Happy 68th Birthday Dear Leader!

Kim Jong-il celebrates birthday
Mark Willacy
February 16, 2010

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has made a rare public appearance, handing out gift bags to children as part of his birthday celebrations…

Central Committee, cadre and personnel of the Rural People’s Party and Slackbastard blog wish the people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea many kind salutations on the 2.16 Celebration of the Birthday of National Defense Committee Chairman KIM JONG IL.

Dear Leader’s birthday has been celebrated the world over, and he has received Congratulation from Russian President, Floral Basket from Cambodian Great King and Indonesian Party, Gifts from Russian Party and Groups, and Letter and Award from Russian Charity Organization.

A congratulatory message by the Central Committee of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front (AINDF) notes that Kim Jong-il’s “birth as the bright star of Mt. Paektu amid grim anti-Japanese struggle, being blessed by the era, was the great fortune of the Korean nation that promised the eternal prosperity of Kim Il Sung’s Korea and a great event of world historic significance that guaranteed the future of the human cause of independence.”

Intelligent Leader also received Congratulation from Chongryon, while Joint National Meeting of KCU, Art Performances, and Youth and Student’s Dancing Parties Held, meaning DPRK in Festive Mood.

Newspapers Observed Kim Jong Il’s Birthday, and his Exploits Lauded by Polish, his distinguished political caliber and outstanding personality as a great man Praised by Ethiopians, while the February Holiday was Marked in Russia and Turkey.

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Birthday Bonus!

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