Hoelzer Reich : Update

On December 12, California-based clothing company Hoelzer Reich announced that it had severed all links to MMA. This announcement took place several days after the two leading MMA companies, Zuffa and Strikeforce, announced a ban on the company’s products, and — partly as a consequence — many of its sponsored fighters also jumped ship.

In summary, the Fourth Reich has lasted well short of 1,000 years.

See also : Hoelzer Reich & neo-Nazism. Yeah but, no but… (December 10, 2009) | Hoelzer Reich : White Christmas Catalogue! (December 9, 2009) | C.U.N.T., Hoelzer Reich, & Tomorrow Belongs to The Yes Men! (December 7, 2009).

Some recent disco:

Dana White Addresses Hoelzer Reich Ban Yet Questions Remain, Zak Woods, Watch Kallib Run, December 15, 2009. Woods continues to probe the process by which HR came to be able to assume such a prominent position within MMA, and in particular the UFC franchise. Also worth listening to is WKR’s earlier podcast on the subject, featuring interviews with The Savage Science‘s Jim Murphy and fightlinker‘s Ryan Harkness.

UFC Made Correct Move with Hoelzer Reich Ban, Jason Probst, Sherdog, December 15, 2009. A somewhat diffident article by Pabst which concentrates on the potential impact of neo-Nazi associations on the MMA ‘brand’. Pabst also fails to make a proper distinction between skinhead and neo-Nazism.

See also : stay S.H.A.R.P.! | Aotearoa Skinhead.

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