OH NOES! Southern Cross Soldiers go to war

Crazy kids and their intarwebs!

The Southern Cross Soldiers (SCS) finally make it into the papers.

(See below.)

They’re just like real soldiers (only not quite as well paid).

“Friends, today was an historic day, the day Australians stood up against state-imposed multiculturalism,” Darrin Hodges wrote on the night of the Cronulla riots. Accompanying his posting is a series of photographs he took at Cronulla that day, including one of a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “wog free zone” and another of a sign offering free sausages to the crowd, with “no tabouli”. Darrin also speaks of footage he filmed on the day which [FightDemBack!] believes was used in a video released over the weekend that glorifies a mob of rioters bashing various non-whites at Cronulla.

In his article (Victorian police vow crackdown to stop ‘another Cronulla’) Liam makes reference to a Cronulla vid (Videos on [SCS] websites glorify the Cronulla riots to a neo-Nazi soundtrack promising “race war”), which is presumably a reference to the vid Australian Protectionist Party (APP) members Darrin Hodges and Martin Fletcher helped to produce and distribute on Stormfront in the riot’s immediate aftermath. Hodges & Co. maintain that the ‘riot’ was in fact a ‘White Civil Uprising’, an opening shot fired in a civil war in which their side seeks to return Australia to its natural status as a 100% White outpost in Asia. While Hodges & Co. are based in Sydney, at the same time, in Melbourne, another APP member, Luke Connors, in his then capacity as spokesperson for the now-defunct ‘Patriotik Yoof League’:

…predicted further outbreaks.

“‘When you have areas which are majority Muslim, because they don’t tend to adapt that well, or majority African or Middle Eastern extraction, and right next door you have an area which is 90 per cent Anglo-Saxon, or Anglo-Celtic, there is going to be friction,” he said.

“West Heidelberg is a big one because you have a very large black working-class community next to a white middle-working-class community. That would be my best guess actually if it was going to start up in Melbourne.

“Also, out past Springvale, along the train line, there is that same sort of segregation going on, in working-class areas where they are competing for the same jobs and there is a high unemployment rate.”

~ Ewin Hannan and Richard Baker, Nationalists boast of their role on the beach, The Age, December 13, 2005

In the meantime, the silly boys manly Aryan worriers of the APP are currently trying to arrange for BNP Fuhrer Nick Griffin to pop over for a cup of tea and a chat about strategies for making Australia a wog-free zone averting the demographic genocide that is threatening his Fatherland and the Mother Country (“caused by the large-scale immigration of people from the Third World”). As things stand, however, and especially given what appears to be widespread opposition on the part of VIPs, it appears that Gub’mint authorities are unlikely to approve Nick’s visa application.

    Above: one of numerous racist images available on APP member Martin Fletcher’s webshite, ‘Downunder News Links’. The imgs were originally produced by the US-based neo-Nazi organisation ‘White Aryan Resistance’.

Earlier this year, spokesperson for the NSW APP, Darrin Hodges, described Third World immigrants as sub-human: “Australia was a beautiful place once, before it was flooded with third-world sewerage from African [sic] and Asia.” Adds, a Major-General in the Southern Cross Soldier Army, echoes this sentiment: “All these people that are coming over to our country that aren’t Aussies are trying to take it over,” Adds said.

Anyway, here’s an article about angry white teens.

Victorian police vow crackdown to stop ‘another Cronulla’
Sunday Herald Sun
Liam Houlihan
November 23, 2008

POLICE will use roadblocks, mounted coast patrols and fines for swearing to protect Melbourne beaches from a Cronulla-style anti-immigrant gang.

The crackdown follows boasts by the 200-strong Melbourne chapter of the Southern Cross Soldiers, who admit having criminals and neo-Nazis in their ranks, that they will converge on bayside beaches this summer.

Police in bayside suburbs will implement Operation Beachsafe, which shares the name given to NSW police’s post-Cronulla riots crackdown.

Inspector Neil Patterson, of Moorabbin police, said: “There’s one group in particular that has indicated they intend to hold parties on beach locations.

“The message is if you’re coming to the beach areas . . . to drink or cause problems, we’re going to be there ready to target you.”

