OH NOES! Southern Cross Soldiers go to war

Crazy kids and their intarwebs!

The Southern Cross Soldiers (SCS) finally make it into the papers.

(See below.)

They’re just like real soldiers (only not quite as well paid).

“Friends, today was an historic day, the day Australians stood up against state-imposed multiculturalism,” Darrin Hodges wrote on the night of the Cronulla riots. Accompanying his posting is a series of photographs he took at Cronulla that day, including one of a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “wog free zone” and another of a sign offering free sausages to the crowd, with “no tabouli”. Darrin also speaks of footage he filmed on the day which [FightDemBack!] believes was used in a video released over the weekend that glorifies a mob of rioters bashing various non-whites at Cronulla.

In his article (Victorian police vow crackdown to stop ‘another Cronulla’) Liam makes reference to a Cronulla vid (Videos on [SCS] websites glorify the Cronulla riots to a neo-Nazi soundtrack promising “race war”), which is presumably a reference to the vid Australian Protectionist Party (APP) members Darrin Hodges and Martin Fletcher helped to produce and distribute on Stormfront in the riot’s immediate aftermath. Hodges & Co. maintain that the ‘riot’ was in fact a ‘White Civil Uprising’, an opening shot fired in a civil war in which their side seeks to return Australia to its natural status as a 100% White outpost in Asia. While Hodges & Co. are based in Sydney, at the same time, in Melbourne, another APP member, Luke Connors, in his then capacity as spokesperson for the now-defunct ‘Patriotik Yoof League’:

…predicted further outbreaks.

“‘When you have areas which are majority Muslim, because they don’t tend to adapt that well, or majority African or Middle Eastern extraction, and right next door you have an area which is 90 per cent Anglo-Saxon, or Anglo-Celtic, there is going to be friction,” he said.

“West Heidelberg is a big one because you have a very large black working-class community next to a white middle-working-class community. That would be my best guess actually if it was going to start up in Melbourne.

“Also, out past Springvale, along the train line, there is that same sort of segregation going on, in working-class areas where they are competing for the same jobs and there is a high unemployment rate.”

~ Ewin Hannan and Richard Baker, Nationalists boast of their role on the beach, The Age, December 13, 2005

In the meantime, the silly boys manly Aryan worriers of the APP are currently trying to arrange for BNP Fuhrer Nick Griffin to pop over for a cup of tea and a chat about strategies for making Australia a wog-free zone averting the demographic genocide that is threatening his Fatherland and the Mother Country (“caused by the large-scale immigration of people from the Third World”). As things stand, however, and especially given what appears to be widespread opposition on the part of VIPs, it appears that Gub’mint authorities are unlikely to approve Nick’s visa application.

    Above: one of numerous racist images available on APP member Martin Fletcher’s webshite, ‘Downunder News Links’. The imgs were originally produced by the US-based neo-Nazi organisation ‘White Aryan Resistance’.

Earlier this year, spokesperson for the NSW APP, Darrin Hodges, described Third World immigrants as sub-human: “Australia was a beautiful place once, before it was flooded with third-world sewerage from African [sic] and Asia.” Adds, a Major-General in the Southern Cross Soldier Army, echoes this sentiment: “All these people that are coming over to our country that aren’t Aussies are trying to take it over,” Adds said.

Anyway, here’s an article about angry white teens.

Victorian police vow crackdown to stop ‘another Cronulla’
Sunday Herald Sun
Liam Houlihan
November 23, 2008

POLICE will use roadblocks, mounted coast patrols and fines for swearing to protect Melbourne beaches from a Cronulla-style anti-immigrant gang.

The crackdown follows boasts by the 200-strong Melbourne chapter of the Southern Cross Soldiers, who admit having criminals and neo-Nazis in their ranks, that they will converge on bayside beaches this summer.

Police in bayside suburbs will implement Operation Beachsafe, which shares the name given to NSW police’s post-Cronulla riots crackdown.

