Bored of Studies vs. David Oldfield : “The silly kids who called in ought to feel ashamed of themselves.”

Tsk tsk.

David talks about what matters – he is an opponent of political correctness – he pulls no punches – he always calls a spade a spade.

Mediawatch: “Trolling” the airwaves
Transcript from Mediawatch

When it comes to jokes about swarthy foreigners, Etwell can’t hold a candle to David Oldfield, former political adviser to Pauline Hanson, and now midnight to dawn presenter on Sydney’s 2GB…

Basically, David the squawking hack got pwn3d by some kids on the Bored of Studies site, who rang David’s show and ranted and raved about teh-Muslim-terrorist-who-now-sits-in-the-Blackhouse — and other such matters.

Just another night on talkback radio really.

Uncle John, for one, was not amused — mmmkay? — and castigated the smartarses responsible: “The silly kids who called in ought to feel ashamed of themselves.”

Dunno John — I doubt it. Bored of Studies certainly appears to be ashamed, however, having pulled the thread in question (“Invalid Thread specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator”).

Closed after just 48 pages.

A few highlights:

‘David Oldfield One nation dude’

Ben.Civiletti : David oldfield (the dude that failed the lie detector test about sleeping with Hanson) has his own radio show on 2gb 873am. (midnight to 5am)

And since its the eve of the election his gone all spazo he can’t believe a black man winning the election. I dare (mainly cos im not brave enough to) any left wing boser to talk about the US election with him and how Obama is better over mccain etc. Likewise, any right wing boser to talk about mccain>obama.

He also calls any non anglo race extremely primitive, calls for the bali bombers [to] be burned (slowly), and hates immigrants… he also hates anyone with degrees cant stand them… and don’t get him started on muslims

Also anyone that has the balls to question him on failing the lie detecter test gets extra points

zstar : hahaha I remember him, The guy who looks like Milhouse and hates Asian people

Miles Edgeworth : them kids with them inter-nets

Iron : Srsly, what was Pauline like as a lover


Scissors : man! i was gonna troll dave so much more if he didn’t cut me off. i was gonna tell him a story about a cat that died at my house once and we just simply chopped it up to save some room in the garbage bin

Speaking of Obama Osama, in 2003, Pauline Hanson’s best mate helped set up a website called “Not all Muslims are terrorists but nearly all terrorists are Muslims” quoth the website (David Oldfield defends website over vilification allegations, PM, August 28, 2003).

Having surfed into the NSW Parliament courtesy of the short wave of popularity Pauline Dancin’ Hanson also rode, David’s other claim to fame was (allegedly) having sex with the Wicked Witch from Ipswich, an (alleged) act(s) for which he was even subjected to a lie detector test. Subsequently: “David Oldfield … publicly apologised to his wife after failing a lie detector test on the question of whether or not he had sex” with the flame-haired temptress (Oldfield apologises to wife after failing lie detector test, The West Australian, March 29, 2007).

A former waterboy for the Mad Monk, son of Ernest Radcliffe Oldfield and June Emma Oldfield, educated at Balgowlah Boys High School, married to Lisa Michelle Johnston on October 13, 2001, contestant on Celebrity Survivor in 2006, David sat on his arse in the NSW Parliament for eight years, from 1999–2007.

Now he talks shit on talkback radio.

Here endeth the lesson.

Established July 8th 2002, Bored of Studies was pioneered by 4 ex-HSC students who finished their HSC in 2001. Being the first to sit the newly revised HSC syllabus, the lack of information for current HSC students became apparent and hence developed into the sole inspiration for the development of this website.

Created by students, for students, Bored of Studies strives to provide current year 12 and year 11 students with all the resources and support they need to succeed during the 2 years that form the most important part of their education and subsequently, their futures.

Along with the help of countless user submitted notes and documents, and the users who spend endless hours helping out those in need in the student forums, Bored of Studies endeavours to become the single most influential, resourceful and helpful service available to students all over Australia.

It’s a Sydney thing.

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