Anonymous member charged with Scientology attack
Samantha Rose Hunt
TG Daily
October 21, 2008

Chicago (IL) – Last Friday, an 18 year old man from New Jersey pleaded guilty to federal computer hacking charges for his participation in a denial of service attack against the Church of Scientology websites. This was part of the efforts of hacker group Anonymous…

Poor kid. The Smoking Gun reported his initial arrest on October 17, as did Wired: ‘Anonymous’ Member Unmasked, Charged With Web Attack on Scientology, Ryan Singel, October 17, 2008. He apparently faces up to 10 years in jail.

The Church has retaliated by making a documentary dedicated to exposing the h8rs of Anonymous.

See also : “Hey! Great idea Ron!” or Church of Scientology versus Anonymous (January 28, 2008) | Google hearts Scientology? (February 2, 2008) | Church of Scientology in Victoria (Australia) (February 15, 2008) | Whatever happened to Andrew Sanders? (July 11, 2008)

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