Melbourne SCS co-leader Adds said members included criminals and self-described neo-Nazi skinheads, and some had relatives in the Hell’s Angels.

“All these people that are coming over to our country that aren’t Aussies are trying to take it over,” Adds said.

“We’re just trying to put the word out that we don’t like it.”

The radical police plan to protect beaches from December to March includes:

ROADBLOCKS and car checks to stop troublemakers heading to the beach.

A ZERO-TOLERANCE blitz, including on-the-spot $130 fines for swearing on the beach, to stop trouble before it starts.

MOUNTED horse patrols in troublespots and undercover beach officers.

PHONING parents of drunk and violent youths to pick up their children from police stations.

POSSIBLE referral to the Department of Human Services if parents of young offenders cannot be contacted.

Masked soldiers in the posse call themselves “SCS defenders” and “SCS enforcers” and pose in front of patriotic paraphernalia wearing matching hoodies and wielding weapons including a machete, jemmy and spanner.

Videos on their websites glorify the Cronulla riots to a neo-Nazi soundtrack promising “race war”.

Insp Patterson said the police blitz aimed to keep beaches safe for families.

“If we can stop anti-social behaviour in its starting forms, then it won’t increase into forms of violence,” he said.

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226 Responses to OH NOES! Southern Cross Soldiers go to war

  1. Ferox says:

    Brae, dont quit your day job.
    You SCS guys dont have a tough bone in your overly pampered bodies.

  2. Brae says:

    Haha, tell me where to meet you then ferox, and we’ll see:)

  3. morgz says:

    hey brae shows how hard they are ay they wont reply an wont meet up

  4. Ferox says:

    10 downing street. I’ll let you spend countless hours trying to figure out where that is 😀

  5. ko master says:

    y dnt all u boyz just meat up an fight an u no who will win scs off course so yer dare uz to hahaha

  6. Don says:

    don’t talk with food in your mouth ko master. it looks dreadful and nobody knows what you’re on about

  7. ? says:

    Why do you fucking idiots respond to this crap??? leave these kiddie would be tough gang boys to rot in the toilet where they dwell. The SCS are nothing but trash… mindless fucking kids with a sad life and shit for parents… trying to play the tough american gangster… with pants so big they fall down around their ass and a hat on backwards so the sun shines in their faces… FUCKING MINDLESS SCUM… thats all they are… dont entertain them and they will vanish or with Gods help be locked away to rot where they belong. Put them one on one with ANYONE and they would go to shit and wet their pants… gutless, mindless fucking idiots. Any I see with be treated like the shit they are… lets see if they can really stand up for themselves… oh thats right… they dont wear a label PROUDLY… and they are too scared to walk around alone and can only fight in packs like the dogs they are… Maybe we should put you all on a boat and piss you off to Aphganistan so you can fight like real men??? shit we’d have to supply nappies and tissues for you little blubbering babies. TO THE SCS … FUCK OFF WE DONT WANT YOUR TYPE HERE IN THIS PROUD LAND … that our forefathers fought for and it wasnt to raise SHIT like you.

  8. Not a Nexus Fan says:

    If you agree that it is what people do that matters more than what they say, then you have to accept that Southern Cross Soldiers are not what they claim to be.

    The proof…


    So, the Southern Cross Soldiers are protecting Australia from what?

    Drug dealers?

    They can wave the flag all they want, but the empirical facts indicate that SCS are criminals, criminal associates, traitors, frauds, hypocrites, liars and traitors.

    Until SCS take a stand against drug dealers in their own ranks, they have not one single thing to say that any real Australian should pay attention to.

    SCS is an organisation riddled with maggots like [……. ……….] and [….. …..] whose patriotism is an insult to those of us who have ancestry dating back to the First Fleet; a great uncle who died fighting the Japanese; great great uncles who went to Gallipoli and the Middle East; a cousin in the ADF; a nephew in the Air Force and 220 years of land ownership dating back to the 20th land grant in the colony.

    Real Australians do patriotism.

    Scum like SCS talk big and do nothing.

  9. Southern Cross Soldier says:

    Reply to”?”.

