Ah… er… um… What. The. F@#$?

Ah, dunno for sure, but it appears that Simon Sheppard, the co-founder of Redwatch — a site most recently run by a rather sad fascist called Kevin Watmough, and consisting of thousands of photos of ‘reds’ (including former ALP leader Kim Beazley and TV soap * John Woods addressing a rally in Melbourne… along with demands for them to be identified!) — has done a runner after failing to appear in court. He and his co-defendant, Stephen Whittle, have pissed off to The City of Angels, where they’re apparently seeking asylum.


o n e

Holocaust denier convicted of trying to incite race hate online
Rob Preece
Yorkshire Post
July 12, 2008

A MAN who claims accounts of the Holocaust are “exaggerated” and describes Anne Frank’s diary as “evil” has been convicted of putting articles on the internet that could stir up race hate. A jury at Leeds Crown Court yesterday found Simon Sheppard, 51, guilty of nine counts of publishing racially inflammatory written material on his website between March 2005 and April 2006. The court heard Sheppard’s website attracts 4,000 visitors a day…

(Sheppard’s site is ‘The Heretical Press Directory’ — it gets 4 1/2 *s on the bizarro scale.)

t w o

Hunt for race hate writer on run
Lancashire Evening Post
July 15, 2008

Police have launched a manhunt after a writer who penned race hate articles for a controversial website failed to turn up at court. Stephen Whittle penned five offensive articles which appeared on the Internet, a jury was told. The unemployed 41-year-old, of Avenham Lane, Avenham, Preston, was found guilty of publishing racially inflammatory written material, and four similar charges. Prosecutor Jonathan Sandiford told the jury that Whittle used the pseudonym Luke O’Farrell for the articles, which were posted on the web between March 2005 and January 2006… Sheppard was found guilty of 11 counts of publishing racially inflammatory written material. He may face a retrial, however, as the jury were unable to reach verdicts on seven further charges. Whittle and Sheppard are next due to appear at Leeds Crown Court on July 28.

t h r e e

Race-hate pair flee to US for political asylum
Rob Preece
Yorkshire Post
July 16, 2008

TWO men convicted of publishing race-hate articles on the internet have skipped bail and fled to the United States to claim political asylum, the Yorkshire Post can reveal…

f o u r

Racist given US asylum advice
Stef Hall
Lancashire Evening Post
July 17, 2008

An anti-Semitic Preston man who skipped bail and fled to the United States to claim political asylum is being given “consular assistance” by the Foreign Office, a spokesman said today. Racist Stephen Whittle, 41, of Avenham Lane, was detained by American immigration officers in Los Angeles airport on Tuesday…

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29 Responses to Ah… er… um… What. The. F@#$?

  1. James says:

    So, how would you deal with these men?

    I don’t see the reason why they should have their freedoms removed.

  2. @ndy says:

    From what I understand, Sheppard and Whittle were likely to have been given custodial sentences, Sheppard having been sentenced previously for similar crimes in 2000. Having skipped out on bail, the pair are likely to be spending even more time behind bars than they would have if they’d appeared in court. It beggars belief that US authorities will choose to provide political asylum for the daring duo, but who knows? If you’re asking me do I think that individuals should be imprisoned for making racist publications: in general, no, I do not.

  3. JohninBasel says:

    Please also note Sheppard and Whittle have made a carefully calculated decision to claim asylum in the USA after receiving written confirmation from the US Courts that their writings (which are posted on a web server in Torrance, California and have never appeared in hard copy form) are perfectly legal under American law, and protected in the highest degree by the First Amendment.

    The Crown Court in Leeds has asserted an unprecedented long arm jurisdiction to take cognizance of acts done in a foreign country. Sheppard and Whittle may be eccentric, but they are not cowards. The rationale of their escape was to set a precedent for revisionists and others persecuted under oppressive laws, and cause the maximum embarrassment to the British government by what will inevitably be a long drawn out and hard fought case in the USA.

    We should add that the Heretical Two voluntarily surrendered on arrival, so as not to enter the USA under false pretences, and made a deliberate decision to go to the country where their writings had been published and make a political protest, rather than luxuriate on a beach in Thailand.

