Windisch (not) for Altona

A expected, a law-talking grrl named HENNESSY, Jill has won the by-election in Altona, in a two-and-a-half horse race. WINDISCH, Margarita, the Socialist Alliance candidate, came seventh, trouncing the Independent RIXON, Andrew. “Despite our 1.6% vote the Socialist Alliance campaign in Altona achieved a minor miracle”, candidate Margarita Windisch commented. “It forced the other parties to talk about political issues, especially the ones that matter to the local community”.

Windisch last had a crack at getting into Parliament in 2006, receiving 406 457 first-preference votes or 1.45% 1.46% of the total (and last place).

The Socialist Alliance in Victoria is holding its state conference on February 27.

HENNESSY, Jill’s being bumped into Parliament means, inter alia, that the 25th 31st Nth Century technology being pioneered by RIXON, Andrew, will now never see the light of day.

    1. HENNESSY, Jill (ALP) | 18,482 | 47.35%
    2. ROSE, Mark (Liberal) | 13,684 | 35.06%
    3. STRANGWARD, David (Greens) | 4,059 | 10.40%

    4. MUMBY, Liz 711 1.82%
    5. NAIN, Brijender 650 1.67%
    6. SHAW, Brian 640 1.64%
    7. WINDISCH, Margarita (SA) 618 1.58%
    8. RIXON, Andrew 191 0.49%

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