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Court orders neo-Nazi suspects extradited
October 23, 2008

COPENHAGEN: Two men accused of distributing neo-Nazi music and inciting racial hatred should be extradited to Germany, a Danish court ruled yesterday. The judgment was made after the two men [German Stephan G., 33, and Dane Flemming C, 32], who were granted anonymity by the court, appealed an October 7 decision by the Danish Ministry of Justice to approve their extradition to face charges of distributing banned neo-Nazi material. Danish authorities arrested a 33-year-old German man and a 32-year-old Danish man at the end of August as part of an international crackdown by federal German police to break up a production and distribution network of neo-Nazi recordings. Frankfurt prosecutors allege they distributed the music in Germany through the Denmark-based record label Celtic Moon. A police raid uncovered thousands of CDs and DVDs at the Danish suspect’s house – many of which contained inflammatory lyrics towards Jews and denying the Holocaust, contrary to German law on incitement to racial hatred. The Danish suspect appeared in court on Tuesday and told judges that he had only been looking after the CDs for his German friend and had never listened to them. He claimed he abandoned right-wing extremism following the birth of his daughter in 2002. The German suspect said he was in contact with British neo-Nazi organisation Blood and Honour, but told the court he had “done nothing illegal”. – AFP

According to earlier reports (August), a True Blue Dinky-Di (Nutzi) Aussie — whose identity has yet to be established — co-operated with the dynamic Danish and German duo by providing them with True Blue Dinky-Di (Nutzi) muzak. Coincidentally, ‘Celtic Moon’ has close ties to ‘Werwolf Records’: it distributes Douglas Schott’s Newcastle-based band Blood Red Eagle.

On a related note, Douglas’s band has recently been adopted by the US-based Nutzi Volksfront groupuscule. A photographic survey of the True Blue Dinky-Di Aussie’s kameraden has recently been published by Rose City Antifa, who are:

…pleased to bring you this album containing photos of local members of Volksfront, the most significant neo-Nazi organization in our state. The vast majority of these photos are from 2008 events in Oregon which occurred after the release of Volksfront prospect “Red” (AKA “Big Red”) from prison.

Those who have been following the Volksfront organization will see plenty of familiar faces in this collection. It should be noted that Randal and Abbie Krager [nee Chelf]—pictured in many of these photos—no longer seem to live in Portland [PDF]. Our deep condolences go out to the state of Florida, especially those people living near Lakeland…

Reasons to be Cheerful : One | Two | Three. Volksfront apparently has a chapter in Australia, but it appears that the volk in Australia (most likely some very short-haired bloke and his dog) are still on their training wheels (that is, constitute a ‘probationary’ chapter).

Nowadays, Volksfront helps little old (white) ladies cross the road — or so it says. In the past — which is, after all, another country (a place people like me belong, according to some) — they also helped homeless white men to their deaths:

The hunt began with a trip to a couple of local businesses. They needed more beer, of course, an armload of 22-ounce tallboys and an 18-pack of Budweiser. That would be the fuel. But they didn’t forget to buy the baseball bats.

The foursome headed out as the cool of the evening set in. Sucking down beer and carrying their two new bats, they made their way to an area they knew well, a secret world of street people who congregated under a highway bridge in Tacoma, Wash.

They knew what they were looking for, as several of them told police later — a drug dealer, preferably a black one. But the first black man they saw, walking by with a white woman, drew a machete when the menacing group of boneheads approached. The brave young warriors dropped that plan fast.

Then they spotted Randy Townsend.

David Nikos Pillatos, 19, dealt the first blow, smashing the homeless white man with one of the bats as Scotty James Butters, 20, began to punch him. With Pillatos’ second swing, the bat splintered across Townsend’s face. Then Tristain Lynn Frye, 22 and the only female present, began to kick the fallen man. Pillatos found a 40-pound rock and dropped it on Townsend’s head.

It was then, according to statements later given by the three to police, that Kurtis William Monschke, 19, joined in. Noticing that Townsend was breathing, Monschke laid into his victim with the second bat before lifting and smashing his head onto a railroad track.

Randall Mark Townsend, a gentle, 42-year-old man afflicted with paranoid schizophrenia, never opened his eyes again. He lingered in a coma for 20 days after the March 23, 2003, attack, but in the end his battered body succumbed…

Pfft. Who cares?

On the terraces in Germany, eight Nutzis have been told by fans and officials to fuck off after the dummkopf‘s unveiled a Nazi flag at a game last weekend: “Werder fans prevented the neo-Nazis from unfolding the sign and they were led away by police. The incident took place one day before Germany observed the 70th anniversary of Kristallnacht, the Nazi-incited riots against Jews” (Werder Bremen bans neo-Nazi fans, The Associated Press, November 10, 2008). The scum are also facing having bans placed on their attendance at future games.

The eight Hitler fetishists aren’t alone, however, at least not according to electoral results, the NPD’s boasts, or The Jew:

Jewish group mulls charges over neo-Nazi Obama slurs

BERLIN (AFP) — A prominent Jewish group said Monday it was reviewing legal options against a German neo-Nazi party for “racist” remarks calling Barack Obama’s election a “declaration of war” on non-white America… In a statement from his office entitled “Africa conquers the White House,” [Juergen] Gansel said multicultural America sought the destruction of “pure” national cultures and that Obama aimed to destroy the United States’ “white identity.” “A non-white America is a declaration of war on all people who believe an organically grown social order based on language and culture, history and heritage to be the essence of humanity,” he said. “Barack Obama hides this declaration of war behind his pushy sunshine smile.” …

Finally, Melbourne dumb punx have shrugged their shoulders at news that ‘Neo-Nazis Stab Fourteen Year Old in Izhevsk’ (November 10, 2008), and called upon the lying, hypocritical members of the Union of Councils for Jews in the Former Soviet Union to go back to Russia.

A neo-Nazi gang stabbed a 14-year-old boy from Azerbaijan in Izhevsk, Russia (Republic of Udmurtiya), according to a November 10, 2008 report by the Sova Information-Analytical Center. On October 12, the gang ambushed Nadirli Nadira Shakin-oglu outside a store, stabbing him twice in the back and six times in the chest. Doctors saved the child’s life in the hospital and police have detained suspects, who were charged with attempted murder. So far, no hate crimes charges have been filed.

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