White nationalism v national anarchism


An awesome! discussion has been taking place on Stormfront Down Under recently on the subject of the New Right/national anarchism, and its rather strained relationship with ‘White nationalism’. On the one side, there’s the Jew-hating ‘anarchists’: such as White_Australian, PanEuropeanAnglo, Power&Pride, Sydney Sinner, Prometheus and Paladin89; and on the other, there’s the Jew-hating ‘White nationalists’: au§§ie_lad, AussieSS, SQUADRISTA1488 [Italy], Spirit of 1776 [Canada], Hobbit, Rev.Patrick.-WCOTC, Lincolnshiretruth and Pitbull38. The cast and crew are tying themselves in knots trying to articulate their views while simultaneously battling the English language and their own political incoherency, and it makes for an awful and awfully compelling spectacle.

Well, kinda.

Actually, my attention was initially attracted to the thread because one of the brains trust referred to slackbastard; a reference which Paul Innes has since removed, suggesting that — like FightDemBack! and Nazi swastikas — I’ve been placed on a permanent ban.

Sensitive mob, this lot.

Anyways, the main bone of contention is the proclaimed desire of the ‘national anarchists’ to destroy the Australian state and create little White villages — alongside, presumably, little black villages, little yellow villages, and however many other little villages of however many colours they believe the species actually consists of. For those committed to a White Australian nation-state, this peculiar little phantasy is obviously unacceptable.

    A few choice quotes:

    AryanQueen2000 (White nationalist): “I love the idea of living the life of a stockman.”

    PanEuropeanAnglo (‘Anarchist’): “I was at the checkout line tonight and a typical “Aussie” bloke was calling the checkout chick “mate” several times. She was of mongoloid extraction. Superficially, they had nothing in common and it was doubtful that he had met her before tonight.”

    “The symbol on this forum has the writing ‘White Pride World Wide”. Think about what this means – if ALL Europeans make us less than 10%, what percentage do you think Anglo-Saxons make up in Australia?”

    Duhhh… Well, according to the Year Book Australia, 2008, in 2006, more than 270 ancestries were separately identified by Australia’s population. The most commonly stated were Australian (37%) and English (32%), while other main ancestries included Irish (9%), Scottish (8%), Italian (4%), German (4%), and Chinese (3%)… The proportion of the population who reported more than one ancestry increased from 22% in 2001 to 35% in 2006. For those who reported Australian ancestry, the second ancestries reported were mainly English (17% of the total Australian ancestry group), Scottish (4%) and Irish (3%).


PanEuropeanAnglo — the Jew and ‘mongrel’-hating ‘anarchist’ — nevertheless declares her ‘support’ for ‘indigenous rights’. au§§ie_lad, not unreasonably, from a White nationalist perspective, declares this to be un-Australian. However, to be un-Australian is not necessarily a bad thing, according to Power&Pride. What’s an Aussie, after all? “aussie is now asians and middle eastern people, it[‘]s indian chefs and drug deals, it[‘]s perverts and criminals, it[‘]s black gangs and graffiti, it[‘]s people who don[‘]t care and people who care and don[‘]t try, [it’s] Leb night club stabbings and people breeding like [rabbits]”.

I see.


Be that as it may, proponents of ‘national anarchism’ and the New Right are convinced of the righteousness of their cause. And in the name of this cause, New Right fuehrer Welf Herfurth is arranging for some of his followers to accompany him on one of his semi-regular jaunts to Asia. There, Herfurth & Co. intend to help the Hmong (who live in Laos, China, Thailand, and Vietnam) help themselves, and thereby avoid having to create space for a little Hmong village in Australia alongside the little white ones. Or as White_Australian delicately phrases it: “If helping to build a few mud-huts, some dams, dikes and ponds to keep Asians in Asia rather than having them migrate to Australia and other White/Western countries actually works th[e]n that[‘]s indeed a good thing”.


The NR/NA — or should that be NA/NR? — also demonstrated their views on Asian politics by attending a rally in Canberra, proclaiming on their banner ‘We Are All Tibetans!’. Thus proving that, unlike their critics, they aren’t keyboard commandos but, um, Tibetans.

Or something.

Actually, the boys of the New Right, by their own admittance, don’t care for Asians (“There is no support for Tibet” says Sydney Sinner), but gathering in silence for an hour or so in Canberra in a vain attempt to garner media attention was, rather, a way of tripping up the tricksy Reds. Prometheus opines that the half-dozen fascists in the nation’s capital is all about “Nationalists supporting nationalist movements”; which, even if true, has nothing to do with White (Australian) nationalism, which is, after all, a racial movement. Or as the token Italian Nazi SQUADRISTA1488 puts it: “WHY NEW RIGHT NATIONAL ANARCHISTS ARE LINKED [WITH] THE WORST ANTI-WHITE SCUM OF THE [EARTH]????!!!!”.


Power&Pride, never slow on the uptake, responds “it[‘]s only about race with you guys”.


In pursuit of their nutty agenda, the NR/NA have taken to aping anarchists. Thus Paladin89 asks of the Aryan Supermen on SFDU: “Are you aware of the developments in Nationalism in Germany, Holland and Sweden? They have taken on the look of the antifa there and have taken hold of the streets[.] I am of course oversimplifying the new developments, but this is what has basically happened. Perhaps you should do a little more research…” Mind you, our knight in shining White armour is also a devotee of Norman Lowell and Imperium Europa, which promotes “A Europid bond, forged through Spirituality closely followed by Race, nurtured through High Culture, protected by High Politics, enforced by the The Elite”.

Madder than a cut snake.

Pibull38 isn’t convinced, comparing the NR/NA to C18, a supposed government ‘honey-trap’.

Surely not.

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  1. Lumpen says:

    Imagine going on Stormfront and seeing the Welfoids try and convince others to attend a Free Tibet rally to further the white nationalist / white feudalist cause. Something like:

    WhiteKnightOMGLOL: Now that there are no poor white people left in Australia, let us all build huts for the Hmong! That’ll show those pesky reds. Also, please hang some Tibetan prayer flags if you like the idea of pulling a plough with your fellow white man.

    HitlerWasNice88: lolwut.

    I think it’s safe to say most anarchists think of them as a deeply weird group, not especially worth dealing with, possibly worth keeping tabs on and definitely worth teasing should the opportunity arise. You only need think of the average punter’s reaction toward being on the business end of a pamphlet handed out by Darrin Hodges to get an idea of the threat level posed by this strategy.

  2. Just Curious says:


    No self-respecting lefty likes Jews anyways! What’s your point about the scumfronters?

    I thought it was the only thing that the right and the left agreed upon. Zionism is Nazism.

    You’re a kosher ‘anarchist’ @ndy!

  3. Lumpen says:

    YouTube delivers yet again. A dramatic re-enactment of the above Stormfront discussions.

  4. @ndy says:

    Yip yip yip!

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