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Undercover policeman reveals how he infiltrated UK’s violent activists
Tony Thompson
The Observer
March 14, 2010

For four years, Officer A lived a secret life among anti-racist activists as they fought brutal battles with the police and the BNP. Here he tells of the terrifying life he led, the psychological burden it placed on him and his growing fears that the work of his unit could threaten legitimate protest.

The “violent activists” Officer A infiltrated were the ‘Youth Against Racism in Europe’, a front group for the Trotskyist political party now known as the Socialist Party of England & Wales (a member of the Committee for a Workers’ international). They’ve responded to the story with a press release: Youth Against Racism in Europe answers disgraceful Observer ‘expose’, March 14, 2010. They don’t identify Officer A.

Tony Thompson writes that “During his tour of duty, the man – known only as Officer A – also had sexual relations with at least two of his female targets as a way of obtaining intelligence” — which is very naughty, but also naturally brings to mind Rob Gilchrist, the police informant exposed as such in Kiwi in late 2008. Gilchrist had a decade-long career as a paid informant, but was only exposed when his then-girlfriend (a political activist) happened to stumbleupon some information on his computer. In Australia, Setha Sann deserves a guernsey, as does Mehmet Ersoy/Osman. Funnily enough, despite claiming that in Europe, anarchist ranks “have been riddled by police agents and fascists”, Mick Armstrong failed to detect Setha Sann’s tricksy ways while a member of Socialist Alternative, although the possibility that this stick will be used by the International Students for Socialist Equality to beat SAlt over the head with is unlikely. To find out, attend ‘The revolutionary perspective of Trotskyism: A political exposure of Socialist Alternative’ [Clenched fist salute: Fatal Paradox].

Use of police infiltrators and informants is of course routine practice, and has been employed by police forces, in one form or another, since their origins (See : The International Campaign Against Anarchist Terrorism, 1880-1930s (Richard Bach Jensen) | Frank Cain’s The Origins of Political Surveillance in Australia (Angus & Robertson, 1983)). Indeed, some of the greatest works of late nineteenth century fiction were written by former police detectives. For example, Captain Michael Schaack‘s Anarchy and Anarchists (1889) is a priceless document, and has formed the basis for tabloid accounts of anarchist activity ever since:

In many of the smaller [anarchist] meetings held on Milwaukee Avenue or in that vicinity, a lot of crazy women were usually present, and whenever a proposition arose to kill some one or to blow up the city with dynamite. these “squaws” proved the most bloodthirsty. In fact, if any man laid out a plan to perpetrate mischief, they would show themselves much more eager to carry it out than the men, and it always seemed a pleasure to the Anarchists to have them present. They were always invited to the “war dances.”

Judge Gary, Mr. Grinnell, Mr. Bonfield and myself were usually remembered at these gatherings, and they fairly went wild whenever bloodthirsty sentiments were uttered against us. The reporters and the so-called capitalistic press also shared in the general denunciations.

At one meeting, held on North Halsted Street, there were thirteen of these creatures in petticoats present, the most hideous-looking females that could possibly be found. If a reward of money had been offered for an uglier set, no one could have profited upon the collection. Some of them were pockmarked, others freckle-faced and red-haired, and others again held their snuff-boxes in their hands while the congress was in session. One female appeared at one of these meetings with her husband’s boots on, and there was another one about six feet tall. She was a beauty. She was raw-boned, had a turn-up nose, and looked as though she might have carried the red flag in Paris during the reign of the Commune…

[Describing another anarchist:] He was a large man with a black beard and large eyes, and very shabbily dressed. He looked as though he had been driving a coal cart for a year without washing or combing. He also had the appearance of being on the verge of hydrophobia…

Bonus! Leader of 40 Kiwi Anarchists Revealed!

In a sensational and completely unexpected twist, the leader of The-40-Kiwi-Anarchists What-Have-Been-Criss-Crossing-The-Globe Causing-Heap-‘Em-Big-Trouble-Wherever-They-Go has been inadvertently exposed by social networking site Facebook and the journalistic efforts of Fairfax’s Europe correspondent Paola Totaro. According to sources at Fairfax, Totaro’s exposé on the eerie yoof cult that has developed around the mysterious dog — whose followers have formed inside the Global Justice Movement an anarchist faction with himself as leader — will be published later in the week.

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I live in Melbourne, Australia. I like anarchy. I don't like nazis. I enjoy eating pizza and drinking beer. I barrack for the greatest football team on Earth: Collingwood Magpies. The 2023 premiership's a cakewalk for the good old Collingwood.
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  1. Robert says:

    Don’t forget this:

    THE state government is allowing the private consortium behind Victoria’s controversial desalination plant to gather ”intelligence” about the activities of protesters and share that information with police, according to a previously secret part of the $3.5 billion deal.