Inspector Neil Patterson, of Moorabbin police, said: “There’s one group in particular that has indicated they intend to hold parties on beach locations.

“The message is if you’re coming to the beach areas . . . to drink or cause problems, we’re going to be there ready to target you.”

Melbourne SCS co-leader Adds said members included criminals and self-described neo-Nazi skinheads, and some had relatives in the Hell’s Angels.

“All these people that are coming over to our country that aren’t Aussies are trying to take it over,” Adds said.

“We’re just trying to put the word out that we don’t like it.”

The radical police plan to protect beaches from December to March includes:

ROADBLOCKS and car checks to stop troublemakers heading to the beach.

A ZERO-TOLERANCE blitz, including on-the-spot $130 fines for swearing on the beach, to stop trouble before it starts.

MOUNTED horse patrols in troublespots and undercover beach officers.

PHONING parents of drunk and violent youths to pick up their children from police stations.

POSSIBLE referral to the Department of Human Services if parents of young offenders cannot be contacted.

Masked soldiers in the posse call themselves “SCS defenders” and “SCS enforcers” and pose in front of patriotic paraphernalia wearing matching hoodies and wielding weapons including a machete, jemmy and spanner.

Videos on their websites glorify the Cronulla riots to a neo-Nazi soundtrack promising “race war”.

Insp Patterson said the police blitz aimed to keep beaches safe for families.

“If we can stop anti-social behaviour in its starting forms, then it won’t increase into forms of violence,” he said.

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226 Responses to OH NOES! Southern Cross Soldiers go to war

  1. Paul Justo says:

    I’ll give you this one –

    “You can be of “anglo-celtic stock” which is the way polite Australian/Anglo society refers to the fact that the majority of Caucasians in this country are Anglo-Irish.

    “broad anglo-celtic cultural similarities” or “anglo–celtic culture” if you mean something that spans both (such as contemporary language, laws, genetics or chavs).

    Contemporary language here in this outpost of the empire is English, not a Celtic language, the laws – English, the genetics – we’re all 1% away from Orang-utans anyway so this one doesn’t count, the chavs – half a % away from Orang-utans.

    You write –

    Also, the relationship between the two cultures doesn’t seem, to me at least, to have such a gulf that this hyphenation would seem strange at first, such as “afro–mongol culture.”

    That’s only because you were not brought up speaking a Celtic language. There are no linguistic similarities between any of the Celtic languages and English.

  2. Kitty says:

    If I was Australia, I’d be pissed to have a bunch of little retards like the SCS representing me. You little kids are literally an insult to whatever you think Australia is.

    We’ve met your hoodie wearing little dogs down Espy way a couple times, instead of being proud to be racist you guys should be proud to be Olympic Sprinters. And fuck me can you boys run!

    Learn to read and write in English too, because it’s ironic that half your members have the literacy of a 6 year old and you’re still proud to be an ‘Aussie’.

    Go stand next to a brickie crew, tell ’em you hate wogs and fobs, and see how many of the Aussies themselves will kick your head in before the others, who’d be shocked, decide to go you.

  3. Cee says:

    These guys are jokes. They shouldn’t call themselves soldiers if they’re not willing to join the Army. If they did that, they’d be real patriots, but they’re probably too weak and pathetic.

  4. 4_Milk_Crates says:

    To all you wonderful upstanding patriots from SCS:

    It must be exhausting maintaining all this rage, i’m glad you are all fit aussie boys ready to fight.

    I just have 1 question for you all:

    What is it like to have never satisfied a woman?

  5. @ndy says:

    Cee: Actually, word on the street is that at least one or two of the Soldiers are soldiers. Maybe SCS is a case of the Australian armed forces thinking outside of the box?

    4_Milk_Crates: Surely the only requirements for satisfying a woman are an inability to spell and the capacity to wave an Australian flag?

