Stunning victory for Scottish Defence League in Edinburgh

Anonymous sources in Edinburgh are claiming that the English Scottish Defence League has United Scotland behind The Ghost of Charles the Hammer and — shouting “No Surrender to Al Qaeda!” — successfully driven The Moorish Hordes And Their Communist Archarchist Allies off The Streets of Edinburgh.

The Scottish Defence League today achieved A Most Resounding Success in their continuing Campaign Against The Islamification of This Sceptred Isle.

Rallying to The Call of Ages to protect The Scottish Nation from The Threat of Foreign Invaders — truly these are The Inheritors of Arthur’s Legacy — the League assembled at A Pub in Edinburgh.

By this Brave & Resolute Action — which follows an earlier & equally glorious victory over The Communist Archarchists & The Radical Left Wing Scottish Nationalist Party in Glasgow in November — The Brave Boys & Fair Maiden of the League struck fear into the hearts of Islamo-Fascists all over the City… & indeed Scotland & The Worlde.

Numbering in their dozens, The Boys defied The Red Left by occupying a pub on The Royal Mile — a deft strategic maneuver that shook The Communist Archarchists outside to their very core. The Boys then surrounded the pub with Lothian & Borders Police. This Cunning Ploy easily defeated the hundreds of unScottish Rabble intent on thwarting The Boys’ Plan to rid Our Green & Pleasant Land of The Moorish Invaders what are intent on destroying Our Way of Life.

After this Dazzling Display of Valour, the League, in no way coerced by the Police, proceeded to board buses, and to exit the City.

“These communist archarchists who claim to make a stand against fascism are really the haters of this nation who support all forms of terrorism and marxist fascism…” [].

See also : Campaigners stage anti-racism demo in Edinburgh, BBC, February 20, 2010 | English Defence League cracks begin to show, Simon Cressy, Searchlight, January 2010 | New South Whales will NEVER have Sharia Law!, January 6, 2010. [With apologies to A Miserable Scot.]

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2024 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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21 Responses to Stunning victory for Scottish Defence League in Edinburgh

  1. gregor says:

    As far as I understand in this county we are a democracy… and that means enjoying the right to say things that may be unpalatable to to others… so be it! Long live democracy! One has the feeling that many on the hard left are distinctly uncomfortable with this ideal… and have always been.

    And hence we have had the hard left that is complicit in:

    * covering up the Soviet murders at Katyn
    * denying that Stalin killed 20 million
    * actively supporting the Cuban regime that executes political prisoners
    * giving wholesome [wholesale?] support to the LGBT whose Youth Chief Executive raped an 18 month old child

    Shame on you!

  2. @ndy says:

    This country meaning Scotland? If that’s what it says on the label, who am I to argue? My ancestors left it over 100 years ago. I’m not sure exactly what you’re complaining about tho’. The fact that a few score Englishmen and Scots were forced to spend maybe 4 or 5 hours in a pub, when what they really wanted to be doing was to be on the streets of Edinburgh, ‘defending’ Scotland from Muslims? As for “the left”, it’s big enough and ugly enough to speak for itself, but if you’ve detected some indication of there being opposition to racism and fascism within it, congratulations.

    (Oh, and that stuff about Katyn, Stalin, Cuba and some anonymous CEO is pretty weird shit.)

  3. THR says:

    Good post, @ndy. Humiliating the clowns in this way is better than banning them.

  4. @ndy says:

    Cheers THR. I should add that I am plagiarise of miserable. As for banning them… dunno. I assume some worthies have floated the idea, but I’m not sure on what basis. The League didnae receive a permit to march afaik, but then again, I’m not sure that they applied for one either. And conceding to police or state authorities the authority to ban (render unlawful) public assemblies raises all sortsa issues… plus the UK already has Section 60 in place, so y’know…

    See also : Guide To Public Order Situations (Schnews).


    The League were only able to assemble somewhere between 40 and possibly 80 or even 100 boofheads at Jenny Ha’s; the police numbered, in total, almost 1,000 (apparently), while several thousand, mostly organised by Scotland United/UAF, came to Edinburgh to oppose the ‘Scottish’ EDL, of which only several hundred (I dunno how many), mostly organised by Edinburgh AFA, were able and willing to confront the League directly. (Some League supporters didn’t make it to the pub apparently, and were left stranded at a local railway station.)

    Given the DL’s track record, authorities assumed, reasonably, that there was significant potential for conflict between the DL and its opposition (and/or general public, especially random, presumed Muslims), and so dedicated enormous resources to ensuring that the DL was first safely contained (in a pub) and then whisked away when it became obvious that it was safe and reasonable to do so. Given also that the League(s) present themselves as macho macho I’ve got to be a macho man, it must’ve been a somewhat humiliating experience on the whole. On the other hand, to receive so much attention may have simply flattered their egos.