    In another clause under ”Proactive response” – which police said yesterday was any investigation leading up to a protest – the agreement says the Department of Sustainability and Environment, AquaSure and Victoria Police will consider a ”joint operation” on people who have been identified, through intelligence, ”to be involved in organising or conducting protest action”.

    Such an operation, the document says, could include the resources of the Security Intelligence Group, a part of the police best known for counter-terrorism work, including infiltrating radical Islamist cells in Melbourne.

    The group has previously been accused of infiltrating a range of community groups, including Animal Liberation.

    Other documents reveal the DSE has hired private security firm Shadow Protection Services to, among other tasks, ”monitor protester numbers and activities”.

  2. whitelawtowers says:

    Ah yes @ndy you fraud. What about your connection with State Security. You are the expert so you have claimed. What about your partners in crime who once bragged about working with NSW Vic and WA State Police.

    Glad WLT tipped you off with this story. What’s wrong mate no one talking to you?

  3. @ndy says:

    G’day Jim,

    What about my connection with State Security? As you and I both know, I report to ZOG via a rabbi in Elsternwick, not a policeman in Prahran. Alack and alas, I was born with a plastic spoon full of baked lemon cheesecake in my mouth, and that’s an addiction that’s notoriously hard to kick. As for my partners-in-crime, feel free to elaborate; the story about the undercover in YARE, otoh, is pinging its way around the web on all sortsa lists, so no points there I’m afraid.

  4. Ana says:

    Who let the dogs out?

  5. whitelawtowers says:

    So you are saying that your friends at FDB have never claimed to be working with the State Police. Be very careful @ndy you know we have the proof at WLT.

  6. @ndy says:

    I’m happy to acknowledge the fact, in 2005, for example, the following was reported:

    Stug111’s identity revealed

    From The Australian

    Race-hate campaigner unmasked
    Greg Roberts
    August 22, 2005

    THE man behind a race-hate campaign in southern Queensland has been identified as a professional kangaroo shooter from the Darling Downs town of Crows Nest.

    Police are tracking the movements of Jim Perren, 38, after anti-racism campaigners contacted them to register concern about his activities.

    Mr Perren has posted hundreds of race-hate messages on the internet under the pseudonym stug111 — a type of German assault gun.

    Right-wing extremists attached to a neo-Nazi group called the White Pride Coalition have targeted Toowoomba because 750 Sudanese refugees have been resettled in the Darling Downs city.

    One family was forced to leave its home after being harassed, and refugees have been pelted with eggs and potatoes. Material being distributed includes brochures describing white women as the “world’s most endangered species”.

    Inquiries by The Australian have established that Mr Perren is the White Pride Coalition’s chief operative in the region. He lives with his wife and two children on a rural property outside Crows Nest, 45km east of Toowoomba. When contacted by The Australian, Mr Perren did not deny his involvement in the race-hate campaign.

    “If only it was that easy,” Mr Perren said. “I’ve got nothing to say.”

    Mr Perren’s reluctance to be identified was confirmed by White Pride Coalition national spokesman Terry Davis, who said: “He wants to keep his head down.”

    Mr Perren refers to Crows Nest in one of his internet postings: “Luck is on my side. I live in a small town that has two Asians and three coconuts. All the rest are white.”

    In another posting, Mr Perren said Toowoomba had become a “staging point for the scum of the world to move into rural Queensland … they must be stopped”.

    On the support of local churches for Sudanese refugees, he said: “When the muds they sponsor come and live here and start to rape and murder their grandchildren, maybe then they will wake up.”

    Mr Perren has produced a sticker advertising a post office box in the Toowoomba suburb of Harlaxton. “Don’t let the Darling Downs become another Sydney,” it says.

    Several Crows Nest residents, who asked not be identified, said Mr Perren’s white supremacist views were common knowledge around town. Mr Perren is active in the Returned Services League and works as a volunteer in Toowoomba’s Milne Bay Military Museum.

    Museum curator Darren Abbott described Mr Perren as “fine and decent” and said support for groups such as the White Pride Coalition was widespread in Toowoomba.

    “These guys are well-intentioned,” Mr Abbott said in comments that could rattle the Defence Department, the museum’s owner. “They’re not extremists, they’re patriots standing up for their country. They say what the majority of Australians think.

    “You just look at the Sudanese wandering around town with no jobs and you have to wonder. A real Australian is a Christian who will stand by our flag.”

