Whatever happened to Andrew Sanders?


Andrew Sanders is an odd fellow.

In December 2005, Andrew came to the attention of anti-racist activists, and subsequently state authorities, after authoring a website titled Fightback. (Funnily enough, that site is now home to a Trotskyist groupuscule.) The site gave detailed instructions on how to prepare for the second Cronulla civil uprising — one scheduled, in the minds of the perhaps few dozen phantasists who masturbated online over its commencement, for the following weekend. Arrested by police / ZOG agents in the days following the Cronulla pogrom / civil uprising, Andrew was charged with a number of offences. Trial commenced in October 2006, and Andrew was eventually exonerated.

As a white supremacist, Sanders had form, joining the Stormfront site in October 2003 as ‘blue-eyed-devil’ and again in May 2004, when he employed the pseudonym ‘blue8eyed8devil’. (For those of you joining us late, the number ‘8’ is used by white supremacists to represent ‘H’, the eighth letter of the alphabet. ’88’ is ‘HH’, where ‘HH’ = ‘Heil Hitler’.) The main point of agreement uniting the various racist and fascist crackpots on SF is their hatred of Jews — a message to be “forged in titanium” according to the Amerikkkans who administer the site — and Sanders was no exception:

At risk of getting flamed and offending people, I must say, very few White Nationalists I know would be moved by the American dead during this farcical ‘war on terror’ as we all see them as futile masses working for ZOG. Whilst there is some innocence in ignorance, following their Zionist overlords without question to their death is their own choice.

They did not die for us, they did not die for the White Cause, they died for greater Israel. I can not mourn their deaths or I will be, as most judaeic [sic] brainwashed folk, a hypocrit [sic] blinded by hollywood inspired patriotism. ~ January 30, 2005

And just in case anybody missed it the first time around:

The jewish power base is in America like a cancer, I do not think in my lifetime or as long as my Race exists we will see a White America. ~ February 1, 2005

At one point, Sanders even expressed interest in attending a meeting of ‘Klub Naziya’, arranged by Australia’s Most Loved Neo-Nazi, Dävid Palmer. As for his website, posing as an interested — to be precise: enraptured — third party, Sanders had this to say (prior to his arrest):

A fantastic organisation has been setup for this express purpose, a combination of various groups I believe, they can be found at [Fightback] … they featured on the front page of the news papers today, I recommend you read through their guerilla handbook of this Sunday[‘]s protests, some awesome -awesome- ideas there.

We need to stand united this Sunday, every one of you needs to attend, no excuses should be made as no excuses will be tolerated when the stormfront breaks.

So one day when your kids ask “Where were you when the revolution started daddy?” you can reply, “In the vanguard.” ~ December 17, 2005

Eerily prophetic words, as just a few days later Sanders was indeed in the vanguard: the police vanguard.


Prior to his Cronulla-inspired shenanigans, Sanders spent some time on Stormfront outlining his views.

My biggest problem with most self declared White Nationalists is the fact they have bollocks like mice attached to them. Most will not stand up in public because that would be suicide, but alot [sic] draw the line when in a semi-closed group also.

Your problem from this post and from your other post really sounds as though it could be resolved if you were to network and get together a select group of friends. I don’t mean start a cult or group of psychotic whites spouting hail [sic] hitler at every given opportunity as that severely ruins our image.

Just a clean cut group of White youths who influence the world around them to match their political views and agendas.

Remember, to all those reading this post, you don’t see Jews marching through Time Square screaming “STALIN IS COOL HAHAHA I R B JEWISH FJEER MEH!”. Neither should we. ~ May 15, 2004

Sanders is a few stubbies short of a six-pack, obviously, but the above does conform to his subsequent behaviour, not only with regards Fightback, but also the Tunnel Rats and most recently ‘The Law Society of the University of Western Sydney’.

There are many great ideas in this thread, there are some which would be twisted into our backs as knives too. The ultimate fact is, we cannot change the world. The jews have spent the last three thousands [sic] years infiltrating us, they have spent since the begining [sic] of the presses taking control of them and other niche industries (gold, diamonds, power in general).

What you men and I do in our lifetimes will never counter that, at risk of a reich to match the past reichs, a revolution. Revolutions however are not easy wins, and once you lose you can expect your countries and people to be opressed [sic] with severe dogma from the still controlled media.

The only solution is to inhabit someplace [sic] small and logistically sound (like Tasmania), begin swinging votes by making circumcision illegal (bam, there goes the jewish population), which isn’t a hard thing as most parents and doctors refuse to do it anymore as mutilating one’s children serves no purpose. It’s 2005, we can all wash our genitals quite well now.

