Vents : ‘NBC’

Vents. Hard to Kill. Obese Records. 2007.

He is nice dope.

Revolutionary… but gangsta.

Obese Records’ latest signing Vents is a talented solo Hip-Hop artist hailing from Adelaide. Having been a solid figure in the underground Oz Hip-Hop scene for many years, the time has come for Vents’ onslaught to begin. From the beginning of his career, Vents has been closely associated with Adelaide’s esteemed Certified Wise Crew, whose members include Hilltop Hoods and Funkoars – both of whom lent their talents to this celebrated debut album ‘Hard To Kill’. A bright future is predicted for Vents and ‘Hard To Kill’ is certain to establish his career in Oz Hip Hop, setting him on a solid path of hardcore consciousness and innovation.

Does your band have a support person or mentor outside the band that you can’t imagine doing without?
The ghost of Alexander Berkman who visits me regularly with the ghost of [Gandhi] in a headlock urging me to shoot at people and blow shit up.

Vents has given the Australian hip-hop scene a shake with the release of his debut album ‘Hard To Kill’. It is a relentless barrage of lyrics so dope you listen again and again to make sure you take in the entire meaning. Backing that is a production soundtrack to rival any released his year or in recent memory courtesy of Mr. Trials. This is much more than just another Australian hip-hop release… this is the birth of a star and it’s an album destined to be heralded a classic. ITM chatted to Vents as he traverses the country blowing crowds away.

As a whole the album is quite political, not preachy but more in a “I’m not happy with the way we are heading” nature. Do you think we are on a fast track to the end and is your music hoping to cause some change in attitude?
Nah, I don’t think we are heading towards the end anytime soon. Capitalism ain’t going anywhere in my lifetime probably. Things will have to get a lot worse before they get better, but change is inevitable. If I can at least turn a few people onto more radical ideas about things I am happy. But inevitably it’s just a collection of thoughts and opinions I have on things, and I have noticed these also tend to change as time goes on and I get a fuller understanding and appreciation of the world. Obviously some things I am very serious about, but it’s not meant as gospel, it’s just a reflection of the space my head was in at time.

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