  6. 4_Milk_Crates says:

    @ndy- Bhaaha! I can see em now in the bedroom draped in an aussie flag dribbling on a chick with a less-than-impressed-what-the-fuck-am-i-doing-with-this-wanker look on her face.

    “Ethnic” Inventions:

    Comedy: Greeks
    Democracy: Greeks
    Beer: Arabs (Egyptians & Mesopotamians)
    Coffee: Ethiopians (Africans)
    Distilled Alcohol: Iraqis (Mesopotamians)
    Analog Computers: Iraqis (Mesopotamians)
    Toothpaste: Persians (Iranians)
    Surfing: Polynesians
    Gunpowder: Chinese
    Mathematics: Arabs (Egyptians)

    So fellas, if you really wanna be “pure” Australians you shouldn’t really drink beer or spirits, brush your teeth, laugh at anything, vote in an election, drink coffee, go surfing, shoot a gun, perform an equation or use a computer.

    Please take a note at that last one: DON’T USE A COMPUTER.

  7. BRUNOZ says:


  8. @ndy says:

    Thugs ruled the streets, and the mob sang Waltzing Matilda
    The Sydney Morning Herald
    December 12, 2005

    Damien Murphy describes what he saw in the middle of the Cronulla violence.

    A BARE-CHESTED youth in Quiksilver boardshorts tore the headscarf off the girl’s head as she slithered down the Cronulla dune seeking safety on the beach from a thousand-strong baying mob.

    Up on the road, Marcus “Carcass” Butcher, 28, a builder from Penrith, wearing workboots, war-camouflage shorts and black singlet bearing the words “Mahommid was a camel f—ing faggot” raised both arms to the sky. “F— off, Leb,” he cried victoriously.

    It was one last act of cowardly violence on a sad and shameful day that began as a beach party celebrating a kind of perverted nationalism that was gatecrashed by racism.

    A crowd of at least 5000 – overwhelmingly under 25 – took over Cronulla’s foreshore and beachside streets. Police were powerless as 200-odd ringleaders, many clutching bottles or cans of beer and smoking marijuana, led assaults on individuals and small groups of Lebanese Australians who risked an appearance during the six-hour protest.

    The horde swirled after fleeing individuals, sometimes sweeping past police lines and horses, chasing a quarry who sought safety in restaurants, shops, toilet blocks and ambulances and police vehicles. Some were snatched by police, who stood against the swarm and repelled the most violent with capsicum spray.

    After a local man, “Steely”, had led a chant of “F— off, Lebs”, a young man demanded the megaphone and told the crowd it was “racist”. A bottle arced in from the audience and shattered on his forehead. He fled “like a bleeding rabbit”, someone yelled after him.

    Sometimes when a victim was cornered, the mob started singing Waltzing Matilda. Advance Australia Fair was similarly employed against obstructing police, and the usually good-natured “Aussie Aussie Aussie” chant in the mouths of the Cronulla crew assumed a menacing tone.

    Cronulla was possibly Australia’s biggest racist protest since vigilante miners killed two Chinese at Lambing Flat in 1860.

    Yesterday’s violence had been brewing for months. It came to a head last weekend when some Lebanese Australian men attacked members of the North Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club after they asked the visitors to stop playing soccer because it was disturbing other beach users.

      LIZ JACKSON: The surfies at Cronulla were talking about it, too. The bare facts are these. Three volunteer lifesavers were leaving the beach, having finished their patrol. They were not in uniform. There was a verbal altercation with a group of what the locals call Lebs, with provocative insults from both sides. The lifesavers were bashed. But these are the rumours that were spreading around…

      SCOTT: They were playing soccer, I think. And they kicked the ball at some girls and started harassing the girls. And the lifeguards asked them to stop. Standard thing – happens all the time down here. And, you know, they didn’t like it and a fight broke out.

    “Steely” – who did not want to identify himself “for fear the Lebs will come and shoot up my joint during the week” – said his children had been scared by Lebanese Australians coming in from the western suburbs.

