The Potentiality of Storming Heaven is Pretty Fucking Slim… but Still. Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will, Pies in 2010, 1066 And All That.

See also : Steve Wright, Storming Heaven: class composition and struggle in Italian Autonomist Marxism (Pluto Press, 2002) | New AK Press Book on the Dec. 2008 Greek Uprisings, Zach, Revolution by the Book, December 4, 2009.

Ah-ah-ah, ha-ha, ho-ho!

Fly into the streets! All who are still fresh and young and not dehumanized — to the streets! The pot-bellied mortar of laughter stands in a square drunk with joy. Laughter and Love, copulating with Melancholy and Hate, pressed together in the mighty, convulsive passion of bestial lust. Long live the psychology of contrasts! Intoxicated, burning spirits have raised the flaming banner of intellectual revolution. Death to the creatures of routine, the philistines, the sufferers from gout! Smash with a deafening noise the cup of vengeful storms! Tear down the churches and their allies the museums! Blast to smithereens the fragile idols of Civilization! Hey, you decadent architects of the sarcophagi of thought, you watchmen of the universal cemetery of books — stand aside! We have come to remove you! The old must be buried, the dusty archives burned by the Vulcan’s torch of creative genius. Past the flaky ashes of world-wide destruction, past the charred canvases of bulky paintings, past the burned, fat, pot-bellied volumes of classics we march, we Anarcho-Futurists! Above the vast expanse of devastation covering our land the banner of anarchy will be proudly unfurled. Writing has no value! There is no market for literature! There are no prisons, no limits for subjective creativity! Everything is permitted! Everything is unrestricted!

~ ‘Shturmovoi, opustoshaiushchii manifest anarkho-futuristive’, K Svetu (Kharkov), March 14, 1919, p.1, in The Anarchists in the Russian Revolution, Paul Avrich (editor), Thames and Hudson, 1973, pp.52–53 [extract]

The accused have never denied the charge of misappropriating the funds of the Strasbourg Student Union. Indeed, they openly admit to having made the union pay some 5000 francs for the printing of 10,000 pamphlets, not to mention the cost of other literature inspired by the “Situationist International.” These publications express aims and ideas which, to put it mildly, have nothing to do with the purposes of a student union. One need only read what the accused have written for it to be obvious that these five students, scarcely more than adolescents, lacking any experience of real life, their minds confused by ill-digested philosophical, social, political and economic theories and bored by the drab monotony of their everyday life, have the pathetic arrogance to make sweeping denunciations of their fellow students, their professors, God, religion, the clergy, and the governments and political and social systems of the entire world. Rejecting all morality and legal restraint, these cynics do not shrink from advocating theft, the destruction of scholarship, the abolition of work, total subversion and a permanent worldwide proletarian revolution with “unrestrained pleasure” as its only goal.

~ Judge Llabador, Strasbourg District Court, December 13, 1966


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  1. Antifa Australia says:

    Blood and Honour are partying on the Gold Coast, Saturday, December 12.

    Spread the word.

  2. ash says:

    any word on the happenings in saloniki?

  3. @ndy says:


    the best sauce (in english) of infos i can find is After the Greek Riots blog.


    Police brutality
    December 7, 2009

    In Thessaloniki today a demonstration even bigger than yesterday took place. I believe about 8000-10000. Many high school students were there and also workers and students. The demo was attacked initially with chemical gasses, but did not break and then did not allow the police to approach the demo, throwing rocks. After the demonstration, an assembly of the students was planned in the Polytechnic University. Without any reason, special police forces entered for third time the last [three] days into the university, hit people, throwed chemical gasses into the building and detained or arrested some. Their intention was 100% to kill or wound severely someone. The students occupied the central building of the university and an assembly (not only students, after the last events everybody will take part) will take place there. Earlier in the morning student demonstrations took place in many neighborhoods.

    The state is clearly trying to terrorize the population, but until now the only thing that they achieve is to make everybody angry, and more people come out to the streets. Many are afraid to go out but support the demonstrators, opening their houses to hide people that are chased by the killers.


    Thousands take to the Greek cities’ streets: Down with this state of terror…
    December 7, 2009

    In Thessaloniki 88 persons were detained and 4 of them will be charged with fabricated clues. The rest will be freed. More than 250 were initially under threat of detention, surrounded by cops, but another part of the demonstration went there and forced the cops to retreat and freed the people. When the situation was clear and we learned that they transferred the detained to the headquarters of the police (which is outside the city, very long distance from the center), thousands of people (I think about 4000) started another demonstration which started from the center and ended outside the headquarters. the people stayed there for many hours, demanding the liberation of all.


    The only way to learn if we can swim is to jump in the water… (announcement by the occupied Theatre school in Thessaloniki)
    December 6, 2009

    The only way to learn if we can swim is to jump in the water…

    If we could keep something from last December this is the end of silence. The social explosion was not alone on the streets of Greece, but it came out together with the need for dialogue. The fact, which we are told for years now that “democracy” has no dead ends, was proven brutally to be a cheap lie of the authority. The dead ends are a lot. They materialize in the tenths of our day-to-day problems, in our society’s sickness.

    So what can we do as a society? Shall we continue to put trust on the them and their lies?

    There is a way out of this system which destroys our life, a system whose only function is to reproduce and to manage the corruption that is originally created by it. The way out can be found to each one separately and to everyone together. As long as we can still listen to the message coming out from the insurrection of December 2008.

    Which message?

    The only way that we can initiate the liberation from the dark reality is to begin deciding by ourselves the matters that concern ourselves. We must realise that the logic “vote every four years and I will do the best for you”, is the logic which reproduces this rotten regime.

    We all have a portion of responsibility for our lives and for the societies we live in.

    As long as we recognise these responsibilities and take the steps leading to the final cut of the umbilical cord that ties us with the authority, we can begin changing the scenery around us with steady moves… with our goal being, at the right moment, to get rid of the destructive institutions like the parliamentary-representative democracy and to create new ones which will be based on the equal participation of everyone.

    These paths were opened since the last December. And these are the paths which we are obligated to continue walking on without fear. In each space, in each neighbour, in the schools and in the universities, in the working spaces, in our stance for the immigrants, in our view about environment… in everything that concern our life.

    We prefer to decide for our lives ourselves, even if we make mistakes.

    Then these mistakes will be ours too. We will learn, we will move forward, we will really stand on our feet as a society…



    on Sunday 6th of DECEMBER 2009
    12.30 at Kamara (Thessaloniki)

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