    In addition, I have recent information that UK media people have been inundating the US Immigration Department with telephone enquiries. Only local British papers in Leeds/Yorkshire and the Jewish Chronicle in Israel have reported on this topic to date. The big players in Britain are calling and asking the questions but not following that through with any reports! Is there a news blackout?

  4. @ndy says:


    Awesome vid! (You misspelled ‘announce’ but.)

    I’m not sure why you believe that The Dynamic Jew-Hatin’ Duo’s decision to piss off to the US was carefully calculated… presumably, as their comrade, you’re privy to info the public isn’t? If the draft-dodging, Holocaust-denying, net-Nazi Zundel’s case is anything to go by, I wouldn’t be too sure that US authorities won’t reject the pair’s claim for asylum, however.

  5. Paul Maleski says:

    Stephen Whittle is an outstanding, informative journalist. He is no second rate Hack Goyim writer. I wish him well; if it is a crime to tell the truth, he is the biggest criminal on the planet earth. After the Jew that is. I admire a man who believes in something other than himself. Best of British. Mercifully, I am a fully paid up member of the Goyim but if I was: a freedom of speech, democracy loving Western Civilized Jew, sic I would be extremely apprehensive of the Whittle/Shepherd duo; because they tell it as it is! When it comes down to the nitty-gritty of power politics, the Jew has always believed in the bullet before the ballot. But to be on [the] safe side the Jew owns both: the politicians and the jewbiquitous media, well in the English speaking world they do. China is their monumental nightmare and to think the Chinese invented Goyim printing. Paul Maleski

    PS Keep up the good work. All that money and Cherie Booth still looks a mess!

  6. @ndy says:

    Dude. I think you’ll find Whittle has a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock.

  7. Paul Maleski says:

    Simon and Steve,

    I will do my best to help you. The [sexy] Zionist bastards are dragging us, into another world war via jew infested Georgia. God bless Mother Russia and David Duke. If we lose this one, kiss good bye to white Christian civilization. Hold your heads up high; nobody can ever say you never fought your corner. The likes of nutcase johnny-come-lately yids, such as Meloony Rozenburg et al, who beckoned Moslems to this country when it suited them (one day, we will go back through back pages of the Jewdian, including queer Leo Abse at al to prove that the [sexy] hook nosed bastards started this chaos). The [sexy] yid is only writing now, that the Moslems are causing all types of problems. Yid Rozenburg certainly has chutzpah, and now she is making money. The [sexy] yid is only writing what a half pissed, dock side Doris, drinking her stolen stout, was saying 40 years ago. Leave the propaganda to me!

  8. Paul Maleski says:

    Parenthesis, (sexy) yid and all. I have been around a bit, and I must confess; it is no accident that the yid dominates the make-up industry. God has cursed the jewess; give them buckets of beauty potion and they still end up looking like Edwina Currie. Actually; to be fair, Cherie Blair is a consistently ugly bastard. Currie sue your Rabbi, Blair assassinate the Pope. Give him a dose of Hitler youth. And smash every mirror in sight. The Jew as ever, is on the run!

  9. @ndy says:

    The defence rests.

  10. Paul Maleski says:

    ‘Trust a snake before a Jew, a Jew before a Greek but never trust an Armenian.’ Which brings me back to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad whose real name is Mahmoud Saborjhian and the Greek Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The name Saborjhian is Armenian/Ashkenazi Jewish or both. Kemal was descended from Sephardi Doenmeh. Saborjhian, Kemal and Hitler have one thing in common: they never talk or talked publicly of their true family roots. Got you thinking!

  11. Paul Maleski says:

    To freedom fighters: Stephen Whittle and Simon Sheppard. Before I go up the pub for breakfast; just a few kind words. It is criminal, that you are being persecuted for telling the truth. The media is infested with the Jew; you know it and I know it. The whole media caboodle operates through self censorship. The filth are determined to drag us into another world war via Georgia and nobody talks or writes about it (apart from us). The German is mortified. The British grovel. And as for the French frogues, well the less said the better. At last, the Russian goyim have got off their knees and are actively taking on the yid. Russia wants their stolen loot back. What I propose is affirmative action! — that is strict quotas on the proportion of the jew employed in the media. The Maleski Convention would make it compulsory for the jew to wear a highly visible Star of David motif when appearing on TV, dvd, video, cinema productions etc. As for Radio, each individual speaker must inform the audience of who they really are. The same applies for the press. The biggest problem we face is this; the likes of Channel 4 and Hollywood etc; if the kosher staff there, wore Stars Of David, astronomer Patrick Moore might think he has discovered another galaxy, and adjust his monocle accordingly. Keep the sunny side up, I have thrown a few bob your way. Best wishes PJM.

