Angry yoof in Brussels; angry racists in Bamberg

Teh interwebs is being blamed for violent clashes between angry yoofs in Belgium. Supposedly, RSC Anderlecht fans fought North African yoof outside the stadium in Brussels: “Police said the violence had been organised through a Web site calling for an “attack on all white fans of football club Anderlecht”. It was prompted by a confrontation between Anderlecht fans and a group of yoofs of north African origin after Anderlecht’s Belgian cup final victory last Sunday” (Football fans and African yoofs clash in Brussels, Reuters UK). A report in The Australian (Yoofs turn on police) claims that “400 to 500 teenagers, a mix of Anderlecht supporters and boneheads on one side and local yoofs of mainly North African origin on the other, duly squared off, but separated by 200 police, including mounted officers. The police presence prevented direct clashes, but the youngsters then turned on the police.”


    Above : Welf Herfurth and amateur Holocaust revisionist Fredrick Töben unveil the NPD flag in Sydney

Across the border in Bamberg, Germany, the NPD is holding its annual conference, at which about 3-600 delegates attended, and several thousand more counter-protested. Udo Voigt, the current (since 1996) NPD Fuehrer, was invited by local ‘anarchist’, former NPD member, Blood & Honour supporter and New Right Fuehrer Welf Herfurth to address the 2003 Sydney Forum. Voigt was apparently denied a visa by the Australian Gub’mint on the basis that he was A Bad Man.



At any parking space on the information superhighway the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face.

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2 Responses to Angry yoof in Brussels; angry racists in Bamberg

  1. Rey says:

    You don’t think that White victims of racism is significant?

  2. @ndy says:

    In this context? Possibly. I have a good grasp of English, but not Dutch or French, so most of the reportage is unavailable to me. Thus I’ve searched for the blog entry in which a call was allegedly made for blacks to attack white fans of Anderlecht, but have been unable to find it. Beyond this, all I’ve been able to discover is that the confrontations may have had something to do with a previous one involving fans; that the skirmishes, while involving predominately blacks on one side and whites on the other, may also have involved local (white) youths fighting on the side of the North Africans; and that the Anderlecht fans may have consisted of or been associated with a fascist group of ultras. In other words, at this distance, and given the language barrier, it’s difficult to know what really happened, or why.

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