    What you’ve done is stereotyped us. I come from a fairly rich neighbourhood, my parents are not “shit” and i’m not trying to play the american gangster. Actually, i’m not trying to play any gangster, i’m helping to make this country beautiful again.

    I do not wear baggy pants that fall down around my ass, and the reason I let the sun shine in my face is because I live by the quote ‘Tilt you head towards the sun.’ It might not mean alot to you, but that quote makes me think of our amazing landscape and summertime in this great and glorious nation.

    I know there are alot of people out there giving us a bad reputation, but I assure you not all of us are like that. We are all different, just like our forefathers. Some when they went to war were extremely racist but there were others that weren’t. I’m so proud of my country that I have in fact applied for the army as a rifleman, to hopefully one day go overseas and fight for my country. So am I a coward ?
    What have you done for this country that makes you so righteous ?
    I would like to see you stand up to any one of us SCS in person, and I can tell you right now, it won’t be a group fight, I will gladly go a one-on-one with you, just for tarnishing our name and bagging out our cause.

    I am not anything you have described, so before stereotyping us and then publically shaming us, GET YOUR FUCKING FACTS RIGHT MATE.

  10. beers&bbqs says:

    I’m not SCS, but would gladly join, not so I can run out and “bash lebs” or wogs or nips, but because I love this country. I’ve heard people cracking down on SCS for showing neo nazi tendencies, but because of the history of the “white man” everyone seems to think anyone of white skin cannot be a victim of racism. Say if I, a 20 something middle class Australian male, wanted to join a Lebanese “gang” the same age as me, it’s sad but I think maybe I would be turned away if not laughed at or abused.
    On the other hand, what is a “true Australian”? I know plenty of people with Asian background who wear thongs, love beers and the beach. I’ve enjoyed BBQs with people of Middle Eastern background. Everyone should just chill out, buy each other a beer, and sing the national anthem of our country.
    ps your shout.

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  12. jesse says:

    i agree wid southern cross soilder i luv this country so much i got the southern cross tattooed all over my bak n wouldnt take it bak i would fight for this country n e day of my life




    Brothers and Sisters in OZ, never, ever surrender to these islamic retards!!

  15. mikey says:

    someone’s brung the crazy!!
    I loves me country, i can rite good and spel proper n stuff, never surrenda to islamiks takin my’s freedum and gramma!!

  16. @ndy says:


    I’d be swayed by your argument if it had at least 25 exclamation marks rather than a mere 24.

  17. SCS 2173 says:

    us SCS boys arnt trying to be wanna be American Gangters.

    Any SCS boy will gladly fight 1 on 1 if he has a reason to.
    dont go around stereotyping us because were aged 15 and older thinking were all lads who graffiti and bash kids for a living.

    SCS boys <3

  18. Reidy says:

    hold up all you wankers im a s.c.s member and my family dates back to the 1st fleet my great great aunty or what ever she was stole cloths in stinky england and got sent here my uncle is a poet and writes army poetry bill charlton is his name my grand father was in the navy so “not a nexus fan” shut ur scummy mouth u putrid dog s.c.s is for us brothers n sisters who aint afraid to say we got aussie pride cooking up a bbq drinking beer with our brothers on a sunday watching bathurst cheering on holden and supporting our families so just for the record [blah blah blah].

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  20. aussie pride world wide says:

    what i dont understand is i have all the fucken aussie pride in the world, im white, im australian and yet i was attacked by six members of the SCS for no reason while walking on the street. i mean fuck me i believe in what u guys are doing fuck i was at the riots and held the flag through everything, i dont get it, are u just saying this shit to sound good or are u actually fighting for australia, because use bashed an aussie not to mention a real southern cross soldier! thats right i serve in the australian army… figure that one.

  21. Aussie says:

    Aussie pride world wide, you were on the right track with your first five words “What I don’t understand is”, then what happened? Can I suggest putting those words at the end of your speech and adding ‘everything’?

  22. aussie bloke says:

    originally a very loose gang which is starting to become somewhat organised

  23. ACAB says:

    Scs you say your fighting? How? What on a fucken keyboard? Shut up and man up.

  24. Matt says:

    Does not really matter bro, if we say your aussie you are aussie.

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