The Queers : ‘Little Rich Working Class Oi-Boy’

How come skinhead oi boys have no work
I bet if they did they’d go berserk
Shut up about the working class
A job is no big deal
You all look like Hitler youth – good job
That’s some appeal

You oi-boys and oi-girls have quite the scene
At shows you love to gang up and get mean
The ones I know were racist then
But that’s all in the past
Excuse my not believing you
It’s happened much too fast

Little rich working class oi boy
Little rich working class oi boy
Little rich working class oi boy

You look and act and talk like Nazi goons
If you truly cared you’d change your tune
The aura you exude tells everyone just how you feel
I don’t buy your bullshit boys
Sorry, there’s no deal

The mid seventies was a strange time in East Liverpool. The Reform Party had promised much, but did little for the working class. Recession had hit the U.K. like a plague. The garbage men were on strike, the Doc Martin Boot factories had to be SHut down due to an international rubber SHortage, and petrol and glue prices were at an all time high. The country was in a state of near anarchy. For whatever reason, such social upheaval seems to spark voice, and creativity from the oppressed in those situations. Basically, no one can explain why some things happen, but Oil! needed to happen, and did! The Clockwork Kid was a local football hooligan who lived in London’s West End on Stavordale Rd. N5, near the park. He was on the dole, as we all were, but moonlighted as a freelance jizzmopper at The White Swallow, a lovely west -end pub that I frequented. I was enjoying a pint, and putting slinky’s on the escalators, when I received a boot party from the kid, moon stomp bovver style. After the bloody good punch up, we SHared a pint and he said to me “Oi! mate join my fuckin band or your dead!”, and so the seeds that were to flower into Oil!, had been planted…

SHH138 SKIN DISEASE “I’m Thick” on “Back On The Streets” EP ’82
Undercover spoof by some of the band, responding to a music paper’s desperation to advertise the “Oi” cult – mostly nationalist, patriotic crap – amongst skinheads. Consists of the title being shouted 64 times over a proto-Oi backing.

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