    Sudanese community leader Angelo Geng said the majority of Toowoomba residents were sympathetic towards the refugees. Mr Geng said many refugees were not working because it was hard to find jobs and they had yet to learn to speak English properly.

  7. whitelawtowers says:

    Avoiding answering the question only proves that you are indeed a State Sponsored asset.

  8. @ndy says:

    Yes Jim. It also proves that I’m a gallery owner from St Kilda, that Dr James Saleam is of Greek descent, and that the Shoah never happened.

  9. whitelawtowers says:

    That’s alright I have all I need for now.

  10. @ndy says:

    I’m sure that as long as you remember to keep wearing your tinfoil helmet, everything will be just fine Jim.

  11. whitelawtowers says:

    Andy, it is okay if you are. Even we at WLT have gotten into bed (figuratively and literally) with Leb ASIO informants – we are not judging you!

  12. ron says:

    Why is there no mention of issues that affect whites on this blog? You call yourself an anti-racist, why no mention of that?

  13. ron says:

    I am sick of the left never giving us a voice, we are affected by certain things every bit as much as non-whites.

  14. @ndy says:

    Why is there no mention of issues that affect whites on this blog?

    There is.

    I am sick of the left never giving us a voice, we are affected by certain things every bit as much as non-whites.

    The left is as the left does. If you wish to express yourself, you’re free to do so. You’re collapsing the distinction between left and right and white and non-white.

    How old are you?

  15. Eric says:

    The Riot Dog facebook page really made my day. There are some classic photos of him and he seems to be getting right into it. Sadly, someone has said that he is no longer with us. I would suggest he has gone to the big kennel in the sky but he was probably an atheist.

  16. @ndy says:


    Word on the street is that the only page hotter is…

  17. to ron:
    i am member of leftist party… can i ask you something. what is more important: Ideology or Political Orientation?
    meat-eaters as you Ron and climate chnage denialists are working againts White Supremacy actually… to bad that you are too stupid to realize that :/

  18. also, now about you “andy”. you are not anarchist… do you even realize how stupid you look? what is “Anarchy”? becoming too obssesive with politics andy will make you to look like leftist version of Ron Paul… o wait, you already behave as him ^_^
    what is Anarchy according you? NANNY State ruled by heavy laws and pro free market (capitalism/corporatism/imperialism bring racial diversity) is NOT anarchism, is NOT red ideology… go to russia, you stupid asshole!
    i am sick and tired from western retards: pedophiles (also known as “gays”) and “rebel teens” which associate “social democracy” with anti-racism… while in Germany most Social Democrats as me (i am in E.Europe): posse daily as Ultra-liberals, while beheading teen negro students at night.. it’s sooo beautiful!

  19. True Anarchists (National Socialists) killin some niggaz n sheeit (antifa pedophile impotent white male sheeeit lol) with fire (litterary)


  20. @ndy says:


    You are very silly.

  21. Lumpen says:

    I thought he was just quoting Die Antwoord lyrics or something.

  22. @ndy: i don’t want to spread it, but confidentially… you are gay.
    Can i ask you something? why you embraced ANTIFA prop[a]ganda for racial equality, peace and tolerance… do yo[u] even realize how great is to murder entire black famil[i]es? i mean… are you human being, NATURAL human being with basic sense for survival, or not? i know that my question is rhetorical. i always wonder – “why people eat meat”, “why people don’t enjoy to watch screaming black babies bathing in napalm”, “why people torture animals instead of filthy niggers/sub-humans”… the answers is, cuz people are SILLY!
    tell me “andy”: where is the “ANARCHY” (which mean chaos btw) in PREACHING Tolerance and Capitali[s]m (you know… “together and equall as some kind of cheesy Disney Cartoon”)? where is the VIOLENCE in YOUR “anarchy”… srsly dude, can you kill people? can you enjoy torturing them…
    “andy” here one last question: what you will do after the REVOLUTION starting in Eastern Europe and Spreading in Central? i know that you are in Australia, but c’mon start readin some newspapers faggot! People as you andy have place… it’s called OVENS! for negroes, is not that simple… they will become meat-product, pigs for slaughtering etc etc
    Revolution is comming and Nuclear Holocaust after that!
    German Workers Party did NOT won with democracy but via VIOLENCE and TERRORISM!
    look the talibans – their ideology (islamism) keep them ag[g]ressive and enough powerfull to kill invading american mercenaries. so just imgaine the wonders of propaganda and indoctrination… people in nazi germany with such “brainwashing” voted “yes” to Death Camps for jews/sub-humans/negroes
    coprorate right-wing HIPPIES (you are hippies and innocent/harmless assgivers!) are no threat for NS/WP

  23. @ndy says:

    G’day GayAntifaMuzzie,

    Thanks for making your last post.