  12. Lumpen says:

    I think if I was forced by quota to choose between The Sarah Silverman Program and Curb Your Enthusiasm, I’d choose fuck you.

  13. Paul Maleski says:

    [Goodbye Paul.]

  14. Paul Maleski says:

    Shalom, god be with you. I have a gut feeling god will not let you down.

    [Goodbye Paul.]

  15. Paul Maleski says:

    [Blah blah blah.]

  16. Paul Maleski says:

    [Blah blah blah.]

  17. Paul Maleski says:


    I am back in mighty Blighty! Did you receive my postcard? Evidently, there are millions of ordinary worried people throughout the world who blame the financial meltdown on the jew. You got to admit the New York jew has some nerve; they bankrupt you and ask you for compensation, and it ain’t peanuts: $700 billion and that is just the beginning–the beginning of the end. Melanie Rozenburg never writes about jewish criminal bankers. I can’t think why? Keep the sunny side up.

  18. @ndy says:

    Dear Paul,

    But yeah — that anti-Semitic wankers are bitching and moaning and blaming “The Jew” for the crass antics of a runaway class of CEOs in an unregulated money market is not exactly surprising… the poor deluded fools.

    Economic meltdown brings out anti-Semitism
    Boston Globe
    October 3, 2008

    NEW YORK—The economic meltdown has brought an upsurge in anti-Semitism, says a prominent Jewish leader. Abraham Foxman, director of the Anti-Defamation League, says that what he calls “age-old canards” about Jews and money “are always just beneath the surface.” And he says that whenever there is a downturn in the economy, the level of anti-Semitism rises. The ADL cited references on the Web to the “Jew world order” and the like — not only on neo-Nazi or white supremacist sites, but also on widely used message boards like Yahoo. One comment said Jews have “infiltrated Wall Street and government and have ruined our country.”

    ADL Reports Surge in Anti-Semitic Messages on Online Finance Sites in Response To Money Crisis

    New York, NY, October 2, 2008 In the wake of the collapse of major investment banks and the government’s proposed bailout of financial institutions, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is reporting a dramatic upsurge in the number of anti-Semitic statements being posted to Internet discussion boards devoted to finance and the economy…

    Similar anti-Semitic sentiments about the economy are appearing with great frequency on white supremacist Web sites such as Stormfront, the largest Internet forum for white supremacists and neo-Nazis. Posts and discussions on Stormfront have included references to Jewish control of the banking industry and suggestions that Jews hold complete power over government and the financial services sector.

    Wrote one poster on Stormfront of the collapse of Lehman Brothers: “No doubt many of the board of directors, which is usually composed of the major shareholders that wield power, are still largely Jewish … I would imagine the likelihood of the Fed etc. bailing the company out depends largely to what degree it is Jewish owned.”

  19. Paul Maleski says:


    Andy, What is going on? I answered your blogs: with no bad language, factual accuracy etc. But where is it? Am I going the same way as the heretical two? I am not frightened to tell the truth but I do wish bloggers who most definitely are, had the guts to write that they are terrified of certain elements in society. I ain’t! To be fair to the Jewish Journal blog, at least they have never censored me–now there is a turn up for the books.

  20. @ndy says:


    I never promised you a rose garden.

    In your paranoid world vision, it’s certainly the case that ZOG, like G*d, is everywhere. But no bad language and no factual accuracy is no guarantee of publication in any case, and constant Jew-baiting is both silly and tiresome. If you believe I guaranteed you a platform to spout nonsense, check the fine print. As to whether or not you will share the same fate as Simon and Steve, I’ve no idea; presumably, you would first need to be convicted in a court of law of a series of race-related offences, skip bail, flee the country, be arrested, and placed in detention awaiting a decision by US immigration authorities as to your legal status…

    Good luck with that.