Secondly you make kosher and hallal [sic] slaughter and meat illegal due to the fact it is cruel to animals. Already we’ve got the majority of voters on side as these are concientious [sic] moral issues most people agree with. You could even go as far as swinging with the advanced scientific beliefs of the third reich of a vegetarian state, which was a very strong idea put forth by Mr H…

[Sanders then proceeds to expound on The Wonders of Tasmania.]

Once the three legislative changes above have been made you will have a relatively core group of society remaining. A coup d’etat wouldn’t be neccesary, with 10,000 people alone assisting the masses in accepting our idea the social economic change itself would be like starting a boulder rolling down a hill to freedom. ~ February 2, 2005

Uh-huh. To create the perfect White Nation, just follow this simple recipe:

1) Move to Tasmania.
2) With 10,000 others, assist the masses in understanding and accepting the White Nationalist cause.
3) Take over the Government.
4) Introduce legislation outlawing male circumcision, kosher and halal butchering.
5) Watch the boulder rolling down the hill to freedom.

And voilà!

Coincidentally, when Sanders received bail, one of the conditions for his release was that his mother keep him on a very short leash while in public.

But hey, Andrew, what about Jude? As it happens, in his first post on SF, Sanders made available to the melanin-deficient world a mighty -mighty- manifesto. After advising against the use of the term ‘Jewnited States of America’, Andrew writes:

The Jude organises himself through his church, through his social gatherings. Whilst their churches are unlike ours, they discuss matters directly affecting their people.

We on the other hand, as white nationalists, the men and women in the vanguard of our race, rattle chains, and throw stones at Israeli tanks, al [sic] la Palestinians.

This is NOT the way to win a war.

The implications in the post about the ADL that it was from a ‘goyyim’ [sic] defeated the purpose of the post and will bring their attention to the frame-up and is contra our efforts.

I live in Sydney, Australia. We too are infested with yids in power who are inbreeding our civilisation with asians and arabs in an attempt to water out our blood and prevent us from rising against tyranny.

Flyers are relatively pointless as they are merely white nationalists rattling chains and whinging. They will not help us.

The end game is approaching rapidly, coming closer every year, yet we let ourselves fall into this decay and disrepair as a species, and I’m sure that our overseers are quite pleased with this.

YOU MUST MAKE A CHOICE: — As a white nationalist you have two choices, you can either organise and strike clandestinely, or you can follow the path of destruction that many do, scream the odd ‘fsck the system’, rattle chains, and throw stones at tanks.

Our weakness is our lack of central communication, our lack of recruiting tactics, our lack of organisation and working as a team. We are seperated [sic]. Divided we are bound to fall.

We need SOLIDARITY, we need UNITY, we need each other.

What I ask of you men and women is that you simply think to yourselves for a moment, who do you know around you who shares your ideals? Your views? Your beliefs? Are they awakened to the cause that you are persuing [sic]? And if so, why aren’t you discussing or organising things with them specifically?

If you attend a church, is it one with a pulpit prostitute in the position of attention, or are they perhaps sympathisers to our cause?

If you attend a social group of any kind, do you know people there who are fed up with the persecution of our fellow men?

Why are you not contacting these people? Just a simple tap on the elbow, a wink, and a “I know how you feel.” will mean the world to most of us at any given time, to know there is that circle of brotherhood, or support amongst our own kind.

Whilst the governments of the world supress us, the ever present undereducated white nationalist (aka, red neck, skin head, what not) who are primarily our foot soldiers are defeating our entire purpose. What point is infantry when your officers are too busy sitting on their arses in an office killing time waiting for their next pay cheque?

We are too comfortable, and in comfort one finds laziness and lack of motivation. Because we are not directly being hurt, more often than not alot [sic] of us don’t SEE, don’t FEEL the damage that is being done to us.

I would like to make a motion, provided the administrators of this board are willing to allow it, that we organise a segment of this forum specifically to orchestrate communications between white nationalists. Whilst it is difficult to avoid detection of governmental bodies who will use the guise of us being ‘racists’ and ‘terrorists’ and attempt to track us down and find our dossiers, it is the only thing we have left.

I recommend that you do go to work and speak to fellow sympathisers for our cause, I suggest at church or at your social groups you speak to the leaders who have similar views and see how you can affect the thought pattern of millions of warriors amongst us who have yet to open their eyes to the truth.

Awaken those around you. If only 5,000 of us across the world were to speak with one person per day and let them KNOW that we are here, that it is okay to speak freely, and that we need to organise, in a week alone we would have 160,000 in one WEEK who are rallying to our cause.

We MUST unite, or we must accept our fate and fade away under the boot of the Jude. The choice, my brothers and sisters, is up to you. Do you want to be a part of the problem, or a part of the solution?

