Abdullah Abu Rahmeh; Or: Stay In Your Home (If You Have One)

The Israeli government appears to have launched an even more concerted effort to crack down on opposition to the illegal Apartheid Wall on the West Bank, conducting a dawn raid on the home of one of the Wall’s most vocal opponents, Abdullah Abu Rahmeh, arresting him and charging him with the horrible crimes of “breaking curfew, interfering with police work and disturbing the public order”.

Israel arrests Palestinian barrier protest leader
Ben Hubbard (AP)

RAMALLAH, West Bank — A leader of the most persistent Palestinian protest movement against Israel’s West Bank separation barrier was asleep in his home when troops broke down his door and arrested him.

Supporters of Abdullah Abu Rahmeh, a 38-year-old teacher, say his pre-dawn arrest on Thursday by dozens of troops is part of a recent, heavy-handed campaign by Israel to shut down a five-year-old movement that is the last source of unrest in the West Bank.

Since 2005, demonstrators led by Abu Rahmeh have marched every Friday from the West Bank village of Bilin to the nearby separation barrier that slices off 60 percent of the village land. Their acts of protest, which have also included chaining themselves to trees, have won praise from Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu and support among Israeli peace activists.

About two years ago, villagers in nearby Naalin started similar marches…

I wonder what the 2009 Nobel Prize winner has to say? Arf arf.

For more infos, see : Palestinian grassroots organizer arrested during Israeli military night raid, a press release by the ‘Popular Struggle Coordination Committee’, December 10, 2009 | Bilin teenager: “They arrested my father to discourage the struggle”, Jody McIntyre, Electronic Intifada, December 7, 2009 (on the arrest of Adeeb Abu Rahme/Abdullah Abu Rahmeh in July, 2009) | United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict (‘The Goldstone Report’) | Anarchists against the wall.

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6 Responses to Abdullah Abu Rahmeh; Or: Stay In Your Home (If You Have One)

  1. Jamie-R says:

    Speaking of staying in your home if you have one… How about this crackdown on partying tonight? Police are out to arrest drunks! I mean, shooting fish in a barrel is easier, and hey, I’ve shot fish in a swimming pool with a slug gun, well not me, but I’ve seen others do it, it’s easy!

    Police are following Big Kev’s orders on binge drinking, so watch it.

    Meanwhile, I have reported on this while drinking.

  2. smith says:

    This may be difficult, but how is it possible to sort resolution in Israel. As long as one occupies another’s land, the bloodshed will continue.

  3. @ndy says:


    You’re asking me if I have a ‘solution’ to the ‘problem’ of the Israeli occupation, since 1967, of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank? I’m confused. Much would seem to depend on the foreign policy imperatives of the US state, and these will not change significantly absent popular pressure, of which there is very little. In the meantime, Palestine will continue to bleed, probably to virtual extinction. Who knows? I ain’t no prophet. As for ‘occupation’ and its consequences… its history extends back to the beginnings of civilisation, and there’s been no shortage of blood shed.

  4. Dean Blake says:

    He was just convicted and he’s not appealing the conviction.
    That’s an admission of guilt.
    School teacher encourages kids to pelt stones on soldiers with guns – irresponsible on his part.

  5. Piltdown says:

    Dean, you forgot to mention that Dessie Tutu is is the reincarnation of Hitler.

    Rofl – surely must be a WUM. No one could be that much of a douche.

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