Dresden Calling

    Update : Court approves neo-Nazi march through the German city of Dresden to mark 65 years since the allied bombing of the city, Herald Sun, February 12, 2010: “THOUSANDS of far-right supporters are expected in Dresden tomorrow after a court authorised a neo-Nazi demonstration marking the 65th anniversary of the [A]llied bombing of the German city…” Not surprisingly, perhaps, the report fails to mention the measures German authorities are taking to subvert the counter-protests, including the attempted blockage of a website, raids upon organising centres, and confiscation of agitprop. Between 5 and 7,000 neo-Nazis marched in Dresden last year, protected by over half as many police.

On February 13 in Dresden, Germany, several thousand neo-Nazis are expected to take to the streets to commemorate the bombing of Dresden on that date in 1945 (Street Clashes Pending? Far-Right Gears Up to Mourn Dresden Bombing, Steffen Winter, SPIEGEL ONLINE, February 11, 2010). According to Winter’s report, nutzi rabble have been marching on February 13 since the late 1990s; I can find refs to their antics from at least 2000. In 2001, over 800 marched; in 2002, more than 1,000 goose-stepped along the streets of Dresden, while a similar number jack-booted the following year.

Antifa in Germany are organising various activities in opposition to the neo-Nazi rally, tho’ having some knowledge of the German language is a definite advantage in finding out what’s what and who’s who in the antifa and neo-Nazi zoos. See : Nazifrei! Dresden | 13. Februar 2010 in Dresden.

On last year’s fun and games, see : 10,000 Jackboots Makin’ Whoopee in Dresden (February 20, 2009). In that year, an estimated 5–6,000 neo-Nazis marched (accompanied by an honour guard of approximately 4,000 police), making it the largest such rally in Europe.

Note that NPD leader Holger Apfel gets a guernsey in Winter’s report, while two other NPD leaders have been denied entry to Australia in the past: Udo Voigt (2003) and Gerd Finkenwirth (2005). The pair were invited to speak at the annual fascist gathering in Sydney titled the ‘Sydney Forum’. Ironically, while nutzis like Voigt and Finkenwirth have been considered anything but kosher by Australian immigration authorities, the Returned Sevices League has been happy to host the various fascist bizarros who attend the Forum. In 2004, Bexley RSL was the hostest with the mostest tolerance for fascism; in 2007, it was Eastwood RSL’s turn; while in 2009, Petersham RSL made money from the approximately 50 muppets who attended: members of Australia First, Blood & Honour, “national anarchists”, New Right, Volksfront, and assorted other racist riff-raff.



I think this mob may belong in the Anti-German camp, but I dunno.

See also : Clashes mar Dresden bombing commemoration, Philip Williams, AM/ABC, February 14, 2005 | Neo-Nazi ‘national anarchists’ in Germany in the headlines (June 4, 2008).

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  1. Little Jack Little – I Always Wanted To Waltz In Berlin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkxY1qC9Bek

  2. @ndy says:


    Cheers. Slight error: post reads ‘January, 24, 2009’; should be ‘January, 24, 2010’, obviously.

  3. bob says:

    the one thing more irritating in this world than Nazis are the anti-Deutsch, if only they could both be exiled to a desert island. ah dreams…

  4. short update. the neo-nazis (about 5,000) were prevented from marching due to the sit-down blockades in the street.

  5. while the antifa and other leftists blockaded the street and train tracks, preventing the nazis from mobilizing, thousands of people made a human ring around the city, symbolically protecting it from the neo-nazis.
    today, the governing coalition of the conservatice CDU (Christian Democratic Union) and the neoliberal FDP (Free Democratic Party) want to ban the black bloc.
    this is part of a larger trend of equating neo-nazis with the radical left under the label of “extremists.”
    in german: http://www.taz.de/1/nord/artikel/1/friede-wird-buergerpflicht-1/

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