    Race hate case pair appeal
    September 18, 2008

    TWO men who fled to the United States after being found guilty of publishing race-hate articles on the Internet have launched appeals against their convictions.

    Simon Sheppard, of Brook Street in Selby, and Stephen Whittle skipped bail and headed across the Atlantic in July after a jury at Leeds Crown Court convicted them of a series of race-related offences.

    The pair claimed political asylum, and have been held in a California prison for two months while US officials set a date for their immigration hearing.

    Leeds Crown Court has since received papers from the pair’s legal teams, applying for leave to appeal against their convictions.

    Barrister Adrian Davies, who represented Sheppard during the trial, said the case would probably be heard at London’s Court of Appeal if the pair are allowed to challenge the jury’s verdicts.

    Sheppard, 51, and Whittle, 42, were given bail by a judge on July 11, despite the jury having already returned guilty verdicts on some of the charges.

    They were due to return to court three days later while jurors deliberated over further charges, but failed to show up.

    It’s believed the pair travelled from the UK to Ireland by ferry before taking a direct flight to Los Angeles.

    The pair claimed political asylum and were detained at Los Angeles Airport by the US Immigration Naturalisation Service.

    Their case has been followed by extremist websites, and supporters have begun sending donations.

    Sheppard was found guilty of 11 counts of publishing racially inflammatory written material. He’s due to return to Leeds Crown Court on December 8.

    Whittle, of Avenham Lane in Preston, was convicted of five counts of publishing racially inflammatory written material.

  21. Paul Maleski says:

    I must confess, I know nothing of trendy punk, music etc. I am a Max Bygraves fan but believe me, The Jew is extremely worried. Putin sends shivers down their sexy spines. Mother Russia wants her money back. And what is wrong with that. I am 55 and don’t I feel it. Putin don’t!

  22. Paul Maleski says:

    Arbeit macht frei!
    Austria has lost a great European Christian politician. The Congoid, Aboriginal, Mulatto, Jew et al continually smash and breach our European civilized door. Leave us in peace Jew! Goebbels wanted a Jew fee Berlin, Maleski wants and will have a Jew free Eurasia, that is from the Bering strait to Iceland.

  23. Paul Maleski says:

    Austrian Patriot Haider wanted to shut the door to racial riff-raff.
    As for Israel, they are sweeeping the streets for would-be immigrants. Actually, I am still a great admirer of Slovak Communist, Alexander Dubcek, who died back in 1992; always stuck to his ideological guns, unlike many former jewish communists, the self-same blood sucking jews who are now bleeding Mother Russia dry. Well they were! As for the future of the Israeli immigration bolt-hole: apart from psychopaths, zionists, swindlers, etc. who the hell wants to live in Israel? Anybody there, who is remotely normal wants to evacuate to goyimland ASAP. Rozenburg should write about it, Spielberg can make a film about it. Name me a more a destructive race than the jew? — You will die trying!

  24. Paul Maleski says:

    You are trendy–I am but a Max Bygraves fan; I know more of beech trees than beach-teasers. If I was an Israeli citizen, I would be extremely concerned about the long term economic/political viability of the jewish state; Tel Aviv should should be less obsessed about Tehran; let’s face it, the jew and Persia share a centuries old culture, and deeply troubled by the financial Armageddon, staring Wall Street in the face; the 60 halycon years of Israeli grubby pan-handling to the American taxpayer will soon be over. And the jew cannot blague the Chinese, they were building a serpentine, gargantuan wall, in a ram horn exclusion zone; when all the jewish scholars were capable of, was writing crude, vile, vicious coprohilic verse.

  25. Paul Maleski says:

    Would a jew free world be happier?

  26. @ndy says:

    Is it wetter under water if you’re there when it rains?

  27. paul maleski says:

    You have the arid platform. For now at least. Andy, you are out of your depth, in a kosher puddle. Would a jew freeworld be happier? Please, don’t play me old fashioned records, like I told you before; I was a 15 year old wanker; well this is not strictly true, at the IOW pop festival in 69, when you were not even an aspiring wannabee masturbater. You sad bastard! Tell the world of your woes. If you want water, you will get bucketfuls of tragic wet and dry tears.

  28. paul maleski says:

    And after 5 years: Simple ‘Slackbastard’ knows himself that he is a joke. I wish you weil[?].

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