Lambros Foundas : Anarchist murdered by police in Athens

Occupied London:

35 year-old comrade Lambros Foundas was murdered by cops on Wednesday morning in the suburb of Dafni (south Athens). The police claims that he was a “terrorist” and that he was shot while trying to steal a car, and that [he] was carrying firearms. Fountas was one of the over 500 anarchists arrested at the Polytechnic riots of 1995, in Athens. The flier above reads: “HONOR TO THE ANARCHIST LAMBROS FOUNDAS”.

Oh yeah: on March 9, police in Athens tear-gassed the 88-year-old Manolis Glezos. “On May 30 1941, in Nazi-occupied Athens, he and Apostolos Santas climbed up the Acropolis and tore down the Swastika – an action for which he was arrested and tortured the following year.”

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