Aussies bringing a msg of peace, goodwill… denial and stupidity

Recently, two Aussies have been caught doing their level best to change the world, one stupid public appearance at a time. First, accountant Simon Patkin. To the bemusement of a few security guards protecting a local McDonald’s restaurant from the hungry (and poor), just prior to the WTO meeting last December in Hong Kong, our globe-trotting number-cruncher “staged a peaceful hour-long protest, which [was] interrupted only by a phone call from his concerned wife. He… hung up signs reading “We love free trade” and “Rationality not rioting”, and harangued passers-by.”

Onya mate!

A second case is that of Lady Susan Renouf:

Lady Renouf – a former wife of the late New Zealand financier Sir Frank Renouf – has long been an advocate of right-wing views. She arrived at the trial of the British historian on Monday and made her views plain to assembled media, calling for the bodies of “so-called Holocaust victims to be exhumed to see whether they died from typhoid or gas”… Renouf, born plain Michele Mainwaring, was crowned Miss Newcastle in 1968. She acquired her title through being the third wife of Sir Frank Renouf. The marriage ended shortly after Sir Frank discovered her father was not dead as she had claimed but a truck driver from The Entrance, and that she was not the former wife of a Russian count.

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