Dieter Samoy : Dead Baby Dead

That the guitarist and vocalist for neo-Nazi ‘skinhead’ band Kill Baby Kill (KBK), Dieter Samoy, is dead is not exactly news: he hanged himself last week. But it is news for some in Belgium:

KBK toured Australia in late 2008, and recorded songs with local (Melbourne) bonehead Jesse !@#$%^&* including the smash hit ‘Oh no here comes an Abo’. Sadly, the song has been temporarily removed from the roster of tens of thousands of neo-Nazi toons on YouTube, but Jesse himself has a channel, genocidal88, which has many other fine examples of his work.

The tour was organised by local neo-Nazis belonging to Blood & Honour and the Hammerskins. Justin O’Brien — the Victorian state representative for B&H — was a big help, as was Jesse !@#$%^&* (a Hammerskin). Jesse will be prancing about on stage on the Gold Coast with other neo-Nazis on April 17, 2010, in a tour being touted as being bigger than Ben Hur. When he’s not trying to find me and kill kiss me, Justin may be found @ Hold Fast Body Art in Burwood.


„Kill Baby Kill“ Bassist Does It Like the Führer and Commits Suicide!
Fire and Flames
19. Januar 2010

Those of you from Göttingen or surrounding areas might remember the name from the planned, but stopped, concert at the „Moonlight“ strip club in the city a couple of years ago. All the whining and complaining about not being racists, not having anything to do with fascists, and being poor victims of the big bad antifa PC police, well…turns out „Kill Baby Kill“ were not only racists, but cowards as well.

Dieter Samoy, aged 28, was convicted on January 12th of a racist aggression against a man of Togolese origin and his friend in the proximity of the infamous „Kastelein“ bar in Bruges. The man spent over a month in a coma, and finally died almost a year later due to a pulmonary infection.

Not one hour after learning of his conviction to two years in prison (yes, only two!) good old Dieter committed suicide. He will be missed by nobody except a bunch of cowardly racist drunks in a shitty bar in Belgium (and some people in Göttingen). And speaking of the cowards from the shitty bar in Belgium…its really impolite to keep people waiting for you for so long after you open your mouth so wide about „killing the reds.“ But dont worry…we can come back whenever you want! 🙂

Source: „Suicide dun Skinhead“

Added Bonus!

See also : The Deceptions and Distortions of BNP activist Beverley Kerry, Norfolk Unity, January 17, 2010 | Anarchists claim Northcote Neo-Nazi attack (October 16, 2009) | What, me worry? (April 7, 2009).

And remember Kids…

Hold Fast Body Art : “It’s (neo-Nazi) shit!”

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12 Responses to Dieter Samoy : Dead Baby Dead

  1. XxX says:

    Did you know Dieter?? Fuck you! because I did! and I’m NOT a nazi. Don’t spread dirt and talk shit about people you don’t know. Especially if you don’t even know the entire story!

  2. @ndy says:

    Dieter was a neo-Nazi.
    He played in a neo-Nazi band called Kill Baby Kill.

    Dieter committed suicide after being sentenced to several years jail.
    This sentence was imposed upon him for his part in an assault.
    The victim of this assault was a black man, whose only crime was being black.

    You were Dieter’s friend.

  3. Anti-Antifa says:

    I’ve never seen you fight anywhere, me and my mate vs 6 of you, what did those dirty drunk antifa punks do? Run away HAHA. If you want a real fight come here to Finland and see how you will find yourselfs in a hospital. The country is Finland, the city is Turku and the place is midtown. See you here.

  4. @ndy says:

    See you next Tuesday, midday, mid-town, Turku, Finland!

  5. F.C.S. says:

    RIP Dieter.

    Good night left side!

  6. Palmer says:

    It’s funny how AntiFa faggots like “fagsandflamers” upload random videos of people fighting and say it’s Antifa vs. Skinheads [when it has nothing to do with them], then upload other videos where they get 10 or more people with baseball bats and other weapons to find one or two ‘skinheads’ by them selves and beat them down- hell I’ve even seen them beat on White women before… Bunch of pussies, that’s all.

    Now on top of that I’ve learned they take credit for people killing themselves.
    Fucking posers.

  7. @ndy says:


    You are talking out of your bottom. Have you noticed? It’s a common occurrence on the Intertubes, but not one you have to tolerate. If pain persists, see a doctor.

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  9. Noah says:

    All I know is that I formed my band, Kill, Baby…Kill! in the US in 2003 and have since had quite a lot of hurdles to climb in order to get past the shadow this worthless and untalented band have cast on the name. It is such a pain in the ass to have to defend ourselves as not being neo nazis and that our name was taken directly from one of the greatest horror films in history. Yes, we could change the name, but we coined it first and we hate for it to go wasted on such a worthless group. Time will fix this…Obviously, the singer’s cowardly suicide has begun the process.

  10. Skinhead Finland says:

    I’m a skinhead from Finland and I support everything that WHITE POWER stands for. I am ready to fight. Any time. Please, come to Finland. I will smash your teeth.

  11. @ndy says:

    G’day mate,

    Come Down Under and I’ll feed ya to me pet croc.

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