Made To Be Broken by Poison Idea

‘Made To Be Broken’ by Poison Idea is one of my favourite songs from a classic punk album. Note that some of the most profligate rule-breakers in the history of Western culture (see : Thresholds of Western Culture: Identity, Postcoloniality, Transnationalism, John Burt Foster, Wayne Jeffrey Fromanm, eds. (Continuum, 2002); also : Extreme Beauty: Aesthetics, Politics, Death, James Swearingen and Joanne Cutting-Gray, eds. (Continuum, 2002)) may be heard smashing conventions, subverting paradigms and being kicked off RRR here.

ARA, SHARP and members of the punk music community, including members of CHD, began to drive the boneheads out of the clubs and the culture. Bands that had huge local followings, such as Poison Idea or Sweaty Nipples, stopped concerts to speak against boneheads and vowed not to play if they congregated at their shows. Some bands changed their names, such as Wehrmacht or took on confrontational anti-racist names, such as Crackerbash. ~ Anti-fascist organizing in Portland 1988-1993 (October 9, 2007)

Bonus Malaysian Mincecore!

See also : Agathocles.

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