    In any event, the closest Australia has come to anything like the League was a botched attempt to stage a bikini march (!) on a mosque in Coburg.

    It wasn’t terribly successful.

    Finally, it would be interesting to see the ‘Australian Defence League’ attempt something similar. Who knows, maybe they will.

  5. Andrew says:

    Quote: (Oh, and that stuff about Katyn, Stalin, Cuba and some anonymous CEO is pretty weird shit.)

    Quote: Good post, @ndy. Humiliating the clowns in this way is better than banning them.

    WOW that’s your response to mass murder, political repression and paedophilia? What moral universe do you inhabit?

    FORMAL REQUEST: Can you please IP ban me from your blog? It’s truly retarded and disgusting but somehow it has a strange fascination – I can’t resist checking in every now and then to see how truly degenerate “anarchist”, “anti-racist” “progressives” can be. But, whenever I click on that link and view the pathetic contents, I’m overwhelmed by feelings of depression and despair.

    So, please: save me from myself, help restore my peace of mind: BAN ME FROM THIS POOR EXCUSE FOR A BLOG! PLEASE! I BEG YOU!

  6. @ndy says:

    Quote: WOW that’s your response to mass murder, political repression and paedophilia? What moral universe do you inhabit?

    NO that’s my response to an anonymous supporter of the SDL raising completely irrelevant issues. What do you think your bRane is for?

    FORMAL REQUEST: Can you please attempt to make even a modicum of sense on my blog? Alternatively, stop trolling.

  7. Paul Justo says:

    Instead of longing for the ban hammer might I suggest a bit of self flagellation?

    When tempted by Anarchist blog sites just whip out the old Opus Dei knotted cords

    and give yourself a good old lashing.

    Failing that a cold shower with Pauline Hanson (before she jets off to Asian free UK) should work.

  8. Andrew says:

    FORMAL REQUEST: Can you please attempt to make even a modicum of sense on my blog? Alternatively, stop trolling.

    YES You’re right – I am trolling. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing. You’re an irresistible target! It’s like a train wreck or a car crash or whatever – you know that if you look you’re gonna be appalled and disgusted, but you just can’t help it anyway, against [your] better judgment.

    However – I will do my best to avoid your shitty and irrelevant blog from now on, I’m sure it won’t be too hard to break the habit if [I] really try.

    To “Paul Justo”: WTF are you talking about? Opus Dei, cold showers and fevered fantasies about Pauline Hanson and an “Asian free UK”? Are you some kind of racist sicko or something? It sounds to me like you haven’t really recovered from your private (possibl[y] Catholic) secondary school upbringing… get over it, brother…

  9. Andrew says:

    Quote: NO that’s my response to an anonymous supporter of the SDL raising completely irrelevant issues. What do you think your bRane is for?

    OOP sorry I missed this one – I must comment, quickly. I’m not a supporter of “SDL” – absolutely not. Making stupid assumptions, much?

    As for being anonymous – ha that’s good coming from you, “@ndy”. Bloody hell…

    PS – thanks for fixing my spelling mistakes, I’m not a very good typist. Cheers!

    PPS – “bRane”! FUNNY!

  10. @ndy says:


    You are the weakest link.



    Report from EAFA demo
    February 20, 2010

    All I can say is what happened to me, but it might be of interest to some so I’ll post it here and maybe others will post their accounts.

    We gathered outside Princes Mall at 9.30am. The mood was generally friendly and at about 10.30 we marched, chanting and singing, to the bottom of the mound. Some cars and (I think?) a bus honked as we marched past.

    We met with more people who were gathered at the bottom of the mound, and after a while we got told that the Nazis were meeting at a pub on the Royal Mile.

    We started marching up the mound, and despite the police trying to send us off to the UAF/Scotland United demo people marched up the mound and turned onto the Royal Mile.

    I was towards the front, and as we saw groups of police coming and building a line everybody started running. About half of us got through before the line was solid, and we ended up running down side alleys to get closer to the pub.

    A group of about fifty of us came back on to the Royal Mile further down, but there was already a group of police there, and only about ten of us got through that line before the rest got kettled there.

    We went down as far as we could until we got stuck in front of a police line just outside Starbucks, after about ten minutes everybody else managed to get down to where we were.

    Not much happened for a while, and then about thirty of us went down side streets and came out on the other side of the pub, where there was another police line, so that we had groups on either side of the police kettle around the SDL pub.

    We saw a small group of Nazis (2-3) marching up towards the pub, we pushed the police barriers into their way but the police came and, true to their colours, defended the Nazis and let them through their line up to the pub.