    Am I gay? According to the lead shouter in local punk band The Worst yes, I am. But then, so too are all anarchists.

    A pink and black bloc must haunt his and your dreams.

    I’m not quite sure what particular mental pathology possesses you or compels you to post nonsense on my blog, or in response to this post in particular, but you obviously need a doctor, not discussion. In any event, I suggest you join KinkyBoy @ neo-Nazi and Australia First Party member Jim Perren’s blog ‘Whitelaw Towers’. There you will be able to rant and rave to your heart’s content.

    Big fat girly antifa hugs ‘n’ kisses,


  24. GayAntifaMuzzie says:

    Dear @ndy,

    Upon reflection, I do believe you’re right, I am very silly, you have my apologies, and henceforth I will save my commentary for my doctor.


    Silly Bulgarian.

  25. @ndy says:

    Apology accepted. I sincerely hope that your doctor is able to help you.

  26. @ndy says:

    Also relevant:

    Files reveal the silly, scary spies’ eye-view of Aboriginal history
    Joel Gibson
    The Sydney Morning Herald
    November 5, 2007

    A MOBILE phone rings as Chicka Dixon is talking on the land line.

    “What’s that? That’s bloody ASIO, is it?” the 79-year-old says.

    He is only half-joking.

    With a 30-year embargo now over, Mr Dixon has in his hands 150 often tedious, sometimes frightening and occasionally humorous pages of his ASIO file from the 1960s and ’70s, when he was one of the leaders of the indigenous rights movement.

    Mr Dixon was instrumental in the decade-long campaign for the 1967 referendum to include indigenous people in the census, the erection in 1972 of the tent embassy in Canberra, and in setting up the first Aboriginal legal and medical service.

    In pages and pages of typed agents’ reports, however, the man they called “The Fox” is painted as a “popular, well-dressed and strongly anti-European” dissident.

    “Dixon could be a communist or is certainly very close to becoming one,” one item says, because of his union background.

    “He is an Aborigine,” it adds, almost as an afterthought.

    The file’s existence came as no surprise to Mr Dixon, who routinely asked spooks to photograph “his good side” or began phone conversations by saying: “To those who are tuned in, we are now on air.”

    But some of the file’s contents were less predictable.

    “There are lots of errors,” he said. “They said I’d contacted someone in Victoria to go to China with [an Aboriginal delegation] in 1972. I’d never heard of him and I hand-picked the delegation.

    “All they had to do was ask me. But they’re spooks, they can’t do that. It made me laugh.”

    Several of Mr Dixon’s peers, such as Charles Perkins, Faith Bandler and the Melbourne academic Gary Foley, also have ASIO files. Mr Foley says the files highlight the “sheer incompetence of these idiots in analysing anything outside of their own culture” – as came to light again this year in the debacle surrounding the Indian doctor Mohamed Haneef.

    “It’s not comical,” Mr Foley said. “We were accused of a plot to blow up the 28-storey headquarters of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs in Canberra. I knew nothing of this until I read it in my file a couple of years ago.”

    Fortunately, the public do not have to rely on spy agencies for a visual history of an era when the first Australians were given the vote, citizenship, census status and bespoke services – to say nothing of access to shops, cinemas and restaurants.

    Juno Gemes’s Proof, an exhibition of portraits commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery in 2003, opens at the Museum of Sydney today with a conversation between Gemes and the NSW Minister for Fair Trading, Linda Burney. It features Mr Dixon, Mr Foley, Ms Bandler and others such as Ernie Dingo, whose 1994 TV program Heartland broke new ground by portraying him in a relationship with a character played by a young Cate Blanchett.

    The director of the Portrait Gallery, Andrew Sayers, said Proof was a rare insight into key players in modern Aboriginal history.

    Gemes, who has photographed indigenous Australians for 30 years, said it showed how the nation’s Aboriginal leadership had changed. “I don’t think people such as Noel Pearson would be where they are now without the movement. He’s standing on their shoulders, even though he has become a right-wing ideologue.”

    Mr Dixon says: “We haven’t got any leaders now. I’m sorry, but we haven’t. But I never thought I’d see 60 Aboriginal doctors … or five MPs, like I did in Darwin recently. I nearly cried. So it’s not all bad, we’re getting there.”

  27. kurt says:

    I can reveal to you here the invisible paws behind the current student disturbances rocking Chile, and our glorious leader has brought the whole International Clandestine Committee of Riot Dogs over with him/her; just watch these videos:
    No confirmed sightings of Kiwis as yet, no doubt in hiding in their black helicopters awaiting instructions.

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