    “I’ve got a four-year-old girl and a boy who’s 11, and they see these bastards come here and stand around the sea baths ‘cos their women have got to swim in clothes and stuff, or they see them saying filthy things to our girls,” he said. “That’s not Australian. My granddad fought the Japs to see Australia safe from this sort of shit, and that’s what I’m doing today.”

    The word went out last week that the Shire boys would not take it lying down any more. Yesterday was shaping as a giant clash if Lebanese Australians came to run the gauntlet.

    Cronulla has been an iconic surf suburb since the early 1960s, when the surfboard craze hit. It has a tribal surf culture shaped by violence and substance abuse.

    Its first surfing hero, Bobby Brown, died after being sliced by a beer glass in a hotel in 1967.

    Cronulla was the setting for Puberty Blues, the brutal book and film about girls growing up in the surf culture. Many of its surfing heroes have had difficult lives, not the least Mark Occhiluppo, who came back from virtual career oblivion to take the world surfing title in 1999.

    Cronulla has long been the scene of battles with outsiders. The early 1960s saw pitched fights between “westies” and “surfies”. Then, the media portrayed them as wars between teenage subcultures, but they always had an economic if not class element to them. It was a time when the White Australia policy still existed and nobody thought it was based on racism.

    Things have changed. So yesterday “Da Boys” – the Cronulla locals – turned up early, and by 10am a party atmosphere was already evident.

    Two-storey apartments were bedecked in bizarre bunting ranging from Australian and Eureka flags to “Merry Christmas” signs and Bundaberg Rum polar bear cut-outs.

    On the streets, Australian flags fluttered on most cars, Cold Chisel and Men At Work boomed out of stereo systems and there were patriotic T-shirts with kangaroos, swear words and puns. Beer soaked everything.

    Todd Russell, a concrete pourer from one of the apartments up the road from the riot site, was among the first to arrive and was giving away sausages cooked on a barbecue on the back of his ute, “to get everyone in the mood to be a real Aussie”. He had put up a sign saying “No tabouli”.

    He was enthusiastically handing out brochures headed “Immigration out of control” and “Your teachers are lying to you” to passers-by.”Don’t know what this shit is, mate. It’s just stuff. I agree with it, whatever it is,” Russell said. “Look, these Lebs are coming here and giving us shit and we’re not going to take it any more.”

    Behind him, John Moffitt of the Australia First Party was smiling to himself. He had been handing out political pamphlets to some of the flag and beer can-bedecked teenagers most of the morning and they were merrily distributing them to the committed, the curious and the repulsed. “This is a great day. Australia is now seeing what the policies of the last 30 years are reaping,” Moffitt said.

    Paul Wilson, a local accountant who wants to start a political movement he has called Sons of Anzacs, led the mob with a couple of megaphone chants but said he was disgusted at the abuse of Lebanese immigrants.

    He said the protest was really just an extension of the sorts of things Pauline Hanson was warning about when she entered national life in 1996.

    “Nobody listened to her really and look what’s happened. Mind you, it’s a shame that it came to this. I don’t agree with the racist stuff. It frightens a lot of people off but it still a true reflection of what being a real and proud Australian is to many of us. You deny that, you’re mad,” he said.

    The crowd’s first likely target was sighted just after 11am. He copped a punch from a local before fleeing to the safety of the Northies hotel sports bar, where a police line stopped the hunters in their tracks and he was whisked from the building.

    Over the next six hours there were sporadic outbreaks when the mob thought it spied a Lebanese Australian intruder.

    Many in the melee took photographs on mobile phones as they contacted people to join the fray or just to check out the fun. “It’s a pisser,” said Michael Bedford, of Sylvania. “Shire forever.”

    As police tramped in quick-time from flashpoint to flashpoint, many in the crowd ridiculed their efforts. “Hup, hup, hup. Left, right, left, right. Sound off – that’s right, dudes, go get ’em,” a group yelled in unison, before showering police with beer.

