Go Diane! For petunias, the Queen and clean toilets

(Also no immigrants or treaties.)

Diane Teasdale, President of the Australia First Party [to be confused with the Australia First Party (NSW)], is calling on the good people of Shepparton to vote for her on Saturday, November 29. One of five women and eleven men nominating for election, sadly for Diane and eight others, there are just seven vacancies on Council.

TEASDALE, Diane Marie

Control is needed on spending, especially on outside consultants. Fill Lake Victoria with water and plant petunias along the front. Stop the “Show Me” rip-off that is wasting business Ratepayer’s money. Cancel the Freight Centre development as the debt is too risky for the Ratepayers. Hang the “Queen of Australia” portrait back in the Council Chambers. Encourage the use of Citizen Initiated Referenda. Tidy and clean up our toilets and towns and employ local gardeners. No further support for immigration should come from this Council. Cancel the “Compact” Greater Shepparton signed with aborigines, former Mayor, Anne McCamish, Tony Abbott and others in 2003, and remove support for the “Riverconnect” Program. Remove all race-based policies and practices and implement a needs-based policy only. Because of the system for allocating votes I will need your 1st preference to win a seat on Council. Please choose your other preferences carefully.

The Compact Diane complains of [PDF] and wishes to see abolished was signed on September 3, 2003. The ‘aborigines’ who signed are ‘Members of the Aboriginal Community Facilitation Group on behalf of the Aboriginal Community of Greater Shepparton’: Adrian Appo, Geraldine Atkinson, Marlene Atkinson, Mary Atkinson, Neville Atkinson, Rex Atkinson, Vicki Atkinson, Graeme Briggs, Kaye Briggs, Paul Briggs, Joyce Doyle, John Martin and Justin Mohamed. Government signatories are Steve Bracks (Premier of Victoria), Tony Abbott (Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations), Gavin Jennings (Minister for Aboriginal Affairs), Anne McCamish (Mayor of Greater Shepparton) and Daphne Yarram (ATSIC Binjirru Chair).

Vote Diane!

This is not Diane’s first bid for office. In 2004, she contested the Federal seat of Murray, and gained 1,083 votes (1.35%) for her troubles, easily defeating Elisa Barwick of the bizarro Larouchite cult, who received just 137 votes (0.17%), but unfortunately still 51,614 votes behind the winner, Tory Sharman Stone. Undeterred, Diane had another crack at the seat in 2007. Disappointingly, she received just 615 votes (0.76%). On the bright side, not only did she trounce the Larouchite (203 votes), she also defeated a Democrat (416 votes) and a fellow Independent (484 votes).

Diane’s pursuit of political power extends even further back than this, however, having contested elections in 1980 and 1983. In 1980, she had her very first crack at the seat of Murray, gaining even more votes — 1,171 — than she did in 2007, but still coming last (fifth of five candidates). Three years later, Diane was back for more, but — as is the case when one compares her fate in 2004 and 2007 — she proved to be slightly less popular than she was the first time around, losing 300 votes (835) and slipping in her percentage (1.2%).

Will this year’s local council see Diane fulfill her 28-year-old dream of governing a little part of Australia?
Can Diane save the Queen?
Will petunias bloom along the front of Lake Victoria?
Stay tuned for the exciting results!

Youth! Nation! Destiny! Australia First (NSW)


Australia First has set December 3 (Eureka Stockade Day) as the day we will have the membership to apply for Federal party registration. The party will now resume the Federal registration drive in earnest. Many members have rightly urged us on to complete the necessary preparations to get on with this. It is expected that by December 3 2008, Eureka Stockade Day, we shall be ready to apply for Federal registration. Help us to achieve that goal.

Then again, Dr James Saleam promised there would be an Australia First (NSW) candidate standing for the seat of Maroondah too. And of course, fourteen (or was is seventeen?) years ago, Dr Jim promised he would blow a great big hole in the ASIO conspiracy which saw him convicted for organising a shotgun attack on then ANC representative to Australia Eddie Funde.

See also : Richard Baker, Australia First: reclaiming the agenda, The Age, December 14, 2005 | William Birnbauer and Claire Miller, White supremacists hide in quiet suburbs, The Age, December 18, 2005

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  1. Lumpen says:

    I know, wrong spelling, wrong name. But I still thought of this song, especially the “klu klux furniture” lyric.

    I have a fond memory of pointing out to Teasdale that she was a crazy person and a bit of a monster. I can’t remember what the leaflet she was handing out actually said; something along the lines of white workers needing to stick together to fight foreigners or some shit.

    Here’s a trainspotting question for you Andy: my understanding is the LaRouchites took over the Citizens Electoral Council some time ago. If so, did they take over their platform as well? I remember running into the CEC years ago (year 2000 I think) when they told me that Aborigines weren’t really the first Australians, which they “proved” by comparing the number of fingers on figures in rock paintings carbon dated to different millenia, and that this was all Prince Phillip’s fault (seriously). Do the CEC still spout this nonsense or have they shifted it all to LaRouche’s grand and completely sensible vision of land bridges and nuclear trains?

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