Goons. Hired goons.

A bloke from Bristol (England) called Mark Watson has allegedly received a death threat from another bloke called Roger Phillips. Mark is a filmmaker and he is currently making a film about the BNP. He documents his troubles with Roger on RogerTheBNPandMe’s Channel. Roger Phillips is the deputy leader of the Welsh BNP. Roger also sells nationalist tat through his company ‘Patriotic Products’, and is a YouTube laughing-stock/* for his vid about about how London-is-full-of-all-them-foreigners-taking-up-space-and breathing-our-British-air.

Of course, if you thought London was bad, wait until you see Bristol…

Elsewhere in the UK, the National Front is going through all-sorts, what with visits to Eddy Morrison’s house by two C.U.N.T.s, and now a rumoured split, with poor old Eddy embroiled in a failed leadership coup.

Nazis are silly.

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