    At one point, thousands rushed up the hill to the Cronulla Mall and headed for the railway station, nearly a kilometre away, where two men were taken and beaten. Sated, the crowd returned to the beachfront.

    While bedlam ruled, the North Cronulla SLSC did its best to ignore the unlovely spectacle, calmly continuing with the launching ceremony of a new surfboat, the Graham “Cashy” Cachia.

    Meanwhile, down the beach, the Lebanese Australian girl’s three male friends were being chased through apartments as her headscarf was being born off as some sort of souvenir. At the boat ceremony, a 13-year-old boy, a nipper with the club, turned from the boat to the noise swelling from the crowd north of the clubhouse.

    “Get her!” he yelled. On his bare back were the words in black felt pen: “We crew here. You flew here.”

  9. Aaron says:

    SCS are just sad misguided morons, they’re not a movement and they’re not a gang, they’re just stupid kids who don’t understand the world.

  10. cheese says:

    Apparently reading the SCS related websites doesn’t give me an accurate depiction of what they are about. Well I was lucky enough to have my Australia Day enlightened with the presence of the SCS at the beach yesterday and got an understanding of what they are truly about. So here’s a short list:

    – Underage drinking
    – Drinking in a ‘no alcohol’ public area
    – Having dogs in a ‘no dog’ area
    – Littering the beach with cans and bottles
    – Chanting songs including the word fuck and other profanities in front of families and young children
    – Generally interrupting everyone else’s Australia Day celebrations
    – Being a 15-17 year old looking for direction from some wanabee leader 20 year old who can’t find friends his own age

    Last time I checked the Aussie thing to do on a 40 degree day at the beach is sitting on a towel in a pair of boardies and some sunscreen, not standing around in a black hoodie. You idiots. I’m from Bayside, and sunbaking, relaxing, cricket and swimming is what we do on my beach, so if you’re going to stand around drinking and yelling then maybe you should follow your own self made rules and fuck off back to the north where you came from.

    I don’t even think these guys saw the irony in chanting Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, Oi, Oi, Oi, while wrapping them selves in Chinese made Australia Flags and bandanas.

    These guys talk the talk but don’t seem to walk the walk. Maybe they should do a little travel before they make up such a strong opinion. I truly believe Australia is the greatest country on earth but there are plenty of other good ones out there too. It wasn’t until I travelled Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and North America that I could truly see how good Australians have it!

    Just two more things kids, have a look at a lot of the pacific island flags and you’ll find a southern cross, in fact you can see it every night in the sky over much of Africa and the whole southern hemisphere so maybe look at a name change? And finally, if you’re going to try to sing the national anthem in public again, try to practice it at home first so you don’t fizzle out somewhere in the middle again… I’ve attached them below for you.

    Australians all let us rejoice
    For we are young and free
    We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil,
    Our home is girt by sea:
    Our land abounds in nature’s gifts
    Of beauty rich and rare,
    In history’s page let every stage
    Advance Australia fair,
    In joyful strains then let us sing
    Advance Australia fair.

    Beneath our radiant Southern Cross,
    We’ll toil with hearts and hands,
    To make this Commonwealth of ours
    Renowned of all the lands,
    For those who’ve come across the seas
    We’ve boundless plains to share,
    With courage let us all combine
    To advance Australia fair.
    In joyful strains then let us sing,
    Advance Australia fair.

  11. Bron says:

    Jeebus! The comments go on forever! Nice work, btw, @ndy.

  12. @ndy says:

    Cheers. Be longer if I didnae stop publishing these silly billys:

    scs member / SKOT

    Otherwise these are SCS/SCS sympathisers…

    S.C.S Melb Leader / aussie boy / Gazza / Aussie chick 🙂 / shawno / Matt / BigBeautifulMan / Mickles

    None too bright.

  13. Elias says:

    I hate Australia day. It’s the one day of the year that fuckheads who leave their stinking garbage around our beautiful parks, assault our police officers and take advantage of our welfare system feel empowered to tell me to “get the fuck out of my country.”

