greeks

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Stung by the speciesism inherent in previous bouts between CrazyGreek and CrazyCanadian Anarchists, Collectif Ton Chien has struck back against humans and their killing machines, taking direct action to remove deadly cars from the roads. Word on the street is that Greek anarchist cats will shortly be upping the anti by conspiring to sabotage all cat detector vans from the Athens and Thessaloniki branches of the Greek Ministry of Housinge.

Montreal police targeting ‘anarchist’ vandals
March 19 2008

Montreal police are after some apparent anarchists who have vandalized a bank, a car dealership — and police cars.

An East Montreal Mazda dealership found 43 slashed tires on its lot Tuesday morning, causing about $10,000 in damage, CTV Montreal reported Wednesday.

A group calling itself Collectif Ton Chien, or Your Dog’s Group, took responsibility on an anarchist website and in communiques to various media outlets.

“They said they were inspired by — and in solidarity with — two groups and two actions earlier: The torching of six police cars … and three ATM machines that were set on fire,” said CTV Montreal’s Herb Luft.

Those actions were said to be carried out by Collectif Ton Pere (Your Father’s Group) and Collectif Ton Oncle (Your Uncle’s Group), he said.

Police say the groups appear to be linked, but they have to work on proof, he said.

One possibility is it’s one group with three different names. But it’s possible that there are three different groups or that someone is operating as a copycat, Luft added.

“You can be sure this is not something like a joke,” said Sgt. Ian Lafreniere of the Montreal Police. “As soon as we find out (who’s responsible), they will be prosecuted.”

The investigation is being treated as a priority, he said.

In a possibly related matter, about 200 demonstrators clashed with Montreal police on Saturday in the course of what the protesters called an anti-brutality march.

About 20 people were arrested.

Some threw ice chunks, snowballs and beer bottles at police and the media. They smashed a police vehicle’s windows, those of several other vehicles and damaged some storefront windows.

One posting said those targeted by the tire slashings at the Mazda dealership were “not citizens. they’re not living with recurring debt (and) with rents increasing because of real estate developments and gentrification. “They’re not living under constant threat of eviction, or with having to make the choice of feeding their children or paying their bills.” [Officer XX] said that the actions of the groups, including posting messages claiming responsibility for the acts, indicate one of their main aims is to draw attention to themselves. “They’re not just attacking the police,” [Officer XX] said. “They’re attacking our way of life here in Montreal.”

Anyone witnesses are asked to call info-crime at 514-393-1133.

~ Anarchists take credit for string of crime, Max Harrold, The Gazette, March 19, 2008

Montreal police are blaming local anarchists for three recent acts of vandalism, but some familiar with the multi-faceted movement say: “Not so fast.”

~ Anarchists suspected in vandal attacks, Max Harrold, The Gazette, March 20, 2008

Police seized computers from a web hosting company the other night as they try to track down those responsible for several acts of vandalism over the past week in the east end. Anarchists have claimed responsibility for all three acts on an anarchist website. Four police officers took the computer from Koumbit, a non-profit group that offers hosting to associations and community groups across the province.

~ Police tracking down anarchist vandals, CJAD, Jason Mayoff, March 20, 2008

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