    Nothing happened for a while, then the Nazis all got (very slowly) shoved onto buses by riot police and driven away. There were no more than fifty of them, and they didn’t get a chance to march or even leave the pub until the pigs forced them out. This was about 4.30pm.

    Later another small group of Nazis was found in a pub on the Royal Mile (the Bank Bar, I think), and we gathered outside, while the police tried to stop us getting near them, then the police let two of us in to check that the Nazis were gone, and people dispersed.

    Sorry I don’t have any photos, I didn’t take a camera.

    …is pretty fair report on day. Except there were several large groups of SDL stuck in various places round the town and a large group held at the station. To say there was only 50 of them is wrong, if the OB had let them join up, i guess there could have been a couple of hundred of them. From what heard after the bulk got bussed out there was still a large group of hearts and Airdrie [United] in the city centre but i believe they were more interested in finding Hibs than our lot.

    I don’t think the fash were intimidated by us. I was in the crowd further up the canon gate/high street and the ones who came out the pub to stare at us seemed pretty uninterested… They certainly didn’t look intimidated [or] worried… No they didn’t have their demo but sad to say i think that was more to do with the cops than anything we did…

  11. @ndy says:


    From the SDL s(h)ite:

    Silly Defenceless Laddies 2010.2.21 21:25
    priceless. 40 poor wee laddies all covering their faces (akin the burqa) get bussed out of edinburgh. wee shame boys. come back when you have something real to say. joke group. joke website. joke statements.

    i can understand the EDL as english people appear unable to run their own country and need the scots, welsh and islamists to do so. but they’re going about their problem the right way through the Campaign for an English Parliament. these defence leagues are totally hilarious…

    A normal, intelligent individual 2010.2.21 20:36
    You’ve got to be kidding me! This site has to be a joke, right? “Press Release”? A 10 year old could write better. An impressive debating style: Let’s call Nicola Sturgeon a bloke! That’ll sort her out. What a waste of time and bandwidth.

    Nothing but playground chanting and immature rants from a bunch of illiterate, uneducated neds. Go back to shoplifting your Burberry caps, and leave the running of the country to folks that can read and write properly.

    Milly Tant 2010.2.21 06:00
    What a pathetic show you put on in Edinburgh today. Bussed out like a bunch of pensioners. Don’t come back – you’re just embarrassing yourselves.

    Mr T 2010.2.21 05:31
    Mr T pities you fools! Your mission statement is a bunch of jibba jabba.

    FUCK THE SDL 2010.2.21 00:21
    [you’re] a bunch of brainless fannies. you’re getting beat today in edinburgh. you have no right to call yourselves scottish, you claim you’re ‘defending scotland’ yet your members are seen doing nazi salutes. go fuck yourselves, i hope every single one of you are hunted down. SDL are fucking scum.
    lots of love from a REAL SCOTSMAN.

    What A Bunch OF Losers 2010.2.20 14:41

    patriotic scot 2010.2.19 23:52
    Hi EDL – sorry – SDL…
    I’m just glad to see that as well as not representing me or the vast majority of fair-minded Scots, your support is drawn from (surprise surprise) the same moronic crowd of tattoo-toting racist scum that vote for the BNP, are convinced that some unnamed Muslim threat is about to remove their Buckfast-glass strewn single-nappy-and-cigarette shop culture and replace it with Sharia courts (eh?), and that if the good old patriotic Scottish revolution finally arrives, it will do so in a hail of superfluous capital letters and apostrophes.
    For those that can’t understand “superfluous”, I’m saying you’re bamheids and you can get back to where you came from – which clearly isn’t Scotland.

    Wallace 2010.2.19 19:35
    Independence is what you should be concerned aboot, no following the numpties south a the border. So until you get that in tae yer wee heeds, dae caw yersel Scottish.

    communist 2010.2.19 13:04
    You were beaten in Glasgow and you will be beaten in Edinburgh. The whole of Scotland laughs at your idiocy. Fannies.

    Hassan 2010.2.18 09:24
    do you know how stupid yous look? Everyone is laughing at ur idiocy. get a life u bunch of assholes. The burqa will never be banned, and muslims will remain in britain forever. Get that up ur fat asses.

    tony 2010.2.17 23:28
    Hiya, this message is mainly for the guy who moaned about the Hearts v Hamilton match, and I just want to say that who ever cares about football more than their nation, is just a complete and utter idiot. okay go fuck yourself you weird freak.

    Piss off 2010.2.16 07:59
    Because of your silly little gang and their gay little demonstration in Edinburgh the Hearts V Hamilton game will now be on Sunday, meaning i miss it. Thanks a lot.

    PS. Do you not find it funny that you are meant to be fighting for [Britons] yet some of the photos that can be found on the net show your members doing nazi salutes… irony really is lost on the dumb.

