Sue Bateman is a bit like a drunken arsehole at a dinner party

Well, she’s not exactly a wordsmith now is she?

09-01-2005, 10:38 AM
Re: The reason WN orgs are unsuccessful
For an argument to be debatable it must contain the words and meanings that broaches a decision between the people you would like to influence and or plants the seed for further debate and ongoing communications.

I see.

Translated into English, I think what Sue is struggling, but failing absymally to say, is that it’s important to try and make yourself understood. Hence statements have to contain things like “words” and “meanings”. Sue also appears to be concerned at the possibility of a hostile reaction to white supremacism by the public, and that the open expression of such unpopular views may even threaten any hope of an “ongoing dialogue” with civil society. As the current candidate for the seat of Victoria Park in Western Australia, and the former State President of the far-right One Nation Party, Sue Bateman is asking members of that society, her local citizens, to represent their views in Parliament. But how should the citizens of Victoria Park view Sue Bateman?

There are colourful words that are used that could still be used constructed with well meaning sentences along with well meaning statements.Okay [if] other type terms, the blunt language will not cut it with the majority of trash and average persons in the street. And if you want to win then you have to sway their opinions.

Rule #1: When addressing the “majority of trash and average persons in the street”, avoid the use of blunt language.

Unfortunately, come election time, obtaining power depends on more than just choosing the right words. Thus the ability of a white supremacist to sway the opinions of the “majority of trash” and “average persons”, otherwise known as ‘fellow citizens’, also depends on their ability to disguise their racism.

Rule #2: When communicating with the public, disguise your true “meanings” by using “colourful”, “well-meaning” language (for the simple-minded like Sue, for ‘language’, read: “words” and “meanings”). For example:

Instead of “Jewish scum” – Jewish religion. Jewish culture. Jewish faith.A bit like communicating with your best manners at the dinner table.

Here’s some more fine words from Stormfront Sue:

09-10-2005, 01:10 AM
Default Re: Momma Bush (Shrub) Speaks On Evacuees.
She was quiet racist and pompous.Going by the statistics of the white minority in Texas, it was a day at the “Zoo” for her.

And finally, here’s some words of warning for the benefit of Australia’s communist schoolchildren: beware Sue Bateman kids!

08-30-2005, 03:18 PM
Default Re: Communist spat in my face.
I would have made sure my goozy was a nice drawn, green one and spat back in his face, hair is even better because he can wipe it from his face, hair is a little harder.I would try a turd in a brown paper bag and put it in his school bag or in his locker. Now that should get his attention.

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