    Hahaha that’s not true. I love Australia day. This year I spent all of Australia Day at the beach with my Croatian, Italian, Portuguese, Sri Lankan, Scottish, Ukrainian and Salvadorean friends.

    When I looked on the internet for ideas of what to do for Australia day, I found some really good ideas. Like “visit a local historical site.” and “Learn the national anthem.”

    That’s right. Learn the national anthem.

    Personally I think that’s pathetic.

    To all you SCS fucktards I just have one question for you…

    Don’t you think Italian chicks are hot?

    Nice site Andy.

  14. SA scs member says:

    good on u brunzo war is on so lets get up an fuk all dis lebos an the dik heads on this page that no nuffink aussie pride in my stride aussie pride till i die so lets get up an burn da lebos dry haha fuk all lebs

  15. uni twat says:

    Such heartfelt poetry.

  16. Lanklan says:

    You’re truly a modern day Banjo Patterson.

  17. @ndy says:

    It brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

  18. Silver says:

    I don’t really see these riots as a total bad thing personally. But then I always liked a good brawl AND you always get like half a dozen bogans to a Leb. So naturally I take the Leb’s side as it’s more fun. Know that I’m probably very slightly masochistic though so I don’t mind taking a few hits. Also if I got caught I could invoke the self defense clause thing which does state somewhere you can defend yourself AND others. Not like I’m serious about it though. Like I probably wouldn’t smash their face too much unless some of them attacked a mate or something regardless of ethnicity.

    I do however shake my head at the stupidity of ethnical reasons here. I mean seriously, even the Brit convicts have only been here a few generations, yeah? Australia ain’t exactly the longest standing nation. I see any organisation like SCS as a facade for people to engage in gang mentality fueled bullying and very little else. Why not just honestly admit why you do shit and your motivations for it?

    What is absolutely hilarious is that I’m still more coherent than the vast majority of the SCS I have witnessed and according to the doc I’ve had more concussions than should have left me brain dead by now. I should also cut back on several things, but I align myself to the opinion that a great short life beats a mediocre long life. So, no dice.

    I think what these kids need is an education moreso than anything else. I’m only 19, only did a security course and a few other bits and pieces over high school qualifications and I can clearly see the futility of some of the racist actions I’m seeing. The only thing being an active neo-nazi in this day and age will do is possibly get you killed. But then again, you mightn’t really mind so much.

    Good entry @ndy, and I must admit to being strangely interested in many of the posted comments.

    Oh and just in case anyone wants to know my ethnic backgrounds, affiliations or whatever, I consider myself an Australian as I do anyone born here regardless of past ethnicity, I’m at least 3/4 Dutch ethnicity-wise (all four grandparents were Dutch, but I believe I have an ancestor or two German and possibly English up the line), drink like a fish, do Security/Retail work and regularly hang out with mates of many different ethnicities. As I’ve never given a fuck I have many friends, and get to sample some really awesome food and even spirits you can’t find nowhere at various gatherings.

    Australia is multicultural and if you have a problem with that, get the fuck out.

  19. s.c.s brae says:

    lol fuck you guys that say s.c.s is racist, and that we killed tyler and shit. you idiots dont know fuck all

    s.c.s is a group of proud australias that get together in each state / chapter, have a bbq watch football, drink beer go partying with hot girls

    just because half of you net fucks cant get laid, dont go outside and dont have a group of awesome mates, doesnt mean you can pigion hole us and say we are racist, for most of us are acutally not even 100% australian, yet we love our homeland, and people that move out here and say how shit it is and dissrespect it don’t deserve to be here

  20. dj says:

    If someone applied to migrate to Australia with English skills like those you have displayed above, you would be complaining if they were accepted into this country.

  21. s.c.s brae says:

    shit, din’t know that this was a grammer section?

    ive got skills in bed bro, something you may never know by the sounds of it, i mean im sure your hand is great but buddy itll get boring after a while.