On reading this post, if you haven’t yet thought of one person you can speak with, I suggest you move to another country. I welcome you to come to Australia, and will give you any assistance you need, god only knows we need the numbers here.

Once you have your small networth [sic] of brethren together, register a hotmail account or another pseudo-anonymous web based email account and contact me via: –

[email protected]

Under the proviso we can get a working network of activists together I welcome the communication and will quite glady [sic] assist in orchestrating movements that will assist our cause.

If you are unable to get a single person on side with you, or do the little required to create some unity amongst us, then you may as well forget calling yourself a white nationalist and accept your fate under the boot of the Zionist occupational government of choice in the area you live.

Yours in brotherhood,

The Blue Eyed Devil. ~ October 27, 2003

A subsequent posting (October 30, 2003) from The Blue Eyed Tasmanian Devil (“Heil Hitler!”) reports progress on the above, and expresses his hope that “we can open up an entire new realm and hopefully manage to bring alot [sic] of groups that really damage our image into the frame with more avante gard [sic] WN cells”.

Almost five years later, it doesn’t appear that Sanders has given up on his efforts to confront The Yids in Power. Carefully avoiding the potentially damaging sight of Nazi uniform fetishists, and substituting this image for one of “a clean cut group of White youths who influence the world around them to match their political views and agendas” has taken a rather peculiar turn, however, with his establishment of something calling itself ‘The Law Society of the University of Western Sydney’.

So, what’s ‘The Law Society of the University of Western Sydney’? Apart from a figment of Sander’s imagination, the Society has a website; funnily enough, a Google search for it — lawsociety.org.au — results in not only a link to the Society but Andrew’s previous club, The Tunnel Rats. In any case, according to Andrew:

The Law Society of the University of Western Sydney was constituted on the 11th of September, 2007 at the Marsden Building (EZ) of Rydalmere campus. Operating across all campuses it’s main location of commencement, Rydalmere, draws upon a history dating back to the first settlement of the Rose Hill region by colonial British settlers on land once owned by the Darug nation.

From these eclectic roots the Law Society has taken into account its social responsibilities to the prestige of its forbearers [sic] and has sought to provide niche assistance in an area where a void has formed in relation to procedural aid, advocacy and assistance to those unable to obtain legal assistance through other means.

Building strong ties and relationships with the NSW Law Society, the Young Lawyers Association and Blacktown and Parramatta councils, the Law Society of the University of Western Sydney commenced an immediate rollout servicing all UWS campuses and communities nearby.

The Society began as a small project, when the current president who had been working and studying at the University of Western Sydney since 1999 found himself in a position where he was helping many students, staff and other community members with often minor procedural matters and directing them to already available resources that the general populace may not know is in place. In late 2005 due to an inability to assist all of the people seeking assistance he turned to the University to examine the apparatus in place to provide support in these regards…

That final sentence is a superb turn of phrase by Sanders: late 2005 being, of course, the beginnings of his troubles with ZOG.

The rest is simply badly-worded phantasy.

And who knows what other monkey business Andrew has been up to?

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  1. Tiny, tiny little man... says:

    Used to claim he was in the “special ops” of the police force amongst other things. Also self professed “courtroom cowboy” following his arrest. Hilarious.

    Lives off his mum and girlfriend.

    Last I heard he was wearing eyeliner and sniffing around a bunch of 16 year olds at Town Hall. Not surprised.

    He will keep moving from group to group, alias to alias looking for people naive enough to believe his endless self serving bullshit and delusions of grandeur. His (warped) political and social “conscience” is merely his vehicle for attempting status where his personality and natural attributes will gain him none. I fully expect to see him pop up in the news being arrested for more pathetic shit in the future, but what worries me is the possibility that it won’t just be something embarrassing, but something both embarrassing AND scary. Depravity is a one way street, there are few possible U turns for these kinds of folks. Either way, it will likely involve lies greater than the act itself.

    Some of the shit about this guy goes well beyond what’s written here.

  2. Anonymous Coward says:
  3. Anonymous Coward says:

    Has changed his persona again to Lex Winter. Found due to threatening legal action against a gaming company. He just can’t help himself.


    He posted for a while as Dr Lex Winter on Twitter (now suspended), and he’s not just a lawyer anymore!

    “Winter (@ drlexwinter). Misanthrope, lawyer, freemason, pilot, academic (LLB/BCS GDLP MSE JD.)”

    He has an instagram account under drlexwinter where he apparently wants to track down internet pedophiles.

    Below is his current Reddit account where he is again being, yep, super racist.


    He has learned absolutely nothing and shows no remorse at all.

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