“slackbastard is on Facebook”

I’m also on edge… but that’s another story.

So uh, yeah.

And ah, yeah. Gabriel Kuhn has some nice words to say about a book I haven’t read by a man I haven’t met: To Get to the Other Side: A Journey Through Europe and Its Anarchist Movements by Peter Gelderloos.

One day I believe I’ll publish my own collection of short stories: To Get out of Bed in the Morning: A Journey Through Melbourne Armed Only with Bucketfuls of Sickness and Horror in an Otherwise Meaningless Life.

Then again, maybe not.

Er, speaking of tourism, in Greece “Guy Rundle visits the troubled country’s capital to try to find the truth behind the much-caricatured crisis” on behalf of Sp!ked, The Libertarian Bizarros Formerly Known as the Revolutionary Communist Party (February 17, 2010).

And finally, um, for reasons best known to himself, but perhaps related to the recent departure of significant sections of the International Marxist Tendency, Uncle Hugo’s best mate Alan Woods has attacked Bakunin In Defence of Marxism.

Apropos of nothing, have some Weet-Bix Amebix.

Breakfast of Champions!

Bonus Olympic Resistance!

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