  22. dj says:

    Actually it doesn’t, you just need an imagination. I did it 15 times today. I just sit back and think of Australia and it makes me hard as!

  23. uni twat says:

    You’re right, Hugh Jackman is pretty hot…

  24. s.c.s brae says:

    really? ditto but its with your mum does it for me.

  25. SA scs member says:

    what the fuk this shit is ball crap u go on about uss judging people on ther apierence an looks an wat they look like but hear uz go complaining on what scs is an what we do but realy if u dnt agree wid it u dnt have 2 b around uss all day or see uss in the street every day so y the fuk do uz keeping going on just because we have beta things 2 do then sit on the computer an jude people that u have never met b4 an yess i cant spell an i mite not b the best looking dude in scs i mite not b the fitest but atleast i can admit it un like uz u just keep draging this ball shit on an on fuken hell get ova it scs is hear an its hear 4 life so dnt try an break it or u mite get hurt

  26. @ndy says:

    SA scs member i rekon u shud stop judeing people u no nuthin about uz r tha ones judeing people on ther apierence not uss y do u h8 falafel n tabouli they r good 4 u n yummy u dnt hav 2 eet it if u no wanna fuken hell get ova it stop tha h8 n grab a plate falafel n tabouli r hear 4 life so dnt try an break it or u mite get hurt

  27. Brae says:




  28. T says:

    IT’S FUNNY HOW YOU SAY THIS ISN’T AN ATTEMPT TO DIVIDE AUSTRALIA BUT TO UNITE IT! People like you deserve to be shot 13 times or more to come to your racist judgmental senses.
    Australia is known for its multiracialism and everyone has the right to live here just as you do. And it wasn’t the Africans or Asians who came to this land and murdered and stole someone else’s country!

  29. Jax says:

    Sad cunts thinking theyve got scs sussed.

    Get off the pc stop acting like a keyboard warrior and get a life.

    Brae is so right…

  30. S.C.S Brae says:

    Lol, re-think what you knobs think about Australia, before you start judging us.

    We aren’t trying to divide our country, we just don’t appreciate FUCKWITS coming to it, and disrespecting it.

  31. Ferox says:

    Australia is a wonderful country with tranquil flora and fauna, so why not share it with everyone? You do not represent Australia, nor can anyone for that matter, and your group has become the epitome of idiocy. White supremacy has no place in a country that rightfully belongs to the indigenous population.

  32. ferox you're an idiot says:

    the aboriginals never owned this land anyways, they lived off it. fuck they didn’t even have civilisation, they were just a bunch of cavemen running around with spears.

  33. @ndy says:

    History is obviously not a strength ^.

  34. morgz scs says:

    oy now ur tlking about abos ay they never fuking owned it they woudnt even bee hear if it wasnt 4 uss white fellas cuz the japs wud off killed all whites an blacks but we wer betta an beat the japs so they shud b thanking uss not uss apolagising cuz ther mum an dad was taking off of them well that was about a hundred years ago an none off them r alive 2day anyways its just a way 4 them 2 get money off the goverment its a load off shit they get the doll 4 sitting at home drinking alko an smoking ther shit an get paid 4 it while uss white fellas an japs an newzealands r out ther working our buts off how many abos do u see working at the shops an that jak shit cuz ther fuking lazy priks well most of them any ways

  35. Lanklan says:

    Communication is obviously not a strength ^.

  36. Ferox says:

    nor is brain power

  37. dj says:

    ScaredLittleBigot hits you with Wall of Teh Stoopid for 10k critical brain damage!!!!

    So proud of Australia that you have no idea of its History. Your knowledge of Japanese military strategy in WWII is equally impressive.

  38. @ndy says:

    Unfortunately for ScaredLittleBigot, my Monster Manual informs me that a Southern Cross Soldier is a failed cross between a xvart and a carrot; further, the damaging effects of Wall of Teh Stoopid — formed whenever 5,000 or more Soldiers gather anywhere on Teh Intertubes — may be defeated by imbibing a Potion of Reality. Unfortunately, its effects on the social fabric may only be countered by ridicule.

