Jock Palfreeman : February 2010 Update : Two Years in Isolation?

I’ve just received news that Jock Palfreeman, the Australian anti-fascist who is currently serving a 20 year prison term in Sofia, Bulgaria (for murder and attempted murder: see for details on his case) has been placed in isolation. Isolation means Jock is in solitary confinement, and has no contact with fellow prisoners. He also has no access to books, radio or television. He is unable to work, to study, or to attend the prison gymnasium. All his meals are eaten inside his cell. The only opportunity he has to leave his cell is for the 90 minute period each day in which he is allowed to exercise, on his own, in the prison courtyard.

Jock’s placement in isolation is the result of a law introduced in June 2009. This law states, in essence, that any foreign prisoner facing a possible sentence of more than 15 years has to remain in isolation until such time as they’ve received a final verdict on their case. Thus far, Jock has been convicted by the City Court (December 2009), but his conviction is subject to appeal: first, in a case to be heard by the High Court and then, potentially, by the Supreme Court. In other words if, as expected, the appeals process takes a further two years, Jock may be kept in isolation for this period.

It should be noted that, at the time the law was introduced until now, Jock was and is the only prisoner to be affected by the new law; further, that while Jock has previously been informed that, as a result of the new law, he would be placed in isolation, this is the first occasion upon which prison authorities have actually done so. Previous proclamations that he would be placed in isolation — of which there were several — were eventually ended when prison authorities were informed by legal advocates that such treatment was contrary to the terms and provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights.

See also : Jock Palfreeman : January 2010 Update | For further infos on Jock’s case and ways in which you can help and express support, see

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5 Responses to Jock Palfreeman : February 2010 Update : Two Years in Isolation?

  1. Ash says:

    We need to get active again to get Jock out of solitary as soon as possible.

    What we can do:

    1. Write to Jock

    Jock Palfreeman
    Sofia Central Prison
    21 Gen. N. Stoletov Bul.
    Sofia 1309

    Packages should be sent through Spencer ([email protected]) or Josh ([email protected])

    2. Write to an MP/politician

    See the letter writing guide here:
    See the list of contact addresses here:

    Once you’ve written a letter, please send a copy to Spencer or I so that we can post it on for others to see.

    3. Educate yourself

    On Jock’s case facts here:
    On the European Convention on Human Rights (Article 6 – Fair Trials) here:

    4. Spread the word

    Make flyers, posters, stencils. Speak to human rights groups, lawyers, politicians and write to (reputable) newspapers.
    Get a group together and organise a postcard or letter-writing campaign, visit the embassy and speak to a representative.
    Remember to be respectful and informed. This is not a problem with Bulgarians, it’s a problem with the prison and judicial system.

    For more info or if you have ideas on how help, write to free.jock@hotmail.

  2. sm says:

    would it be helpful to Jock to write to newspapers? or would it be detrimental to his case?
    also, I have an extensive professional and personal connection with his old school SIC, as well as the old boys union (OIU). Are they working with you?

  3. ash says:


    im not sure about the newspapers, a good idea though.

    the OIU has been involved. they provided the school as the venue for a support meeting we held, and have openly supported jock. one ex-president of the OIU has visited jock in bulgaria and many have been writing to him. do you have any ideas for how they could help him further?


  4. Susan Davies says:

    I have emailed the Mosman Daily & the ABC & asked them to re-do an article on Jock.

    Since they have done their articles on the case, it has dropped off the radar?

    Keep at it everyone.

  5. And just where is our useless government when we need it?
    Shouldn’t it be looking after its citizens when they are in trouble?

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