    John 2010.2.13 05:51
    This must be a joke?! Surely! If not – a message to you: You are complete idiots and will not gain any place in Scotland.

    What does it all mean? 2010.2.13 04:18
    I literally cannot [believe] that this website is real. Between the shoddy site design, awful spelling and [grammar], and ill thought-out and contrived ‘statements’ i’m glad that people find it so difficult to understand what you’re trying to say or achieve. YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME.

  12. @ndy says:

    Union Jack? Thall’s Cac!

    Chì mi na dathan – dearg, geal’s gorm
    Chan eil mi moiteil asta ach tha nàire orm
    Impeirileas, gràin-cinnidh – seo na tha i a’ciallachadh
    Aparan an fheòladair – tha mi dol a dhiobhairt
    Chì mi am bratach seo ’s bidh mi làn feirg
    Chan eil ach aon bhratach a dhìth – am bratach dhubh’s dhearg!
    An aon bhratach a tha dhìth tha i dubh’s dearg!
    Am bratach dhubh’s dhearg!

    Union Jack? Abair cac!
    Union Jack? Thall’s cac!

    Riaghaltas ann an Lunnainn gar cumail fo smachd
    Le laghan agus riaghailtean gar tachdadh mar an sac
    Bleigeardan Westminster gar làimhseachadh mar chac
    Saorsa do dh’ Alba! Saorsa son Iorac!
    Dortamaid Santorum air feadh an Union Jack
    Aparan a’ bhuidseir còmhdaichte le cac
    Dortamaid Santorum air feadh an Union Jack
    Dortamaid Santorum…

    Union Jack? Abair cac!
    Union Jack? Thall’s cac!

    Union Jack? Away and Shite!

    I see the colours – red, white and blue
    I’m not proud of them – I’m fuckin’ ashamed
    Imperialism and racism – that’s what they symbolise
    The Butcher’s Apron – I’m gonna puke
    I see this flag and I’m filled with anger
    There’s only one flag we need – the black and red flag!
    The only flag we need is black and red
    The black and red flag! The black and red flag!

    Union Jack? What a load of fucking shite!
    Union Jack? Get to fuck!

    The London government keeping us under control
    With laws and regulations choking us like asthma
    The bastards in Westminster treating us like shit
    Freedom for Scotland! Freedom for Iraq!
    Let’s pour Santorum over the Union Jack
    The Butcher’s Apron covered in shite
    Let’s pour Santorum all over the Union Jack
    Let’s pour Santorum – let’s pour Santorum all over the…

    Union Jack? What a load of fucking shite!
    Union Jack? Get to fuck!
    Union Jack? What a load of fucking shite!
    Union Jack? Get to fuck!

  13. Miserablist says:

    Glad to see my wee piece of satire is working its way around the web, some folk have already thought it an actual SDL statement. I would have thought the correct spelling and use of grammar would have been a dead giveaway however!


  14. @ndy says:


    And oh yeah.

    The EDL claims a number of its members were arrested on their way to Edinburgh and others who arrived by train at Waverley station were then forced onto trains heading away from the city.

  15. ISM says:

    i was there. the coppers and the media were all on “our” side for once. the fash were unable to congregate or march because they were held in either waverley station or in the pub. there were plenty of smaller firms (of casuals and skinheads) roaming the streets and there were a few clashes. ultimately, we won but i think that was actually down to the polis… the UAF led group was a fucking joke but small groups of determined folk went their own way and actually did things instead of just joining the “Scotland Unite” march.

  16. meanwhile, an article in the new issue of the “anti-german” former leftists journal Bahamas from Germany sings the praise of the EDL

  17. I notice your Gates of Vienna link, and also Entdinglichung’s comment, so you might be interested in this:

  18. @ndy says:


    GoV is ace! Baron Bodissey is a boofhead, and his analysis of ‘antifa’ is priceless. Btw, ‘anarchore’ is an anti-Semitic silly who routinely hides behind Bakunin.

    As for the rest…

  19. Ian McCleod says:

    A handful of Scottish patriots march and all you commies get whipped up into a frenzy and feel like you have to convince the world you’re the representatives of “the people.”

    The smallest piercing of light agitates the entire darkness…

    Tell me now where the real power lies…

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  21. Mohammed hates @NDY says:

    hello everyone.
    just looked at most comments posted here and all i can say is that andy has a problem.
    i believe andy is an anarchists whos head has been pickled. there are many silly remarks made by him…he has some intelligence but it is wasted on his pursuit of the sdl…i ask andy if he has the same passion in his disliking of islamic extremists(or nazis)who preach hatred??if not andy you are a facist. please help us rid the country of these people andy and not the 50 football fans using thier democratic right to protest peacefully from their local…whats wrong with that??

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