    Endless Blockades For The Pussyfooter!!!!

  39. steve says:

    After all this time, this thread is still running and attracting, ummm I’m not sure if you could call them posts, maybe “verbal dairreah” would better describe what is being spewed forth from these so called “Patriots”.
    The literacy skills of these clowns never ceases to amaze me.
    I will translate.
    Yuz guyz oviouly faled ta lern inglish @ skool.

    You would think that a proud Australian would take the time to show that pride by being able to communicate in the Australian language which happens to be English.
    Last time I checked, it was English, not SMS.
    I will translate again for the benefit of the SCS.
    In Ostraya bro we speek Inglish, und uz guyz shuld unerstan dat, kay?

    I hope the puncshuasun did not confuse you.

    I envy the SCS, they can have a laugh at life and what it has dished up to them every single day, they just have to look in the mirror to see the joke.

  40. What the fuck you wanna know for cunt? says:

    Mate, you want someone with ex-military experience and someone who has guts, all you fuckers gotta do is look outside ya window.

    But considering that 99.999999999% of the S.C.S. most likely can’t read I’ll probably never receive a reply.

    I’m happily 6th generation australian, proud of the fucken fact, and don’t ya find it strange that the only fuckers that actually have a go back or that are smart are the cunts who have been living here for all of less than 10 years?

    Mate, you wanna unite Aussies, and bring back the aussie pride? Easily solved.

    Get all your members to go down the local country pubs and spread the news. Its not that difficult. Spread the news,and naturally, with all advertising, GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!

    If they ask for tram services to be restored to working schedule in melbourne, do what you have to do to get the fucking things going again, or whatever the case may be!

    I hope you understand what I meant. Would love a reply. I’m sure others agree.

    — Smart Cunt, Melbourne.

  41. @ndy says:

    What the fuck you wanna know for cunt?,

    I hope your parents thought long and hard before naming you — I suspect not.

  42. Ferox says:

    @ndy, i think this thread has been going on long enough. Every time one of these idiots comments it’s usually the same tripe. I’m sick of these morons filling your blog comments with stupidness
    ps. GISM rocks

  43. Brae says:

    lol, it’s still going because you weak cunts can’t say anything besides your shit skills at life.

    You think your hard, because you can try to finger point us, when we are proud Australians, and you blokes obviously arent, your the ones that we should be hitting, faggots that can’t say shit to our faces, you gotta have a go at us online. I’d love to see any of you blokes come and say shit to any S.C.S members face, we’d waste you. And if you think otherwise, arrange a meeting anywhere in Australia, and I’ll come down with a camera, and kick the living fuck out of you.

    Then post it on this website, proving to any of these other fuckwits that mess with S.C.S, and say shit about our members, who are truly proud Aussies, and are just like family to me, ill prove what we do.


  44. dj says:

    I suggest you get someone new to manage your forums, spammed much?

  45. @ndy says:

    Darcy, May 4th, 2009 at 11:51 am

    Southern cross soldiers you say u are not racist but yet a south african mate of mine who is now a proud member of bra boys Melbourne got jumped by six of your so called southern cross soldiers u are not racist bull shit not racist is us we have 1 of the most multi race groups out there we have Italians, Greeks, Lebanese, Croatians, Serbians, Samoans, New Zealanders so b4 u say u are not a race fuelled group pull your head out of your ass!
    Yours truly
    Bra Boys Melbourne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Brae says:

    The website is dead, because S.C.S has pretty much come to a complete stop. We are re-forming [under] a new name, and all of the “wannabes” that call themselves proud Australians, usually just want to fight everyone.

    They are the kids that are giving us a bad name. So the forum is dead, and pretty much so is S.C.S, however myself and all chapter leaders are re-doing a proper site, name for us.

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