APP: pornography baaad… pornography good?

I don’t get it.

The only person the Australian Protectionist Party is fielding in the upcoming NSW local council elections is 42 year-old Darrin Hodges. In late 2005, Darrin was outed as a member of the white supremacist website Stormfront, and one of those who celebrated what his then party Australia First proclaimed as being a White civil uprising (aka the Cronulla pogrom, in which several thousand angry white beach-goers, lead by former radio * Alan Jones, confronted — and assaulted — a few dozen not-quite-White bystanders who happened to be in the area at the time).

Via a series of electronic footprints, anti-Nazi campaigner Mat Henderson-Hau has linked “Infidel” to Engadine local Darrin Hodges. Hodges, who runs a website for a sex toy distributor, yesterday admitted to being a member of the racist Australia First Party but denied being a member of any white nationalist groups or a contributor to Stormfront. His alleged alter ego is not so shy. “Friends, today was an historic day, the day Australians stood up against state-imposed multiculturalism,” he wrote on the night of the Cronulla riots. Accompanying his posting is a series of photographs he took at Cronulla that day, including one of a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “wog free zone” and another of a sign offering free sausages to the crowd, with “no tabouli”.

On the other hand, Darrin now — apparently — regards sex shops as being — along with Asians, blacks, Communists, Muslims and queers — beyond the pale:

Our traditional way of life needs to be protected. Therefore I will oppose permits for Mosques, sex shops, and any developments that undermine Australia’s traditional and family values.

To ensure that the Sutherland Shire remains a safe, peaceful and harmonious community of Australian heritage, it is important to prevent over-development. Building larges blocks of units encourages “Asianisation” (for example, see Strathfield and Burwood).

The Shire, being the birthplace of the nation, should not be subjected to “multicultural madness” and we must oppose developments detrimental to our heritage.

Maybe sex shops are OK as long as they’re virtual? Either way, it’s hanky panky in Sutherland no sex please, we’re from the birthplace of the nation.

    Ambrose McFly, the leading candidate for Mayor stands against vice and decadence. But victory is not so certain when a gorgeous babe from his past shows up and gets a little blackmail going. She’s fucking her way to financial success. Things get down and dirty with gorgeous girls engaging in hot steamy sex mixed with political hanky panky. Sex and politics don’t mix – unless you get to watch

In any event, the best ‘Community Impact Statement’ made thus far comes not from Darrin but proud Australia First member Richard Hedditch, who is asking that the good citizens of Coffs Harbour entrust him to represent their interests on its council.


He’s bored.

My observations of the way humanity is gives me the willies. I’m bored, I want to fail dismally. Electorally, I have no chance whatsoever. I’ll be lucky to pull a single vote, but I’m nominating to run so that my ticket will have the minimum 5 candidates. The ticket I’m associated with has very many good and profoundly brilliant policies. So much so, that if Australia First got a candidate elected I’m sure that I’d push for a 30 percent rates reduction for this electee.

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20 Responses to APP: pornography baaad… pornography good?

  1. A couple of things:

    1. That would be “Candidate Information Statement” or CIS.

    2. I do not run a “website for a sex toy distributor”, I’m employed on a contractual basis to maintain network infrastructure.

    3. Whether it’s a shop-front or virtual, it’s still filth, however what people do in their own homes is not my concern, but when it is put up in a shop-front, then it does become a public concern.

  2. vents says:

    4. you’re a weird cunt

  3. sirbed says:

    5. you’re a racist who facilitates the infrastructure of the porn industry’s largest growth sector.
    6. the network that you maintain is for a company that supplies products to actual porn stores in your neighbourhood.
    7. 😆

  4. So the guy who polished the dipstick on the “Enola Gay” was responsible for the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima?

  5. sirbed says:

    yes he was… he was a crucial part of that event and the last human in the chain of command who could’ve changed it. if he didn’t ‘polish the dipstick’ a few million people would have lived. pity he was spineless like you.
    he had an understandable humanitarian right to disobey his orders. even if he did get court marshalled what’s one man’s life for a few million. especially in regards to your shoes where you claim to have ideals.

  6. Lumpen says:

    8. By that logic (of point 3), beating your wife is okay if you don’t do it in the driveway.
    9. Selling a video of someone getting a blowjob is too disgusting to be tolerated but promoting random bashings is hunky-dory. If you, Darrin, are saying that you never masturbate to pornography, that might explain your level of dedication to racism.

    Great, I just got a mental image of Darrin Hodges crying with shame and masturbating at the same time.

  7. @ndy says:

    10. Dazza, I think you’ll find that’s “Community Impact Statement” if you look closely — really closely.

  8. @ndy, perhaps you should have your eyes tested. On the original paperwork and currently displayed on the NSW SEO website, it clearly states the words “Candidate Information Sheet”.

    Such vivid imaginations people have…No lumpen, that is by your logic. Or are you suggesting that the state invade everybody’s house to make sure they are not beating their spouse?

  9. Australia First Party? says:

    [Fly Away Peter.]

  10. Dr. Cam says:

    Darrin, you’re on the record as saying you approve of a man who, besides being responsible for millions of deaths, raped and murdered his niece.

    Are these the kinds of family values you will be promoting on council?

  11. Darrin Hodges says:

    Views Dr.Cam, that were repudiated long ago once I had removed myself from the malevolent influence of mad Arab Saleam and his Nazis, which is why the manly Aryans probably hate me more than you lot do. In any event Nazism is repulsive in both theory and practice and you won’t find any of it coming from me.

  12. Lumpen says:

    11. No Darrin, I’m saying that your distinction between private and public, or bricks & mortar and the virtual, are completely arbitrary. (Boo hoo fap fap fap)

  13. vents says:

    muesli OM NOM NOM NOM

  14. Jim QLD says:

    I am at a loss why Darrin thinks we give a rat’s arse what he does? Hell QLD has stolen the show [with] the “Liberal Nationalist Party”. Oh well who gives a crap it’s not like FDB nor @ndy give a shit. It’s all about the destruction of my heritage and my people. Carry on race traitors and sellouts.

  15. Dr. Cam says:

    Carry On Race Traitors – brilliant idea for a film! How much for the rights, Jim?

    Oh wait, I forgot.

    Whites don’t have any rights.

  16. Dr. Cam says:

    Darrin, forgive me for not taking your repudiation at face value, considering the consistently dishonest source.

  17. Asher says:

    Cam, two posts above this one, sheer genius. Give yourself a pat on the back, and maybe even some chocolate (dark, of course).

  18. It does not matter Dr.Cam, you’ll just keep believing whatever fits your agenda.

  19. Dr. Cam says:

    Don’t listen to him, Bilderbergers! I remain loyal and will continue to believe what you pay me to believe!

  20. Blake says:

    Dr.Cam…respect. Seriously dude, nice work.
    And to Darrin fap fap fap ahaha you racist prick.

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