Defend the Chinese Bureaucratically Deformed Workers State from Liu Xiaobo and Witting Tools of U.S. Imperialism!

China jails critic and sends message
Andrew Jacobs
The Age (AFP, The New York Times)
December 26, 2009

IN AN unequivocal rebuke to those pursuing political reforms, a Chinese court has convicted Liu Xiaobo, one of the country’s best-known dissidents, of subversion and sentenced him to 11 years in prison.

Liu, 53, a literature professor and a vocal critic of China’s single-party political system, was detained in December 2008 after he helped create a petition known as Charter 08 that demanded the right to free speech, open elections and many other liberties…

14. Protection of Private Property. We should establish and protect the right to private property and promote an economic system of free and fair markets. We should do away with government monopolies in commerce and industry and guarantee the freedom to start new enterprises. We should establish a Committee on State-Owned Property, reporting to the national legislature, that will monitor the transfer of state-owned enterprises to private ownership in a fair, competitive, and orderly manner. We should institute a land reform that promotes private ownership of land, guarantees the right to buy and sell land, and allows the true value of private property to be adequately reflected in the market.

An integral part of Sydney PEN’s commitment to defend freedom of expression for writers around the world is the Empty Chair campaign, which featured at all major writers’ festivals and literary events throughout the year. At each event, an Empty Chair was used to represent a writer who could not be present because he or she was imprisoned, detained, threatened or killed. At the AGM, the Empty Chair acknowledged Liu Xiaobo, a renowned Chinese writer and human rights activist arrested earlier this year for co-authoring a declaration calling for political reform, greater human rights, and an end to one-party rule in China.

~ Sydney PEN Magazine, November 2009, p.4.

Charter 08: Program for “Democratic” Counterrevolution

Defend the Chinese Bureaucratically Deformed Workers State!
For Workers Political Revolution!

“Human Rights” and “Democracy” in the Service of Counterrevolution
Charter 08 Pushes “Free Market” Capitalism
Anti-Communist Social Democrats Laud Charter 08
Witting Tools of U.S. Imperialism
For Proletarian Political Revolution!
Workers Vanguard No.933, March 27, 2009

The truth behind China’s Charter 08 manifesto
Eugene Puryear
February 10, 2009

Crisis in China
March 8, 2009

“Socialism in One Country” Before Stalin, and the Origins of Reactionary “Anti-Imperialism”: The Case of Turkey, 1917-1925
Loren Goldner
November 2009

[“But I went to the lengths I did because if the tale these Turkish comrades have to tell is true, it represents a theoretical bombshell for the international revolutionary movement, such as it is, today.” What was the Ukraine? Chopped liver?]

The Explosion Point of Ideology in China
Situationist International
August 16, 1967

Rene Vienet: The bad boy of Sinology
Written by Helene Hazera and published on-line by Radio France, on the occasion of the Book Exposition devoted to China, March 2004. Translated from the French by NOT BORED! March 2006.

Pause! Read! Consider!

Comrade in the Red Army! You were sent by your commissars and commanders to capture the insurgent Makhnovists. Following orders from your chiefs, you will destroy peaceful villages, search, arrest and kill people you don’t know but whom they have pointed out to you as enemies of the people. They tell you that the Makhnovists are bandits and counter-revolutionaries.

They tell you; they order you; they do not ask you; they send you; and, like obedient slaves of your leaders, you go to capture and kill. Whom? For what? Why?

Think about it, comrade Red Army Man! Think about it you toiling peasant and worker, taken by force into the cabal of the new masters, who claim the stirring title of worker-peasant authority.

We, the revolutionary insurgent Makhnovists, are also peasants and workers like our brothers in the Red Army. We rose against oppression; we are fighting for a better and brighter life. Our frank ideal is the achievement of a non-authoritarian labourers’ society without parasites and without commissar-bureaucrats. Our immediate goal is the establishment of the free soviet order, without the authority of the Bolsheviks, without pressure from any party whatsoever. For this the government of the Bolshevik-Communists sends punitive expeditions upon us. They hurry to make peace with Denikin, with the Polish landlords, and other white guard scum, in order to crush more easily the popular movement of revolutionary insurgents, who are rising for the oppressed against the yoke of any authority.

The threats of the white-red high command do not scare us.

We will answer violence with violence.

When necessary, we, a small handful, will put to flight the legions of the bureaucratic Red Army. For we are freedom-loving revolutionary insurgents and the cause we defend is a just cause.

Comrade! Think about it, who are you with and who are you against?

Don’t be a slave – be a man.

Insurgent Makhnovists

[June 1920]

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    Long Live Bakuninism-Kropotskyism, lodestar of the toiling proletariat not to mention the odd disgruntled petty bourgeois eccentric or two!

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